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By Mir
April 13, 2011
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Don’t forget—you only have until early tomorrow morning to get your entry in to this week’s contest, a chance to win an uber-cute kiddie gardening tote bag and all the fixings of a great garden. You can’t win if you don’t enter, so get a move on.

Remember: Entry comments must be left on the contest post. Comments left on this post shall be reserved for discussion of clothes ironing. (I almost never do it, but I’m packing for a trip and wonder why whenever I leave town, I feel compelled to iron.)

Go enter the contest. And tell me your ironing stories, if you like. (Just the idea that you might have ironing stories kind of delights me.)


  1. Why do you feel compelled to iron BEFORE you put things into your suitcase? If you’re going to iron, do it once you get there. Otherwise you have to do it twice… or decide that you’re just too lazy to iron either time 🙂

  2. I think I’ve ironed for myself twice over the past year. And if I remember correctly, it was the same skirt both times.

  3. Ironing?

  4. We iron so infrequently that when he was 5, my son saw the iron and asked what it was.

  5. Iron? We don’t own one of those. I swear by Wrinkle Releaser. They even have a travel size!

  6. I don’t own an iron. Which was troublesome when I needed to do an iron-on transfer. I just try to pull stuff out of the dryer really fast!

  7. does making a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron count as ironing?

  8. When I was a kid, my stepfather (retired military) used to pay us $0.10 each to iron his shirts. With lots of starch. Can you say CHILD LABOR LAW VIOLATION?

  9. I do NOT iron. my husband will iron every once in awhile in a big batch for his work shirts but I don’t iron – hate it hate it hate it.

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