Winner of the Shari’s Berries contest

By Mir
April 25, 2011
Category Contests

Last week I offered you the chance to indulge in Shari’s Berries, and I was pleased to see that most of you recognize the opportunity for decadence when you see it. Hee.

Sadly, I have but one certificate to give away. And despite the overwhelming response to the contest, the random number generator chose to go quite low—our winner is commenter 24, Jill. Yay, Jill! Please check your email, because I have a few exclamation points I didn’t use in this post that I put in there!!

As always, thanks to all who played, and special thanks this time to Shari’s Berries for their general awesomeness and also for hooking up my family and Jill with their delicious chocolate-covered berries. Yum. (Also, thanks to their helpers at Provide-Commerce for coordinating everything.)

Didn’t win this time? Don’t be sad! I have some more goodies coming up later today, so don’t fret!


  1. Oh, yum yum yum!!!! I’ll have to hide these from my daughter!

    (more exclamation points!)

  2. That’s cool I wondered if other bloggers had contests. I am having one and was looking around at blogs to see if others did. 🙂

  3. Almost entered, but that whole extra Facebook step was just too much work for me to handle. Ah, now you know the TRUE extent of my laziness!

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