Reminder: HP TouchPad contest

By Mir
August 3, 2011
Category Contests

It turns out that when I’m giving away something expensive and shiny, a lot more of you are interested. Huh. So far this week’s contest to win an HP TouchPad tablet computer has over 600 entries, but there’s still time to get your comment in for a chance to win. You can’t win if you don’t enter, and that would be sad if you just plain forgot. Do it now!

As always, please leave your comment on the contest post for a valid contest entry. Comments left on this post shall, once again, be reserved for little gems such as “Hot enough for ya?” and the like. (Current local temperature: 100 degrees. But don’t worry! According to the heat index, it feels like 105. Lucky us.)


  1. We’re at 101 here, but only feels like 102. Aren’t we the lucky ducks?

    Where my dad lives, at 8 p.m. last night the heat index was 124. Apparently Missouri is now located on the surface of the sun.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Mir! I am not sure how I missed that contest post? (And so I entered on that post. Woo!)

  3. I feel lucky, I live in the (apparently relatively cool) desert of Tucson, Arizona, where it’s 96 and only feels like 94.

  4. Not too bad here, but I always feel like it’s about 100 when I exert myself (sweat dripping into one’s eyes will do that).

  5. argh, missed it by 37 minutes. oh well. The high is only 98 today, of course the humidity this morning felt like I was swimming to work.

  6. 103 here yesterday UGGGHHHH so a nice shiny gift would be most awesome!!!

  7. Ohhhhh SNAP. That said AM, not PM, didn’t it. Oh well. Try and keep cool everybody….

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