Winner of the HP TouchPad contest

By Mir
August 5, 2011
Category Contests

I love it when I have something so big and so much fun to give away. I only wish I had, oh, a few hundred more so that we could have more winners.

We ended up with exactly 700 valid entries for this week’s TouchPad contest, and the random number generator had metaphorical steam coming out of its theoretical ears, choosing a winner. (I swear, I saw it in my mind’s eye.) But the winning number is… commenter 466, Julie W, who says she’s going to give it to her nephew. (And if that’s really what’s going to happen, I suspect Julie’s going to win Aunt of the Year this year.) Congratulations, Julie!! Please check your email!

Big thanks to all who played, and special pink puffy heart-adorned thank-yous going out to and HP for this very generous campaign. My family is enjoying our TouchPad and I hope Julie’s enjoys theirs as well.

Didn’t win this time? Buck up, Buttercup! There’s always another contest coming up.


  1. Thanks Mir! You made our family’s day!

  2. ack! for a split second I thought it was me! 😉

    congrats, Julie W!

  3. You sure and HP don’t want to pony up 699 more? Hee! Congrats, Julie W.

  4. Congrats Julie Bird! You are the coolest sister!

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