Heads up, Zappos and 6pm shoppers

By Mir
January 17, 2012

If you’ve ever shopped at either Zappos or 6pm.com, you already got an email about this, yesterday. But just in case you haven’t checked your email, be aware that Zappos experienced a privacy breach and some of your information may have been compromised.

Now. The good news is that your credit card information was not compromised—that information was stored on a separate server. But passwords and address information may have been accessed, so it’s a good idea to change your password on these sites, particularly if you use the same password in a lot of different places.

Several folks have asked me if this makes me not want to shop online or if I feel like this is proof that shopping online is somehow dangerous. The short answer is absolutely not. You could drop your wallet (or have it stolen from your purse) at the mall. Stuff happens. I feel like Zappos is handling this appropriately, and shopping online with my credit card gives me protection through my credit card company, too. If someone wants to use my name and address to do something nefarious, that would be a pain in the rear, but it certainly wouldn’t be catastrophic. My view is generally “Okay, that’s annoying, let’s deal with it and move on.” But I know not everyone will see it that way.

Regardless, change those passwords, if you haven’t already.


  1. I have accounts with both and didn’t receive an email from either. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I am glad how on top of things they seem to be. I got an email from both saying they had expired my passwords.

  3. Thanks for the alert! I have my email automatically sorted into folders. My Zappos & 6PM mail goes directly to my “Stores” folder, so I didn’t see the emails that were sent about the security breach. (I use auto-sort so I am not as tempted by the daily teaser emails sent from all my favorite stores.) Unfortunately this means that if I didn’t have a “Mir” watching out for me, I sometimes might miss important emails. 😉 Thank you!

  4. Maybe the worst that would happen is that you would get some caesar salads 😉

  5. Got an email from Zappos, but it went to my spam folder. Thought that was weird.

  6. I have an account at (and got an email from) Zappos, but I have absolutely no clue what my password is there. I suppose I should still change it?

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