But my dog doesn’t have thumbs

By Mir
May 3, 2012

Okay, so, the Meijer Big Steal changes each day at noon (Eastern time), but I realized I’d forgotten to check it yesterday and just clicked over.

Yesterday’s deal (good for another 90 minutes or so) is on a Murphy bed for your under-25-pound pet. For real. For the unfamiliar, click through to look at it, but a Murphy bed is one of those things that can fold down from the wall and fold up to “hide” and save space. In this case, of course, the pet Murphy bed has its own cabinet. With an “espresso finish.”

Really, Meijer? This on-sale-for-$44-pet-bed “folds out when your cat or pup is ready for a snooze, and back up again when they are ready to seize the day”? Have you ever owned a pet? Because my dog doesn’t exactly 1) adhere to a regular schedule or 2) announced when she’s ready for a nap. Nor do I have such an empty life that I’d like to have to open and close her bed for her.

But this did add some levity to my day. (Bonus: if you click through to the product pictures, you can see a very confused-looking dog with a terrible haircut sitting on said bed with a distinct, “Seriously?!?” expression on his face.)


  1. I wouldn’t know about dogs, but my cats are never *not* ready for a nap! The appeal of a Murphy bed that’s never folded up eludes me. Good for a laugh, but not much more.

  2. Seriously? Wow. Seeing as my dog starts the night under the bed, then in the middle of said night, sits beside the bed and whines to get up because he can’t see well enough in the dark to jump that high, and of course I have to lean over and pick him up. Every night around 1 am. This is crazy, but I do it because I love him. But if he started whining for me to open his murphy bed? Now that would be different.

  3. All of the inconvenience of a Murphy bed, now with the added bonus of being whined at repeatedly to open/close the bed on behalf of your pet! All for the low, low price of almost $44!

  4. What gets me about products like this is that, somewhere, somebody thought it up and said to themselves, “HEY! I am a GENIUS!”

    Then they presented their idea to a room full of people who ALSO said, “HEY! You’re a GENIUS!”

    Then THOSE people did some R&D to determine whether or not such a product already exists on the market, and what would sell best.

    Basically, thousands and thousands of man hours on STUPIDITY… and yet?? People BUY it! Who’s stupider now?!

    Yeesh. I need a drink. (Don’t look at me like that. I’m 6 hours ahead of you, and it’s been a long day!)

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