Send Sandy relief straight to Staten Island

By Mir
November 5, 2012
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Kudos to alert and pretty Want Not reader Dallas for pointing out that Staten Island assemblyman Matthew Titone has actually set up an Amazon wish list for his district, meaning you can hop online and instead of just donating money, actually purchase needed items. If you have Prime, so much the better (hooray for faster).

The list isn’t particularly sexy—it’s mostly garbage bags, socks and undies, and batteries—but it’s all supplies you’ll know end up with people in desperate need, and you can provide fast, concrete help with just a couple of clicks.

[Edited to add: Here’s a second registry, this one for Brooklyn relief, if you prefer. Or if you’re just so pretty that you want to do both.]


  1. You are so pretty today Mir!

  2. THanks for posting the information. Sent socks this morning.

  3. Thank you, Mir-you would not believe the things I’ve seen and the stories I have heard this week :(. 20,000 people with no power STILL, no Red Cross presence until yesterday, my daughters schoolmate washed away to sea, a mother watching her two toddlers float away from her while screaming for help-such profound sadness and devastation-we appreciate any who are reaching out to Staten Island in our time of need……

  4. Great idea…just sent some paper towels

  5. What a great idea. Again, that Amazon really comes in handy. So glad to be able to help in such a direct way and know it’s getting to those who need it. Thanks for letting us know!

  6. If I purchase through Subscribe & Save, will it still ship directly to the relief effort? And, I chose the box of Huggies and was able to clip a $2 coupon….even better! 🙂

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