Day 4 Big Prize Week winner (Reverse Charades)

By Mir
November 22, 2012
Category Contests

Well, the good news is that I think a lot of you were off having fun with your families today. The bad news is that I think a lot of you totally missed today’s contest. But that’s okay! Those of you who entered the contest to win a Reverse Charades prize pack are looking especially pretty today!

The prettiest entrant—according to my random-number-picker plug-in, that is—is commenter 36, Addy. Congratulations, Addy—please check your email! You’ll be receiving the original Reverse Charades, the Girls’ Night In expansion pack, and Reverse Charades Junior for the kids. Have fun!

Big thanks to all who played, and special thanks going out to the generous folks at Reverse Charades for supplying the prizes. We love makers of fun family games, and love ’em even more when they sponsor contests. (Heh.)

Didn’t win today? Buck up! You do know what tomorrow is, right? Tomorrow is:
A) Black Friday.
B) The conclusion of Big Prize Week.
C) Going to be full of coffee.
D) The day I offer up the best prize of the week, purchased with my own money, because I love y’all.
E) All of the above.

You know the answer, I think. See you bright and early tomorrow?


  1. Yes, ma’am! I ‘ll be here 🙂

  2. Thanks so much. Looking forward to the games.

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