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By Mir
April 2, 2013
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Hooray, tons of you were excited about Amber Dusick’s new book, and the competition (and by competition, I mean “people commenting”) on the post to win a copy was fierce. Fierce, I tell you! Sadly, I have but one copy to give away, and my WordPress plugin has selected… commenter 36, Southern Gal. Congratulations, Southern Gal—please check your email!

As always, big thanks to everyone who played, and thanks to the nice folks at Harlequin for sending me a copy. (And, heck, thanks to Amber for being so darn funny and then publishing a book.)

Not a winner this time? Don’t be sad! There will be other chances to win, and in the meantime, you can go buy a copy of Amber’s book and feel confident that it’s money well spent, because at the time of this writing, it’s averaging 4.9 stars with over 150 reviews. That’s… pretty much unheard of. There’s always someone who’s all, “No, Of Mice and Men was a travesty of injustice to the English language!” or whatever. Clearly this book is amazing.


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