2014 Big Prize Week Day 2: Une Bobine and HUB IT

By Mir
November 25, 2014
Category Contests

This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014. Read on to find out about today’s prizes and enter to win!

Yesterday was a pretty sweet start to a week of fun, I think, but today let’s ramp it up. Today let’s have two prizes!

une-bobine-hub-it-prize-weekConsider this your gadget accessory day; allow me to introduce you to the Une Bobine by Fuse Chicken (motto: best company name ever) and the HUB IT by Eggtronic (motto: we possibly came before Fuse Chicken, but people are still debating).

The Une Bobine is a unique charging cable that doubles as a stand, and allows you to plug in your phone and sync/charge while having it right there next to you as if you’ve got it on a tripod. Pretty nifty. You can get these for either iPhone or Android, but I will be giving away the iPhone compatible version (works for iPhone 5 and beyond) today.

The HUB IT is pretty much Tech Nirvana when it comes to having a single location to sync and charge all of your devices; I’ll be giving away the basic HUB IT station, which means it comes with 4 charger cartridges (each has a retractible cable), though you can add up to 3 more, if you wish. It uses USB 3.0 SuperSpeed, which means it’s pretty much the fastest hub you can currently buy. If you have a lot of devices (phones, tablets, cameras, bluetooth stuff), this will take care of all of them, neatly. (There’s a wealth of HUB IT information and videos on the Eggtronic site, if you want to learn more.)

So! Two prizes, today. I will select two winners; one of you gets the Une Bobine, one of you gets the HUB IT. If you want to win, first go read the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post today (Tuesday, November 25th, 2014) by 8:00 p.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 p.m. Pacific) telling me which prize you’d like for a chance to win. I’ll close the comments and pick the winners pretty promptly after 8:00, because Big Prize Week keeps rolling along, and tomorrow’s contest won’t wait.

Ready? Go!


  1. Those look awesome!

    • What? No one stealing my charger from the kitchen?!

  2. HUB IT!

  3. I would like to win the Hub It station

  4. That hub looks amazing!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Hub it

    Thanks Mir!

  6. i would love either of them!

  7. Hub it! I love the other but I just switched to Android. 🙁

    Thank you!

  8. Sweet!

  9. The Hub IT looks very cool!

  10. The Hub It would be amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Pretty nifty !

  12. Hub

  13. As cute as the Bobine is, I already have a charging station for my phone, so I will ask for the HUB IT, please!

  14. Both look great!!

  15. I would love to win the Hub it!

  16. HUB IT! Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

  17. Hub it looks like it would clear my counter if everyone’s cords!!

  18. I’d prefer the Hub It!

  19. Either would be awesome!!!

  20. I can find a place for both in my home!

  21. Une Bobine pls!!!

  22. That hub may be the coolest thing I’ve seen this week.

  23. My husband would love the Hub It! Alas, we are not iPhone people, although the Une Bobine looks super cool.

  24. HUB IT!

  25. Awesome prizes!

  26. very cool! And if I don’t win, I now have a gift idea for the hubs 🙂

  27. Yes please. My husband keeps talking about “building” a charging station like this and frankly I’m scared

  28. Yes, please! And, thank you! 🙂

  29. that hub it looks pretty helpful but that cord would also make a great substitute for the cup holder in my car.

  30. une bobine!

  31. Nice!

  32. These look interesting!

  33. Very cool! Thanks for the chance Mir.

  34. I would love the HUB IT! The charger looks cool, but I’m an Android girl.

  35. Hub it… because my eleven month old is wayyyy to eager to chew on the dangling charger cords around here.

  36. Hub It, please

  37. The Hub looks wonderful please

  38. Hub it!

  39. Tech!

  40. Bovine pls!

  41. The Hub! thanks, pretty Mir!

  42. hub it!

  43. Brilliant!

  44. Une Bobine would be amazing. I love a charged phone.

  45. both items look awesome!

  46. oooh, I want!

  47. Both look fantastic!

  48. Would love the hub!!!! (And my own hubby would too!)

  49. I’d love the HUB IT (no iPhones in this house…though I did really like my iPhone 3).

  50. Looks awesome!!! Thank you!!!

  51. Hub it!

  52. Ooh — the Hub looks like an awesome way to get devices OUT of my kids’ rooms at night!

  53. Love love love!!

  54. HUB IT!!!!!!!!!

  55. oooh, hub it, cause we’re an Android family. :-). Happy thanksgiving, Casa Mir!

  56. Woud love the Hub It!

  57. Would love either!

  58. I think I’d go for the Hub It!

  59. Hub it would be great.

  60. I would love either, but since I have to choose, I’ll go for the une bobine

  61. Awesome! We def need those. Going to check out their websites now! 🙂

  62. Cool prizes! Would love either one! Thanks for the chance!

  63. fascinating!

  64. Either would be great. Slight preference for Hubit because we have a lot of devices 🙂

  65. Very cool!

  66. Hub

  67. Hub it!

  68. That Hub It looks pretty cool!

  69. Definitely would love the Hub It!

  70. Awesomesauce!

  71. Hub It would be fantastic!

  72. Yay for black Friday week!

  73. Hub it looks pretty awesome! Not that I would turn down the other but you said make a choice. 🙂

  74. Either would be great, but I would name Une Bobine if must choose one.

  75. Love this!

  76. Hubba Hubba! Hub It looks awesome

  77. What great gadgets!

  78. HUB it over here! Thanks!

  79. Hubba, Hubba!!!???

  80. I would love to get either of these!

  81. The hub please!!

  82. Pick me love both

  83. These look great!

  84. That Hub looks pretty nifty, I must admit!

  85. Hub It please!

  86. Hub it

  87. The Hub It for my tech guys.

  88. Yay for giveaways!

  89. I would love the UNE! Thank you!!

  90. My Husband is a techie and he would love the hub it! Thanks!

  91. High techie techie!

  92. I’d definitely use either, but I’ll say the Hub It because it feels less selfish. Hubby can charge his stuff, too. If I let him.

  93. This would be perfect for my house!!

  94. They look great!

  95. I would like the Hub It.

  96. Une Bobine please!!

  97. the Hub It looks awesome. What great prizes!

  98. Hub it! I need to charge all the things!

  99. Hub it please

  100. Ooo me, me!

  101. Would love the Hub It!

  102. Ooh, the hub looks awesome!

  103. My husband & I could’ve used the Bobine last night!

  104. The Hub it! We have a serious charging issue at our house….

  105. Hub it, please!

  106. Cool! I love multi-tasking!

  107. The Une Bobine by Fuse Chicken – just because the name is so cool.

  108. that is so neat!

  109. Thanks so much for the contest! I’d love the Hub-It. Our house is infested with charging cables, but there’s never the right kind handy.

  110. My husband would love it! He’s always complaining about the cords being everywhere!

  111. One place/device to charge everything…. fantastic.

  112. Great prizes!

  113. I would love to win the HUB IT

  114. Hi Mir! I’m in 🙂

  115. The hub it looks pretty amazing, but the une bobine would also be a cool accessory. Ohhh…I don’t know which I would choose.

  116. the Hub looks awesome!

  117. Hub it!

  118. Hub it please

  119. Awesome, but only the Hub It for me, please.

  120. The Hub It looks awesome! Thanks!

  121. Consider me in!

  122. You’re so pretttttttyyyyy! 🙂

  123. Would love the Une Bobine. Thanks!

  124. Either of these would be much appreciated over here at Geek Central!

  125. Ooh, the Hub It looks awesome!!!

  126. We are constantly looking for our chargers. What a great product!

  127. Either one looks terrific! Thanks for the giveaways, Mir! You have the BEST. STUFF. EVER.

  128. Woohoo!

  129. HUB IT, please! Thank you.

  130. I don’t know how to say it, but the UNE BOBINE looks pretty cool for my new iPhone 5S!

  131. I choose the HUB IT, please. And thank you.

  132. The HUB IT looks perfect! Also, you are very pretty, Mir.

  133. The Hub It looks super cool and very needed at chez moi.

  134. One hub to rule them all!!

  135. The Une Bobine looks fantastic!

  136. Hub it!!

  137. I would pick the Hub It s my first choice. Very cool! I could finally organize some of theses cords. I would pick the Une Bobine as a second choice which would be cool since I would not share with the other 4 iPhones in our house. It would be all mine. Thanks pretty, pretty Mir!

  138. Hub It all the way! But that Une Bobine looks awful cool too. I agree with them winning prizes for best product names. Right up there with the Coolest Cooler. Thanks for a shot at either.

  139. I would love to win the Hub It!

  140. One more for the Hub It!

  141. Who wouldn’t want a Une Bobine!!

  142. Yes! I would love this!

  143. Hub it for sure!

  144. Both look awesome!!

  145. I’ve never seen either of these products before – they look awesome!

  146. I have to choose??!!?? then I guess I want the Hub it!

  147. Oh my lord, I NEED Hub It in my house!

  148. Pick me please

  149. I would love the HUB IT please!

  150. Hub It looks pretty snazzy. Thanks!

  151. Please the Hub It would be perfection for me. If not then the Une Bobine would work just fine with my iPhone.

  152. Looks cool

  153. Fancy! What great gifts these will make for my hubby!

    • I’d happily take whatever the othe winner doesn’t want. I’m not picky when it comes to free stuff!

  154. The Hub It looks like it will solve all our charging woes!!

  155. Thanks Mir!

  156. Une Bobine! That looks awesome. I could finally face-time the grandparents without losing the feeling in my arm!

  157. The Hubit looks awesome – I am the “tech person” at work, so this would help me oh so much.

  158. The Hub It sounds awesome!

  159. The Hub would solve the rat’s nest of cords, cables, etc. I currently have beside my nightstand. Thanks Mir!

  160. They both are cool, but since you ask us to choose, I will say Hub It. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  161. The Hub It would be awesome. Would really help control the mess of cords in my bedroom.

  162. I am a chargin’ fool!

  163. Just under the gun! The charger!

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