2015 Big Prize Week Day 1: Vivitar DVR 786HD Action Camera

By Mir
November 23, 2015
Category Contests

This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Monday, November 23rd, 2015. Read on to find out about today’s prize and enter to win!

Last year I told you to forget about Christmas because Big Prize Week is my favorite holiday. I stand by my assessment—Big Prize Week is my chance to give back to those of you who’ve been around for years or just came by recently and like it here. Giving makes you happier, and this week of playing Santa always makes me happy!

vivitar-786HDAs I mentioned last week, we’re switching it up a little, this year. This year, well… I don’t know if you know this, but I have teenagers (joke! I mention them all the time!), and this is my oldest’s senior year. This is the Year Of Change and it’s all moving so fast, so what better way to kick off this week when my life feels like a whirlwind than with this Vivitar DVR 786HD 12.1 MP Full HD Action Video Camera with 2.4- Inch LCD Screen? This tiny dynamo goes wherever you go and records video or stills with ease, even if you’re crying “mah baybeeeeeee!!!” at the time.

The kit contains the camera, waterproof housing, bicycle mount, helmet mount, remote control, charging cords, and manual. (What it does not include is the micro SD memory card you’ll need for data storage, but that’s the only thing missing.) Basically this is Vivitar’s answer to the GoPro, at a fraction of the cost. We received a unit for review (don’t worry, you’ll get a brand new one) and my husband owns a GoPro, so the logical thing would’ve been a side-by-side comparison, which we never quite managed (it may have had something to do with my oldest taking off with the Vivitar…); but overall the impression was that the Vivitar holds its own and is surprisingly capable. Plus we had it up and running about five minutes after opening the box. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and you’re going to be very popular if you win this one.

Want to win it? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post today (Monday, November 23rd, 2015) by 8:00 pm Eastern (that’s 5:00 pm Pacific) for a chance to win. The winner will be pulled (using my fancy contest plugin winner-picking thingie) and announced tonight, because tomorrow will be another chance to win something awesome.

Ready? Go!


  1. Oh- this looks like it would be awesome! I love that you make it sound so easy to use!

  2. Thank you for having these contests!

  3. New grand baby on the way. Sure could use a new camera!

  4. I would LOVE to win this! Thanks

  5. Would love, love, love a new camera.

  6. This would be a great for my 18 year old graduating (tears:() this year!

  7. I would LOVE to win this! Thank you

  8. OMG, this looks awesome! I can see my kids putting on their bike helmets and recording light saber battles.

  9. I’m all for slowing down time and one of my 10 yr old twin boys has LOVED the little video camera we got him last Christmas. Let them help capture the memories.
    You’re looking awfully pretty this Morning morning!

  10. Thanks for posting the link for me, and for mentioning this on FB. I never knew you set this up…kudos!!

  11. This looks awesome!

  12. Mama’s feeling lucky…….
    Thank you 🙂

  13. This sounds great!!!

  14. Thanks, Mir.

  15. I’ve been wanting to strap one of these to my dog for when he escapes and romps around the neighborhood.

  16. My 10 year old would love this!

  17. Nice prize!

  18. There is no replacement for recorded videos of my kids!

  19. My boy, he is not quite a teen. But I think he would ADORE this and I will get all manner of daring and disgusting video (not *dirty* but bugs and things). I hope you pick me!

  20. Awesome prize! Thanks Mir!!

  21. This would be a hit with the teens around this place.

  22. Oh my granny, this is exactly what my son is asking for. He’s been getting into taking and editing videos this year since joining his school’s media arts club and being in charge of video for the school news! We were looking around yesterday and he actually said, “I want this type of camera but I know it’s way too expensive to put on my list!” That kid knows how to work the mom guilt!!

  23. Oh! I would love this!! I mean my teenage daughter would love this….

  24. would love to wine this to capture mah baaaaybeeeee – 3.5 months old. 🙂

  25. My 8 yr old is very into taking pictures and video these days. This would be a big upgrade from using my husband’s old iPhone 4!

  26. Wow! We’d have such a good time with this!

  27. It would be WONDERFUL to have Jack’s Christmas gift all “bought and paid for” lol, before Thanksgiving! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I also have a kid who’s a high school senior. This would be perfect for him to use on bike trips, exploring campuses, and so on.

  29. This looks like something everyone would have fun playing with.

  30. clever comment!

  31. This would be awesome.

  32. This would be perfect for this family! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Looks cool!

  34. I’ll have to check these out- we want a GoPro for family rafting but $$$! Of course winning one would be great too, thanks for the chance.

    The contest rules wouldn’t connect, FYI- although I’ve read them in the past. Might be a Twitter app issue on my end though!!

  35. Cool camera!

  36. This is one of the few things that is actually on MY Christmas list (well, a GoPro is, but if this will do the same stuff at a fraction of the cost…) We went to Hawaii last year & paid about $100 between underwater disposable cameras & film developing. They were HORRIBLE Pics! I want something that I an take snorkeling.

  37. Perfect for my camera-loving boys who are always taking pictures!

  38. My boys (husband included) would have so much fun with this!

  39. This is great!

  40. This looks like it’d be great for the safari trip we are doing this summer! I was JUST looking at GoPros.

  41. My one-and-only (UVA second year) is going to Israel over Winter Break. It would be Paes one for her to take with her. Oh, let’s not forget…

  42. This would be awesome for skiing this year!

  43. Would totally love this! Thanks for your contests, Mir!

  44. This looks awesome!!

  45. My family would love this. Thanks for the chance to win

  46. Though I shudder at what my boys may want to do with this, it sounds really fun.

  47. Want! Want Want! (Actually taking dictation from the 13 year old, but I want it too!). Looks awesome!

  48. This looks so fun! Thanks, Mir!

  49. That looks amazing!

  50. This is exactly what I want for Christmas!!!! OoOoO

  51. Oh, wow, what a cool deal. If I win I’ll have to ride a bike and paddle a boat and all those active-sounding things. But really I’d just use the waterproof housing to let my dog lick it while I take her picture.

  52. I would love one!

  53. How cool!!! Thanks for sharing!

  54. Everything in my life needs a waterproof housing.

  55. I want it for myself. Thanks

  56. I have a vision of many shenanigans with a camera like this!

  57. My kids would go crazy for this! They want a goPro but that’s beyond Santa’s means.

  58. Awesome toy for me!!!

  59. this looks like a fun prize!

  60. What a great prize! This would be a great way to capture memories of my (growing way-too-fast) daughters!

  61. This would be a great early Christmas present for the family! Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. My own teen daughter has been asking for a nice camera for Christmas. This would definitely make her year.

  63. Cool!

  64. Memories of my grandkids……

  65. Ahhh, Big Prize Week! You’re so pretty, Mir!

  66. We have a teenager in our lives who would be excited to see this under the tree!

  67. I love Black Friday week at WantNot. 🙂

  68. Fun! Love big prize week… and stalking your posts this week.

  69. I’m thinking this is just the way that Noah and Josie will learn to shoot videos. Well, this and the “For Dummies” book I already got them. Did you know that when you ask elementary school kids what they want to be when they grow up, they answer “A YouTuber?”

    • Middle schoolers, too. LOL.

  70. Oh my gosh, my 11 year old has been begging for a video camera! This would make her Christmas amazing! And I could use the cool Mom points. Did I mention how pretty you are today?

  71. Mir – you’re my savings goddess. Thanks for scouring the deals and bringing the best to us. I’m sitting here with my FREE Amazon bear and have already used my $150 gift card. You rock!

  72. It’s Monday and I am feeling winnerish!

  73. This could be my only chance to see what’s going on at college! Maybe? Probably not, but I can hope!

  74. Awesome prize – thanks for the chance!

  75. This would be a fabulous Christmas gift for my daughter, who wants to videotape everything these days!

  76. My daughter just asked for a camera for Christmas!

  77. I’m going to Japan to visit mah baybee, (seriously, you thought leaving for college was bad!) Anyway I could surely fit this little gem in my luggage and use it to share our memories with my folks who haven’t seen him in more than a year, and won’t see him for at least another year.

    You have the best give aways!!

  78. Yay, gift week is here. 🙂 This camera would make a great gift to go along with DS’s surprise cruise gift.

  79. Wow – awesome kickoff to Big Prize Week! This is awesome! *crosses fingers*

  80. This one’s on my son’s list! Fingers crossed.

  81. This would check one gift off my list 🙂

  82. wow! My son would LOVE this. Especially after it was kind of my fault that he lost his camera on our last family vacation. I could kind of make it up to him.

  83. What a fantastic start to the week! Thanks Mir!

  84. Wow- My family would love something like this!

  85. This would be a great gift: 7 y.o. bike cam 🙂

  86. You rule, Mir! Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. Wow! What a fun start to the week!

    Also, I can’t believe you have a senior.

  88. Somehow I always forget about Prize Week every year until you mention that it’s coming up, and then I get overly excited about it. The best part is seeing what you’ve got each year, because you always manage to show me something I haven’t noticed before. Thanks for doing this for your readers every year, Mir!

  89. What a great prize! Thanks for all of your hard work on our behalves =)!

  90. Very nice!

  91. This would be awesome! Thanks Mir!

  92. Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to win this! With two teenagers, it would get used all the time!

  93. Mir, my daughter does horseback riding and has been begging for an action cam. This would make her day.

  94. This looks awesome!

  95. I love this!!

  96. Ooh, RNG, pick me and I will hug you and squeeze you and name you George!

  97. This looks like so much fun!

  98. This would be the perfect Xmas gift!

  99. Love your Giveaways!!

  100. Mama needs new shoes…no wait…Mama needs a Vivitar DVR 786HD Action Camera!

  101. Dear Mir,
    Your shoes are sooooo pretty but YOU are BEAUTIFUL!

    Just in case your fancy contest plugin winner-picking thingie takes comments into its calculations for choosing a winner LOL

    Thanks again for all your efforts!

  102. What a great start to the week!! Thanks for the chance!

  103. Pick me!

  104. Thanks this looks terrific!

  105. Long-time reader who thanks you for this chance to win!

  106. I know a certain teen who would love to add this to her kit.

  107. Im expecting this would be great with the new baby.

  108. Looks cool!

  109. Please enter me. This would make a great gift for hubby.

  110. Woo! How lovely!

  111. Me, please!!

  112. This would be lovely, but not as lovely as you, Mir!

  113. Thanks for the chance to enter your contest!

  114. Fingers crossed!

  115. Yes please! I would much rather get this one than buy a gopro!

  116. This looks amazing! I kind of want to put it on my 9yo’s hockey helmet.

  117. Exciting prize! Would make shopping for hubby super duper easy!

  118. While there are days I wish we were still in the Hess truck stage, my teen boy would go crazy over this.

  119. So cool! Pick me me me please.

  120. Yay!

  121. Great start to the week! Thanks Mir!

  122. This would be Awesome!!! Thank you!!

  123. I love big prize week!

  124. This would be perfect for my daughter! <3

  125. I’ve been wanting a camera like this to take videos of my grandmothers!

  126. This is so awesome! Happy Holdiays!

  127. LOVE big prize week!

  128. This would be great!

  129. Am planning on getting my son a GoPro for Christmas. This will save me a lot of money 🙂

  130. Awesome-sauce!!

  131. I’ll play! Thanks!

  132. This would be great to win!

  133. I’m envisioning this in so many places… the first being mounted on my toddler’s tricycle when we walk over to visit our (same age as us) friends with teen boys, who actually loaned us the tricycle from their attic. Heh.

  134. My son is a youth media summer counselor at our local cable access studio, this would be right up his holiday list!

  135. That would lead to a lot of fun videos around here!

  136. Ooo-eee! Let’s get snappin’!

  137. Thanks for the giveaway. Seems like it would capture some interesting moments.

  138. You are a very generous person with some cool things to give away! Thanks for the opportunity!

  139. I know exactly who I would gift it to!

  140. My kids would LOVE this! ❤️😃

  141. My daughter would love to find this under the tree Christmas morning! Thanks Mir!

  142. Hoping to win.

  143. Love taking videos of my grandkids!

  144. Looks fantastic!

  145. Would love to win 🙂

  146. Would love to win this! Thank you!

  147. This is on my shopping list this Christmas! Pick me, pretty please 🙂

  148. Thank you for giving us all a chance 🙂

  149. With a houseful of teenage boys, this would be a great xmas gift. I am just afraid of the ER co-pays….yikes. I doubt they would be as pretty as you Mir! Thanks for the opportunity.

  150. Pick me! Pick me!!

  151. Pretty pretty please!

  152. I’m looking forward to another holiday season assisted by Mir! Keep the sales info and contests going!

  153. Oooh! Pretty camera! Looks great!

  154. this looks like a lot of fun

  155. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  156. What a fun prize!

  157. This would be fantastic for my sister and her four (yes, four) boys. They’ll definitely test its endurance…

  158. Looks fun!

  159. WOW! This would be a great gift! Thanks for the chance!

  160. Fantastic – thanks again, Mir. You really are the prettiest.

  161. Would love it

  162. My family would love this!!

  163. My teen would love this!

  164. This would make a perfect gift for my grandchildren!

  165. How fun! Big bonus points for easy to use. Thanks for having fun contests..

  166. This looks fabulous!

  167. I love this camera and I love you. I have no camera – only the feeble one on my Boost monthly prepaid phone.

  168. Woo! That would make Christmas shopping for my teen much easier!

  169. My sophomore boy would love this – he’s the photographer in the family!

  170. Looks like a great camera!

  171. This would be awesome for our active girls!

  172. I wanna be a winner!!! PICK ME!! PICK ME!!!! <3

  173. here’s a comment! it’s a beautiful comment! i usually try to find something clever to include in my comment but it’s been a long day so we’ll go with that! 😉

  174. Wow- this looks great! 🙂

  175. Ooooh!

  176. This would be awesome to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. This looks like a great little camera- the waterproof housing especially caught my eye. There’s been many times that we could have used a camera with that capability. Hope we win!

  178. oh! I would love this camera, to get a few photos that aren’t just cell phone pics 🙂

  179. You are still pretty!

  180. Oh I could have so much putting this on the dogs!

    • Err, fun that is. Silly phone.

  181. This would be a huge hit!!

  182. So like 20 things in one? Nice! Thanks!

  183. I hope I win! I’ve got a teenager that would love it!

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