2017 Big Prize Week Day 1: Nomad Mobile Accessories

By Mir
November 20, 2017
Category Contests

This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Eastern on Monday, November 20th, 2017. Read on to find out about today’s prizes and enter to win!

Goooooood morning! Are you ready to kick off a week of giveaways and your chance(s) to win fabulous prizes? I hope you are. This is my favorite week of the year.

Every year my giveaways include things (like, say, kids’ toys) which cause people to complain, “But I don’t have kids so that’s a terrible prize for me!” Don’t worry, I still have the rest of the week to make you mad with my prizes (ummmm…), but let’s start off with something everyone can use. I mean, even my dogs have cell phones. (That’s a lie.) Everyone (human) has a cell phone, these days, and that means charging on the go is always an issue. Our friends at Nomad are back again with my favorite never-be-without-a-cord-again solutions, and today three lucky readers will win the accessory of their choosing.

The original Nomad Keys are my favorite (there’s one on my keyring right now), and there’s a lightning key for Apple folks and a micro USB one for everyone else. I noticed that in some of the Amazon reviews people were all “This is too short!” and, um, that’s sort of the point. I use mine to plug into my portable power brick, plus if I wanted a cable in the bottom of my purse, I’d do that. Not a problem for me. But if you’d rather have something a little bit longer, the Nomad Carabiners give you a little wiggle room and still allow you the convenience of always having a cord on hand without actually having to keep track of a cord. These also come in both lightning and micro USB. Might I suggest that if you are a college student or hoping to win one for your college student, you go with the carabiner? It’s a little bit larger and harder to lose. Not that my treasured college student offspring ever lose anything, of course….

Want to win a Nomad charging accessory for your phone and never find yourself without a cable again? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post today (Monday, November 20th, 2017) by 10:00 pm Eastern (that’s 7:00 pm Pacific) specifying which model you’d like to win (lightning key, micro USB key, lightning carabiner, or micro USB carabiner) for a chance to win one. Three (3) winners will be pulled (using my fancy contest plugin winner-picking thingie) and announced tonight, because this prize party is just getting started and tomorrow will be a whole new giveaway.

Ready? Go!


  1. Love it!!!

  2. Whoops, I forgot to say which one, I think the Lightning Key would be best for me. Thank you again!

  3. My husband would love the lightning key. Thanks Mir!

  4. I’d love a micro USB carabiner!

  5. I know we could use a lightning carabiner! Thanks!

  6. The lightening carabiner would be very handy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Sounds great!

  8. I’d go with the lightning carabiner- and hope no one in my family steals it like all of my other chargers. 😀

  9. These are cool! If I don’t win one I will be putting one on my Christmas list. I would love the lightning carabiner please.

  10. I have never seen these before! Genius! A lightning carabiner would be so handy!

  11. Micro USB arabaaner please ! I need this.

  12. Ooh! The lightning carabiner would make a great stocking gift! Thanks for the giveaways again this year!

  13. I would love a lightning key. Thank you pretty Mir!!

  14. My favorite week of the year on Wantnot! Lightning Key, thanks!

  15. Lightning Key!

  16. My girls would love a lightning carabiner! Thank you, Mir!!

  17. I would like the lightning carabiner, thanks.

  18. The lightning carabiner would be great.

  19. The lightening carabiner looks like an awesome idea for the small herd of young adults in my world.

    People mad about free stuff? Mind. Blown. I say the winner picker thingie should just filter out any comments that contain a complaint. 🙂

    Did I mention your hair looks fabulous this morning?

  20. OOH! Those are neat! How did I miss those before?

    I’d love the lightning carabiner, if I’m lucky enough to be picked 🙂

  21. Micro USB carabiner, please and thank you. Looking forward to a great week of giveaways, as usual. No complaints here!

  22. Lightning carabiner!

  23. I have love NOMAD since they were a kickstarter! I would LOVE a lightning key! Thanks for the great giveaways this week!

  24. I’d love a lightning carabiner- my kids steal all my chargers! Thanks!

  25. Lightning Key por favor! Small enough my kid won’t notice (and steal it)!

  26. Very cool!

  27. Lightning carabiner!

  28. This is awesome!

  29. Lightening key would be awesome! Thank you!!

  30. Lightening carabiner – you’re so pretty!

  31. Lightning key would be great!

  32. Never even knew this existed, but a lightning key would be fab! TYSM!

  33. I’d love a micro USB key!

  34. Lightening key please

  35. Lightning carabiner, please!

  36. Lightning carabiner please

  37. Micro usb carabiner please!

  38. Apple 🍎 lightning key!

  39. Lightning Caribiner! So awesome.

  40. The carabiner would be a great choice for my kid. Thanks, pretty Mir!

  41. Lightning carabiner

  42. Lightening caribiner.

  43. I would love the lightning carabiner!

  44. Lightning Key would be lovely – thanks!

  45. This would be great – for my kids!🤣 Thank you for the chance, pretty Mir.❤️

  46. Lightning caribener.

  47. Lightning key!

  48. What a great idea! (Lightning)

  49. Love these! Lightning key, please.

  50. I am ready! I’d prefer the lightening one please, if I win.

    Happy holidays!

  51. Oooh – the micro USB carabiner would find a happy home on my middle schooler’s backpack! Thanks, Mir!

  52. Very cool product! I’d love the lightening carabiner!

  53. My new driver would love one!

  54. These are so cool! Would love to win one:)

  55. Ooh, a lightning key sound fancy shmancy!

  56. These are really neat!

  57. A lightning key would be wonderful!

  58. I would very much like a lightening key Oh Pretty One

  59. I had wondered if you would be doing the give-aways this year. So happy to see you are!! I love to win the Micro USB Carabiner.

  60. Wow, what a cool prize! I’d love a lightning carabiner 🙂

  61. Oooh! Yesss! 🙂

  62. I would love the micro USB key! Thank you!

  63. What a cool idea!

  64. Yippee!

  65. Cool – lightning carabiner would be cool!

  66. Husband definitely requires the less losable version. USB carabiner please!

  67. Lightning carabiner would be most excellent! Thanks for the fun week planned!

  68. USB carabiner for me. Thanks for running the giveaways Mir!

  69. The lightning gizmo would be great! Thanks, Mir.

  70. I would love the USB carabiner please!

  71. What cool accessories! I was just discussing the need for a more convenient way to carry a charger! I would love the Nomad Key with micro usb.

  72. Cool!

  73. I believe the lightning caribiner would be great for the kid who just can’t quite remember to charge his dang phone!

  74. A lightning carabiner

  75. Lightening key would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity to win one Mir.

  76. Oh, your state librarian who is constantly on the road desperately needs the lightning key! Happy Thanksgiving week to you, Mir!

  77. Any of them look amazing, but I’ll choose the micro USB!

  78. micro USB carabiner!

  79. I would love love love the micro carabiner! Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. Lightning key! Yes please!

  81. Micro carabiner please and thank you

  82. Love this idea!

  83. The lightning carabiner looks like a great gift!

  84. Wow, if I don’t get one of these, I’m totally going to buy one for my bf. He’s hard to shop for and this will be perfect. Micro USB caribiner please!

  85. Lightning caribiner! What a great idea even if I don’t win (but I hope I do!).

  86. Would love the lightning carabiner!

  87. Lightning Carabiner! Thank you!

  88. The lightning key looks cool!

  89. Lightening key, please.

  90. Micro USB carabiner, please!

  91. I’ve never seen these! How cool! I’d be down for a lightening cable!

  92. My husband would love the micro USB carabiner!

  93. Lightning carabiner!

  94. Micro usb carabiner. Please.

  95. Lightning key for me, please! Thanks for being awesome. 😃

  96. You rock – you make this week so fun every year! I’d be thrilled with either item but if I had to choose, I’d go carabiner. 🙂

  97. Micro USB key!

  98. Lightning key please!

  99. Micro USB key, please!

  100. My husband would love that lightening key. Thanks!

  101. Nothing better than Free stocking stuffers!! Lightning Key for me.

  102. They all are amazing–I like the lightning key (but the carabiner is great too!)

  103. Lightning carabiner is my choice. Though they all look great.

  104. I would love the lightning caribiner!

  105. I need to research this, but I think lightening caraviner. 😀

  106. I would love the lightning carabiner!

  107. I would love the micro USB caribiner!

  108. Ehrmagerd, Thanksgiving is THIS Thursday!!
    I could use the lightning carabiner, oh beauteous one.

  109. Micro Caribiner would be pretty awesome!!

  110. Thanks Mir!

  111. I’d love the lightning carabiner! Thanks, Mir!

  112. It took me the longest time to figure out what these even are, but now I get it. Very handy! I would like the lightning key ring. Thank you, Mir!

  113. Awesome!

  114. The carabiner would be very cool. Thank you!

  115. This is what I love about your site: you find things I didn’t know I needed! Anyone in our house would love the lightning carabiner although I would be tempted to gift it to my (very hard to buy for ) in-laws. Thank you for another week of giveaways!

  116. This is so cool! I want one even if I don’t win. 🙂

  117. You’re so pretty and I would think of you every time I used my micro USB carabiner.

  118. The lightening carabiner would be great!!

  119. Lightning carabiner looks awesome!

  120. Lightning carabiner! Cool!

  121. Pick me!

  122. Lightning keys!

  123. I would love the carabiner one!

  124. A lightning carabiner would be great in a stocking at this house.

  125. The microUSB caribiner would be perfect, Mir! Thanks so much for doing these giveaways for us! 🙂

  126. I’m in for the carabiner micro usb! Thanks so much for doing this, too! 🙂

  127. Lightning key. These are so cool.

  128. lightning carabiner, please!

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