Day 3 Big Prize Week Winners (Magnaflex/My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear)

By Mir
November 22, 2017
Category Contests

Goooooood Thanksgiving Eve, everyone! I had big plans to do a bunch of deal-hunting for you today, but then I went into the kitchen to start my Thanksgiving prep and got sucked into a vortex. It was terrible. Said vortex was filled with dirty dishes and burnt pie crusts and hard-boiled eggs that really, really did not want to be peeled. So. Um. The day kind of got away from me, is my point. (Everything is more or less clean now, and I made a new pie, and deviled eggs aren’t supposed to be pretty, so whatever. Everything’s fine.)

Anyway! Today’s giveaway post leads me to believe that either you did not burn your pies or you’re not cooking this year, because plenty of you were ready to win some goodies. The random number picker has spoken, and your winners are: Sarah (commenter 17), who will be receiving the Magnaflex set, and Shannon C (commenter 49), who will be receiving the cutest stuffed sloth on the face of the planet. Congratulations, winners! Please check your email so I can get your prizes out to you!

As always, thanks to everyone who played, and special thanks to our generous friends at WowWee (and their helper elves at Resound Marketing) for the Magnaflex set and to My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear (and their helper elves at Light Years Ahead) for the sloth which isn’t actually a bear at all. We love prizes, and we love the companies that make giveaways like this possible!

Didn’t win today? Don’t despair! We’re only halfway through the fun (yes, I realize it’s Wednesday, but this is the third of six contests, because we’ll go through Friday and then do an encore for Cyber Monday) and tomorrow, yes, I will probably be wrecking my kitchen all over again, but I will also be back here bright and early with another chance to win. Don’t forget to check in and enter!


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