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By Mir
June 11, 2020
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Hello! Long time no post, I know. And in the meantime, there’s been… *gestures broadly* all of this stuff going on.

I wanted to check in briefly to kind of let y’all know what’s up. Basically, when coronavirus started running rampant, I had a very difficult time caring in the slightest about a good online sale on small kitchen electrics or whatever, you know? I was pitched several collaborations in the last few months—paid opportunities—all of which highlighted deals I personally believed to be really irrelevant and tone-deaf for the current reality, and so I turned them down. I have never, and will never, shill stuff here simply for my own gain. It’s just not my bag. Now that life is sort of leveling out, retail has taken a huge hit (obviously) and many of the merchants previously paying a small commission to those of us who linked to them are either vastly reducing those amounts or discontinuing those relationships entirely. That means the business model Want Not was built upon… no longer exists. At some point I’ll have to decide what that means for the future of this site, but I’m not making any decisions on that just yet.

While I haven’t been here, I’ve been making face masks, because it turns out that I need to Do Something and that was a Something I could do. My kid taught me how to use her sewing machine and 600-something masks later, I’ve gotten pretty good at it—I’ve upgraded machines and donated most of my masks here in my community and mailed others all over the U.S. (and even some overseas). If you/your family need masks and either cannot afford them or would like to acquire them in a way that will also give back (any donations I receive go back into supplies for the masks I donate), hit me up. I will make sure anyone who needs a mask can get one.

My family is safe and well (for which we are very grateful), but it sure does feel a lot of the time lately like many are not and we’re on the precipice of some much-needed change. We’re still figuring out our roles in that change, and having a lot of hard conversations around here, and it’s uncomfortable and depressing and utterly necessary. I hope you and yours are well, and I hope you are planning to vote this November.


  1. ♥ Love and hugs, and hang in there.

  2. Longtime reader here, I will miss you and the deals and I’ll think of you whenever I make the bean crack dip. xoxoxo

  3. 💜

  4. Happy to hear from you, and I understand. ❤️

  5. Glad to hear from you – and to get a running tally of the masks. I’m in awe. Do what you need to, remember that many of us have been with you for yonks and will just hang out where ever you happen to be.

    Many hugs and much love to your family!

  6. It is good to see you and I am glad you are well <3

  7. So glad to hear from you! I’ve been wondering what’s happening with some of those things with companies shying away from other deals or expansions that were in the works. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of that business model. 🙁 I love that you’ve made OVER SIX HUNDRED FREAKING MASKS, lady! That’s incredible!

    Is it weird to ask for a picture of the masks? We’re going to definitely be back in the office in August, and a lot of my colleagues are stressing about masks. I was thinking I could “buy” some and surprise a few of them with them, but some masks are weird with glasses. My husband’s a tall guy, too, and he has just not found a mask that fits his face well. 🙁 We’re still searching, but it’ll be more imperative when we’re both back on campus with students and coworkers in the fall.

  8. Awe, Mir. You are SO PRETTY. In all the ways, sweet one. Your mask-making is incredible and deals or no, we (at least long timers like Beth and I) will love you forever no matter what (unless you become a racist jerk, in which case we will know that your body has been taken over by aliens and we will spirit you off to Area 51 for treatment while whispering sweet nothings in your ear).

  9. Have been checking the website regularly for an update; was getting worried all was not well. Happy to hear you have been doing okay and making TONS of masks for folks! Stay well.

  10. I’m so glad to hear from you, Mir. I will have to do a better job of following you elsewhere in these changing times. <3

  11. you are even pretty in a mask! xoxo

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