I’m intrigued, but a little bit afraid

By Mir
October 16, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

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From the page:

36 organic, wildcrafted and natural food products in every bar!

I’m not sure I know what “wildcrafted” means, and I’m also I try not to have more than, say, 20 different organics in a single bar, usually. But for free, I’ll try it out.


  1. The picture on that page makes it look like the result of something gone a bit wrong in the intestinal tract (too much organic good stuff?). Nevertheless, I signed up for one!
    If nothing else it should make a good conversation piece.
    “Did you know that if you stuff 36 organics into one bar, it comes out looking like chunky green poop? It’s true! LOOK.”

  2. *gasp* i’m passing, on a FREE SAMPLE!!!

    honestly, this thing frightens me.

  3. I’ll feed it to my husband and watch his face first.

  4. Is it Emeril or someone else who says “You eat with your eyes first”?? I’ve had some gross stuff in my travels (even cow tongue and monkey brains – I kid you not), but I just don’t think I can do this.

  5. wildcrafted means they went out and picked it in the wild. So say it has acorns, they take a big section of wild land where there are oaks, and designate it for wildcrafting, then they make sure that no one does anything like spray pesticides in the area for 3 years (same as organic farming). Then they go and pick acorns but otherwise leave the area untouched.

    It’s very hippy, and I’ve never gotten why ‘crafted’ is in there, since it’s a harvest, not a freaking craft. When I knit, it’s a craft. When I make a knitting needle by sanding and shaping and stuff, it’s a craft. When Ogg the Caveguy stumbled out of his cave and found berries in the woods, it was still harvesting, even when it wasn’t farming, and it certainly wasn’t crafting, since he didn’t make the darn berries.

    Calling it ‘wild harvest food’ would have been a clearer name, and it wouldn’t need stupid explanations for the trendy name that’s going to sound stupidly dated in 10 years.

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