Got change?

By Mir
December 1, 2006
Category Quick Tips

I’ve never used those ubiquitous Coinstar machines because they extract a fee for counting your change. But I just found out that if you elect payment via gift certificate, there’s no fee.

Hey, it beats rolling a billion pennies.


  1. Coinstar is great, especially after Halloween when you can donate your $ directly to Unicef without a fee! I clicked your link and they are offering some great stores on these gift cards/certificates.

    Other options to avoid rolling change include–

    If you have a Commerce Bank in your area:
    The Penny Arcade is a free coin counting service provided for both Customers and Non-Customers.

    Or in the Washington DC area:
    Chevy Chase Bank Change Express provides free
    self-service coin counting for both Bank customers
    and those who are not yet customers.

  2. Ellen DeGeneres just started a charity drive through CoinStar to benefit America’s Second Harvest. You punch the “donate” button and then choose from several charities, including “Ellen’s Small Change Campaign” and 100% goes to the charity.

  3. Don’t most banks with a coin machine (that is, branches not in supermarkets) offer free coin counting to customers? Mine does. U.S. Bank.

  4. My bank only takes your change if it’s rolled.

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