Skater chic for the teens

I only shop at Tilly’s for my kids when they have a huge sale—because I’m a cheapskate—but when they do, I do, because they have so many of the “cool” things I otherwise refuse to pay for. (Pro tip: They often have ridiculously good deals on trendy sneakers—think Nike, Converse, Vans, and more—if you catch them on one of these sales.)

Anyway! Right now there’s an extra 50% markdown on everything in the Clearance, plus the more spend, the more you save. Spend $75 and $15 comes off at checkout; spend $100 and it’s $20; spend $125 and it’s $25. Shipping is free on your $59+ order, otherwise rates start at $8.

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It’s an Impossible deal

mission-impossible-setI’m torn, because the Mission: Impossible movies are just good, you know? I’m aware that Tom Cruise is a nutjob, though. So I feel a little guilty. But not guilty enough not to watch them.

Today Amazon has the Mission: Impossible 5-Movie Blu-ray Collection available for just $18.99. That’s just a few bucks per movie, and cheaper than it’d be for you and a date to see just one film at the theater (at least around here). If you’re looking for a holiday gift for your favorite adrenaline junkie, this could be it.

Just try not to think of Tom Cruise as a person aside from being Ethan Hunt, that’s all.

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Dig these department store sales

If you’ve been crossing items off your list and have now entered the “pick up a few general items because surely there are folks I’ve forgotten or things I haven’t thought of” territory, it’s time to hit up the department stores (online, of course, because are you nuts?, you don’t go into a store between Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Today at Bon-Ton, they’re offering up to 60% off site-wide, plus up to another 25% off sale merchandise with coupon code BIGSTWD1216. Shipping is free on your $25+ order with coupon code FREESHIP25, too.

And then over at Kohls, they’ve got a rare works-for-everyone (no Kohls card required) 25% off coupon code YOUGET25, plus they’ve got tons of Door Busters and sales, plus you’ll get free shipping on $50+ to your home (or ship it to your local store for free).

Be sure to compare between the stores for the best deal—Fiestaware (see, I’ve still got it on the brain) is similarly priced at both sites, but Kohls will let you apply a coupon, while Bon-Ton won’t.

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Glory to the gamers

2017-gamer-guinnessAwww, I find myself a little sad that my son is too old for this, now—he used to love getting all the different Guinness books for the holidays, and this one, especially. Amazon has the 2017 Gamer’s Edition of the Guinness World Records book available for just $7, right now (half price, and its lowest price ever). This is a great gift for any elementary-to-middle-school-aged gamer, and you may find the high schoolers peeking at it, as well.

This was also always one of my favorite gift ideas for reluctant readers, as the contents are interesting but smallish chunks, so as not to be overwhelming.

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Make it Macy’s (for the savings, but also to win)

Ho ho ho… it’s time for another round of Friends & Family savings at Macy’s—just use coupon code FRIEND to save up to an additional 30% off your purchase.

Even better, thanks to our friends at, you can also go go enter to win a $100 gift card to make your shopping more merry! (15 winners will be selected and announced next week.)

macys-fiesta-bowlsMe, I’ve been trying to figure out forever how I can justify switching our dishes over to Fiestaware. (It’s so expensive. But so pretty.) The answer is, I really can’t. It’s a luxury we absolutely do not need. But… um… I broke a bunch of bowls over the last few years (not on purpose; they’re slippery when I’m unloading the dishwasher) and I probably could justify buying a few of these replacement bowls, right? I mean, with the coupon they’re $6 apiece, which is still a lot for a bowl, I guess, but did I mention what pretty bowls they are? (Hey, the nice thing about Fiesta is that it’s been around for forever and it’s nearby indestructible. So maybe I buy a few bowls now, a few more at the next sale, and so on and so forth until I complete my collection when my grandchildren graduate from college or whatever.)

Shipping is free on your $100+ order, or you can order online and pick up at your local store (which will also get you a savings pass to use for your next shopping trip, too).

And if you win one of those gift cards you have to promise to buy me a bowl. (Not really.) (But I wouldn’t turn it down.)

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Brace yourself for the downslope of deals

The closer we get to Christmas, the faster and more deep the discounts are going to come—the next few weeks will bring slashed prices on tons of luxury items, so if you were on the fence about an item, keep an eye out.

For example: Today the Amazon Daily Deals are leading off with a better Apple Watch deal than we saw anywhere on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. (Target had some deals on the previous generation, but nothing on the current one.) Today only, you can snag the small Apple Watch 2 with black sport band for $269 or the large Apple Watch 2 with classic buckle band for $359.

Now. Do I think this is a good idea, even at these prices, if all you need is a timepiece? Obviously not; this is akin to buying a computer, and even at the discounted price, it hardly qualifies as an insignificant purchase. But if you were hoping for a deal, well, this is a price drop we haven’t seen this season.

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One-day deals at Aerie

If you love all things Aerie, today’s the day to stock up on undies, bralettes, and pajama pants—the latter two are just $15 apiece, while undies are 5 for $15. And no matter what you spend, your order will ship for free.

Usually you have to wait for the 10 for $30 sale, so this is a nicer option if you didn’t need quite so many pairs. All three of these deals are good today (Monday, December 5th) only.

If you have a teenage girl on your shopping list, this isn’t a sale you should miss.

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Better late than never: December Beauty Box!

Someone was just asking me last week if Target did a beauty box this month, and I replied that they hadn’t, and it was a pity, but perhaps they were too busy with other holiday preparations.


Well, I’m glad I was wrong and they were just being slow: Go grab your December Beauty Box at Target today, with the same great savings as always. $10 gets you at least $30-$40ish worth of product, and free shipping, and it’s a great way to try out some new products without paying full price. [Edited to add: Looks like there’s a version just for the guys for $7, too!]

If the past is any indicator, these will sell out quickly, so go get one now before they do.

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In case you resolve to track yourself

I’m torn about the various Fitbit and Fitbit-esque products out there. On the one hand, it’s a great idea to become more aware of your physical fitness. On the other, you have people like my daughter, who sets her daily step goal to “3” so that it congratulates her every morning just for getting out of bed. (No, I am not making that up.)

Anyway, if you’ve been looking for a Fitbit HR, they’re on special today at Target. When you first load the product page you’ll see the regular price of $130, but as soon as you choose any color/size, the price drops to $77.97. (For reference: reviews and $130 price tag at Amazon.)

I can feel guilty about how slothful I am even without a fancy wrist-computer, but you do you.

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Get your Goods deals

I keep forgetting that Groupon sells stuff now, not just gift certificates and such. And right now they’re still going strong with their Cyber Week Deals—a huge assortment of crazy-good markdowns on everything from pillows to tech and everything in-between.

If you have some referral credit lying around, so much the better. But even if you don’t, you may be delighted to discover a great bargain you didn’t even know you needed until you saw it.

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