Pssst. . . wanna buy some cheap Clarks?

By Mir
June 5, 2007

Have you discovered the joy that is Clarks shoes? I have a few pairs and they are incredibly comfy. The original prices sort of make me swallow my tongue, though.

No matter. If you bop on over to Endless and search on Clarks, then sort by price, you’ll find a nice selection of Clarks marked down to $20. Then they take $5 off automatically, so they’re just $15.

Want an even better deal? If you find something you like, see if they have your size/color over at Zappos. Then order it there and call in for your pricematch. You could end up with some really nice shoes for just $10 or so.

And then you’ll have pretty new (cheap!) shoes delivered to you on Wednesday. What a way to make your week a little happier!


  1. Sweet! Two new pairs of work shoes for under $30! Of course they didn’t have my size at Zappos, but still an incredible deal. Thanks Mir! You are so pretty.

  2. Much as I love to hop on these shoe deals, the last Clarks I bought (Bali thongs) were cute but UNcomfy. Wore them in the house for about two hours, and they made my feet hurt for the next 24. Very sad. At least the return shipping was free and easy….

  3. How about a lesson on exactly how to do the price matching magic? You know, step by step for slow folk like me.


  4. They also have Stride Rite on sale. Sandals for my toddler were 50% off with free shipping. It makes my day suck a lot less! You made me happy Mir! Thanks!

  5. woe. I can’t find a pair of Clarks I’d wear in my size. If I had a size 5 or size 10 foot, I’d be in business…

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