We love Scholastic, oh yes we do

By Mir
November 26, 2007
Category Contests

Are you ready for Want Not’s biggest contest so far? Are you ready for a shot at a prize worth nearly $180 that will make a child in your life happy for an entire year?

I have connections, my pretties. Yes I do. One of my connections is a devastatingly beautiful lady over at Scholastic who has decided to offer one lucky Want Not reader an entire year’s subscription to the Scholastic Kids Gift of the Month Club of the winner’s choosing.

Follow the link to read all about it, but basically you choose a club—there are themes and levels to suit kids of all ages—and get a pack of books and goodies each month. Choose from Baby Einstein, Nick Jr., Build-A-Bear, Ultimate Magic, or Veggie Tales. Twelve monthly deliveries of Scholastic goodness… if there’s something both mom and kids will enjoy more, I don’t know what it is.

Sound good? One winner will be chosen at random. To enter, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, November 27th, 2007. One comment per person, please. And might I suggest that the subject of your comment be how rockin’ the Scholastic folks are? Because they totally are.

Good luck! And… go!


  1. Oooh, Very exciting. As a teacher I’m a big fan of the Scholastic Book Clubs and all they have done to enhance my classroom library. Count my kids in! Thanks, Mir.

  2. Oh, pretty pretty Mir,

    My daughter and son would love to aruge over gifts all year long. Please chose me.

    Much love to you and yours,


  3. Oh yeah, totally commenting.

  4. How am I to keep four children happy without Scholastic in our lives! thanks!

  5. WOW… That is a Scholastic-ly amazing offering! Please count me in!

  6. We love books. We ordered way too many from Scholastic when my daughter brought home the order booklet at the beginning of the school year – but that doesn’t mean we have enough of them!! A whole year of books … (rubs hands and starts gloating over the thought)

    Pretty, pretty Mir, oh yes!

  7. The fine folks at Scholastic are truly awesome — as are you, Mir!

  8. Totally love Scholastic at my house!

  9. We love Scholastic almost as much as we love Mir!!

  10. Scholastic Books Rock!

  11. We love Scholastic Books! My 11 year old would love to receive a package of books and fun stuff every month! Thanks! P.S. Love your BLOG!!

  12. Ooooh we LOVE Scholastic! In fact, I’m sitting here right now with a book order from DS’s school in my hand ready to order “Kringle.”

  13. The Scholastic store in NYC is my favorite! Thank you Scholastic, and thank you Mir!

  14. Thank you! The choices are awesome!

  15. Totally delurking to comment on this one!!! LOVING me some Scholastic!!!

    Three little ones at home, as well as two (almost) teenagers (GULP!) abroad… Couldn’t manage without Scholastic 🙂

    Remember Horseshack, from Kotter (I’m sure I totally botched that spelling) but, picture it… “Ooh, Ooh, Ooh!!!” (hand raised enthusiastically in the back of the room!!!)

  16. As a mom & and a preschool teacher….I love Scholastic!!

  17. Scholastic rocks! We’d love a box of books each month. Thanks to pretty Mir and her pretty Scholastic friend.

  18. Thank you Lovely Mir for the contest, and thanks Scholastic for the terrific prize! Hard to say who’s prettier right now!!!

  19. We love Scholastic here in Delaware too!!!!

    How exciting!!

  20. My only problem would be which of my children would win…we’d work it out, pick me! 🙂

  21. I love Scholastic and you’re not so bad yourself!

  22. Scholastic books only brings back warm and fuzzy memories of my childhood that I hope I can pass on to my little book worms.

    Thanks, pretty-pretty!

  23. I LOVE Scholastic. My son once spent $75 of HIS money at the Scholastic sale at school! He loves books that much. I helped him out by volunteering at the bookfair so he could get 10% off.

  24. Please pick me! I need to turn my baby into a bookworm like her momma 🙂

  25. I Love Scholastic and I know my little pre schooler would to!

  26. Pick me! Scholastic is the best! And we always need more books! :o)

  27. I love Scholastic, and I’d love to share their awesomeness with my genius of a niece!

  28. I’ve always wanted to try one of these year packs…hope I win!

  29. Scholastic Rocks! I remember ordering from them as a kid. I used to love getting those catalogs at school, my parents always bought me a book!

  30. we love scholastic here!

  31. We have two toddlers and, if God wills, plan to have many more. These would be great resources that would be used for years to come! Thanks for all of the fun contests!

  32. They DO rock – when I was a kid, we didn’t have much money, but mom let me always order stuff from the Arrow Book Club (part of Scholastic) when the lists came around the classroom, it was like Christmas every time!

    Though that was how I was exposed to H.P. Lovecraft in 4th grade . . . 🙂

  33. I have three little ones and we adore Scholastic books. I think they sleep with 5 of them in each of their beds!!
    Please please pick me so I can keep their interest in books growing.

  34. I love to purchase Scholastic Books for my twin daughters and for their teachers. We also look forward to the Scholastic book fair our school has each year. My girls attend a charter school and every little bit helps. Huge thanks to Scholastic for providing great products at reasonable prices and for all they do for schools.

  35. This IS the most excellent prize ever!

  36. Scholastic has so many wonderful choices. I read to my 2 yr old all the time.
    Awesome idea for a giveaway.

    Wish I had your “connections”

  37. We LOVE Scholastic! My toddler loves building his library and looks forward to “book order time!”

  38. After that great Weekly Reader deal, how could I not comment on this offer? Especially as my now 8 week old son will love this sort of stuff be for too long.

  39. Wow Scholastic Rocks! In my house, you can never never never have too many books.

    Thanks devastatingly beautiful Scholastic lady!

  40. as a former teacher and current mom wow… go scholastic!!! hope I win!!

  41. OH Oh Oh Oh I’d love the veggie tales!

  42. oh – we LOVE LOVE LOVE Scholastic here at our house too. Count us in!!

  43. I LOVE Scholastic, and love this site! As a mom and teacher, it is a wonderful thing they are doing!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. Books are the bomb! I’ve always wanted to sign up for Scholastic’s book club! Great contest!

  45. That’s awesome – we love scholastic! Thanks, Mir!

  46. I LOVE Scholastic. Both for the cheap but great quality books AND because they employ a fair number of the parents and grandparents in our school district!

    I also LOVE the beautiful Mir and her awesome deal finding ablities!

  47. Oh, how fun! Me too, please.

  48. Scholastic is awesome. My kids would love this! You are so pretty.

  49. Scholastic ROCKS! We would love to win the Veggie Tales prize.
    Thanks, Mir and Scholastic, for this contest.

  50. They are indeed “rockin”- they published Harry Potter….

  51. hooray for books!

  52. I used to pay for my books from the Scholastic flyer in elementary school using pennies. I love Scholastic! My teacher probably dreaded receiving my order though. Hee hee.

  53. Scholastic Rules TV Droolz. And generous to boot.

  54. We love Scholastic here too!! What an awesome contest, Mir!

  55. We love Scholastic. Thank you, Mir.

  56. We love Scholastic in our house! Book Sale coming up next week! LOL.

  57. As a librarian, I can attest that the folks at Scholastic are the best. Their support for libraries and media centers is unparalelled, and their selection of wonderful books just keeps getting better. My son would adore this surprise!

  58. We love the Scholastic books in our house as well!

  59. We are the family that gets twitchy with nothing to read. It is a day for celebration, joy and singing when a new book order from from Scholastic comes in. The book clubs are great and Scolastic really is the best.

  60. Scholastic is wonderful!

  61. Oooh, that’s awesome. Scholastic books were always my favourite.

  62. AZ hearts Scholastic. I’m in.

  63. When I was young, my mom was the lady who sorted the books when the Scholastic order came in every month. I would sit at the kitchen table and breathe in the smell of new paper and ink as deeply as I could. Yay warm, fuzzy early reading memories!

  64. We love Scholastic in our house, too! My 5 year old daughter is an avid reader – when asked “what is your favorite thing to do?” She replies “reading!” Thanks pretty Mir for the opportunity to win this awesome gift!

  65. I couldn’t live without scholastic books! As a pediatric speech therapist they help alot of my speech and language delayed clients as well as my children with autism. A full years worth of scholastic books..sounds like heaven to me!

  66. Awesome! We’d love them at our house…

  67. Count me and my brood in …we Love books!

  68. Scholastic rules!

  69. I’m a librarian. Of course, I love Scholastic. OK, I do NOT love Book Fair, but I love the profits. My kids would love to win this prize.

  70. Pretty Mir, how nice of you and Scholastic! We’ve always been fans of them in our house, and my daughter would be just thrilled to get stuff coming to her IN THE MAIL.

  71. Scholastic rocks!

  72. go scholastic!! we love books here!

  73. Scholastic rocks! (Even if, for no other reason, than they brought Harry Potter to us). But to do this for pretty pretty Mir? That’s Scholastastic!

  74. Books! Scholastic Books!


  75. Scholastic is awesome and so is Mir!

  76. Love this site and love scholastic books! Or any books for that matter!

  77. Scholastic AND Want Not totally rock! Love them both. This is a generous opportunity from both of you. Thanks!

  78. I heart Scholastic. Winning this would make me the coolest aunt ever!

  79. Count me in!

  80. Seriously great prize this time!
    Please pick us and feed our book addiction. I remember using my allowance on the order forms that were distributed in school when I was a kid. I have even managed to save some of the books I purchased (lets say over 20 years ago) to pass on to my kids. Now they are spending their chore money on books from Scholastic too!

  81. I just put in a Scholastic order at for my son at his nursery school. After 20 years teaching (and staying at home now) I was going through withdrawal!

  82. Yay! Books are good! Wantnot is good! Scholastic is good! Count me in!

  83. Yes, please!! We love books!

  84. I love Scholastic! My son would love the magic club.

  85. How awesome! My DD is only in preschool, but I already *LOVE* Scholastic. One can never have too many books!

  86. Free books? Sign me up! We’ve got a kid who loves to read, with parents who are tired of the 50 books we have. Some new stories would be fantastic!

  87. Please pick me! You are so pretty!

  88. Mir is so pretty and the Scholastic lady is almost as pretty as Mir.

  89. I love Scholastic. They are the best out there. Thanks for sharing!!

  90. oohhh!!! Me me me!! My daughter goes to bed an hour earlier than she actually goes to sleep and it’s all thanks to the books!!! And she’s not even quite three!

  91. I homeschool my 3 boys and we love books! One of my fondest memories of school is the scholastic book club. What a great prize.

  92. Wow, what a great giveaway! My 2 yr olds are clamoring for more books!

  93. My youngest son is just learning to read and is all ready getting bored with the book collection we have from his older brother…Scholastic to the rescue…please!

  94. Love love love Scholastic books!!!! Thansk!

  95. I’m weeping a little because this is SO fantastic! Scholastic, I heart thee very much!

  96. Scholastic books are always a hit with my kids! Thanks for the opportunity!

  97. please, pretty please??? 🙂

    this is awesome — thanks for offering it up, mir! you rock!

  98. Reading rocks in my house! Scholastic has been the source of many of our books. Winning this prize would be an awesome treat! Thanks!

  99. Sweet! This is great, thanks Mir!

  100. Wow, Scholastic will pull me from Lurkerdom. I LOVE your sites and can’t miss a day. And my son Loves Scholastic clubs and books.

  101. I’m commenting and hoping! Scholastic is fantastic!!!!

  102. Scholastic Rocks!

  103. WOW..we love Scholastic! Thanks!

  104. I grew up in a family whose wealth didn’t extend to monetary matters. But somehow the folks always found a way for us to be able to pick out some scholastic books when the flyers came home from school. And now as I sort through the ancestral home I am finding some of those well loved and oft read books. My granddaughter and I read them together as I am in charge of carefully turning the fragile pages. While the pages may be brittle, the memories are quite strong and the respect for a company that made this possible continues to grow.

  105. 4 kids, homeschooler, husband soon unemployed.

  106. Mir, What I love most about Scholastic is that I remember as a child ordering their books and loving the treat of getting a “brand new book all my own” and I can still pass on that joy and quality to my 4 little readers. Great contest!!

  107. oh me!

  108. We love Scholastic too. I have a one year old punk who LOVES to read. He could read all day, every day if his mother had the patients and the time!!! Thanks, Mir.

  109. Comment comment!

  110. My little Stinkerbell is too little to read…but my dear stepson would love a steady flow of books.

  111. Scholastic is rocking, that’s for sure! This is a great great idea!!!

  112. I loved getting the Scholastic fliers when I was in school. This would be a great package to win for my homeschooled son so he will also have happy memories of Scholastic. 🙂

  113. Books? WOW!

  114. Wow.. count me in!

  115. Our nephew is a Veggie Tales fiend! 🙂

    Scholastic Rox!

  116. Oh My goodness…am I halucinating???

    Please sign me up!

  117. Please count me in. Thanks!!!!

  118. Ooh, yeah, Scholastic! Pick me! Pick me!

    Thanks, Mir …

  119. As a former teacher you better bet I’m a fan of Scholastic. This would be an awesome gift for my little bookworm… please count us in! Thanks Mir!

  120. Another Scholastic fan here! I grew up with Scholastic Book Orders (its probably what started my love of shopping and catalogs!!:)) and now as a 5th grade teacher in a low budget district, its how i subsidize my classroom library inexpensively. My class loves the new books that come each month, and now my son is starting to enjoy his first scholastic books as well. They’ve really got something for everyone! Thanks, Mir!

  121. We think Scholastic is awesome!

  122. Scholastic Rocks!

  123. Mmmmmmm…..booooooks. We love books, and Mir!

  124. yea yea. me too. Scholastic Rocks! COunt me in.

  125. I love Scholastic- those fliers were something I always looked forward to as a kid!

  126. Is the offer still good in Canada? Great contest!

  127. I love this gift! Books are the greatest gift ever! My daughter would be so thrilled to win this! I also overuse exclamation points! Who knew! Thanks!

  128. Scholastic rocks! This would be an awesome gift for my little readers. Count me in!

  129. Books! Awesome!

  130. Oh holy cow! They do rock! We buy these gift packs occasionally from the kids school and they love them!

  131. We love Scholastic in our house, although I have never joined one of their clubs. Thanks for another contest Mir!

  132. I am a scholastic junkie. Those flyers that come home with my daughter from school are like crack for me. I guess this would be supporting my “habit”, but for free!!!!!

  133. Oh pretty, pretty Mir and the lovlies at Scholastic! My Young Reader would love a gift of your books!

  134. I work my buns off (I wish!) at our schools scholastic book sales, and of course buy many books through them too! My kids and I love Scholastic book offerings! I also have a dear friend who had her first children’s book published by Scholastic – Canada, so yeah – they ROCK!

  135. I have to admit when the kids come home from school with their Scholastic flyers it’s not just the kids that get excited. I have a soon to be two year old who would just love to get Baby Einstein every month. Thanks for the chance Mir!

  136. This would be AWESOME!

    Thanks to you and Scholastic for offering it!

  137. Scholastic is a favorite around these parts! I use books I got from Scholastic as a kid for MY kids… Pretty pretty Mir and devastatingly beautiful woman from Scholastic ROCK!

  138. And I just sent money with my daughter to school this am for the Scholastic Book Fair there. I’d take more, though. We love the Scholastic Books.

  139. Oh please oh please super rocking cool Scholastic Book Club….Brady truly does like to “talk to tomatoes…” and I just know he and his sister, Molly would adore a visit from the Veggie Tales book fairy every month!

    Oh, and Mir (you pretty, pretty southern peach you) thanks so much for helping me with all my shopping this holiday!

    annie…but really Barbara

  140. I have an 18 month old grand daughter who loves books and likes nothing better than someone reading to her. What a great gift this would be for her!

  141. My grandson would LOVE to receive this great Scholastic gift. Thanks for the giveaway.

  142. daaaang! that’s a great deal! both of you must be beautiful!

  143. I would like to win this.

  144. Scholastic? Woohoo! You can’t beat their great books and deals.

  145. Scholastic rocks! Hooray for books! Written words are wonderful!

    I’ve entered most of the contests here, but this is one I’d really, really like to win. Dorian is not yet five years old, but he’s a competent and voracious reader; he’s currently devouring the Magic School Bus series (published by, you guessed it, Scholastic) and it warms my nerdy mama heart to watch him sit and read to himself for an hour or more at a time.

    P.S. Mir, you are looking exceptionally pretty today. Dorian agrees.

  146. My newborn would love the Baby Einstein…Please pick me!

  147. We love Scholastic at our house! Now that I homeschool my kids I miss getting the bookorders sent home every month!

  148. I can never bring myself to join those bookclubs for kids…particularly since my daughter is NOT wanting to read and is falling below grade level. This hurts me much because I LOVE reading. This would be an ideal thing for her – to get books regularly and learn to read them because she LIKES them.

  149. I LOVE SCHOLASTIC BOOKS!! The only downside of homeschooling is no scholastic book club (fortunatly have neighbors who let me order from thier’s – so the school still benifits and so do I!)

  150. Yep, we love Scholastic. How dinosaurs do things is a subject of intense interest at our house these days.


  151. Pick me, pick me!!

  152. Pick me! Pick me!

  153. My 4-year old daughter just discovered the joy of reading books by herself. She also loves checking out the mailbox to see if there is anything in it for her. The book club would be a wonderful way to put a smile on her face each month!

    Thanks for these neat contests!!

  154. My daughter would LOVE to get new books every month for an entire year! Whenever she brings home the scholastic order form from school, she always has the clubs circled (as well as just about EVERY SINGLE BOOK). But yeah, we’ve bought some because the prices are just unbeatable, but we haven’t gone for a club yet.

  155. Wouldn’t this be fun? We just had to cancel our kids’ subscriptions to the Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club for financial reasons. They’d love to get new books in the mail.

  156. Scholastic is great and so is this sight. It’s on my daily webrounds =)

  157. Pick me! Pick ME!

    I used to love the scholastic book orders at school!

  158. My daughter loves to get things in the mail, and you can’t beat Scholastic’s stuff!

  159. Veggie Tales, please oh pretty one!!!

  160. Me, Me! I was disturbingly excited when we received our first Scholastic book order from the Wee One’s preschool. It’s given my husband one more thing to tease me about, as if he were short on ammo.

  161. Busy working from home mom of 5! (count ’em) 5! Scholastic book loving kids would love to win. I love Want Not, I love Scholastic, I love the peace and quiet reading kids brings my home! Please pick us!

  162. we love scholastic here!

  163. I NEED this for my daughter. My husband is going to have a come apart if I don’t quit buying books-but my daughter loves them-and they are educational right?

  164. I love Scholastic! They not only have Harry Potter (which, what more do you need?) but they give tons of free books to teachers for their classrooms, and always have a selection on their book orders for 99 cents or sometimes even 50 cents so that every kid can get something from the book order.

  165. We LOVE Scholastic. I got in on one of the deals you posted last year and we’ve been enjoying those books and CDs all year!
    Yay for Scholastic!

  166. We LOVE all of your awesome deals, and Scholastic, too! Thanks for all you do for us!

  167. Oh dear…not sure how I’d choose between books for my 7yo, who reads everything in sight, and her 4yo sister, who just started reading sentences and makes me squee every time I listen to her. I guess I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it. 😉

  168. I would love this. We read every night that we don’t have a valid excuse not to, but my new valid excuse is lack of new books. I have been going to the library, but my husband gets grumpy when I rent books from the library (As they never go back on time). So, new books being delivered and not having to pay to take them back late sounds too good to be true!

  169. Oh yes, scholastic rocks!

  170. This is a great contest. Count me in.

  171. Me please! We love new books at our house, and what a treat to not have to take them back!

  172. Scholastic books rock!

  173. I love Scholastic. And I miss being a teacher and getting to do book orders! So this would be awesome!

  174. Scholastic does indeed rock! We are in love with Scholastic books and a book club subscription will make my boys smile!

  175. We looove Scholastic around here!! Pick me!!

  176. yes, I would have to say that Scholastic does rock, indubitably, even if I were not bribed with free stuff. 😉

  177. Booooooks!! Thanks Mir!

  178. My daughter would love this- it would be hard to choose which one!

  179. Ohhhh, my girl loves books of all kinds – how cool would this be………the coolest of course!

  180. Scholastic is awesome!! and the three of us in our family are huge book fans and would love to get a new one every month!!!!!!!!

  181. I wonder if this applies towards an aunt wanting to win this for a dear little nephew? Scholastic is the best! I remember their reading promotions from when I was eight, and I want to share that with my nephew Chris. He’s just learning to love reading, and what better present to give him?

  182. I’ll throw my hat into the ring!

  183. We are huge Scholastic fans at our house, too! Thanks for the offer!

  184. i would love a chance at that! thanks so much.

  185. I lurve me some Scholastic and would love a chance at winning this!! Thanks Mir!

  186. Scholastic is FANTASTIC! : – ) Thanks Mir…

  187. Pretty Mir, even prettier Chickadee and oh so handsome Monkey please pick my family for the wonderfulness that is Scholastic books for a whole year. We have four children (11, 9 and 6 year old boys and one lone 6 year old girl) that all love, love reading books and getting packages in the mail. Just last night I had to promise the youngest boy that I would read him two books right after school if he would just go to sleep right then and there.

    I will even send pictures of all the happiness this would create.

  188. I would love to win a subscript. to the pre-school book club! Awesome!

  189. We LOVE Scholastic books over here! What a great contest! 🙂

  190. thank you scholastic! you guys are awesome!

  191. I LOVE this! The Veggie Tales one looks wonderful! And of course, as far as my daughter is concerned there is no such thing as too many books!

  192. This would be so wonderful- especially since I had to miss the library’s Scholastic sale this weekend because of travel plans. Go, Scholastic!!

  193. We LOVE reading over here, but have not ordered from Scholastic before so this would be a great way to introduce my kids to some fantastic books.

  194. Oh, Scholastic rocks! My wonderful grandbeauties who looooove to read would looooove to win!

  195. Go, Scholastic! Love those book orders.

  196. Love Scholastic! They do great things for our local Family Network. Please count me in!

  197. Wow…what an awesome prize!

  198. My daughter would love the build-a-bear one.

  199. comment, comment, bo-bomment, banana-fanana fo-fomment, fee fi fo mo-mment, CO-mment!

  200. Go, Scholastic! Great gifts!

  201. This would be SO awesome for the kids in the family I sponsor (thru the Box Project) on the Reservation in South Dakota. Pick me. Please pick me (or should I say them?).

  202. Thanks for all the great deals; I love your site.

  203. Oh, pretty Mir! My eldest daughter is nearly the same age as yours, and we are having the same difficulty finding presents for her… please pick me!

  204. This family of bookworms loves Scholastic! We order from both classrooms, every month. Some for boy kid, some for girl kid, some for mom, some for teachers… oh, the literary goodness! If we were to win this contest, the prizes would join many bretheren in a place of honor, and be loved for all time. 🙂


  205. Oh, that is a great deal! We are big Scholastic customers here! My daughter keeps begging to join a club.

  206. I remember getting Scholastic shipments at school when I was a kid. My teacher would pass out everyone else’s books (one or two for most kids) and then leave the box for me and my giant pile of books.

  207. This is huge!!! My son would drool over the possibility of Nick Jr. presents every month for a year! You rock, Scholastic!!!

  208. My son has taken to naming his books and sleeping with them…. great for him but a little hard on the books. The three he had in bed with him last night were Zanzee, Zuni & Jack. (Zanzee is a girl in case you were wondering….)

    Love you Mir…. pretty, pretty Mir.

  209. I was a teacher for 6 years and LOVE scholastic! Now I’m at home with my 10 month old twins and another one on the way!! I would love to join the book club – they have awesome products!

  210. Mir, have I told you lately how pretty you are? And that woman at scholastic, too. You’re both gorgeous.

  211. Yay for Veggie Tales! And those Scholastic folks are downright gorgeous.

  212. Dear Pretty,Intelligent Mir,
    I hope I win.Thanks!

  213. So pretty are the people at Scholastic and WantNot! My kids would LOVE this! 🙂

  214. I just received over $50 worth of Scholastic books ordered through my daughter’s preschool. They’re wonderful! The company is wonderful! I love them! 🙂

  215. Oh, my. Scholastics is almost as pretty as you, Mir. Crossing my fingers and toes.

  216. What a great contest! My 5, 4 and 3 year olds would love this! We absolutely love Scholastic. Every time we get the order forms from school, I spend days agonizing over which books to choose. We want them all!

  217. My kids LoVe Scholastic!! ME too!!

  218. The most awesome part of Scholastic is heading down to the warehouse sale in Covington…straight down I-20, you Georgia transplant, you… and getting everything in the warehouse for half off! No kidding! Check the website! Of course, winning for free, even better!

  219. Yay for books!

  220. I would love to win this… My nephew’s school library is in tough shape.

  221. The chances get slimmer and slimmer as more people discover your fabulous site (and your stunning prettiness…). But a girl’s gotta dream, right? My son LOVES books and LOVES mail — I can’t think of anything better to win for him.

  222. We LOVE Scholastic at our house! We are constantly ordering through my son’s school (he’s four years old and in junior kindergarten), and are avid book lovers in our house.

    We’d be delighted to be chosen as the winners of this contest!

    Keep up the great work, Scholastic, and Happy Holidays!!

  223. This would be a HUGE hit at our house!

  224. My (almost) two-year-olds would LOVE to get more books.
    (Not like I’d be opposed, either. ^_^)

    And, in case you haven’t heard it enough, you’re oh-so-so-so pretty. And brilliant. And savvy.

  225. Oh wow. My inner book lover is salivating on the keyboard. My four year old appears to have inherited his mommy’s love of reading. Our ‘carrot’ to motivate and *ahem* encourage listening/rule-following is how many stories he gets at bedtime. Listen well and there will be four. Don’t listen and you get zero. (Oh the wailing when it’s a zero story bedtime…)

    I too remember the excitement of getting Scholastic flyers as a student, and begging my Mom to let me get more books. I find myself excited when my son brings home the Scholastic flyer now. We have a great time picking out which books we will order.

    Thank you Mir and lovely Scholastic lady. My heart beats with excitement at the thought of free Scholastic books every month!

  226. I would love to win this! Scholastic is wonderful and oh-so-many good deals can be found there!

  227. Oh! Scholastic!
    I have a love hate relationship with them. Cheap books at school but it feels like every other week my son is asking for $20 worth of books!
    Thanks Mir!

  228. I love Scholastic and I would just love to give this as a Christmas gift.


  229. OOOoooo….I love scholastic book clubs. My two kiddos would get double the fun out of the great books!!

    Pick me, pick me! (okay, shameless begging to end now…)

  230. I have fond memories of Scholastic books as a child and am enjoying passing the memories onto my children.

    Thanks Mir and thanks Scholastic.

  231. OOOOooo…we lurve scholastic. While we probably don’t need anymore books in the house (the girls have hundreds!) I have trouble saying no when it comes to reading. The scholastic website has the BEST toddler games by far!!! It’s the one site I can leave the oldest one to play while I can get some things (go to the bathroom)done. (Nothing says happiness like peeing alone, trust me.) TMI? Ok, well pick me & I promise not to TMI you for at least a couple hours. 😉

  232. Oh how I adore Scholastic. They are my heroes. In fact, we have a book fair this week! Yay!

  233. WE LOVE (SCHOLASTIC) BOOKS!! please pick me!

  234. Wow, that is an exceptionally good offer for a contest. You rock, Scholastic folks! You rock, Mir!

  235. Oh, I have ALWAYS loved Scholastic. Count me in!

  236. What an incredible contest – thanks Scholastic and Mir!

  237. There can NEVER NEVER be too many books in our house! And Scholastic rocks kid taste perfectly! Pick me, pick me!

  238. The more, the merrier, and I am talking about books! My daughter and I are big Scholastic fans. So hope I can be the lucky one 🙂

  239. Without you Scholastic, we’d be so blue (and probably illiterate)–

    Oh Scholastic, we love you!

    P.S. You, too, Mir!

  240. Yay Scholastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’d love this.

  241. What a great deal from Scholastic! Thanks for sharing it with us Mir.

  242. As a homeschooling mom of 6 we are big Scholastic fans here. We may even share the joy with our homeschool co-op of over 50 families!


  243. We just got back from volunteering at our local school at the Scholastic Book fair! A few very generous local businesses donated enough money for all of the kids at our school to get a free book. It’s a very low income school so this is huge. I’ve never seen such happiness in one day!

    Don’t pick me, because I’ve already bought out Scholastic…and we are going back tomorrow again where I will no doubt buy more.

  244. Wow! Throwing my hat into the ring for a very, very pretty offer! My pre-schooler brought home a Scholastic pamphlet a couple of weeks ago, throwing me back to the time of marking that I wanted every single book on the list, plus POSTERS! Ohhhh, the times when I got to get a kitten/puppy/wiggly little thing poster … !! Thanks Mir. Jessica

  245. I remember loving the Scholastic book orders at school with all the white-hot passion a nerdy elementary bookworm could muster. Now, I have two kiddos of my own — to whom I must pass the mantle of bookwormship.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  246. Oh, wow! Scholastic seriously rocks–I too loved loved LOVED their book orders way back in the day, and to be able to share this with my babes? Awesome.

  247. We love Scholastic books, in fact I just placed an order this morning!

  248. Pick me. Pretty please?

  249. I am a book fanatic and we often order through Scholastic! What wonderful people to offer such a great prize!!! I hope I win…and so do my kids!

  250. Wow- lotsa comments…must be because those Scolastic people shore do ROCK!

  251. Scholastic Rocks! I would love to win this. I have 3 girls that would go nuts if we won.

  252. Wow, so many sign-ups so far! Thanks for the opportunity!

  253. My daughter just started kindergarten. I thought I was going to cry when she brought home her first scholastic book order. It brought me back to my elementary school days. Thanks for the wonderful memories. 🙂

  254. What shall I say about Scholastic?
    How about the word FANTASTIC!

  255. We love Scholastic. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  256. Oh, my kids would LOVE that. Count me in!

  257. Even if I win this I will still end up spending far too much at the local scholastic fair.

  258. Count me in. I just got the Scholastic catalog in the mail today – talk about a wish book! Love it.

  259. scholastic rocks! and so do you pretty Mir

  260. Scholastic folks are really cool.
    They’re totally starting to make me drool.
    If I won this prize my daughter would say,
    “No more Barnes and Noble for us today!”
    We were headed there for Christmas gifts,
    but instead we’ll wait to see if Scholastic gives us a lift!

    Thanks for the opportunity, Mir!

  261. scholatic rocks. Please pick me.

  262. I have happy memories from my own childhood of Scholastic book ordering through school. I still have some of these books, which I read to my children carefully so that the pages don’t fall out.

  263. I love you Scholastic! Pick me! 🙂

  264. Pick me!

  265. My boys LOVE getting mail of any kind, and this would be just over-the-top wonderful!

  266. Oooh drool!! I too have many great memories of the Scholastic book fair. I hope I win!!

  267. books books wonderful books!
    Rock me a Scholastic gift please!
    It’s lots of good reading
    And happy re-reading

    We need some peace and quiet here please!!!

    (Sung to cheese cheese, wonderful cheese…)

    I need a vacation

  268. Scholastic rocks!!!! Hoping for a lucky day!

  269. we HEART scholastic at our house!!

  270. Thank you Scholastic Books!
    Scholastic…of schools, colleges, students, etc. educational, academic.
    Mir….pretty, very pretty.

    My 8 year old has resorted to reading me the dictionary. He also thinks he has mastered Spanish via the bilingual dictionary. Si, No, I mean Nada. He’s either bored or a future Einstein. Either way, he could use some variety in reading and this gift would be a terrific help. I’d also appreciate listening to his completed sentences rather than definitions!
    Many thanks!

  271. As a Homeschooling Mom my kids miss out on all the Scholastic book fairs most schools offer, this would be a wonderul and educational surprise for my kids. And even if I don’t win, Scholastic still rocks! *G*

  272. sounds like a great thing. Thanks for your connections.

  273. Scholastic totally rocks. We even had them growing up as a kid in New Zealand and I remember being so excited when that flyer came out. Now my son is starting to enjoy Scholastic’s great offerings as well. Hooray for online stores!

  274. Yeah Scholastic! Our school library always appreciates the annual Scholastic fundraiser! Woo!

  275. Scholastic rocks!

  276. Ooh ooh – pick me!

    (worth a shot, everyone else is doing it. not that I’m a follower. um. uh…)

    ~ T

  277. Love Scholastic here! Thanks for another great contest, Mir.

  278. Oh, wow. That’s a lot of comments. And, uh, here’s one more. We’ve gotten some good stuff from Scholastic, so I’m in.

  279. Count me in…and thanks for this contest.

  280. Count me in for this one. Scholastic is definitely a hit at our house!

  281. Pick me! Pick me! I have a good feeling about this one!

  282. Scholastic is the reason for the overflow on our bookshelves. Scholastic is the reason that we can even afford to buy books.
    Homeschoolers love Scholastic too! School teachers love Scholastic bookfairs (we always buy our teachers a few books from their wishlist!) My kids think a Scholastic book fair is like Santa’s Workshop.

    BTW – my DH and I love pretty Mir and read WCS everyday. Thank you for this great contest!

  283. I love Scholastic! I like getting the little paper catalogs The Boy brings home from school and circling the ones I like!

  284. Rockin’ Scholastic house: I’d love to have one!

  285. Been buying Scholastic Books for 15 years here!! We love Scholastic!!!

  286. Wow! My youngest is just learning to read…and is really bored with his brothers hand me down books…”Scholastic to the Rescue”!!!please

  287. We LOVE Scholastic in my house!!!

  288. Great giveaway! Gotta love Scholastic!

  289. Thanks for the fun contests!

  290. Sign me up! Now this is something I REALLY want to win!

  291. My daughter Alexis will begin to start reading soon. I can remember ordering from these fine folks when I was a little kid. I would love to win this!

  292. Ohhhh, I LOVE Scholastic and my daughter (age 3) is head over heels for them. They are almost as wonderful as you, but not QUITE as pretty.

  293. I would love this for my beautiful two girls. Thanks for considering us!!

  294. I am a Scholastic newbie and love them! I am about to write a check to Scholastic right now for my daughter’s class order. I also volunteered at her school’s book sale – what a wonderful experience!

  295. I went to the Scholastic book fair at school to check everything out…see what I wanted…made a list…and wrote down the wrong day when it ended. Didn’t get to buy a thing, very disappointing. My son would love a year of Scholastic books.

  296. Have I told you how pretty the Scholastic books people are? No I have not… They are SOOOO pretty!!! Their prettiness blinds me they are so pretty. {:>

  297. What a great deal from Scholastic. We’d go for the infant subscription for Eleanor, so that not ALL of her books would be pre-chewed by her big brother.

  298. Thank you wonderful Scholastic (and Want Not) for giving the opportunity to win this fantastic prize! My son (like everyone else’s kids) would LOVE such a superb gift of learning and fun. Here’s hoping he wins!!

    Thanks again!!!

  299. I have foster kids and one of the most important things not paid for or bought by Dfacs is BOOKS. the thing they need most. (and a good home)

  300. Awesome giveaway. Thanks to Mir and Scholastic for the opportunity to enter.

  301. We love Scholastic at our house 🙂 Thanks for the contest pretty Mir!

  302. My kids looooove books, and we had a hit with the books about dogs series.

  303. I’m commenting – I LOVE Scholastic books!

  304. When my oldest started Preschool & began bringing home the Scholastic flyers-what a blast from my past! And what a perfect contest for a house full of bookworms! Thanks Mir & Scholastic!

  305. Oooh, pick me pretty please!

  306. My youngest son is just learning to read and is all ready getting bored with the book collection we have from his older brother…Scholastic to the rescue…please!

  307. Scholastic is fantastic! I’m really enjoying wantnot.net, thanks for putting it together for us!

    short and sweet – as you have 350 to read so far.
    i love books and videos
    my son loves books and videos
    i love my son

    i would consider it a blessing to receive this.
    Merry Christmas Mir and you rocking scholastic people!

  309. I cant think of a better treat-books and mail at the same time-we love the post person and Scholastic books and Mir. Thanks for the contest!

  310. Oh, we love Scholastic! Thanks for your awesome website!

  311. OoOh Scholastic ROCKS!!! I loved this stuff as a kid!!! Mir and Scholastic you guys are awesome:)!!

  312. scholastic is amazing!!!

  313. holy cow do you have a lot of comments here! Shows how everyone knows how great Scholastic is! 🙂

  314. I’m a teacher. I looooove books!

  315. Pretty Mir and Lovely Scholastic …what a combo! This homeschooling mom would love some new stuff for the kiddos! Thanks for great contests!

  316. What a fantastic prize! Scholastic rules!

  317. I can’t wait until my son is in school and we get the Scholastic catolog sent home in the backpack! When I was a kid I always got joke books and Heathcliff. What a great prize!

  318. I just placed an order with Scholastic. We love them and also love books!

  319. Scholastic Is Awesome! I have spent tons of money at Scholastic book fairs for my sons. Now I am doing the same for my grandchildren. Please, pick me, Mir. I need some payback from those wonderful people!

  320. I have dropped a bundle of money annually at Scholastic Book fairs and ordering monthly with the Scholastic and Arrow Book Clubs for both kids, so I probably don’t really NEED any more books. That aside, my kids (ages 5 1/2 and 9 1/2) both love to read and would LOVE to win even more!

  321. What a great deal! Scholastic – now that is a great brand name!

  322. I LOVE Scholastic!!!

  323. I love Scholastic!

  324. The Scholastic people most definitely DO rock! My three little ones would adore this gift!!!

  325. I cannot even begin to tell you how much we would love to win this. We buy from Scholastic all year long and this would help our budget woes tremendously. We LOVE Scholastic (and Queen Mir).

  326. Oh, I wish you all good luck! I do not expect Scholastic to mail a years worth of stuff out to Germany (Hey, but if they would…). Nah! Good luck to y’all and may the prettiest blogger win!

  327. scholastic in the mail is such a great day in our house. Almost better than pizza night

  328. My two girls and I read every day and at bedtime too. The 2 year old loves to look at the pictures and make up stories, the 4 year old likes to ask questions. Scholastic is a great company and always has a wonderful variety for all ages. We would love to have some new books for bedtime….A little variety for mom (the story teller) would be nice too……

  329. Books are my 13 month-olds favorite thing! Getting some delivered every month for the next year would be OUR favorite thing! LOVE Scholastic!

  330. We love, love, love all things Scholastic! I’m feeling lucky! Scholastic and Mir rock!

  331. Ooooo, me, me, me, pick me.

    Also, Scholastic rocks, and not just for providing us with free stuff, either.

  332. What a coup, oh beautiful Mir! Scholastic is such a great company and there is definitely something for everyone in this offer. Thanks for giving it away.

  333. We love books over here….and I love your website, it’s been great for Christmas shopping! Thanks!

  334. I have to delurk for this one. My kids love books (and one is a new reader too!) This would be awesome to win. 🙂

  335. Wow! I can’t keep enough good books in this house to satisfy my voracious reader. This would be fantabulous.

  336. ohhhhhh we love SCHOLASTIC Books We love them .. We love them.. They bring joy to our day.. The stories.. The Imgaination it brings… The pictures… The Excitement..
    We love them.. What else can we say!!!!

  337. Dude. I’m playing for charity! Will donate all the books to a low-cost health care clinic.

  338. Scholastic rocks. ALMOST as much as our pretty Mir!!! Pick me pick me!

  339. Oh please! Pick me! Six year old INHALING books over here, three year old starting to thumb through cast-offs we have voracious readers here!

  340. S is for super
    C is for cheering
    H is for hot
    O is for oh so fabulous
    L is for lovely
    A is for awesome
    S is for stupendous
    T is for terrific
    I is for irresistible
    C is for charming

    WOO Scholastic!

  341. This is certainly a generous offer from Scholastic. I’d like to enter the drawing, but if you think I shouldn’t (from winning the Ty’s contest) then feel free to delete the comment.

  342. Mmmmm, books. Can never have too many books!!!

  343. Pick me random name picker, I just chaired our little school’s book fair and we didn’t earn nearly enough to outfit the library, there was no money left for the teachers. I promise that if I win the books will go to the school.

  344. Scholastic ROCKS!

  345. I love Scholastic! Pick me!

  346. Well what else is there to say about Scholastic – it is the absolute best place to buy books. I have an 8 year old daughter and 7 year old twin boys, and I honestly can’t do without Scholastic. Pick me – we love Scholastic.

  347. My 2 boys love to read books every night. We are in desperate need of some Scholastic books! PICK ME please!

  348. We DO love Scholastic!

  349. These is an awesome contest! I’d love to win these for my 2 year old son. He’s an AVID reader!!! Enter me please!

  350. I just did a book fair at our school for Scholastic- love books! Thanks!

  351. We love Scholastic too!

  352. Wow..I had completely forgotten about scholastic. As a kid, I was so excited to bring home the catalog and pick out a book. I was really hoping that my son would have the same passion for books. He has some delays and it has been slow going with the ability to focus on a book but I’m not without hope. Even if we don’t get picked, we will certainly look into the club. What a wonderful thing to look forward to each month. Thanks for the reminder!

  353. This would be fab-u-lous – or should that be fa-bu-lous…?! Either way I do hope I win!

  354. Pick me!! Pick me!!

  355. Pick my babies!!!

  356. This would be great for the autistic adults that I work with! We work on reading and reading comprehension, and new books are always great! 🙂

  357. Oh my goodness! My almost-four year old lives for books.. So much so that I can’t keep up with it. This would be amazing. I mean, what could be better or more important than the gift of imagination? =D

  358. sounds fabulous….my children will LOVE it 🙂


  359. You know, I’ve always been a big fan of SCHOLASTIC – my daughter loves to read their books, and A Bad Case of The Stripes and Chocolatina are two of her absolute favorites! Those books are so smart about encouraging good qualities in children in an entertaining way without getting on a soapbox. I love them, and my Gracie does, too!

  360. i was just saying that the happiest days in school were the ones that included a book fair…and sometimes we got to order books.
    i have lots of little ones to buy for, and you cannot be a book.

  361. We just read 3 Scholastic picture books to DS before bed this evening. He loves them!

  362. Oooh. We would love to get some Scholastic reading goodness right in our mailbox every month! They Rock!

  363. Scholastic? Really? Free? Count me in!!

    I still have such great memories of ordering Scholastic books when I was in school, I would love to share that with my kids as well!

    Thanks for such a pretty offer!

  364. Kick bootie…I am new to this blog…just added the feed to my bloglines list….I love the topics in this blog and I absolutely love this opportunity. I am a teacher and my kids love to read. Choose me!

  365. Thanks for the offer! We love Veggie Tales!

  366. My kid loves books! And Mir is hot!

  367. cutting it close to the deadline!! we are big book lovers, thanks for the chance Mir.

  368. how did I miss this before? 7 minutes to go. and we looove books, pretty Mir!

  369. Our kids would love this! All 3 of our children, and hopefully the one on the way, love books!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  370. We love Scholastic! They truly rock!! My 3 books read Scholastic books every single day!!

  371. so cool! It’s before midnight here, do I still get an entry? What a great idea. I’ll have to remember this for my niece.

  372. WooHoo! We LOVE Books, what a great contest!

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