Could you possibly need more toys?

By Mir
January 10, 2008

I can’t imagine that anyone who’s a regular reader here still needs more toys, but in case you do, check your local Target. This week and next should be the big toy clear-out; some stores are already at 75% off. Be sure to scan anything with a red sticker, as it may be marked 50% off but in fact dropped to 75% and just not labeled.

There’s about 20 pages of clearance toys online, too, but if you can get to the store you’ll have better selection/prices and no shipping fees.


  1. I must say, I am guilty of buying more toys. Went to Target and just couldn’t help myself. The deals are just amazing. For example, the FP baby grand piano is $10(reg.$42)and the Step 2 wagon for two plus is $14.98 (reg. $59).

  2. I swore I was done with toys for a while, but I ran into Target for contact solution and came out with a cart full of toys! They were just marking five aisles of toys to 75% today when I was there at lunch. Amazing deals! I saw the VTech dig. camera for 12$ – and I picked up three sets of Legos – all which retail for over 60$ each for under 15$ each.

    I guess I am ready for birthdays, parties, and Christmas 2008. Sigh.

  3. Ugh, resisting the pull… though it would be so smart to stock up. Maybe.

  4. I stumbled in to Target for a quick latte and pee break and wa-lah, had no idea the toys were on sale! I got the DigiMakeover for $14.99! Easter baskets are getting stocked in my closet~

  5. Oooh Colleen scored some killer deals. My daughter has both of those toys, and you really scored! I went to our local Target to take a look and though there were tons of stuff on clearance (aisles and aisles), nothing was that tempting. I even checked the Step 2 wagon Colleen got and it was $42 at our Target. I did grab two Step 2 floor mat packs on clearance, so I walked away with something.

    Thanks for letting us know Mir. I’m going to go to a couple of other Targets to see their deals too.

  6. Holy Smoly!! Our nearest Target is 25 miles away but, sisters, it was worth the drive. I left with two carts of toys for $85. Here is a quick breakdown… Doodle Ponies for 3.24, Bride Barbies for $3.74, Baby Leap Pad gift packs with 2 extra books for $7.48, Dora Candy Land for $2.48, Cheetah Girl dolls for $2.48… need I go on? Gift closet is fully stocked and I have a good start on my Toys for Tots donations for next year. It is definitely worth the trip!!

  7. My husband who NEVER buys much – came home from Target last night with toys for a birthday closet I didn’t even know we had! The deals were amazing. A playmobil pirate boat with characters for UNDER $10.00. He was so excited!

  8. I just wanted to note to Jennifer, I’m not sure if the Step 2 wagon you saw had the little red sticker on it with the price, but it seems so, cause the one I got showed it was marked down to $41.98. However, like Mir always says, scan away! I love that they have price checkers there now! Another thing I don’t know how I lived without!

  9. Thanks for the great tip! We rarely buy toys. I even wrapped up some our toddlers old things and let them open them for Christmas! However, I racked up today! I bought 320 dollars worth of toys for 80 dollars! I have my children’s birthdays, friends’ birthdays, Valetine’s day, and probably even next Christmas bought for now! Thanks again!

  10. I priced toys at my local Super Target a few days ago and at first I saw some pretty good deals. Then i stumbled across 3 items that I really wanted to buy for my daughter but A) I had already bought her enough and B) the prices just wasn’t good enough. Needless to say thast fater weks of watching the prices of these items at several stores, I KNOW what the cost was.
    Well, I saw these items on sale and got excited until I looked at the little orange sticker and noticed that the “original” price was at least $10 more that what I rememeber it being before Christmas. If it had only been on one product, then I would have chalked it up to “mommy-brain” or “christmas-brain” or whatever. I’m just disgusted with Target right now.

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