I just found an egg with $20 in it

By Mir
March 22, 2008
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Happy Easter weekend, everyone! I hope that—regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof—you’re having a great weekend and that the weather is gorgeous wherever you are. (It’s warm and sunny here today, which is lovely.)

The Easter Bunny came early to Want Not this year, for some reason. I don’t know why, but he dropped off a $20 gift certificate to Amazon. Wasn’t that sweet of him? I thought it was.

I’m holding out for chocolate, though. So this gift certificate will have to go to one of you. To enter for a chance to win it, simply leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 23rd, 2008. Winner to be determined by random drawing and egg hunt. (No, I don’t know how that’ll work, either.) That’s $20 to spend at Amazon on whatever you like, folks. It’s not quite as miraculous as the resurrection, but it’ll have to do.



  1. Yippee! Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter! Here’s to a chocolate filled day!!!!!!

  3. Happy Easter Mir!

  4. Considering it could go towards shoes, I’m saying that’s beter than chocolate!

  5. Hi, my name is Kaedra and I’m an Amazon Addict! (Really.It’s true.)

  6. Happy Easter!! I hope you get lots of chocolate!!!

  7. Woohoo! Love egg hunts!

  8. I love a good Easter egg hunt! (The Amazon gift is nice too!)

  9. Happy Easter! Amazon eggs, what will that bunny think up next?

  10. Thanks, Mir.

  11. Oooh, books! And shiny stuff!

    Please sign me up!

    Happy Easter!

  12. I would love to find this in my Easter basket pretty please Mir

  13. egg me!

  14. Ooh! Ooh. Ooooh. Pick ME. I want a 20 dollar amazon.com gift certificate. Please.

    p.s. Have I mentioned how pretty you are?

  15. All I found in my Easter eggs was Starburst! I really would love the Amazon gift card. Happy Easter!!

  16. Happy Easter! Amazon gift certificates are like getting straight cash money since there’s nothing you can’t find there.

  17. Count me in. Thanks! And, happy spring.

  18. Happy Easter! Since I was just on Amazon last night, looking at brain-shaped candy molds for my easter marshmallows (don’t judge), this would go to good use.

  19. It’s Amazon, I could buy chocolate and shoes.

  20. Happy Easter Everyone!

  21. Happy Easter Everybody, Merry Chocolate.

  22. This past Christmas made me a Want Not addict on top of my Amazon addiction. 🙂

    Happy spring, beautiful Mir.

  23. Happy Easter, happy Spring!

  24. Yay! I love those kinds of eggs! Happy Easter!

  25. Happy Easter Mir and family!
    We woke to about three inches of snow. It got slushy this afternoon. It is snowing again. I’m ready for SPRING!!!

  26. Yuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmy. I love me some $20.



  27. That would be a great Easter surprise! Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. count me in!

  29. happy easter

  30. i love amazon!

  31. Ooooh, I am an Amazon junkie. Ever since I discovered your website, my addiction has gotten far worse. Thanks for the contest!! Celeste

  32. Would it be bad to spend all of it on chocolate? Nah, I didn’t think so either.

  33. Amazon rocks! But not as much as Jesus!

  34. Thanks to the Amazon Bunny!!

  35. This would be very exciting to win. Happy Easter!

  36. Thanks for the offer!
    Happy Easter! 🙂

  37. What a great present from the Easter bunny!

  38. I gave up chocolate for lent so tomorrow will be all chocolate, all day!

  39. Happy Easter!

  40. Comment! Happy Easter!

  41. My favorite store! Your Easter Bunny is generous. Thanks for the chance.

  42. Happy Easter Mir!

  43. Happy Easter!!! It was beautiful this morning but it’s been pouring all afternoon… at least it was nice for the egg hunt. *Crossing fingers- mommy needs some new tupperware!*

  44. Happy Easter! May you get your weight in chocolate!

  45. Amazon?

    Yes please! Happy Easter.

  46. Happy Easter!!

  47. We went to our local candy store to get chocolate yesterday. I don’t know why I didn’t think it would be packed, but it was… sugar-filled insanity. (But for peanut butter meltaway bunnies, it was TOTALLY worth it.)

  48. I hope you get all of the chocolate your heart desires.

  49. Okay, I added my blog title to differentiate myself from the other Jesses on here (especially since–as of writing this right now, anyway–there is another one right above this comment). *laughs*

    Anyway, this would be a wonderful addition to get a few things that we could use around the house. Thanks for the Easter contest!

  50. Happy Easter!

  51. What a lovely treat.

  52. Whoo!

  53. Yay! Chocolate!!!

  54. Mmmmm Chocolate…..

    Thanks for the chance –

  55. Have a great Easter!

  56. Thanks!

  57. Hi Mir, hope you’re enjoying the warm weather!

  58. Goooooo Easter Bunny!

  59. happy easter mir! hope you and your fam gets lots of chocolate!!! 🙂

  60. Happy Easter.

  61. Thank goodness for the Easter bunny!

  62. May your egg laying bunny bring you better treats tomorrow — and um, bring me the $20!!!


  63. Happy Easter Mir.

  64. Happy easter! I’d love to win!

  65. I love egg hunts. 🙂

  66. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase . . . let the random drawing pick MEEEEE!

  67. Happy Easter

  68. Oh random number generator, let it be me…

  69. Happy Easter! (And hooray for Amazon gift certificates. 🙂 )

  70. Yay!

  71. I’d love to win this! Have a great holiday and I hope you found a new church to your liking.

  72. Oooh, I’m not really into Easter, but it’s almost my birthday … Does that count?

  73. Thank you Easter bunny! 🙂

  74. Oohh – pick me! I really want that Breadmaker when it goes on sale again. Happy Easter!

  75. Ooh, Amazon!!

  76. Happy Easter!

  77. Oooohh. I wonder what I could find at Amazon? Maybe something shiny and pretty? Nah, Mir isn’t in their inventory. But, chocolate probably is 🙂

  78. Happy Easter to me?

  79. This is one, that I would really really love to win, pretty Mir!

  80. Yay, new contest! I’ll take an amazon.com gift certificate over chocolate any day! (Well, most days…)

  81. Happy, Happy Easter, Mir!

  82. Happy Easter! He is Risen, He is risen indeed!

  83. Happy Easter! May God bless you for all you do for us!

  84. Yes, please!!

  85. Happy Easter Mir!

  86. Happy Easter – and remember, once you bite the ears off the chocolate bunny, all the calories fall right out!!!!!!!

  87. Happy Easter! Here’s to buy-one-get-one chocolate bunnies on the day before! 🙂 [oh yes, and please please pick me!]

  88. Happy Easter! In our home, I bite off the ears of the bunny and DH bites off the butt.

    Sadly, the kids are old enough now to catch on (hee hee, 20 and 18). But it sure worked in them olden days,

  89. I loves me some Amazon!

  90. Gotta love easter.. I know I do!

  91. I’m in, Happy Easter

  92. Happy Easter! Hope I win!!

  93. Send that bunny by *my* house!

  94. I can’t eat chocolate which is very very sad, but an Amazon gift certificate would help. 😉

  95. Chocolate bunnies and Amazon- what could be better?

  96. This egg is gold. Does that mean there’s $20 in it? I promise to go through a Wantnot link to spend it…

  97. oohh we love amazon. . .

  98. happy easter!

  99. Can’t you buy chocolate at Amazon? Why, yes! You can! But I’ll be glad to take that gift certificate off your hands.

  100. crossing my fingers!

  101. Happy Easter everyone. I love Amazon!

  102. Amazon is ALMOST as good as a hollow chocolate Easter bunny…almost! 😉 Happy Easter!

  103. Happy Easter to you as well! Thanks for all your hard bargin hunting work!

  104. Yay, Happy Easter! Thanks!

  105. Fun! Happy Easter! :o)

  106. I had to buy my own Easter basket this year because my husband’s out of town. A little Amazon love sure would make me feel better about it!

  107. Thanks for all of your steals, deals, and advice! Happy Easter!!

  108. Hopppity! Thanks for all the great deals you take the time to share!

  109. ah, Amazon — they have a personalized page just for ME!

  110. Yay!

  111. The bunnies are shoveling here – we just got 8″ of snow and it’s cloudy, so pick us!!!

  112. Happy Easter!

  113. Happy Easter! Hope your chocolate bunny isn’t hollow.

  114. Here’s to chocolate. Happy Easter from Idaho.

  115. Happy Easter!!

  116. Happy Easter from Nashville!

  117. I’m in- and Happy Easter to you, pretty, pretty Mir!

  118. Well, now we know that the Easter Bunny is pretty Mir! Thanks for sharing.

  119. I would love a gift certificate to buy a few things for around the house.

  120. Wow – pretty AND generous! That’s the best combination!

  121. Have I told you lately how pretty you are?!

  122. Maybe I’ll buy chocolate eggs!

  123. Hopping to it!

  124. I love spring-like weather, and I love Amazon!!

  125. OOOOH! Pick me. pick me….

  126. Happy Easter!

  127. Cold and still 18 inches of snow here, Happy Easter anyway!

  128. Oh, Amazon, how I love thee. This gift certificate should be just for me!

  129. Happy Easter! 😀

  130. I could use that!

  131. Happy Easter Mir!

  132. Nice eAster bunny. please send some this way.

  133. WOOO! Happy Easter!

  134. Happy Easter! Amazon is my favorite. I love books and could really use a new one.!

  135. I’ll trade you chocolate for the gift card! LOL!

  136. Oooh, Amazon! I don’t celebrate Easter, but I’m celebrating with people tomorrow and bringing dessert, mmm 🙂 Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  137. Wow, and WHY are you holding out for chocolate again? Just buy some on Amazon!

  138. I’m all in. Thanks!

  139. Pick me!
    Oh, and Happy Easter, Spring, weekend, whatever pretty Mir! 🙂

  140. C’MON, Easter Bunny!

  141. Happy Easter!
    God bless you and your family!

  142. Oh Beautifus Mir, with four kids I can spend that $20 really, really fast. 🙂

  143. Happy Easter, Mir!

    Now I’m off to hunt for Peter Cottontail! 🙂

  144. Happy Easter to you and whoever wins this contest!

  145. I love egg hunts

  146. Yes, count me in!

  147. Happy Easter! 😀

  148. Gotta love that bunny!

  149. Happy Easter!

  150. Pick Me! Pick Me!

  151. Happy Easter.

  152. Humming “Eggbert the Easter Egg” up here in NY. My husband says no one else in the world knows this song, but I learned it in preschool or something. The perfect Easter song. Happy Easter!

  153. Happy Easter to you!!!!!

  154. I’m on a diet so I really need the Amazon instead of chocolate 😉

  155. Thanks kind and generous Mir.

  156. Happy Easter, Easter Bunny, pick me!

  157. Hooray!

  158. Thankful for the season!

  159. Happy Easter!

  160. 161 sounds like a lucky number to me!

  161. Pick Me…Pick Me….Oh random selector:)

  162. I feel like shopping fo free please.

  163. Happy Easter!

  164. Yay, Amazon! Happy Easter!

  165. Lucky Number 166!!

  166. yay easter! I’d love a gift certificate!

  167. Awesome! Great prize, Mir!

  168. You are the greatest!

  169. Wow! Thanks and I hope your chocolate is yummy!

  170. Wow! Happy Easter!

  171. OOohhhh, Happy Peepster Mir. Hopefully you found SOMETHING for the Monkeys basket. 🙂

  172. Happy Easter! Hop hop!

  173. What a nice bunny! Happy Easter!

  174. Happy Easter everyone!

  175. Happy Easter Mir!

  176. I think I could find some goodies at Amazon. Happy Easter.

  177. Happy Easter!

  178. Happy Easter, all! (I usually sign in as Linda, but I see there’s another here, so I’ll qualify my name from now on.)

  179. What a wonderful Easter it would be with 20 amazon dollars!!

  180. Happy Easter. I love Amazon!

  181. Amazon rocks.

    Happy Easter!!

  182. Happy Easter, Mir 🙂

  183. Wow, count me in!

  184. Happy easter! Thanks, easter bunny!

  185. *sigh* I keep on trying!

  186. Pick me! Pick me! Happy Easter

  187. I think the Easter Bunny left that $20 egg for me.

  188. Some bunny will be very happy if you pick me!

  189. Happy Easter!

  190. Thanks Mir! Happy Easter.

  191. I hope that $20 finds me! Happy Easter!

  192. Wow! That’s a cool Easter bunny!
    Hppy Easter!

  193. Count me in!

  194. I was all bah humbug about the easter bunny until now.

  195. Me please!

  196. WooHoo! Happy Easter to everyone! I Love Amazon!

  197. happy spring! thanks for the chance!

  198. Wow! Great prize! Love your site! Thanks

  199. 201 sounds like the perfect number for a win! You so pretty!

  200. Oh, I’d love to get something at Amazon! Thanks!

  201. I love Amazon. Happy Easter!

  202. $20 worth of chocolate from Amazon would be awesome!

  203. I love Amazon!! What a great giveaway!!!

    Happy Easter!

  204. I love me some Amazon.

  205. Pick #206!!! ME!!

  206. Happy Easter! You are pretty, and so is your $20 gift certificate that you want to give to ME!

  207. Thanks!

  208. happy easter! Pick me!

  209. Happy Easter pretty Mir! I’d love to have that amazon gift cert to buy me some more Pyrex.

  210. Happy Easter!

  211. 214 has always been my lucky number.

  212. Oh, man. I don’t know how I could pick something to spend it on, but I’m willing to give it the ol’ college try!

  213. Merry Easter to you as well. It would be nice to have that gift certificate to use after finding a great deal off of your site.

  214. What a nice Easter bunny!

    Happy Easter, pretty Mir!

  215. Happy Easter, hugs and prayers to all of you

  216. I’m all about gift cards. what did we do before them?

  217. Your Easter Bunny is certainly more fun that mine!
    Happy Easter to you and yours, may your day be filled with fun.

  218. Happy Easter Mir! and al the rest of ya!

  219. Gotta love amazon.com! :0) Happy Easter to all!

  220. Happy Easter. He is risen. He is risen indeed!

  221. Happy easter to all! I have some dark chocolate toffee fudge with Mir’s name on it if I win…. not sure how to make it survive shipping from Texas, but if you have any ideas, it’s all yours!

  222. Happy Easter 🙂

  223. happy easter!

  224. Count me in — thanks!

  225. Happy Easter!

  226. Happy Equinox, Mir! My, I do believe that you get prettier every time I see you.

  227. Happy Easter!

  228. May the joy of Easter touch everyone!

  229. Wow, there’s no shortage of people hoping for an amazon gift cert!

  230. I would buy Easter chocolate on Amazon. What’s better than that?!

  231. Better late than never, right?

  232. Easter..lots of bad memories of painful pictures with easter baskets and getting yelled at for grass stains on my “easter dress”. *snicker*

  233. I figure I will just KEEP entering these contests and one of these times I HAVE to win!!

  234. Hope you and your have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  235. Oh, heck yeah! Thanks for sharing.

  236. Thanks, Mir! Happy Easter to you and yours, too.

  237. Yee haw! Sign me up please.

    Oh – and isn’t 241 the largest number of entries for a contest ever? Especially on a long weekend?

  238. Wow, what a nice bunny. Happy Easter to (the very pretty) Mir family.

  239. thank you easter bunny

  240. Happy Easter, Mir!

  241. Hey, Amazon’s gotta sell chocolate too, right??

    Mir, you are sweet and pretty and gorgeous and beautiful for sharing =)

  242. You look so pretty, Mir! Happy Easter! 🙂

  243. happy easter to you and your family!

  244. happy easter and thanks!


  246. Me! Pick Me! And Happy Easter!

  247. This money will go towards my always growing, never ending home toy store! Thanks! My kids would appreciate it. 🙂

  248. Happy Easter!

  249. Happy Easter, thanks

  250. Yay bunnies, and eggs and amazon! Pick me Pick me!

  251. Happy Easter! Yay Amazon!!

  252. Happy Easter to you too!

  253. Happy Easter pretty Mir! I just spent oodles at B&N…i totally could have used this at amazon instead! 😉

  254. Happy Easter in all its chocolate-y goodness!

  255. Happy Easter!

  256. Happy Easter to the pretty one and the ones she loves!

  257. Happy Easter!

  258. What the heck, I’m feeling lucky …

  259. woohoo! $20!

  260. I love Amazon!

    That would be a perfect way to cap off my lovely day full of sunshine, good friends visiting, and spring training baseball games.

  261. $20 for the Friday Sale! What a great contest, beautiful Mir!

  262. You’re so pretty, Mir. 🙂

  263. I could put that to really good use. I need a new watch!

  264. Happy Easter! Sweet little contest, too 🙂

  265. Happy Easter, Mir. I hope the Easter bunny comes back with lots of chocolate for you.

  266. I would love this!

  267. Hoppy Easter! Nice contest! 🙂

  268. Happy Easter!

  269. happy easter, savvy shopper!

  270. Woo hoo!! Happy Easter!!

  271. Amazon … books … mmmmmmm. *drools*

    Happy Easter!

  272. Yay!! This is a great Easter surprise!

  273. Thank you Mr. Easter bunny!

  274. Gee, and I almost waited until AFTER Easter to check my favorite blogs; I would have had to spank myself if I missed entering this one!

  275. Thanks for the deals, Mir!

  276. I just had a baby…tons of goodies at Amazon for our new bundle! Happy Easter!

  277. Happy Easter! I spend so much at Amazon (thanks to a certain website, ofcouse) that $20 will come in handy.

  278. Happy Easter! I’ve never joined one of your contests before, but couldn’t resist this one! Thanks!

  279. Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny brings Monkey some relief this week!

  280. Thank you, Easter Bunny! (bawk bawk!)

  281. Oooooh, Amazon, I love you!

  282. Yay amazon!

  283. I love all these contests!! Maybe someday I’ll win one!

  284. You’re the best Easter Bunny ever, Mir!

  285. OOH! Pick Me! Happy Easter!

  286. $20 I could spend on ME, instead of the Hubs or the kids? That’s pretty miraculous in my eyes!

  287. Wow.
    Happy Easter Mir!

  288. Happy Easter! Or Happy St Gregory Palamas Day 🙂

  289. Happy Easter! I would LOVE to win this git certificate!!

  290. Happy Easter!!

  291. Happy Eater…I love amazon!

  292. Happy Resurrection Sunday!

  293. Mir, You remain the greatest!

  294. Happy Easter, pretty Mir! 🙂

  295. Magic number generator pick me!!!

  296. Happy Easter!

  297. Bless you pretty, pretty Mir!

  298. Yay for Easter egg hunts and 20 dollar gift certificates! Happy Easter, Mir!

  299. And on the eighth day, God created Amazon.com, and it was good and pretty.

  300. Happy Easter! Amazon…shoes…good.

  301. Joyful Easter, Mir and fam.

  302. Happy Easter!

  303. Happy Easter!

  304. Happy Easter Mir!

  305. Happy Easter Mir!

  306. happy Easter
    I just found your blog and I can’t wait to see what is on next week

  307. What fun – happy day!!

  308. Happy Easter! I’ll eat enough chocolate on my own, so the $20 to Amazon would be an added bonus 🙂

  309. Happy Spring! Happy Easter! Happy Amazon spending!

  310. Spring is coming late to Minnesota – Hoppy Easter everyone!

  311. I “heart” Amazon. Please random number generator, pick me – pick me! Thanks Mir for all the great finds and buys – I shop a lot of your deals.

  312. I love Amazon. 🙂 Happy Easter, everyone. 🙂

  313. “Christ is risen; indeed He is risen!” Thanks for sharing the love, Mir. 🙂

  314. A Blessed Easter to all! And…Yay Amazon:)

  315. My diet allows gift cards.

  316. I love, love, love Amazon!

  317. The only thing I love more than Easter and Mir’s Great Giveaways are the deals on Amazon! Thanks,pretty, pretty Mir!

  318. Oooh! An Easter gift that won’t make me gain weight! Yes, please!


  320. MEMEMEMEME Pick me.

  321. Wow!!

  322. He is risen!

  323. Please!

  324. Happy Easter!

  325. Ooh – pick me!

  326. Amazon Amazon + Mir = YAHOOO

  327. 333 comments so far, and it’s just after 12:00 noon here on the West Coast. Not great odds, but I believe in Easter miracles!

  328. without the resurrection there wouldn’t be an Easter, I am grateful or a loving SAVIOR….

  329. Wow! Even better than a Cadbury chocolate mini-egg, and that’s saying A LOT.

  330. Happy Easter!!!! I Love Amazon and WantNot.net!!!!!

  331. Fun! Happy Easter everyone!!!

  332. It’s my daughter’s 2nd birthday today and so what a great way to end this lovely day filled with Dora, pizza, Easter eggs and celebration of the meaning behind this holiday! Thanks, Mir!

  333. Happy Easter!

  334. Count me in!

    For what it’s worth, another Sarah already said “Count me in!” so when I tried to post just that as the comment it said it was a duplicate comment. I’m not a duplicate Sarah, I’m a different Sarah. Anyway, this extra bit here is just some additional text that no one has said before so that the site will let me post. 🙂

  335. Easter is the best for many reason!!

  336. Pretty please!

  337. Happy Easter!

  338. Happy Easter!

  339. Hoppy Easter everyone!! 🙂

  340. wohoo! spreadin’ some cheer. 🙂

  341. Mmmmm, chocolate…. Mir, I’ve got 11 chocolate eggs (hey, I had to eat at least one, chocolate is hard to resist!) and I’ll trade them for the $20 Amazon GC! 😀

  342. SVP? Merci!

  343. I’d like to take this opportunity to suck up to the random comment number generator because it is just SO pretty. And smart. And I’m sure it’ll pick somebody good to win.

  344. I hope you’re enjoying lots of chocolate and jelly beans. Save the black ones for me!

  345. How generous of you! Please enter me, and I hope your Easter is great!

  346. Hooray for the Easter Bunny!

  347. I love your site and Amazon! Happy Easter!

  348. Wow, I hope you get your chocolate, thanks for sharing your gift Hope you Easter is happy too

  349. This is Easter bunny is tired after a busy day!

  350. Happy Easter!
    This bunny will be hitting up Target for on-sale chocolate tomorrow …

  351. Thou shalt not take the name of Chocolate in vain.
    Thou shalt not covet other’s Chocolate.
    Thou shalt remember Chocolate and keep it holy always.

  352. Fantastic! Because it’s been a long, long in-law filled weekend.

  353. Hoppy Easter!

  354. Happy Easter!

  355. Woo! Happy Easter!

  356. Oh this is the one I really want to win!

  357. Count me in!

  358. Happy Easter! We love eggs filled with prizes… fewer calories than chocolate!!

  359. I went on an egg hunt, and found nothing even close to $20.00! Happy Easter!

  360. Happy Easter, beautiful Mir!

  361. No eggs left here this year. What’s up with that? Are Santa and the Easter Bunny in cahoots? I need to know who to lobby! Hope you continue to enjoy a beautiful day.

  362. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  363. Thank you!

  364. Happy Easter! thx f/your site!

  365. Happy Easter…

  366. Happy Easter!

  367. Happy Easter! And thanks, Mr. Bunny!

  368. count me in!

  369. Maybe 376 is my lucky number…. thanks Mir, you look so pretty on Easter!

  370. Happy Easter!

  371. Happy Easter!

  372. Happy Easter! Happy Amazon!

  373. I love the Easter Bunny!!!!

  374. Happy Easter! $20 would be great!

  375. Happy Easter! Pick me!

  376. Oooh, Amazon…bringer of goodies!

  377. Wow! An Easter egg hunt for me? How fun. Thank you! Hope all your chocolate dreams come true.

  378. Ooh, me me! Happy Easter, good luck everyone. 🙂

  379. Happy Easter! From my family to yours. Also, from my iPhone to yours.


  380. Happy Easter!! I am still looking for my chocolate!

  381. comment, comment, comment! Happy Easter!

  382. should I spend it on more chocolate??

  383. Happy Easter! Hope your still enjoying that iphone!

  384. We had an Easter egg hunt today and the Gold egg had a $20.00 bill in it. My sister found it! Yes, we are all adults having the time of our life with the only child being my grandson — 3 years old!
    I would love to win this one.
    Happy Easter. Peeps maybe?

  385. oooh! ilove books!

  386. I’d welcome that $20 to hop down my bunny lane anytime! Bring it on!

  387. Me! Choose me!

  388. love, love, love amazon, thanks also for the holiday giveaway!!!

  389. Yay!

  390. I bet the Easter Bunny shops at Amazon too!

  391. I hope this one doesn’t break your random number generator!

  392. Pick me – the Easter bunny didn’t leave much for me!!

  393. Yay! Happy Easter to you! Hope I get picked!

  394. Happy Easter! I celebrated with my little sister and family who ate entirely too much! But that means I could go buy some weight loss material at Amazon right? 🙂

  395. Pick Me!! Pick Me!!

  396. Count me in, please! I hope you get some chocolate, too!

  397. Didja get chocolate yet?

  398. Happy Easter, Mir!

  399. Whoo hoo more books?!

  400. Happy Easter! Hope the Easter bunny has been good to you…and that he’ll be good to me too!

  401. Happy Easter! Hope I’m in time!

  402. Maybe it’ll be me.

  403. $20 at Amazon taste better to me than any old chocolate bunny. Pick me!

  404. Happy Spring/Easter! Pick me please! 🙂

  405. Happy Easter… Maybe I will hunt through my email and see if I win!

  406. What a neat treat!!

  407. Happy Easter!

  408. Books are the best treat!

  409. Happy Easter! Your blog is such a treat (and really appreciated!)

  410. Happy Easter!

  411. Yea Amazon! (and Mir too!)

  412. Happy Easter! I’m just under the wire, I think!

  413. Happy Easter!

  414. I hope you go by Pacific Time for us west coasters!

  415. seriously…. i’m with ann. it’s not even 11 p.m. yet here!

  416. Hope the bunny was good to you!

  417. Yay I love Amazon so so much…too much really :(…I’ve already taken advantage of their 4-for-3 deal more than 3 times now. Yay too for Mir — she’s the best!

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