A very fitting contest, from Lands’ End

By Mir
April 14, 2008
Category Contests

Ahhh, Lands’ End. You know how I love them. You know how I triumphantly brandish every free shipping code they release. And last week, the Lands’ End folks reached out to me and I could barely stop myself from drawing little pink hearts all over my computer screen.

See, Lands’ End is promoting their vast array of women’s swimsuits right now, and they offered to give away a choice of swimsuit to one of my readers. This quickly became complicated, though, because then the winner would have to pick something and relay that choice to me and me relay it to Lands’ End, and we are nothing if not lazy, ’round here.

So instead of your pick of swimsuit, you’ll just have to suffer through with a $100 gift card to Lands’ End, instead. Feel free to buy one of their awesome Slender suits (not because you need it—heavens no!—but because I love mine so much that if I could buy a neck-to-ankle version to wear with, well, everything, I totally would), or some other swimsuit, or anything else you want. If you win and you want $100 worth of socks, well, that’s your business.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 16th, 2008. One comment per person, please! Winner to be determined by random drawing and tensile strength.

(If you need a swimsuit—or something else—right now, well, get free shipping on your order with code SWIM and PIN 530530530 through April 17th, 2008.)

Good luck! Go!


  1. Just coming off of a pregnancy– so the slimming suit just may be required!

  2. Me me me me me me me. Please.
    And thank you.

  3. I need a new swimsuit!

  4. Sweeeeeeeeeet!

  5. Awesome!

  6. I LOVE Land’s End!!! Pick me pick me!! And, oh, you look so pretty today, Mir. 🙂

  7. Nice.. No pick me…

  8. not her, me please

  9. whoo-hoo! I would love a new swimsuit!! pick me!!!!

  10. I will need a new swimsuit to wear on my honeymoon so I sure hope it’s me!

  11. so cool! Count me in!!

  12. I am so replying to this one.

  13. oooh! contests.

  14. I (heart) Lands End swimsuits!!

  15. I love their swimsuits! There are actually two that I want 🙂 Pick me!

  16. I was just checking their site for a new suit. Pick me!

  17. Wow! Pretty contest!

  18. this time for sure!

  19. Fingers crossed for my Lands-End-uniform-wearing rising preschooler!

  20. I totally want/need it. I don’t have tenure but I’m spending a summer on a sailboat anyway … need to look great! And no money to do it!!!

  21. ME me me.. Please!! hehe

  22. Wowza!! Enter me please!

  23. Oh oh pick me pretty Mir!!

  24. Yes, please!

  25. Count me in…this is one of my favorite stores!

  26. Awesome! Thanks for making it not just a bathing suit, too. My 32-week pregnant self has TWO maternity suits and I don’t see myself squeezing into anything else bathing-suit wise this summer.

  27. This would be so cool!

  28. I’ve got the catalog on my desk with all the pretty cuits I’d love to fit into after this baby comes out on Tuesday!! Thanks Mir!

  29. Thank you Land’s End!

  30. oooohhhhh….thank you!

  31. oooohhhhh… slender suit… yes.

  32. They make a swimsuit that helps you look more slender? My prayers have been answered! 🙂

  33. I have 2 Land’s End swimsuits in my shopping cart right now that could use some way to pay for them! Yippee.

  34. OMG I love Lands End so much.


  36. Dear Random Number Generator,

    Please pick me!

  37. Ooooh this is a fantastic giveaway! Sign me right up.

  38. ooooooH! pick me Pick me! thanks!

  39. This is my favorite giveaway yet!

  40. I would love a new swimsuit!

  41. Oh, Lands End, you glorious catalog company, you! 🙂

  42. Good luck to all!

    (But I hope I win.)

  43. Me, please!

  44. ooooohhhhh…I need a new swimsuit. Have not purchased one in 3 years. I hope I am the random number! Thanks!

  45. Awesome! Count me in.

  46. Please oh please oh please pick me. I sooooooooooooo need me some Land’s End.

  47. Please pick me! 🙂

  48. Who couldn’t use a new swimsuit?

  49. I hate the dreaded swimsuit shopping every year. This would help take the sting out of it!

  50. i *heart* land’s end! 🙂

  51. A new suit would be great!

  52. Nice! Come on generator.

  53. Woo-hoo! Pick me, pick me!

  54. I sooo need this!

  55. a swimsuit that makes you skinny? i wish they had one for thighs….

  56. Oh wow a new swimsuit, now if it would only warm up in Maine. 🙂

  57. Ooh, I need a new swimsuit and some of these are super cute!

  58. Try try again…

  59. awesome!

  60. Yippeeee!!! I love Land’s End! Thanks for hosting another great giveaway, Mir!

  61. I browse the Lands End swimsuits every year, but I’ve never bought one. This would be a great opportunity to finally “take the plunge”!

  62. I hate shopping for swimsuits in the store. This would be so much easier!

  63. Ooo… now how could I resist??

  64. WOW!!! What a great prize!! Enter me!

  65. yay!

  66. Sounds good to me! In the meantime, I’ll go use that free shipping code with the gift certificate I re-found from christmas!

  67. Thanks Mir, this would be a great way to start summer!

  68. Ooooh! Pick me, pick me! I need a swimsuit and clothing in general! All my clothes from high school and college have holes in them, and I haven’t been shopping much since then …

  69. Ooooo… Me, me, me!

  70. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  71. I love Land’s End! I love how they’ll take anything back!

  72. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed! Pick me!

  73. I am an accountant in need of a vacation…and a new swimsuit!

  74. In a shameless attempt to attract the random number generator: 2! 24! 36! 73! 70!

  75. only 41 days until the pool opens…

  76. Oh please me…I heart Land’s End and their swimsuits!

  77. Cool! Summer’s right around the corner!

  78. Boy, does this old body NEED a new suimsuit!!

  79. Please pick me!

  80. Oh me! Man, I’ve been drooling my way through the latest landsend catalog and trying to figure out how I’m going to afford it all! 🙂

    AWESOME contest, Mir – pink hearts all around!

  81. Pick me! Lands’ End is awesome!

  82. Mama Llama just got her “piko” (Hawaiian for belly button) pierced and now needs a new swimsuit to show it off. 2 kids and 36 years behind me, I’m trying to feel more comfortable in my own skin. Might as well embrace it!

  83. Ooh, pick me number generator, pick me! :o)

  84. Land’s End! We love you!!
    Mir…you are TOPS!!!!

  85. I love me some Lands End, and while the free shipping is nice, $100 bucks to go with it would be even better.

  86. What an awesome contest! I could really use a new swimsuit!

  87. Oh, I really need a new bathing suit and have been trying to figure out how to squeeze a Lands’ End one out of my clothing budget this spring. A gift card would help solve that dilemma!

  88. Ooooooooh! Pretty Pink Hearts for Land’s End!!

  89. *hugs Mir and the random number picker*

    Oh, I so need a new bathing suit. And have no money. And love you both… will you love me? will you love me forever? forever til the end of time??? *has watched entirely too much tv and the new GoPhone commercial is repeating on a frighteningly frequent basis*

  90. After 2 kids, I need this!!!

  91. This would be lovely! My one swimsuit that fits is a bit old and worn in the wrong places!

  92. I really, really, really want this one.

  93. A new suit would be great! Pick me!

  94. I do need one! I’ve been looking at the swimsuit catalog over and over trying to decide. I just about had a heart attack when I thought the hubby threw the catalog in the recycling.

    I need a good swimsuit to hold the belly in! My tummy did well holding a 10 lb baby and twins, but now it’s worn out and tired. 🙂

  95. I’ve had my eye on those swimsuits…..pick me!!!

  96. Me please!

  97. Mir: $100? Way to go Land’s End. Good stuff from them. And, amazing customer service.

  98. Thank you Lands’ End and Mir!

  99. I’m going to buy my first swimsuit in years and years

  100. I love Land’s End

  101. Count me in!

  102. I am going to the Philippines this summer … cannot wear my old suit!

  103. Hey, pretty Mir! I could use a new swimsuit! 🙂 Yay, Land’s End!

  104. Me, Me, Me!

  105. i need a swimsuit in the worst way! The slimmer, the better.

  106. Great Contest!

  107. Count me in :0) I

  108. Heee! Tensile strength. That makes this enginerd giggle. 🙂

  109. If I win, I will sew “I Heart WantNot” across the bosom of my new swimsuit. Well, or someplace.

  110. I’m in – I’ve lost enough weight that I need a new swimsuit for summer (and to take to BlogHer), and I’ve always admired the Lands’ End swimsuits.

  111. Pick me!

  112. Tensile strength? I am doomed but valiantly trying anyway.

  113. Oh, I hope it’s me! I love Lands’ End!

  114. Yes, please!

  115. I need a new bathing suit! I don’t think the one I still have from before baby will do this summer.

  116. Oh girl – hope I am lucky on this one!

  117. I love Land’s End swimsuits! This would be great to win — thanks for the chance!

  118. I need a new swimsuit. I take water aerobics four days a week and the chlorine eats them up. Good luck to everybody.

  119. OH….I need all the help I can get in the bathing suit department. Please, please…two kids in 2 years was not kind on me!

  120. Very cool! 😀

  121. yes, a new swimsuit!!

  122. They have a maternity suit! YAY!! ANd I will need one since I will be preggers ALL SUMMER!

  123. I could spend $100!

  124. Awesome!! I love LE suits!!! My fingers are crossed!!

  125. Made the shocking discovery that I’ve been wearing the same suit for 7 years… help needed. Thanks!

  126. Aaaahhh!! I love Lands End!!

  127. Pretty Mir, and your pretty random number generator – pick me!

  128. My husband was just encouraging me last week to buy a Lands End swimsuit, but I couldn’t deal with the price. Free, however, works just fine!

  129. I love Land’s End! Would love the gift card!!

  130. Oooohhhh! A new swim suit would make all the upcoming pool/sprinkler/beach/waterpark trips a little more enticing!

  131. great way to try their suits! thanks lovely Mir! and Lands End.

  132. ZOMG! I lurve Lands’ End like whoa, and there’s a suit I’ve been eyeing for the past two months.

    Pretty Mir, pretty please pick me!

  133. Pick me! Pick me! I need a new suit for my water aerobics class and I love Lands’ End!

  134. Here’s to hoping I get lucky!!

  135. Pay no attention to those commenters up there. I don’t deserve it, but pick me anyway!

  136. Pick me! Four kids later, this body requires a slenderizing, hold it all in kind of suit.

  137. I love Lands’ End bathing suits and could really use a new one.

  138. Oooh, I need a new suit.

  139. I’m definitely in.

  140. Please enter me! Thanks!

  141. Wow, what a fun giveaway–I’m not sure if I’d get a new bathing suit, a new tote bag or a diaper bag. I hope I win and get to decide:-)

  142. Oh please pick me pick me!!!I need all the help I can get, getting all my parts smushed back to where they oughtta be.

  143. I need every bit of help from a slimsuit that I could possibly get…..

  144. So are you going to stretch each one of us and see who takes the longest to break???

  145. I really need a slimming swimsuit!!!!

  146. $100.00 at Land’s end – I might be able to get my HUSBAND a new bathing suit (he needs one much more than I do, his are almost antique!)

  147. Pick me – I need a suit AND flip flops!! Pretty please?!

  148. I *love* Lands End!

  149. please please please?

    I need a new swimsuit!

  150. ooohhhh. Pick me, pick me. I need a perfectly fitting suit.

  151. Please pick me. I just started reading your site and I would LOVE to win something that would be way to cool.
    SO PICK ME PLEASE>>>>>>>>>

  152. I love Lands End too, and might be brave enough to go out in a suit this summer if I had a spiffy, new one!

  153. If all this time spent in the gym the last couple months pays off, this may be the year of the swimsuit for me!

  154. Me, me, me, please pick me! We’re moving soon and the kids and I all need new swimsuits! The kids because they outgrew theirs from last year, and me because I neeeeed something tugless! Nothing like chasing after little ones in the kiddie pool while pulling and tugging at a wet saggy swim suit riding up and drooping in all the wrong places – I need to make a good impression with the new neighbors ya know! 😉

  155. I need a new suit! At water aerobics last week my suit was a bit too “bouncy” if you catch my drift. I won’t say any more than that.

  156. Make me lucky, number generator!!

  157. Oh pretty Mir…pick me.

  158. You have some seriously fast commenters!

    Pick me, oh dear random number generator!!

  159. I am feeling lucky today!

  160. Yes! What a great giveaway! Sign me up. I love Land’s End

  161. Thanks, Mir.

  162. I need a Land’s End bathing suit! Yay!

  163. Oh I need this. I need a new bathing suit before my trip to the beach next month. My pre-baby bathing suits aren’t cutting it anymore. Please count me in.

  164. Thanks for your steals and deals! BTW, I LOVE Lands End!

  165. Pick me, pick me…

  166. Yay! Love contests! Love Lands’ End!

  167. Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t use this on a bathing suit, being very pregnant all summer. But it would still be very nice.

  168. Ohhhhhh!
    We’re going to Disneyland and this Momma could use a new slenderizing swim suit!!!!

  169. Their swimsuits are darling. I would love a new swimsuit!

  170. Great prize, thank you!

  171. Ugh…swimsuit season.

  172. cool! Thanks!

  173. You saw me on spring break in Florida, didn’t you? And this is your gentle way of telling me I should not be wearing that pink tankini this summer.

  174. OOOOHHH I love Land’s End!!!! Such good quality swim suits for the whole family!

  175. Count me in!

  176. Land’s End is the best! Thanks for the contest!! I need a new suit like you wouldn’t believe!

  177. Yes, please!

  178. Oh me, me! I have no suit (because suit shopping is hell on earth) and a 2 year old who loves the water so I am going to be needing a suit by summer =o\

  179. I soooooo need a new swimsuit!!

  180. Me! Me! Pick me please!

  181. Yes! I bought two last year and have been eyeing up the new catalog . . . .

  182. ooooh I hope I win!!

  183. Mir, you read my mind. You’re the best!

  184. Count me in! Thanks!

  185. Anything that will help me feel better about putting my new “Mommy body” into a swimsuit would be most appreciated — thanks!

  186. um…. having to try on a swimsuit… ugh… $100 gift card~good!

  187. I would love a nice expensive swimsuit that makes me feel good!

  188. I’ve always wondered if their suits held up to the claims! I wonder if it makes your teeth whiter too?

  189. I have extraordinary tensile strength, plus this is my very first Want Not contest entry. Here’s hoping!! Thank you!!

  190. I’m thinking I could use a new suit since I probably won’t get away with my maternity suit now that my baby is 15 months old. Sign me up!

  191. Hurray! Thanks for another great contest, pretty Mir!

  192. Land’s End is very generous! I’d love the gift card.

  193. OOOH! BEST bathing suits in the world!!!

  194. Wow! This is great – They even have masectomy swimsuits for my mom!!! pick me so that I can pass it on to her! I am willing to sacrifice! =O)

  195. What a great contest. I’d love to get a new suit from Land’s End…since the only one I have is maternity (and no longer needed!).

  196. Oh, that would be such a wonderful gift! I could buy myself a tugless suit! Or I could buy some cool shoes! Or I could buy some shorts for my kid who are growing like weeds and could use some shorts if it ever warms up around here. No, No, back to me. I could buy myself a nice sweater…..or…

  197. I’ve never entered a contest here before, but I really want to buy a Lands’ End Diaper bag for the baby I have due in 5 (!) weeks, so here I am!

  198. I can’t tell you how badly I need a new suit… my husband and my children would greatly appreciate this so they don’t have to be embarrassed by my old suit…..

  199. A new suit would be killer!

  200. I would love a chance to win! I desperately need a new swim suit and I’ve been eyeing one on Land’s End. This would be perfect. Thanks!

  201. Oh, I really need a slimming suit!!

  202. WooHoo do I love Lands End! And you with your great contests.

  203. I love Lands End – great giveaway!

  204. From someone who has not bought a new bathing suit in at least five years, I’d love a chance to update! The people at my local swimming pool send hopeful thanks in advance!

  205. Of all the contests, this is the one. I just know it. Please Random Number Generator, 204 is your gal. You can do it. I know you can, just do it. 204, 204, 204

  206. oooh, I love lands’ end clothes!!! I would love to win! Thanks so much!

  207. Me, me, me!!! I am sooooo in need of a new fashionable suit.

  208. A new swimsuit is just what I need!

  209. I need a swimsuit! And a Slender suit would be great!!

  210. I’ll pretend to have a high-pitched voice and like shopping for shoes if it’ll give me a chance at $100 gift certificate.

  211. Oh, Please!

  212. Not only do I need a new suit (one that’s NOT a maternity suit) for swimming with my new son, but I have been coveting a pair (or two!) of weekend pants. So please, oh random number generator internet gods, pick me! 🙂

  213. After the birth of my son, I look like a candle that melted. With your help, I can look like a slender melted candle. Thanks!

  214. Comment comment comment comment – ME PLEASE!! I not a new suit that will help me to look…well…un-hideous, and Lands End is just the company to provide it! Thanks for this opportunity Mir!

  215. Me!!

  216. Awesome contest,Mir! Hope I win!

  217. Of all of the various blog giveaways I have entered, I need this one the most. I could send you pictures, but I am not reponsible for any trauma said pictures might inflict on you.

  218. Pick me!

  219. My Mom was always a big fan of Lands End suits. I never understood why she didn’t like the cheapie suits I bought. Then I had two babies! NOW, I lust after Lands End suits!

  220. I would very much so like to win this. Truly.

  221. I just bought a new swimsuit from them this weekend! I love, love, LOVE them for the coverage (now that I’m no longer buying itsy-bitsy bikinis.) And they last forever! So count me in.

  222. I heart Lands’ End! I’m in.

  223. Who needs photos!?!

    Here is what I need the slenderizing suit for:

    ( Y ) + Land’s End swimsuit = (Y)

  224. Me please!

  225. I NEED THIS!

  226. I’m game. Thanks.

  227. What a great giveaway! Land’s End is the best.

  228. Bathing suit shopping is pretty painful, but if it is free, it hurts less. Thanks!

  229. I love their stuff. Mama needs a new suit!

  230. 19 months post partum, still definitely needing any help I can get in the swimsuit area.

  231. Number 232!!!!! Wow.

  232. I LOVE Landsend.. I need one of those Slender suits after having four children. I wish we were back in the “Roaring Twenties” where you could wear a dress to your knees to swim!

  233. Pretty Mir, me please.

  234. count me in, i could surely use some new clothes.

  235. Woo hoo!!! Land’s End!!!

  236. Love me some Lands End!

  237. I would love to win! I need some new clothes!

  238. Have I told you lately how pretty you are, er, I mean, your random number generator is???

  239. Love Lands End… and a new swimsuite it definitely in order. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  240. Ah man! Mir’s pretty random number generator – please pick me!
    I would be a happy bunny with a slender suit – and then add in the mastectomy version and I’d be ecstatic!!!
    (Nothing better than not watching your prosthesis float across the pool……)

  241. Boy a swimsuit would sure be a lot nice than boots right now!

  242. Oh me! Their little girl dresses are SO STINKIN’ CUTE!

  243. I’m in

  244. April vacation swimsuit needed!

  245. I’ll take it.

  246. Yay Land’s End!

  247. Thanks for all the great contest!!

  248. ha! random drawing and tensile strength… love it

  249. Please pick me!

  250. Ohhhh I love Lands End and would adore a gift card! C’mon, Random Number Generator! I pink puffy heart you!!!

  251. With a slenderizing suit my twin skin belly would finally have reason to rejoice!

  252. oooh! that sounds like a great win!

  253. I love Lands End. LOVE, I say.

  254. Oh my gosh! I sooo love lands end!! I totally hope I win

  255. Slim chance at winning, but I gotta try!

  256. Hot prize, this is! haha Gotta toss my name in the hat.

  257. ok, i’m number 258, but that’s ok. lands’ end stuff lasts forever. my boys need some new pants. a gift card would be quite helpful. 🙂

  258. Pick me, pick me!!! Go 260. 🙂 I NEED some new clothes to ring in the new year. Thanks!!! 🙂

  259. Please pick me to win a new body (um, swimsuit.)!

  260. Go 261…..you can do it. 🙂

  261. Awesome!

  262. Please, oh pretty random number generator, pick me! Oh, and you, too, Mir!

  263. every summer I look at other moms on the beach and get jealous of their cute, slimming Land’s End suits..this year I feel I must get one..mostly because after two years, it’s not really “baby fat” anymore…….

  264. I shopped all weekend and only looked longingly, from a distance, at the bathing suits, because I really need a new one. It’s not in the budget this month unless it’s free!!!!!

  265. I’d love to be a winner of something! Anything! Me! You’re very pretty!

  266. I don’t know how contests don’t drive you nuts with so many entries.

  267. I haven’t had the budget to buy clothes in YEARS. I’m very hopeful, LOL!

  268. Who doesn’t need a flattering swimsuit? I’m sure I could find a number of different ways to spend $100 at Lands End 🙂

  269. 🙂

  270. Pick me pretty please1

  271. oh swimsuits, MINE ENEMIES. nevertheless, COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT.

  272. Yay Lands End!

  273. this is SO what i nrrd right now!

  274. Count me in!

  275. I could use a maternity suit this summer. Thanks for the contest!

  276. Hey. I can get two more ties.

  277. Lord knows this mama needs a new suit 🙂

  278. I’m in!

  279. I love Land’s End. The only problem with $100 would be trying to choose which things I want more .

  280. I promise — if I win, the swimsuit will be selected for my wife — not for me! You do NOT want to see me in a woman’s swimsuit — trust me! 🙂

  281. After having a baby in June, I will need a slender swimsuit!

  282. Oh, awesome slender suit, sounds just like what I need!


  283. Hi Pretty Random number generator, please pick me!!! I could DEFINITELY use a slender swimsuit!

  284. Ooo, I love a good giveaway! Thanks!

  285. Oh, my swimsuit is 12 YEARS OLD. (And it’s Land’s End, because they are the best.) I would lovelovelovelovelove to win.

  286. Lands End rocks! This would be a great birthday present for me, so please pick me. 🙂

  287. swim

  288. I would buy the swimsuit and tell everyone I know!!! Pick me!

  289. Fantastico! Thank you Land’s End. And thank you Want Not!

  290. The last swimsuit I bought was just before I got pregnant.

    He’s almost 8 now.

    Me needs new swimwear!

  291. God knows how much I need a slimming bathing suit. Really badly. 🙂

  292. I need a new suit please!!!

  293. Thanks!

  294. A new swimsuit? For me? That is unheard of! Please pick me!

  295. Yay pretty Mir wants to make one of us just a bit prettier with her help!!

  296. I urgently need a new suit!

  297. These contests are kick ass. Thanks.

  298. I would loooove to win this!

  299. I’m dreading bathing suit season, but a new Land’s End suit would certainly help shake those feelings of dread!

  300. Woo! No-Iron Pinpoint Shirts!

  301. I do need new swimsuit! So pick me, pick me 🙂

  302. I need all the help I can get!!!
    Please pick me!!

  303. Count Me In!!

  304. pretty pretty please, pretty pretty Mir?

  305. oh i NEED it soooooo bad!!!!!!! 🙂

  306. I need a new suit! This is wonderful timing.

  307. Yay! Go, random number generator!

  308. I need me some new Lands End stuff!

  309. I need a new suit for Florida – pick me oh great random generator.

  310. Ooh ooh ooh! Does it count if Land’s End reached out to another blog I read, and I entered there too?
    (Antique Mommy’s blog, by the way)

  311. what a wonderful offer! pick me!

  312. Pick me! Yay!

  313. I’m in. Do they have a magic swimsuit that makes your – urm, my – thighs and tushy disappear?

  314. Wow, cool! Pick meeee!

  315. Just because I live in New York doesn’t mean I’m not going to the beach this summer. Make me the winner!

  316. I owe you a debt of gratitude, since it was through you I learned about Zenni Optical! Love the site. Also, I could use a Lands’ End GC…

  317. Woo woo! Love the slimming swimsuits and many other things Lands End!

  318. I would love a Land’s End gift card, yes I would!

  319. Okay, this my second post. But, I put my very first post (ever) on the wrong message of your blog. But I really do love Land’s End and would love a gift card.

  320. I would love a new swimsuit! I’m not sure the world is ready yet, though!

  321. After just spending a ton of money there, and returning the suit (the ONE thing I ordered for myself), I could use a little more to try for the next suit!

  322. Wow! What a great prize! I would love to win- I pink puffy heart Land’s End!

  323. I just warned my husband that I was going to have to spend a pile of money on a new swimsuit for this summer. Hoping I might have to find another way to spend it!

  324. I LOVE Land’s End!

  325. I need a new swimsuit!!

  326. I so need a new swimsuit!

  327. Holy cow! This is generating lots of interest! Including from me. 🙂

  328. I would totally spend the gift card on a swimsuit. Pick me!

  329. Count me in on this contest! Land’s End rocks!

  330. This would be a great mother’s day gift!

  331. I’ve got my eye on one already!! So, pick me!

  332. Crossing my fingers!

  333. I need a new swimsuit so bad!!!

  334. Just saw this catalog yesterday. I would love one of these suits!

  335. Add me to the looong list of bathing suit needers. Land’s End is one of the few that still have the swim ‘dress’ that covers the most, and I need the most covered!

  336. This is my first time commenting, but I have been reading for a little while. I just had to “break the ice” and comment on this one.

  337. I was just looking for a swim suit thru their catalogue! Thanks for the chance!

  338. Great! I desperately need a swim suit. Thanks!

  339. Serious Lands End Junkie here!

  340. awesome contest!!

  341. Oh pick me! I need a new “long-torso” suit!

  342. Obviously, the only kind of swim suit shopping that is not likely to end in a dressing room melt down is the kind where said swim suit is FREE! Sign me up!

  343. Yay for swimsuit season! Um, did I just say that….

  344. Count me in!!!!

  345. thank you!

  346. You KNOW how I NEED things…for this new slimmer body of mine…and how I’m going to a certain tropical island even though the fear mounts…I will be victorious! So…a swimming suit…yeah. I need one. Bring it ON.


  347. Me, me, no, really, me! My daughter LOVES the modest choices at Land’s End!

  348. Awesome contest, Mir. I heart Land’s End!

  349. Oh please, oh please, oh please …

  350. I definitely need all the slimming I can get. Thanks, Mir!

  351. While I managed to lose my post-baby weight, everything that was left is now in new and interesting places. Pick me!

  352. I love me some Land’s End. Love love love.

  353. Mmmhmm, feelin’ lucky! (plus, needing a bathing suit for the first summer in THREE YEARS that I haven’t been pregnant!) I think I should win on that alone!!

  354. Sign me up for the neck to ankle version. Thanks. ( :

  355. Ohhh…I know just the suit I want! My local Sears store is already out of my size…I’m hoping it will be available online!

  356. I challenge you to find a person more in need of a Slender Suit.

  357. Randomly pick me!

  358. I have my eye on that Pink Paisley Tankini. I’m just saying…

  359. OOO, I love Lands End! Their clothes always make me feel stylish AND skinny. How great is that?

  360. They have the world’s best swimsuits. Count me in!

  361. I love Land’s End bathing suits. I have 1 from last year and would love another! Pick me, pick me!

  362. I love the quality of their products. This is getting a multitude of responders…

  363. Lands End rocks!

  364. getting married in Mexico in July…I need it!

  365. I don’t know what happened to me this winter, but all of a sudden I need a slimming suit. Maybe it was the bacon. Or the chocolate. Maybe the chocolate dipped bacon. Hmmm….

  366. Holy Smokes, batman — have a few entries!!

    And add one more, please.

  367. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but I won’t hold my breath . . .

  368. Yeah, for me it might have been the bacon or the chocolate, but more likely it was the pregnancy. Pick me!!

  369. I was almost hesitant to break the pattern of the 3-6-9 reply count, but I need a new suit, dang it!

  370. I can’t remember the last time I bought a new swimsuit – or where my old one is – so I could totally use this!

  371. Mama needs a new suit soo bad!!! Pick me, pretty please!!!

  372. I want to look as pretty as Mir does in her suit. I just lost 35# & Mama needs a new suit. Thanks!

  373. Me, Me, Me- please pick me! Do the Slender Suits really work??? I beg you to let me find out 🙂

  374. I haven’t bought a swimsuit in years.. this would be a great motivator.

  375. pick me I love Lands End, and my pocket book shows it:)

  376. This would be a great payoff for the time I’ve spent in the gym these last few weeks!

  377. Thanks!

  378. Awesome!!!!

  379. Thanks for a great contest! My fingers are crossed!

  380. I’m not sure that summer will actually arrive this year in the upper Midwest, but I’ll take a swimsuit any day!

  381. WOW a lot of replies! I’m in. I likey Land’s End. Almost too much.

  382. I have a Land’s End suit that I bought in 1999 that is still in great shape. It’s too big for me now though, (thank goodness) so I’d love to win the means to buying a new one!

  383. Hah! Nearly 400 entries, and there’s still more than 2 days to go. Chances = slim, but that’s fitting with that whole ‘slenderizing suit’ thing. Woo-hoo for contests involving nicely generous retailers!

  384. tough competition! Pick me!!!!

  385. I’m in need of a new swimsuit and was just looking at them last night!!

  386. You know how I love Land’s End!!


  387. First time commenter/first time winner?!? Please!

  388. Oooo! I’d love to win this. I had twins last summer and now I need a new tummy-slimming suit. LOL! Thanks for the great contest!

  389. I’m now 1 week late to have this baby… a slimming suit sure would make my day!

  390. This is a great prize…thanks!

  391. Mir, what a great title!

  392. Me, please!

  393. Lover-ly Mir, please bestow this upon me. 😀

  394. Ooh, I’m always ready to try a swimsuit I’ll actually step outside of my bedroom in!

  395. My body could use a new suit after baby #3! That is kind of a scary thought, actually. But I would still love to win!

  396. Wow, comment #397? You are still lovely from way down here!

  397. Just tried several on at Sears! Now I know just what to get when I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  398. I know 398 is a winner!

  399. I LOVE your contests, but this one is the best!! I would just love to win something from beautiful Mir……

  400. I love your contests, and I would love to win! 🙂

  401. Holy Snot! I thought I loved Lands End! *G* Please enter me, I already own one of their lovely suits that make me look less like a lump and would enjoy maybe another!

  402. Do they really work? I want one! Thanks!

  403. I have not had a swimsuit since my first child was born … five years ago! Me? Please?

  404. Need a nice looking suit to cover up some surgery scars!

  405. Oooh, me!

  406. Oh. My. Word. A swimsuit that could make me look more like the hottie I am in my own mind and less like the woman in the mirror with my face and my mom’s body??? I feel faint!

  407. Hurray for Land’s End! Very cool contest. “Want Not” has become a daily stop for me. Thanks for all the good tips!

  408. woo-hoo! I need a new swimsuit!

  409. Pick me! I love Land’s End!

  410. Pick me!

  411. Land’s End is great!!!

  412. Good times! Thanks!

  413. Me, me, pick me! I was planning to order my suit tomorrow! I guess I’ll wait, to see if I win! 😉

  414. Am in DIRE NEED of slimming suit!

  415. Awesome deal!

  416. I love lands end…pick me!!

  417. Why yes, I would LOVE $100 worth of Land’s End merchandise at no cost to me…thank you very much!

  418. Me! Me! Me!

  419. I NEEED a slimming suit!

  420. I surely need a suit from there! Awesome contest!

  421. I’m going! I’m going!

  422. Whoa! There is some stiff competition here! Well, I would LURVE a new suit from Lands End! So, pick me!!

  423. Woo Hoo – I’m excited to enter THIS as my first time comment on this blog!

  424. Wow, pick me! I like Lands End!

  425. My turn!!

  426. count me in!

  427. how about #429??? it’s a good number!

  428. Please pick me!

  429. Lands End is great! Thanks for the chance!

  430. The only thing that takes the sting out of swimsuit shopping is the thought of getting it for FREE! Awesome contest!

  431. The only way I will get into a swimsuit this summer is if it is free….and slenderizing…

  432. Throw my name..oops, I mean number..in for the drawing. Thanks!

  433. me, me, me, pick me!

  434. Yay for Lands End swimsuits!

  435. If I wear a swimsuit ever again in my life, I guess it would be Lands’ End. But I love, love their other stuff!

  436. I have totally wanted one of those “slimming” bathing suits but just could not justify the cost. So this would be great if I could choose one with a gift card.

  437. LOVE LOVE LOVE Lands End!

  438. Come on lucky number 440!!

  439. pick me! I’ll spend it on cashmere, because I still have SNOW IN MY BACKYARD!

  440. oh i would LOVE to try a Lands End swimsuit!!!

  441. If I win I promise to share! (wink, wink)

  442. Cannot… resist…..

  443. I love Lands End!

  444. Well, dad-gummit. I just bought a Lands’ End swimsuit. Ugh. But I guess I could use $100 worth of socks. Probably.

    Shoot, I KNOW I could blow a hundred on SOMETHING at LE!

    Did I mention that you’re looking exceedingly pretty today? Hm?

  445. I love my 6 year old Lands End suit, but I’d love to upgrade it….

  446. Pick me, pretty please!!!

  447. Oh! You don’t know how much I would love to have a new one!

  448. I’m in!

  449. pick me!!

  450. woo hoo!

  451. OOOOH…pick me!!

  452. even with a gift card, I’d have to get something from the overstocks, and use the free shipping coupon. 😉

    what a nice thing for them to do!

  453. oh, i just had a baby and i really really need a lands end swimsuit!

  454. Ooh!

    Why Mir, you look so pretty today!

    Pick me! 🙂

  455. well you are beautiful as is this contest 🙂

  456. Ooooh, another contest. Let’s see if a Jessica can win this one, too! 😀


  457. Sweet cracker sandwich I’m number 458! (If nobody comments quicker) I was just in Sears trying on some of those dandy suits and even found one I like, but the $100 price tag made me cringe–even more than the idea of swimsuit season!

  458. I was just looking through their catalog. A gift card would be great!

  459. I could use a new suit.

  460. Oh.My.Gosh. I’ve NEVER seen this many comments for one of your lovely contests!!!!! Maybe this time . . .

  461. Ooooh, count me in!

  462. I love me some Lands End!

  463. Good Lord, 463 comments?! Well, here’s hoping Lucky Number 464 doesn’t let me down!

  464. Oh! Nice!! A swimsuit would be wonderful!

  465. Who wouldn’t want a new Land’s End bathing suit?! Yahoo!!

  466. I hope I win this time.

  467. WOW! I love Lands End swim suits!! PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, pick me!!!

  468. Yes, please!

  469. Yah! Land’s End bathing suits rock!

  470. slender me!

  471. ohh I so need a swimsuit for vacation at the beach this year!!!
    Thanks for all the great contests!

  472. enter me!

  473. Love me some Lands End!!

  474. Sad to say I could use one of those!

  475. LOVE my Lands’ End swimsuits! could use another!

  476. Pick me, pick me 🙂

  477. YIPPEE! Great suits…I can always use another!!

  478. I haven’t owned a swimsuit in 15 years but there are some shoes I want…

  479. I need a new bathing suit! I’m a mom now, and only own bikinis, and really that is not a good look for me anymore!! (does the stomach pooch ever go away??)

  480. #480…yikes…I remember when your contests had less than 100 entries.

  481. love lands end!

  482. Pick me oh holiest of random number generators!!!! I LOVE Lands End swim suits!

  483. Need something new:) thanks!!!

  484. Lucky 486!

  485. Wow. 487, anyone?

  486. WOW! Who would have thought there would be this many entries?

  487. Oh, me please. Seriously. You have no idea how much I need to be Slender.

  488. 490 sounds real lucky to me!

  489. I would love to win this gift card for my wife for mother’s day 🙂 She’s really loves Land’s End!

  490. My wife just had a baby and she would love to have a slender suit although i think she looks beautiful just the way she is!

  491. Great giveaway. I’m in!

  492. Hi- hope I win…. 4/16 is my birthday!

  493. Love Lands End!

  494. Cue the violins…I’ve had a week already and it’s only Monday. A super lands end suit would cheer me up…. 🙂

  495. I have been browsing the catalogue all week trying to decide which great suit to get. Please pick me, pretty Mir!

  496. Surely we shall win this one, since the 16th is our 14th wedding anniversary. tee he he 🙂 Thanks for the chance to enter!

  497. I remember the days when the contest would only have a few replies…now I have to scroll down forever! lol
    Please pick me, oh random number gods!

  498. puh-leeeze let it be #499!!! I would love a new slender suit!

  499. Lucky 500? Let’s hope so! C’mon random number generator!

  500. Need more than a suit… 🙂

  501. I could use that

  502. definitely need a swimsuit, definitely can’t afford Lands’ End. oh, me, please!!!

  503. I’m in!

  504. I haven’t bought a swimsuit in years. “Slimming” sounds just right…

  505. I want this!!!

  506. pick me, pick me, pick me!

  507. Wow, that’s a lot of comments. I would love this! I only wear Land’s End suits and would love a new one for the summer.

  508. “Mir-y” me and send me that gift card!!!!!!” Pretty please?

  509. Duuude! I have two Lands’ End suits – they don’t have to convince me.

  510. YES PLEASE!!! :o)

  511. oh, for a suit to cover my postpartum blues…

  512. pick me pick me!

  513. I love everything I have purchased from Land’s End! Great contest.

  514. Can’t wait to dive in!

  515. Mir is the best!

  516. My lucky number just happens to be 517

  517. Who doesn’t need or want new clothes? LOL In the spirit of the contest: oohhhhh pick me, pretty Mir. 😉 lol

    good luck everybody

  518. don’t we all need a new bathing suit? and please pick 519

  519. Wow! That’s a lot of comments! Pick me oh random number generator!!

  520. Oh good grief! You don’t know how bad I need this. The last time I bought a swimsuit was… 199… Well, I can’t remember back that far. C’mon Land’s End! Bring me into modern times!

  521. I like Lands End. Excellent contest, Mir!

  522. Looooooove Lands End!
    Looooooooooove Want Not!
    Cross your fingers for 522!

  523. Oops! keepem’ crossed for 523! Not 522!

  524. hoping for a gift card. please send me the love 🙂

  525. Ewwww…Land’s End…I love them! Pick me, pick me, picke me!

  526. Holy smokes! 526 entries already. You must be very happy, oh pretty one.

    Sign me up. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time!

  527. yea for swimsuits!

  528. Great giveaway! I love my Land’s End swimsuit….but I think everyone is getting tired of seeing it. I’ve had it for 4 years now!

  529. I never win anything but, meh, what the hell.

  530. Prety please with sugar on top- Pick Me!!

  531. Wow, that’s a lot of comments. Still, pick me!

  532. Thanks Mir!

  533. Now why couldn’t they have had that coupon a few weeks ago when I paid them $16.95 for shipping?? I bought a swimsuit, too. Didn’t fit. So I returned it to Sears to avoid the return shipping. But now if I could win the gift certificate, I could get the correct size for free.

    All that to say, Pick Me!!!

  534. Ahhh dangit it’s 3:46 A.M., and I have heartburn! Just thought you all should know that I’m slowly dying here! Anyway lol, pick me please?

  535. Hey my chances are still better than the lottery.

    Yea for Mir!

  536. Keeping my fingers crossed. I’d love this. Thanks!

  537. Love you Mir and land’s end!

  538. 539 is a lucky number!

    Just so ya know…I am not the same Bonnie as the first commentor 🙂

  539. Oh, I definately need this! Both kids are shooting up like weeds!

  540. Oooh, pretty swimsuits from pretty Mir!

  541. I’m embarrased to say I’m still using the bathing suit I got for my honeymoon… and we’ll be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in about a month 😉

  542. Thanks for the contest!

  543. Pick me!

    kthnx ^_^

  544. Who DOESN’T need a swimsuit!?!

  545. Yes, please!

  546. formerly pregnant – now form-less w/beautiful baby – would love any slimming helps (socks may even help – some!)


  547. Oooh.. a chance at a slimming swimsuit, yes please!

  548. Thanks for the chance to try one of their suits, oh lovely Mir!

  549. I have been fantasizing about a swim suit (and even contemplating a bikini- something I’ve, literally, never done) since I went on spring break at the end of March. I have this urge to swim and swim and swim (and not just because of my impending graduation and realization that I have three finals on ONE day- I *know* I can’t swim that fast/far). Anyway, sorry to babble, I just saw the word swim suit and my head kinda exploded. A happy explosion, though.

  550. Water can kill you, but I need a swimsuit!!

  551. Oh I need a new suit really bad!! I hope you pick me!!

  552. I’ve looked for suits twice this spring. Nothing. Past caring. Its not like I enjoy swimming with my kids anyway. I’ll just let my two and four year olds play by them selves and if they start struggling I’ll just jump into the pool in all my clothes….yeah….um no. Thanks!

  553. Ooh Yay! I could use a new suit and Lands End are the best!

  554. A swim suit with functional elastic could be so lovely…

  555. I hate swimsuits, but I guess it’s about to be that time of year. Yipee!

  556. Pick me pick me!!!

  557. Swimsuit! Me want! Please? 🙂

  558. OMG! Geez louise pick me!

  559. I hope to have better luck this time. I love Land’s End and I have always enjoyed your website. Thanks for all that you do! In case you haven’t heard recently – YOU are appreciated!

  560. oh what a wonderful contest!! I would be the happiest women in the world if I won!! LOL

  561. Pretty please, pretty Mir, pick me. I really need some new stuff.

  562. pick me, pick me.

    sorry I get carried away with a contest 🙂


  563. I always buy my swimsuits from Lands’ End (although I do buy them from the Overstock section). I would love to get a gift card.

  564. This body NEEDS a Slender swimsuit, believe me!!!


  566. I could really use a new Lands End slender suit.

  567. Oh, please oh please oh please!

  568. I’m with Scott—you do *not* want to see me in a woman’s swim suit. But woohoo for socks!

  569. Woo, hoo. I hope, I hope, I hope.

  570. My swimsuit from last season is completely finished from the chlorine in the pool all winter. I didn’t dare look at the ones from LE again since I can’t afford them.

    Mir, you are beautiful, inside and out.

    (Also moderately insane, but we like that.)

  571. Count me in–let’s go random number picker, #572!

  572. love Land’s End bathing suits!

  573. Awesome giveaway! Count me in please!! 🙂 Thanks!

  574. i love lands end! everything lasts forever….

  575. Oh how I wish I could win! I

  576. I heart Lands End!!!! I wish they had an inlet store near me!

  577. I definitely need a new suit… now that baby number 4 is here, I’m afraid that summer will be long over by the time that my old suit fits again! Pick me! Help me feel pretty at the beach! I love all of their skirted options…

  578. WOOO! Land’s END!

  579. I only wear Lands End bathing suits. Pick me!

  580. I need a new swimsuit!!! Please . . .

  581. Choose me!!! Love Lands End – especially their swimwear!!

  582. I desperately need a new swimsuit!

  583. ooh- I would so put this one to good use!

  584. Oh, I’ve always wanted to try Land’s End – never shopped there before! I’m on a tight budget, so it’s hard for me to order stuff from a company I’m not familiar with.

  585. I LOVE Lands End swimsuits…pick me, pick me!

  586. I love Land’s End Swimsuits–I’ve always wanted one of those funky skirt ones…would solve the rear end coverage issue and they don’t even look like something only a great grandma would wear! Pick me pleeeeeease!

  587. I had to enter! Lands End is one of the only places I can find nicely priced swimsuits that fit my “upper” half! Would love to be able to get a new one!! Thanks for the contest.

  588. Of course I would love to win! I’m chillin’ in my comfy Lands’ End sandles right now – and of course I’d love to get ALL the colors.

  589. I almost forgot about this contest! Thanks for the reminder and the chance to win, win, win!

  590. Lands End? Slender suits? How could I resist???

  591. Pick me!

  592. Wow, you sure know how to get us to come out of the lurkdom woodwork. Yes, lurkdom is a word. It is the kingdom in which I usually reside.

  593. I’d LOVE to win this! I’ve been eyeing their site for quite a while now. As I get older, the number of problem spots I need covered keeps increasing, which makes it much harder to find a suit. I think what I really want to wear is a turtleneck & yoga pants…would that work?

  594. Total cheapskate here, for sure. Plus I love Lands End.
    Thanks for the contest!!
    : )

  595. I’d love to go on a shopping spree at Lands End!

  596. Pick me, pick me!

  597. Comment! 🙂

  598. woo-hoo a contest, YEAH!

  599. I had to dodge sniper bullets while attempting to register for this contest. Eh, no, I just made that up. I will do whiskey shots in my new Lands End bathing suit with matching sarong; however, if you vote, no I mean, pick me!

  600. Ohh- I would love a new swim suit! Thanks!

  601. Love lands end!

  602. I couldn’t possibly top any of the creative comments posted here thus far, so I will just say thank you for the reminder (I somehow missed this post the first time around) and hope that the randomly generated number gods are smiling upon me.

  603. Lovely Mir, please pick me. i am so in need of new clothes it’s sad. thanks for all the great tips and contests, maureen

    p.s. did i mention how pretty you look today?

  604. Oh, I love Land’s End, and was thinking that I needed to be placing an order very soon….

  605. I really do need a new bathing suit!

  606. I love Land’s End and have one of their swimsuits from last year. I’d love some new swim shoes!


  607. Yikes! I almost missed this contest!Thanks for the reminder. How did I not see this post!??!?!

  608. Somehow I missed this!! Yay Lands End!

  609. I love Lands End. Three of my kids have worn the same pair of Lands End pants (purchased from a consignment store!) and they still look good!

  610. Hopefully Mr. Random Number Picker-Dude will think I’m the prettiest!

  611. A free swimsuit from Lands End!!!
    Thanks so much Mir!!!

  612. Please pick me just found this website. and quickly becoming a huge fan. . . .
    so pretty pretty please, pick me. 🙂

  613. I am too broke to buy pretty things from Lands End right now. Pick me! 🙂

  614. How could I have missed this pretty contest earlier?!

  615. I’d LOVE this – they even have amazing other stuff besides suits!!!

  616. Cheapskate #617 here…fingers crossed.

  617. just lost some weight and would love to win a suit…..

  618. I would love $100 to Land’s End! I need new clothes!

  619. my dog’s breath smells like dog food.

  620. Wow! I can’t believe I missed this earlier!

  621. I love Land’s End, also. Here in Florida, we practically live in our swim suits during the summer!

  622. Land’s End=awesome. Good thing I wore my lucky undies today!

  623. Here’s to hoping the winning number is a big one

  624. Hmmm, I’m hoping being a last minute poster is lucky!

  625. pick me. pick me!

  626. Maybe this time!?! Pretty please, random number generator! 🙂

  627. my daughter needs some sunday dresses

  628. yay! I hope I win!

  629. Ohhhhh, that would be lovely!

  630. Lucky number six hundred and thirty!

  631. WOWO! $100! That would be awesome!

  632. Count me in! Great prize

  633. You have the best contests! I hope I win this one.

  634. Oh, the places I could go in a bathing suit! Thanks for the contest!!

  635. wHOO!

  636. I desperately need a new swimsuit for this summer! I hope I win!! Thanks for having awesome contests and letting us know about super deals all the time!!

  637. pick me!

  638. pretty Mir, pretty please!!!!!!

  639. Count me in!!

  640. Feeling Lucky!!!!

  641. Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

  642. Choose me!

  643. I would love a new swimsuit!

  644. Oh, please let it be me!

  645. ummm… yes please.

  646. a new swim suit would be wonderful!!!

  647. Oh, I do so need a good suit!

  648. Me Me Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  649. C’mon randomizer….Zoe needs a new pair of shoes!

  650. a 7 year old, a 5 year old and another due in 12 days – need I say more???!!!!

  651. I would be forever grateful, Mir! By the way, have I told you how pretty you look today? 🙂

  652. I lurve Lands End, count me in!

  653. Mir sure does look pretty today…pick me!!

  654. I love free clothes

  655. I hope that I’m doing this right because I would love to win!

  656. i know it’s hopeless. but here i am anyway!

  657. Thanks for the reminder….please pick me!

  658. Mir,

    I love Land’s End! Thanks for the reminder on posting. I am hopeful!


  659. PICK ME PICK ME!!! 🙂

  660. I was just eying the catalogue and wishing I could afford to spend that much on a swimsuit. It would be very cool to win.

  661. this is absolutly the only way I would buy a swimsuit this season. Plus, they have awesome swimsuits!

  662. I really hate wearing swim suits, but these suits may actually be bareable! They are really cute and flattering, I’m feeling good about winning this one!!

  663. Ooh, I love Lands End swimsuits!

  664. Me, me, me!!!! Pick me!

  665. I hope I win!

  666. ooh i could so use it.

  667. Please pick me. I’d really, really love a new suit…

  668. oh my mom could really use this. good luck everyone!

  669. Pretty Please pick me!

  670. Wow…I almost missed this somehow! Luckily I didn’t…made it with an hour to spare…In one week I turn 26…so maybe I should start dressing like an adult instead of a college student…since in May I will have been graduated for 4 years…oh my.

  671. Me, me! I love their clothes, and shoes, and bathing suits, and, and…

  672. Me Me Me!!

  673. count me in!

  674. I’m coming in under the wire, here. Yay!

  675. Pick me, please?

  676. Hope I made it in time!

  677. Did I make it in time?

  678. good gravy, how did I miss this one? Not that I am likely to win, but hey….

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