Why water doesn’t have to kill you

By Mir
April 14, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

We have a standard joke around here that every story on the news can be boiled down to “why water can kill you” or “I want my baby back.” Try it! Next time you watch the news, see if you can’t make every story fit one of those two premises. I swear it’s true.

Anyway! Ever since the news about how chemicals may be leeching out of our so-called safe polycarbonate plastics, there’s been a huge swell in popularity of the Sigg water bottles. They’re completely safe (you know, until they decide that they taint our water, too) and virtually unbreakable, and they come in about a bazillion different styles and patterns and last forever.

Last week a friend asked me if there are ever coupons available on the Siggs and I said no, they pretty much never go on sale. Lucky for her, I was completely wrong. Whoops! Actually, you can use coupon code VIP302008 at the online Sigg store to save 30% off your entire purchase.

If you’ve been thinking about ditching the plastic and moving to Sigg, I’d jump on this one.


  1. Someone just told me about these after I panicked and threw out the nalgene bottles. Ordering 3 for our family, thanks for the coupon, makes the price much easier to swallow. :).

  2. Thank you!!!! I just threw out all of my freaking “7” coded plastic bottles last week. You know, the expensive polycarbonate (naglene) bottles that I thought were safer than the crap I got rid of before that because the media was saying that the first crap was bad. Sorry for the rant, I am off to use the code NOW!

  3. I LOVE my SIGG bottle. I bought one for me, the kids, and my brother-in-law. Now I need to go buy another one, this time with a coupon! Thanks.

  4. I read all the reviews on Amazon and decided against Sigg. But if you ever come across a coupon code for Klean Kanteen, I’d be all over that one!

  5. Love your blog–and love Land’s End swimsuits.

  6. We have been using Sigg bottles for several years now and really like them. I just wish our kids would stop dropping them on the pavement! So far, I haven’t been able to get the dents out. BumpyName orbit labels are perfect for knowing which bottle belongs to whom. 🙂

  7. Looooove my Sigg and it was a great Xmas gift for health-conscious MIL, too. I swear, that bottle alone has made sure I’m drinking enough while pregnant.

  8. Love my SIGG. Wanted to get one for my husband and an extra for each kid. With the discount, I was able to order a 2nd for myself and it was like getting it for free. Thanks!

  9. Sweet, Mir. Thanks for the code. Now maybe my kids will act normal. Ha!

  10. I *love* my Sigg and am so excited to add more to my stash. I also got one for my toddler nephew’s upcoming birthday!

  11. Woo! Thanks, Mir.

  12. I just ordered 5!
    Thanks Mir!

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