Hello Kitty does the hula. . . to your house?

By Mir
June 9, 2008
Category Contests

If you have kids, you know Build-A-Bear. You know, the place where you can make your own stuffed animals and then go back umpteen times to buy cute clothes and accessories for them? We’ve been to several Build-A-Bear parties, but I have tried very hard to avoid them, otherwise, because it’s nearly impossible to get out of there without another purchase.

Well, Build-A-Bear has a new item to promote: Tropical Hello Kitty. Ignore the coconut bra (!!) she’s wearing on that page—the one I have sitting here is dressed like this. Isn’t she cute? She’s a great alternative to a teddy bear, and just as soft and cuddly as any stuffed animal you’d want to give a great big hug.

My Tropical Hello Kitty comes in the signature BaB box with adoption paperwork, and an added bonus—a $25 gift card to Build-A-Bear! This way you can go buy her some bling. Hey, you can even go get the coconut bra, I guess. I don’t judge. Anyway, Hello Kitty and her gift card are going out to one lucky Want Not reader this week.

Want to win her? Simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, June 11th, 2008. One comment per person, valid email address, please. Winner to be determined by random number generation and tropical breeze. Aloha!


  1. This is super cool – beyond words…

  2. Thanks!

  3. We just got a black lab from Build-A-Bear and my daughter would love the Hello Kitty to go with it:)

    Please pick me o random number selector!

  4. Wow, my niece would LOVE this….Hello Kitty is ginormous in Japan, where she lives.

  5. This would make a great birthday gift for my niece!

    Great Giveaway – Aloha!

  6. Yeah!!! I want a bear. I love you random number selector!

  7. My granddaughter would love this. The Hello Kitty & her Graduation Bear could be best of friends!

  8. How fun, pretty one!

  9. Love the Hello Kitty!!

  10. Yippee, another fun contest!

  11. ooo, i saw that at the store this weekend! so cute. 🙂 i love the tan hello kitty!

  12. We have been avoiding that place as well, but I figure it’s going to happen sooner or later. How cute… I didn’t even know they did other animals beside bears.

  13. Please enter me!

  14. OH me me, as much time and money as my daughter has me spend in BaB I would love a freebie! Of course the rewards program and the birthday club they offer really pay off! Pick me random number selector and I will be your friend the next time I get to go in that store and walk out with money still in my pocket!

  15. Aloha Kitty. My daughter would love this. thanks!

  16. Count me in…I loved Hello Kitty as a child and now my DD is into her! Thanks!

  17. Um, yes please!

  18. My kids would love her. They are just discovering Hello Kitty and already have a Build a Bear habit. We have 2 monkeys, a dog, a frog and a hippo in our house, all from Build a Bear.

  19. Hellooooooooooooooooooo kitty!

  20. I LIKE the coconut bra!

  21. Oh Pick Me, Pick Me!

  22. My step-daughter would LOVE this! She has 1 build-a-bear that we took her to make. She wants to go again. We’ve agreed to take her at some point. But the Build-a-Bear is 20 minutes away and she always asks within an hour of closing time.

  23. Cute!

  24. So cute! We love Build-a-Bear at this house.

  25. Great prize!

  26. OMG my daughter LOVES hello kitty! Please pick me random number generator!!!!!

  27. would love…

  28. she’d be perfect for my oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah coming up, she’s having a Luau theme!

  29. You’re looking especially pretty today, Mir!

  30. I only have boys BUT I have some little nieces that would LOVE this!! 🙂

  31. lolllll Build-a-Bear. my husband’s face after he treated our two kids to a new animal each for Christmas was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in YEARS. (“HOW MUCH?” like I’ve been making it up all along.)

    anyway comment comment comment. 😛

  32. My niece would love this!

  33. I’m not even going to pretend that one of my kids would get this. It would be mineminemine. Thanks Mir!

  34. How cutie!! WE LOVE HELLO KITTY!!!!

  35. My daughter would be all over this.

    As she says, “I LOVE Hell Kitty!” (Hey, she’s two. And I think it’s hilarious how she truncates the name.)

  36. My 3 year old would be in heaven! I had to make a Hello Kitty cake for her bday party in December – now she says she wants another hello kitty party!

  37. The only person who loves hello kitty more then me is my daughter!

  38. She is darling. I would love to win. 🙂

  39. My friend loves Hello Kitty. She would totally love this!

  40. Yay Hello Kitty!

  41. I’ve been wanting to visit Build a Bear for a while….my boys would love it , and I love, love, love Hello Kitty!

  42. I am all over that lol

  43. Wayy too cute… my daughter would love her. Thank you, pretty, tall, thin & intelligent Mir!

  44. Looks like this is a hot one. I have a 5 yo that would practically pee her pants at the prospect of a HK build-a-bear!

  45. Oh too fun! My little girl would LOVE this!

  46. We saw this little jewel the other day at the mall. Very cute!

  47. My daughter would go crazy to get this for her birthday!! Except, she’s called “Talking Kitty” in our house, for some unknown (to me) reason.

  48. My daughter loves Hello Kitty!! She would absolutely love to find this in the gift closet one day!!

  49. Hellooooooooooo, Kitty!

  50. My daughter absolutely loves Hello Kitty and would be thrilled to win one of her own! She adores and her little brother and would probably share the gift card with him so he could go pick out his own new build-a-bear!

  51. I have 2 little girls who love Hello Kitty … they would love this little cutie!

  52. hello kitty has been around a L O N G time!

  53. I’m pretty sure that Melanie would never have another tantrum if she won this. So, my husband’s mental health is in your hands. No pressure.

  54. Hello Kitty is my daughter’s favorite!

  55. My eldest has been saving up for a BaB animal. This would be really great to win!

  56. Never been to build a bear and I have 3 kids! Would love to try it. I have seen it in the mall.

  57. My nieces love Build-a-bear!

  58. Pretty please, give me the shameless marketing ploy intended to suck my daughter into Build-a-Bear mania!

  59. hello kitty and build a bear?? love it!

  60. I’ve known Hello Kitty for 25 yrs. Before she was cool.
    My daughter would love this!
    Brings back nice memories of Japan.

  61. Hello, Pretty, thanks for another fun contest!

  62. Awww, she’s cute and would maybe make my 13 year old Daughter smile and not be so darn cranky to everyone! *G*

  63. Dear Random Number Selector….pretty please with a coconut bra on top pick me!!!

  64. I have twin daughters whose birthday is coming up and who loooove Hello Kitty. Please pick me !!!!!!!!

  65. My DD would LOVE this! She is really into Hello Kitty right now. She has also seen too many Build a Bear workshop commercials. Once, she came up to DH and said, “Dad, can we please go to Build a Bear workshop? It’s where best friends are made!” (that’s their line from the commercial)

  66. This would be a great way to start our first experience at Build Bear! And Hello Pretty Mir…. “Kitty” is a favorite in our home! Thanks for our very own chance to win!

  67. Please please please!!!!

  68. So cute! I love Hello Kitty, therefore, my 2 year old daughter loves Hello Kitty.

  69. My little one is thankfully still too young for BaB, but we both love all things kitty!

  70. I would love this! I mean, my daughter would love this!

  71. I want to win her!!!!!! EEEEE!

  72. My almost 6 year old is standing here and BEGGING me to go to the store to buy this for her. We would love to win Hello “hula” Kitty and it would make my daughter’s day! You rock, Mir!

  73. I would love to win this for my 4 1/2 year old. We do not have a build a bear in our town but have one about an hour away. She would love it!!

  74. I am loving Hello Kitty!

  75. Oh I know a little girl who would just love this! What an awesome giveaway! ALOOOOOOHA!

  76. My little one would adore this. Pick me!!

  77. Very Cute!

  78. OMG. Me!! I’m pretty, you’re pretty. We’re all pretty! Pretty pretty please pick me?

  79. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and she’s a Hello Kitty fan — she’d love this! Thanks to you, O Pretty One!

  80. A friend of mine *loves* HK. Her entire desk is plastered with it: stapler, USB hub, etc.

    This would make a great gift!

  81. Would love one for my sweet baby girl…too much blue in this house!

  82. I think this would be lovely for my four year old, Amelia. 🙂

  83. Perfect for my little nieces. We are way maxed out on Webkinz here…and we have boys so….


  84. We love Hewwo Kitty (that’s how it’s pronounced in this house)!

  85. Pretty!!!!

  86. My little girl would love this! We have never been to build a bear before!!

  87. I just found out about this site and I LOVE it! I am forwarding it to my sister (who has 3 little ones) so she can shop for some great deals too. Her oldest has been begging me to take her to BuildABear so now is a chance to win one and get a gift card to build another.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  88. Thanks for the opportunity! ~ squee – I now as an adult LOVE Hello Kitty, and my son would LOVE to finally get to build-a-bear of his own!

  89. Good one! Thanks!

  90. My daughter will love this! You are so awesome!

  91. Hello Kitty and Build-A-Bear are very popular at my house. What a wonderful contest.

  92. Pick me!! I know the perfect little girl who would love that toy! Plus I lived on Oahu for 3 years!

  93. wow

  94. oooooh! please pick me.i *love* hello kitty. every time we walk by build a bear i beg my boys to get me one. they are teenagers so my hello kitty obsession causes them endless grief. don’t you want to help me torment them? 🙂

    i am the only girl in this house. we are woefully lacking in the “pink things” department. hello kitty could be the daughter i never had. i could take her shopping BAB for a new outfit with the gift card, then we could have tea together. yes, i would totally take her to the mall.


  95. Please, oh please, oh please!

  96. My niece would love the Hello Kitty. And I’m sure my boys would love to visit Build-a-Bear for free.

  97. Just the thing to cause an all-out war between my five year-old twin Build-a-Bear-Lovin’ girls.

  98. love it!

  99. I love her, and would love to give her as a birthday gift for my cousin!

  100. Despite my best efforts, both of my kids have been to Build-a-bear, and it is almost impossible to come out of there WITHOUT blingage. Frustrating, but so darn cute. And the kitty is cute too.

  101. My daughter LOVES Hello Kitty and Build a Bear.

  102. My daughter is a Build A Bear … well, I was going to say virgin, but that seems inappropriate. She longingly stares at the BaB in our mall and we hustle her past it (along with the ride-on truck ride things that I tell her are for “big kids”. And when she’s a big kid? They’re for “little kids”.) Anyways, I am sure she would LOVE the Hello Kitty and her pretty plastic accessory. So PICK ME, please!

  103. My daughter would love this!

  104. Apparently Hello Kiddo is a much bigger draw than books about bloggers. And here I am, guilty, too.

  105. Mir I want to win her!!! Please? Please? Please? THANK YOU!!!

  106. Ooh, my daughter would love me FOREVER!!! 🙂

  107. Sure – why not? I’ll throw my name into the pot. My girls would love her.

  108. Like everyone, I have a little girl that would love it and the $25 would help buy her twin sister one too! Thanks for the offer and congrats to the lucky winner.

    PS. LOVE the site. I have to say it jumped me off into a whole new world of internet coupons, free stuff and BIGTIME savings!! Thanks!!!!!!!

  109. My daughter would love her! Thanks for posting these contests!

  110. my friend would love this!

  111. oh boy would my kiddo flip out. . .

    Come on number generator!!


  112. Wow, my daughter would love!

  113. Yay contests! Yay Mir!

  114. Hello Kitty Please!

  115. Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, let this be my very lucky day!

  116. Me, Me, Me Please!!!

  117. My daughter naturally loves BAB and Hello Kitty and with her birthday fast approaching this would be great! I hope I win 🙂

  118. I would be the COOLEST “aunt” ever if I won that for Kate! Me, please, dear random number generator 🙂

  119. Oh, my daughter would love this!

  120. wowza, we’d love it!

  121. I’ve never been to Build-A-Bear, but I sure want to, now!

  122. Pick me! 🙂

  123. pick me!

  124. No daughters, but maybe someday…

  125. I know a little person who would adore this!

  126. Just a quick hello to get in the running.

  127. I hate it at Build a Bear- but my kids don’t.

  128. Hello Kitty is awesome! Pick me, random number generator!

  129. She’s darling (so are you for offering!), we would love her :D!

  130. I have a little girl who is about to turn 4 that would absolutely love this! As always, thanks! 🙂

  131. So cute!!

  132. Cute!

  133. awwww…I liked the coconut bra. too cute!

  134. Aloha!

  135. My daughter would flip for this!

    Thanks, Mir!

  136. So cute! Babygirl would lover her!

  137. My daughter loves Hello Kitty & Build a Bear! Oh my heck she’s gunna flip!

  138. Adorable!

  139. Oh! I love it. I have one here who can’t get a scraped knee without a hello kitty bandaid. 🙂

  140. Crazy! This morning when I stopped by here I was wondering if you knew about build-a-bear because they were giving out free beach towels this weekend with a $15 purchase.

    I love build-a-bear!

  141. pretty, pretty mir, I never win these things. But since this is something my daughter really wants, maybe she’ll win it? thanks for the offering….

  142. Oh pick me pick me! My girl would love this and she just happens to be having her 3rd birthday in two weeks…

  143. Ooh Build a Bear, pick me, pick me……….

  144. I could give this to my niece but…maybe not 🙂

  145. First time entry into one of your contests. Maybe that’ll make me lucky??

  146. How wonderful this would be!!

  147. Here kitty kitty kitty……..
    My baby girl would love this…she’s turning 33…lol

  148. I love the wonderful Sanrio line since I was a kid and so does my daughter. Love it!

  149. Would love the Hello Kitty for my daughter…

  150. We’d love this!

  151. This would make an excellent birthday gift for either my almost 4 year old (sshhhh!) or the almost 4 year old daughter of my dear friend.
    Pick me! Pick me, O Wise Random Number Generator!!

  152. Thanks!

  153. I love Hello Kitty, and the Random Number Generator loves me…. right?

  154. We love Build a bear at our house. Thanks.

  155. Want!!

  156. aloha, oy!

  157. Oh, I love Hello Kitty! Although if I win, I’ll be adding this to a gift basket for my niece’s Hello Kitty themed baby shower next month.

  158. Can’t get to Hawaii so might as well try to get the cat.

  159. My daughter would love it!

  160. Too cute! My daughter loves Build a Bear.

  161. We’d love this at our house!!

  162. Can’t. look. away. from the cuteness! I think I could stand another trip to Build A Bear if I can do it with a gift certificate.

  163. I would be the hero of our house if I came home with THIS!

  164. Yikes, lots of replies!

  165. Here’s hoping!

  166. Would love to win this!!!!
    Thanks Mir.

  167. My daughter would love this! Please let the randomnator pick me this time!

  168. Toss my name/number into the hat!
    Thanks! 🙂

  169. Oh my graduating Pre-K’er would LOVE this. pick me pick me

  170. I promised my two little ones their first trip to Build-a-Bear sometime this summer. It would be awesome if we got picked!

  171. This is my lucky number.

  172. I have a 7 year old who loves BAB and Hello Kitty – this would be perfect 🙂

  173. my daughter would LOVE this. Thanks Mir!

  174. My baby is too old for this, but the grandbabies are starting to arrive, and eventually there will be a girl. : )

  175. Aah, she’s adorable – my daughter would love her!

  176. OMG! Soooo cute and sooo up my little lady’s alley!

  177. My daughter is a Build-A-Bear addict!!!

  178. Woo hoo -thanks!

  179. Leaving a comment!

  180. awww soo cute

  181. Hello Kitty rocks! Just as much today as when I was 8!

  182. I don’t understand why Hello Kitty needs a coconut bra, but this is a fantastic contest.

  183. My daughter has been talking about this one ever since we got their ad in the mail. Perfect timing!

  184. oh, my daughter would just love this!!!

  185. Oh please pick me! My little Scarlett will swoon!!!!!

  186. Hello Kitty is too cute! My niece would love this.

  187. Thanks

  188. Thanks Mir. You’re the prettiest.

  189. me me me!!! 🙂

  190. This is our lottery ticket!!!

  191. I’d like a chance, please

  192. My four year old just saw this in the BaB window this weekend. It was all I could do to get her out of the mall. It would be great if we the winners!


  193. I am hoping I am lucky this time around! :0

  194. Thanks!

  195. Oh please pretty friend. Smart friend. Lovely friend. My daughter turns 6 tomorrow and this is way cooler than anything I got her.

  196. Aloha!

  197. I keep entering these contests and somebody has to win!

  198. We’d love to say hello to that cute kitty!

  199. I’m in!

  200. Mir, my daughter will worship you if she gets this…


  201. Hello Kitty is my 5 year olds fav!

  202. sounds like a great end of the year gift!

  203. I don’t have to share this with anyone, do I?

  204. OMG, Hello Kitty and BAB! Does life get any better?!?!

  205. Ooh so cute! I think my daughter’s head would explode!

  206. Hello Kitty seems like a great alternative to the doll I was planning to get my 2 year old. Thanks

  207. My daughter is a big HK fan. Keeping fingers crossed that you will pick lucky number 209!

  208. I want this!!! I’ll even let my 3 year old play with it!
    COME ON random number generator!!!!

  209. oh my heavens.

  210. This is the best contest yet. Big brother went to party and got the cheetah. Little sister (3) is waiting for her turn. Please save me from filling the tank and driving to the mall.

  211. Maybe I will win this time!

  212. Cute kitty!

  213. Me me me, I need some luck this week.

  214. Its my daughters bday in 2 weeks and she would LOVE this!

  215. My girls would love hello-kitty! They love dressing up their bears, but what’s up with the Build-A-Bear shoes? They love them, because they are girls and girls love shoes, but they never stay on and it’s a constant struggle to find them when they fall off somewhere when they are running around the house.

  216. My granddaughter would love this – my best friend got through grad school (in math) with the help of Hello Kitty, and when Sophie was born I couldn’t help introducing her. She slept with that HK doll for two years, and it’s really falling apart now. I’d love to be able to give her a new one.

    Come on, tropical breeze!

  217. After three and a half years of doing Ana’s adoption, and just finishing it on Friday, the “adoption paperwork” you threw in there caught my eye. This would be a fun prize at the end of the road…not to mention our daughter. 😀

  218. So cute! We love BaB around here!

  219. Yep, my 4-year-old would love this!

  220. If you build it they will come…

  221. Cute. Kids love these things right?

  222. My daughter would love this!

  223. My daughter loves Hello Kitty. She would love to get this.

  224. I think she’s a cutie!! My niece would just love her!!

  225. We would so love to have the Hello Kitty at our house. Thanks for this chance… 🙂

  226. We LOVE build-a-bear!!!!

  227. My daughter thinks hello kitty is the greatest ever!!

  228. I’m too tight to bring my daughter to Build A Bear. This might make it a little more possible.

  229. So cute… I want…

  230. I love to take my niece to Build A Bear – it’s our special Aunt Deb and Katie time!

  231. My daughter would LUV this!!

  232. Please please please!!!

  233. My daughter would LOVE to have this.

  234. I’ve never BEEN to BaB, but Lydia & I would love to go get Hello Kitty some bling. Maybe even buy Hello Kitty a pal…

  235. My five-year-old loves Hello Kitty — thanks for the chance to win!

  236. Good gift idea. I’ve never built a bear, but I have recieved one and it’s cute.

  237. Oh, we are a house full of cat lovers so Hello Kitty is very welcome here! Here kitty kitty…

  238. We are about to drive 6 hours one way in a couple of weeks to go to a Build-A-Bear Workshop in the next state! We don’t have one closer to us, unfortunately! My daughter would love Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear! Thanks bunches!

  239. Throwing my name in the hat…

  240. Just wanting to get in on the contest!

  241. Hello, Kitty! She’d be a HUGE hit here at our house of all girls. 🙂

  242. she is very cute!

  243. Perfect gift for my little sis!

  244. That is way cute. I would love to win that for my daughter.

  245. Dear number generator Gods……. Pick me!

  246. Oh, my daughter would love that bear!

  247. Please pick me! I love Hello Kitty!

  248. My daughter is obsessed with Hello Kitty. She would love this Hawaiian version1

  249. Pick me. My daughter would love this!

  250. Whoa, just look at the number of mails! Well, might as well chime in with mine, coz I just discovered your site, and its cute. In a useful sort of way.

  251. Love, love, love this contest. I’m in!!!

  252. Oh ho, a delight for my 3-year-old girlie-girl! (Hey, #254 might be THE ONE, you never know)

  253. How cute!

  254. Yay Hello Kitty contest!!!

  255. Oh my goodness, my daughter would give her right hand for Hello Kitty! Did I mention how pretty you are looking today, Mir? (Does sucking up help?) LOL.

  256. We love Hello Kitty! My daughter would flip out !

  257. so fun!! we’d love hello kitty!!

  258. Oh she is so cute!!!!

  259. I’m feelin’ lucky today…let’s try it.

  260. Pick me! Pick me!

  261. Hello Kitty AND Build A Bear — my daughter would expire from the happiness if this were to be hers!

  262. we would LOVE it,thanks for the chance

  263. Pick me…..my Emma Jean would love this!

  264. my niece would go crazy for a HK doll! Not to mention I’d be the coolest aunt ever if I win this for her!

    *fingers crossed*

  265. I love HK!! Please!!

  266. My daughter would love this!

  267. Me, me, me!!!! I went to Japan last year and Hello Kitty was everywhere. I had to resist temptation; all I bought was a Hello Kitty geisha pen (tres cute, btw).

  268. My niece would love this!

  269. I would love this! Birthdays are coming up.

  270. Ahh… the memories of spending my quarters in the hello kitty store at the mall. My daughter (and I) would love this!

  271. Oh wow – my Riley would be sooooo excited….because she’s 2 1/2 you know (everything happens because she’s 2 1/2 though which I think is hillarious)

  272. picke me oh random number generator!

  273. maybe I’ll win this time, if I stroke the random number generator gently and whisper sweet nothings to it…..

  274. Oh, Mir, you are so pretty – pick me, please!

  275. If I win this, it’s going to our AdoptaFamily program at school. some girl is going to be thrilled.

  276. Pick me random generator…I have 4 girls.

  277. Must…..have…..tropical…..Hello….Kitty…..to add to collection!! Thanks for another great contest!

  278. Count me in on this one!!! my daughters would love this!- Cindy

  279. My daughter LOVES Hello Kitty, and her birthday was Saturday.

  280. My daughter’s room is hello kitty this is great…

  281. My munchkin would love this!

  282. we *heart* hello kitty here

  283. Count me in, thanks!

  284. Hellllllllo, Mir!

  285. oh please, oh please! God of the random number generator – please pick me! I have a precocious sister-in-law desperately in need of just this little item!


  287. My daughter was sitting on my lap when I opened the photo, and I cannot ignore her squeals of delight…please!

  288. please! pretty, pretty please!

  289. please! pretty, pretty please!

  290. My daughter loves Build-a-Bear and Hello Kitty!!

  291. Would love to win this! Thank you!

  292. My four year old ADORES Hello Kitty! She’d love this!

  293. Aloha, many Hello Kitty Fans!

  294. My son has a build a bear and my daughter doesn’t, gotta make it fair 🙂

  295. Adorable!

  296. I have a little girl who dearly loves Hello Kitty and Build A Bear. How cool!

  297. My daughter loves Hello Kitty and would love to have her.

  298. Yeah, I would so totally buy her the coconut bra.

  299. Aww, that’s adorable! Would make a perfect gift for any little girl.

  300. My daughter NEEDS a build a bear!!!

  301. Hey! One of the only words my Bee-baby (who is almost two, can you believe it?) can say so that others understands is “kitty!” Surely that gives my comment the edge it needs to finally defeat the Random Number Generator.

  302. Aww – she’s a cutie. Count me in!

  303. My daughter would love this! Thanks! 🙂

  304. Pick me! Pick me!

  305. I know a little girl who would be thrilled so .. you never know what number might come up! Thanks for the fun.

  306. MY Daughter is SOO into Hello Kitty these days, just got done doing the “Hello Kitty” theme birthday party!
    She’s going to be in HEAVEN once she finds this out!!
    Thank you!

  307. I love me some hello kitty

  308. My daughters love Hello Kitty and Build a Bear! Very cute!

  309. I can find a home for Hello Kitty!

  310. Isabel loves Hello Kitty! She would be so happy to win!

  311. This would put my granddaughter right over the edge.

  312. me want…. for my wifey!

  313. My 8yo daughter would adore this!

  314. My niece would love this!! Her birthday is in 2 weeks and this would be purrrrrfect!

  315. Did you know she is offically a Japanese ambassador now?

  316. My daughter would LOVE this! Hello Kitty is much better than a plain ‘ole bear!

  317. My daughter would be so excited!

  318. Awesome!

  319. hi mir! 🙂

  320. Holy cow, we’re in the 300s. But, hey, I have a chance! Uh… a 1 in at least 300-something chance….

  321. My daughter cannot have enough build a bears. Hello Kitty would be a great addition. Pick us!

  322. very cute

  323. adorable!

  324. With three girls, this would make me a hero, (well to one of them at least;)

  325. Oooh mememe!

  326. My BFF would love this for her birthday!

  327. what a Super Gift for a Certain Little Miss.

  328. would love a shot at this!

  329. My daughter was at a birthday party at Build a Bear a little over a week ago and fell in love with the tropical hello Kitty! Unfortunately, that was not within the party budget and she’s been begging for one since! *crossed fingers*
    Thanks Mir!

  330. My daughter’s fourth birthday in in 2 days… what a perfect present!!

    Enter me, please!! :o)

  331. Thanks for all of your great contests!

  332. Looks good.

  333. Pretty Kitty.

  334. Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

  335. great contest. hope i win.

  336. My daughter, the future vet who happens to be a SERIOUS cat lover, would be so thrilled to have this animal. Purrrr!!!! 😀

  337. My son is 30. I still have Kitty stuff from when he was young

  338. come on lucky number 341 🙂

  339. My daughter wants her so badly – we just can’t afford it at the moment!

  340. oh my goodness! how cute. my dd turns 3 next week and would adore her. maybe the computer gods will shine some luck on me in this one! lol

  341. With four daughters, we love getting Build a Bear giftcards, because it’s a little pricey otherwise. My girls would love this kitty, and she would be welcomed into their family of bears, monkeys, frogs, and other stuffed with love creatures!

  342. My children love Build-a-Bear and would really enjoy this kitty.

  343. Our daughter would love this! Count me in!

  344. What a great idea to bring in “Hello Kitty.” We love her at all ages!

  345. My daughter loves Build A Bear!

  346. both my daughters would love this, thanks

  347. What a great gift for my niece!

  348. This is too cute for words! My daughter would love this!

  349. My daughter would love this.

  350. hello kitty is so adorable. would love this for my granddaughter.

  351. My daughter would LOVE this prize! Thank you for this contest!

  352. Im in dude!

  353. My daughter is obsessed with all things “kitty” right now… this would really help us as we need a special gift to encourage her to get rid of the darn pacifier 🙂

  354. yea! i’ve loved hello kitty since i was a kid (almost 30 years – holy cow!)!!! i even hello kitty jewelry now! i need to carry on the tradition with this new hello kitty! we would love to have it!

  355. This is really a cute prize. My granddaughter would love it!

  356. My daughter really loves Hello Kitty and Build-A-Bear.. but right now, I’m having to be frugal thanks to the insane gas prices here in Los Angeles. $4.60 a gallon when my mister filled up yesterday. =/ It sucks, but these things definitely affect the little luxuries.

  357. please enter me 🙂

  358. I love Build-a-Bear. I got my husband a Koala for Christmas when we were dating.

  359. Please pick me….I love Hello Kitty!!

  360. My kids ADORE build-a-bear!!

  361. thank you!

  362. We LOVE Build a Bear!!! How fun!

  363. mir-

    i love you more than i could ever express. hello kitty in a contest. *sigh* i love hello kitty. a lot. a really huge enormous lot. to the point my 10 year old daughter shakes her head in embarrassment at me. but as her parent, it is my duty to find new and exciting ways to make her wish i was three blocks away. 🙂 thank you for this particular contest.

  364. I love hello kitty. I bought a different tropical one while I was in hawaii, this one could be it’s best friend!

  365. Oh, I love her! My little 3 year old niece would have so much fun with this little cutie — Hello Kitty is her FAVORITE!

  366. Oh pretty random number generator, please pick me!!!
    (Thanks Mir!)

  367. That is too cute! I would love to win Hello Kitty for one of my favorite little girls…

  368. My daughter would get a kick out of this! 🙂

  369. Ooh, my daughter loves Hello Kitty!

  370. Is it rude to say I would hate this? I think I would hate build a bear and I have pretended it didn’t exist all of this time. BUT my 6 year old girlie would love it and I love her. She also got a Build a bear gc recently and this would make it so I could bring her brother to the “happiest” place at the mall.

    What next? A contest for a sleepover at Chuck E Cheese?

    (Of course I am kidding, sort of. I would be very grateful and would smile the whole time I was at Build A Bear not having to pay for it myself 😉

  371. That’s beyond adorable. My pal’s kid would freak if I won this. Plus I have Hello Kitty on the brain because I walk past Lever House installation of Hello Kitty “crying” sculptures every morning.

  372. Sigh. As an adult and a parent, I refuse to buy myself stuffed animals. But I kinda like them, a lot. This would be a great way to indulge myself, and pick up something for the kiddo!

  373. my daughter LOVES Build-a-Bear and every time we go (the nearest store is about 100 miles away) I can only afford to spend maybe $10 on something. She’s devastated every time. Also, there have been times when I haven’t bought anything because she pitches a fit over not getting EXACTLY what she wants EXACTLY when she wants it. Ah, kids.

  374. So cute! And love the build a bear stores, there a blast for kids!

  375. Hello Kitty plus Build-a-Bear means my daughter’s head would explode. Gimme….

  376. So cute!

  377. oh my daughters would end up in heaven with this, thanks Mir!

  378. I have a new niece who would be all about this thing… when she gets a bit older, maybe.

  379. My daughter would love this!

  380. who would,nt like to win this.

  381. it would be super cool to get this for my daughter she is turning 9 tomorrow!!!

  382. Me, me! My daughter has forced me to spend $$ there. Free is better!

  383. My daughter loves build-a-bears when ever we go swimming I get her one in New Brauful’s that way she doesn’t want to go on all the water rides. Her new baby bear might get wet.

  384. Ok, *I* like Hello Kitty. And coconut bras.

    And my seven year old boy is crazy for Build A Bear.

    Count me in.

  385. Hello Kitty is great for kids and grown ups too.

  386. My niece would love this (after she finished chewing on it ;))!

  387. I would love to win this for my daughter. Thanks for such a wonderful contest and opportunity!

  388. This is such an awesome contest!
    I have a very vast Hello Kitty collection displayed in my room.

    If I’m lucky enough to win this doll, she would certainly be the star of all my attention and receive plenty of love from me.

  389. This would make a great birthday gift for my granddaughter!

  390. My niece would love this!

  391. Thsi would be awesome!

  392. We’ve never been to a Build-a-Bear, but this looks like something my little one would have a blast with (while possibly antagonizing the tiny anti-pink-for-a-boy streak in my husband!)

  393. Build-a-bear and Hello-Kitty all in one!!! So fun. Sign us up. Thanks!!!

  394. My daughters bedroom is totally Hello Kitty! She would love this!

  395. my WIFE would love this!!! lol and so would my daughter!

  396. Man, we haven’t ever been, and the two 1st baby bears we got as new baby gifts, well, are a little worse for wear from the puppies. I would have preferred something a little more inventive 🙂 Guess at some point we’ll go to a BAB party 🙂 That Hello Kitty is adorable, sign me up.

  397. i want one for my sons collection, adorable

  398. I think it sounds like fun. My poor 6 year old daughter is deprived because she has never been to BAB because I am a big meanie!

  399. My daughter has never been to BAB but we have 3 cats and she has loved cats since the day she was born,she is 11 and would love to win!!!!!

  400. Hello, Kitty!

  401. My Grand daughter would just love this. She was supose to go for her birthday and dad got laid off so couldnt go.

  402. I know just the girl who would love the bear….thank you.

  403. Count me in! Thanks.

  404. Wow she is so cute!!!!!

  405. Hooray for Hello Kitty!

  406. With four seniors (11 to 17), three juniors (2,3,and 5), and two kitties (6 months old), we need anything Hello Kitty! My granddaughter and I have shirts, jewelry, and purses with the Hello Kitty theme. Pick us!

  407. thanks!

  408. Coconut bra! Ha! Love it! ON HELLO KITTY ONLY! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  409. Hooray!

  410. Comment 415??? WEll, it’s worth a shot!

  411. Oh how darling! I’ve never seen a teddy bear colored Hello Kitty!! My little one would be in love!

  412. This is so cute. I know so many people (including myself) that this would make a great gift for. Thanks for the neat giveaway.

  413. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Hello Kitty, I’m calling you to come home with me.

  414. We just took home a baby kitty for my daughter last night!! She is kitty crazy and I would love to give her this!!! Thanks for offering it!

  415. Wow – Build A Bear, huh? I would have been seriously disturbed by this as a child. Remember that episode of Mr. Rogers where he went to the doll factory. That was a sad sad day for me. However, the Hello Kitty weakness has been passed on (genetically, I think) to my 5 year old urchin so should you pull my name out of your hat, rest assured Hula Meow Meow would be well loved. Possibly for several generations.

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