Safety can make you a HomeHero, too

By Mir
June 16, 2008
Category Contests

Last week some nice people from Home Depot contacted me to see if I’d like to give away some new products they’re promoting. And I agreed, because I am a fool for free things and also because what we have here is both practical and totally space-age-looking.

Check out the new HomeHero products: The fire extinguisher looks like it would be at home on the deck of the Spaceship Enterprise, but it works easily with a single hand and lasts up to 12 years; the 2-in-1 smoke and carbon monoxide detector tells you what sort of emergency you’re having, and can also fix you a nice breakfast. (Okay, I made the breakfast part up.) Together the estimated retail value is about $75.

These are quality safety tools to have in your home, is what I’m saying. And one lucky Want Not reader is going to receive the pair of ’em, just because you’re pretty. And because Home Depot is pretty.

To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, June 18th, 2008. One comment per person, valid email address, and all that jazz. Winner to be determined by random drawing and robotic likeness. (I made that last part up, too.)

Ready? Go!


  1. Mir,

    You really light my fire!

    Now I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the fire extinguisher to put it out!

    Ps. did I mention I heart Home Depot?

  2. My family always smells smoke when I cook. We need a fire extinguisher 🙂

  3. We need to replace our fire extinguishers anyway! Not that we used them (knock wood), they’re just 10 years old. Of course, with three “spirited” children in the house that could all change in the blink of an eye.

  4. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

    So spacey, and so handy. I once laughed at my mom for telling me I needed a fire extinguisher in the kitchen… until I set my oven on fire and was totally glad I had one. The smoke detector came in handy that day too, come to think of it…

  5. Wow, Mir, I’d love to win! It’s a smokin’ contest!

  6. Mir, you make me smile. Not just for free things, but because I love your sense of humor and writing style!

  7. I heart home depot…if only for this freebie!

  8. oooh, what a fab-o contest. Count me in!

  9. Home depot is one of our favorite places to shop!

  10. Pefect timing! We’re moving from an apartment to our own home at the end of the month and these are on our to buy list…along with a ton of baby proofing items. 🙂

  11. I’ll be contestant number 10! That sounds lucky to me!

  12. Hi Mir – count me in for this one.

  13. YAY, pick me random number picker !!
    Thanks Mir.

  14. how cool! I am a safety girl….please pick me!

  15. come on lucky 14!

  16. I just moved so this would come in very handy!

  17. I’m all over this give-away. Go 16!

  18. YES! We need this!

  19. Hello!

  20. We’d all love this!

  21. Fire extinguisher has been on my to buy list for forever.

    We have all the detectors we need, so you could even give that to a second random winner. Just a thought.

  22. My kids think the smoke detector going off is how you know the bacon is done….

  23. Very cool prize package. Pick me, please?

  24. Awesome prize! Count me in!

  25. I’m moving to a new house. This would come in very handy!

  26. I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

  27. Pick me! Pick me!

  28. Oh please please pick me!

  29. Fabulous! I was just thinking that we need to replace our fire extinguisher – not that it has ever been used, thank goodness. Just getting old. Please count me in for this giveaway!

  30. Safety first! We’d love these!

  31. I’m in! Please pick me to be a HomeHero!

  32. Sounds great!

  33. Safety First, I am in!

  34. oh hey!
    we just moved and i happen to actually need that stuff, and i didn’t realize til now that i don’t have them!!

  35. What family doesn’t need this?!

  36. We would love this!!!

  37. YAY another wonderful contest. YIPPEE! Count me in!

  38. Sounds great! Our smoke detectors are about 10 years old, so I think we need a new one!

  39. Love it! Finally something to calm my OCD so I don’t have to keep checking 8,000 times to see if I turned off my oven. Thanks, pretty Mir.

  40. Need it!! Want it!!

  41. (These contests are so freakin awesome.)

    *comment comment comment*

  42. Count me in, thanks!

  43. My hat’s thrown in…

  44. Yes, please!

  45. Pick me!! I could use one.

  46. me

  47. well i’ll try again

  48. Thanks!

  49. Thanks for the opportunity.

  50. nothings cooler than cool looking safety!!

  51. Hey, I’m in!

  52. I could really use a fire extinguisher in my kitchen!

  53. We just moved in to our new house and this would be great!

  54. i like being safe

  55. Thanks for the chance to win, Mir!

  56. sign me up

  57. Did I just see someone say “come on baby light my fire” up there? Too funny!

    Please pick me! My lease says I need to have a battery powered smoke alarm along with the installed AC power one… and I haven’t done it yet

  58. I’m all for safety.

  59. We are constantly at Home Depot! What did home owners do before they opened? Could definitley use a new fancy extinguisher, thanks!

  60. I heart home depot.

  61. Wow, free stuff and safe stuff too? Now I’m all excited.

  62. Count me in too!

  63. mememe!!! (Thanks Mir!)

  64. Me please!

  65. Dear Random Number Generator,

    I have tried to ignore your blatant attempts to shut me our of past contests and am giving you another chance. Because I am nice like that. And I really like free stuff. Pick me RNG!


  66. My sister just moved into a new home and this would be the perfect housewarming gift.

  67. i left a pan with oil on the fire last month and managed to char my micro that sits above the range – this would have helped

  68. Thanks Mir!

  69. With the new home, I could use both! And it’s a Natural Gas Home… I love the cm detector!

  70. Love Home Depot, and could use these in our new house!

  71. I’m the child of a Fire Chief and sadly I don’t own a fire extinguisher or carbon monoxide thingie.

    Help me re-join my family’s ‘circle of trust’


  72. Oooh, would be great for our new house! Thanks!

  73. Cool looking and would be cool to have – thanks for the giveaway!

  74. I don’t have a fire extinguisher…count me in! 🙂

  75. smoke and fire are BAD!

  76. I just had to use our kitchen extinguisher this weekend, so this would be great!

  77. me me me

  78. What a great prize!! Hope I win!

  79. I could use these!. Thanks

  80. I can really use one. Thanks.

  81. Perfect for my new home!

  82. We could use those

  83. Very exciting prize for someone building a home!!! Thank you.

  84. I saw the HomeHero extinguisher reviewed in a mag and put it on my wishlist. I need a fire extinguisher in my laundry room (not that I have a lot of fires there – – I just want to be prepared for any sudden dryer lint blazes) and think this one looks very cool and super easy to use. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  85. Oh what a great prize!!

  86. fire!

  87. We would love this! I need a new fire extinguisher!

  88. Learning to go from gas cooktop to electric is yielding much smoke…

  89. I would love to have a fire extinguisher. If my husband tries to cook, we definitely have to have one 🙂

  90. yay! count me in!

  91. And the random drawing picker is very pretty too!

  92. Our one teeny extinguisher is about 10 years old and never tested, I’d say we could use a safety upgrade!


  94. I’ve been needing to get a carbon monoxide detector!


  96. me too me too

  97. I have always wanted one of those carbon monoxide detectors. Too many scary stories I have heard.

  98. Yay, free things to save my life!

  99. Oh good! Because my extinguisher has expired.

    Kidding! (I hope…)

  100. I love Home Depot. I was just talking to DH last night about how we need a fire extinguisher so this would be great for us! Thanks for another great contest, Mir!

  101. Here’s my comment! A fire extinguisher has been on my list of things to buy but keep forgetting about for a while now.

  102. Love free things and love things that could save my life. Win-win!

  103. I think its almost time to replace my fire extinguisher, so I hope I can do it with a cool new free one.

  104. I would love a new CO detector–ours goes through batteries like crazy.

  105. me please!

  106. Sweet!!!

  107. Put my name in the hat, please!

  108. Oooh, I’d love those!

  109. My mom would love this because she is a fire-safety nut.

  110. I’d like to win.

  111. Pretty please pick me, pretty Mir!

  112. Count me in!

  113. My four year old still remembers when he was two and we had a grease fire/flare up. Tells me all about the alarm and the smoke and having to run out of the apartment. Good times, good times.

  114. Pick me please!!!

  115. Excellent giveaway – safety first.

  116. Getting ready to replace our smoke detectors anyway, so may as well try to get one for free. Ours goes off every time we open the oven door.

  117. Maybe this time…116 has to be lucky! I can feel it. lol

  118. Great giveaway! Thanks Mir.

  119. I’ve looked at these. They are so cool looking. I’d love to win!

  120. I never win…prove me wrong!

  121. Home Depot is pretty. True fact.

  122. I want them! They are cool-looking and I actually need a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors to replace the old, old, old ones I have. So pick me!

  123. Hey, these are a good idea! Added safety! (And we’re moving in a month and a half, so these would be great in our new apartment.)


  124. My father-in-law lives with us, and you never know what he might do, so these could come in really handy someday!

  125. I’m in for this!

  126. Hooray for safety!

  127. Safety Rocks! Especially when it it’s free.

  128. That’s hawt. Pick me.

  129. They’re free and could save your life!

  130. so safe! so pretty! I’d love it!

  131. Oooh, we need this! Thanks, Mir.

  132. I REALLY need to win, as my house has neither at this time.

  133. Sounds great–here’s to winning!!!

  134. Our extinguisher is past due for replacement, this would be so handy!

  135. Thanks for the chance!!

  136. Safety: good. Free safety: better. Free, geeky safety: most excellent!

  137. Star Trek is my favourite show 🙂

  138. I hope you pick me!!!!!

  139. I would love to have this!! Thanks!

  140. Great idea! Hope Depot has everything.

  141. That would be sssssoooo nice!

  142. Thanks for the chance. Everyone could use this!

  143. Figure it’s worth a shot 😉

  144. Cool! Sign me up! 🙂

  145. Too bad you don’t have a few hundred to give away! I’d love to win just one!

  146. Would love a chance to win these…thanks for the great giveaway!

  147. I’m all fired up to win!!!

  148. Pick me!

  149. Corduroy pillows: They’re making headlines!

  150. pick me!

  151. I would love to win a new fire extinguisher! Thanks for the offer.

  152. Mir – Just discovered this weekend that we need a new fire extinguisher… Please enter me! P.S. I’m a Home Depot regular! 🙂

  153. Us! Please! Thanks!

  154. I really need both. Well I have a smoke detector, but not a carbon monoxide detector.

  155. Count me in!

  156. I need these for my Grandmother’s new house. Thanks Mir.

  157. Safety first…yada, yada, yada!

  158. that would go well with the fire pit fire we start every weekend

  159. I need both as well, count me in!

  160. My 3 year old son has started telling me about various “safety violations” I am committing. Maybe these would help! He’s an HD fan too. Last time we went to Lowe’s he informed me, “This is NOT Home Depot!” Indeed, kid, indeed.

  161. I really should own a fire extinguisher …

  162. I’m in!

  163. We’d love to win these for a new house!

  164. We :heart: safety equipment 🙂

  165. Snazzy!

  166. Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  167. Definitely needed here, since I kicked a carbon/fire detector to death a while back when it was stuck on reset and wouldn’t stop beeping. Stomping it to death was sooo satisfying, and having it replaced without having to trek to a store would make it even better!

  168. Beep-beep, beep, beep, beep-beep.

    How’s that for a robotic likeness?

  169. Sounds great!!

  170. I would put this to good use.

  171. Such a deal. My fire extinguisher is so old, the inside stuff is probably ALL dried up. I need a smoke detector in one of my rooms, combining it with a CO2 detector would be sweet.

  172. I’m in!

  173. Another great contest! Thank you!

  174. Thanking you in advance.

  175. My firefighter dad would be much happier knowing I have these in my home!! Thanks 🙂

  176. Very space age looking – and pretty!

  177. Ooooh, my kids dropped our fire extinguisher and broke it so we could use a new one! I’m in!

  178. Always looking to be more safe. And this time I got my entry in on time (instead of 9 hours late 🙂

  179. oh pretty Mir- you are not a geek. STARSHIP Enterprise

  180. We’d love some new safety equipment for our new house! Count us in please!

  181. What wonderful products. Even if I don’t win, I need to go buy a new fire extinguisher!

  182. Ooohh! Pretty and sparkly! And useful in an emergency too! Count me in!

  183. We just moved and had to leave our carbon monoxide detector behind…..would love to have this! Thank you so much for all of the goodies you send out our way.

  184. Safety is my middle name!

  185. Pick me.. pick me!

  186. Wont fix me breakfast?! awww man. Love the design

  187. I would give these to my daughter and her husband to be for their new home.

  188. Odds are long but worth it–I’m a safety girl (not the Julia Robert’s in Pretty Woman kind of a safety girl, but keeping the house safe). Great give-away so feel free to pick me you random number picker!!

  189. Oh I’d love to win this. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  190. Count me in…I’m all about safety!

  191. Please pick me, Mir. These would be great for the new house!

  192. Here’s hoping!

  193. We would love it … such a great website … love it!!

  194. Who knew fire safety could be pretty?

  195. I just bought a new house, so these would be great!

  196. Those would be great!

  197. Just call me hero!….as you pick my number! 🙂

  198. Another Great Giveaway, Mir!! Count me in, please.

  199. Count me in.

  200. We’d love either! Thanks Oh Beautifus One.

  201. Me too. Thanks home Depot

  202. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  203. June 18th is my 3rd Wedding Anniversary, this would be a nice free gift to win 🙂

  204. Sounds good!

  205. Ooooo! Bring it!

  206. I would love this, and sleep so much better at night. Pick me! 🙂

  207. Perfect timing for my daughter’s first move to her own place! Thanks, Home Depot.

  208. Yes please!

  209. very cool! Count me in!

  210. I hope I win – we could really stand to have a fire extinguisher on each floor of the house.

  211. I live in an ancient house made of sticks. It is only a matter of time. Count me in!

  212. I am in. I am sure we have none of these super cool safety features!

  213. very cool looking. thanks!

  214. Safety First! Count me in! Thanks.

  215. Since it won’t make breakfast for me, I’ll need the fire extinguisher for when I try to do it myself!

  216. Fancy!

  217. Pick me!

  218. I just love to be safe–it’s one of my favorite pastimes. 🙂

  219. Count me in!

  220. Pick me! You looked very pretty in your pictures with Ludicris!

  221. Safety first! Pretty a close second.

  222. I could totally use these! I’m in!

  223. My kids like to joke that every time i cook, I burn. Not exactly true, but more often than not, something gets “crispy”. I could use both items tonight, probably.

  224. Commenting right here!

  225. Mir+Home Depot=One pretty pair!!!


  226. As your not-so-local roller girl, I like safety!!! Now com’ere and let me shoulder check you! 🙂

  227. I love how you’re always giving stuff away! You’re like Santa!

  228. Cool. My firefighter husband would love these.

  229. I’m going to try again to win something.

  230. Oh we could soooooo use this, now that I work nights and hubby errrrr ……”cooks”

  231. Much needed items!

  232. Safety is always important!

  233. Yes, please! Not only are you pretty, Mir, your random number generator is pretty, too. And hopefully not immune to flattery.

  234. I totally need this! I’m ashamed to say we don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, and the smoke detector’s batteries are probably dead. *hangs head*

  235. Enter me!

  236. great prize!

  237. I’d love these!

  238. Oooh well I am pretty… but you are way prettier!
    Count me in! I could sure use a new fire extinguisher!

  239. Great prize!

  240. OOOhh, I need those too!

  241. I would love to have those, especially as I am occasionally prone to kitchen disasters….

  242. Very neat!

  243. Ooooh, I need a fire extinguisher! The detector is a nice bonus!

  244. keep us safe mir!

  245. I heart safety!

  246. Oooooooo! This is so practical it makes me very happy. I am such a dork.

    Thanks for another great contest Mir.

  247. I love your contests!

  248. Thanks!

  249. Great contest!

  250. I need both of these. After living in apartments (where the fire extinguisher was always provided), I have yet to purchase one for my own house…which I moved into four years ago.

  251. I saw this on tv a while back and it is the cooooolest fire extinguisher ever!

  252. My husband and daughter can’t smell, so I need both of these. Seriously. Don’t make me beg.

  253. I would love to win!

  254. A fire extinguisher that lasts for 12 years? I’m in even if I have to wait til they’re for sale and buy one 🙂

  255. Wow! I could really use these. I would love to win, too!

  256. It’s always better to be safer. Great contest, thank you!

  257. new house

  258. Very cool…pick me!

  259. My cooking sucks… but my hubby is deploying for 6 months this fall and I will be forced to cook for the family. It would be wonderful to have these close by, just in case!!

  260. This would be awesome! What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  261. Ohhh, help me be safe from fire! Please!

  262. Great contest!

  263. I’m entering. 🙂

  264. Oh Random Number Generator, please pick me. I make a wicked good chocolate Guinness cake, and if you pick me I’ll make you one 🙂

  265. Thanks Mir!

  266. I just used up our fire extinguisher this weekend putting out a Father’s Day grill fire — don’t ask — so a new one would be MOST appreciated!

  267. those would be great for my new house!

  268. I wanna win!!!

  269. Count me in!!

  270. I’ll take it!

  271. Home Depot rocks. Thanks to the both of you for the chance to win!

  272. I’d love to win. Thanks for all of the great contests!

  273. Cool! And I am a perfect robotic likeness because I can robot dance! (I made that part up!)

    I love safety!

  274. Thanks for keeping us safe, pretty Mir!

  275. Too cool! We learn how to Pull, Aim, Squeeze & Sweep at the hospital I work for, but since I do home health, I’m unlikely to get to use those skills at work. I hope I don’t need them at home, either, but it’d be nice to have the equipment – just in case.

  276. safety first!

  277. safety first!

  278. FUN

  279. Very Fun! Hope I win 🙂

  280. Me, Me, Please!

  281. holy smokes batman!

  282. Pick me Mir!

  283. We are becoming Foster Parents and we really need these. Awesome!!! Pick me!

  284. 🙂 I’m in!

  285. I love me some Home Depot.
    Our checking account loathes that place, though.

  286. I work for Home Depot. Its not pretty…

  287. I love Home Depot!

  288. Pretty Pretty Polly
    Picked a pretty dolly
    Took her to the kitchen
    to give a little lolly.
    Dolly touched the burner
    And Polly rued her folly:
    I should’ve commented
    And maybe won, oh by golly!

  289. The pretty bird I keep in the basement would like me to win, so it can stop being my carbon monoxide detector.

  290. Please pick me! Thanks!

  291. Awesome. I puffy heart home depot.

  292. safety first!! Pick me!! 🙂

  293. Oooh this would make a lovely house warming gift for my hubby and I!

  294. 297!

  295. WOOT! Me!

  296. Once again, count me in!

  297. Me please…

  298. Yes, please. Although I really would like something – or someONE to make my breakfast!

  299. I’d love to win that!

  300. Pick me, please!!!!

  301. We could really use this as I know we have a fire extinguisher – but I couldn’t tell you where it was 🙂 Thanks pretty Mir!

  302. *cough*Starship*cough*

    Seeing as how we have a deadly combination of gas heaters/fireplaces and two curious cats, we could use these items. Well, should have them handy. Hopefully not actually use them.

  303. I heart contests! Would love to win.

    Thanks for sponsoring so many of them.

  304. Yes, I can use these as the starting point to remodel my house in the form of the Enterprise. Now I just have to pick which model. They definitely seem more Next Generation than original series.

  305. All the creative comments are taken 🙂

  306. Pick me please.

  307. ooohhhh, cool!

  308. Me please! Me! This would be perfect since I am pregnant and need to safeguard the house!

  309. I’m in!! I love contests!

  310. Ooh! Pick me, pick me. Quick before my children set the house on fire!

  311. Wow, thanks.

  312. Perfect! i hate fire in the house. 🙂

  313. Me me me!!

  314. Pick me, Pick me…Pretty Please??

  315. Oh I just finished my first C.E.R.T. course and now I am all about disaster preparedness this would be very helpful!

  316. Mir, I love the space-age look of this fire extinguisher, but even more so, I love that it seems much easier to use than the standard kind. I am, um, not mechanically inclined and I can usually find a way to use something the wrong way, so this would give me more peace of mind!

  317. Add me to the growing mound of people. Thanks!

  318. I’m hoping to move into a new home soon and this would be the perfect house warming gift!

  319. That is the coolest extinguisher I have ever seen!

  320. Lucky number…..

  321. Necessitites for home owners that I hope to get!

  322. Yo, count me in, Pretty Mir!

  323. I’d be loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  324. Home Depot is pretty, but you are WAY prettier. 😉

    Great giveaway!!

  325. Awesome give away, thanks!

  326. Oohhhh pick me number generator – please 😉

  327. It’s been a while since I purchased a fire extinguisher. I’m sure ours need to be replaced. Just think…you could be saving our lives!

  328. Safetyman in my family would be thrilled

  329. I could use this the next time the “kids” set fire to my citronella candle…or the next time the grill goes up in flames. Oh,yeah, that was your grill — not mine.

  330. Count me in!

  331. Oooh, ooooh, pick me please!

  332. If I win, it will ensure I won’t get any safety violations from Lou and Lou. LOL.

  333. Safety is good! Thanks!

  334. Oh pick me! I totally need a new fire extinguisher for my kitchen. While I haven’t QUITE set my oven on fire like Chris did, I totally fit the category of “needs to have emergency equipment on standby while cooking”…

  335. A fire extinguisher in the kitchen sounds like a very good idea, given my tendencies toward clumsiness.

  336. Wow! Mir, you can make even Safety Equipment look PRETTY!! Your prettiness knows no bounds!!

  337. Save me!

  338. I am ALWAYS at the home depot (turning in dead plants for new – love that they do that) and of course buying paint and things like light fixtures etc… And why yes, i DO need a smoke detector and new fire extinguisher. The one we have is a bit old. The red one. You know. It’s been in the same spot for a lot longer than it should. If I don’t win this one, I’ll use this contest to remind me to buy a new one in my next jaunt to the Home Depot. Thanks!

  339. great contest!

  340. hi! this contest is so hot… 🙂 hope all is well, mir!

  341. Looks very cool!

  342. I just moved into my new house this past weekend (well, it’s new to me). I could really use these!!!

  343. ~Very cool, I’m in! :)We could use this for our Alaskan home. This is great!


  344. I could definitely use both of those in my house! Pick me please 🙂

  345. Hmm. So far my cooking has not resulted in the release of carbon monoxide fumes. . . I don’t think.

  346. Pick me!

    kthnx 🙂

  347. No home should be with out these items!

  348. We could really use some equipment like this, but I never think to actually buy it when I am at Home Depot. So sign me up!!!

  349. Oooh! Lucky number . . .353? Maybe?!?

  350. my husband has decided to start cooking, we could use this

  351. We heat our house solely with a wood stove in the winter, so this Home Hero package would be a very useful set of items for us!

  352. I never under estimate the importance of being prepared for emergencies.

  353. Very useful prize. Please sign me up!

  354. We can use this, we don’t have a fire extinguisher and would love to have one

  355. Please enter me. That would be great.

  356. I do have a fire extinguisher, but I think it is more than 10 years old. Might not work! Thank you!

  357. my mother is the origional fire starter. she seems to be able to get things going then forgets all about them. smoke flames and complete confusion follow her cooking early warning system is really needed here !!!

  358. Safety First!

  359. What great safety items and thanks to you and to Home Depot for a great contest!

  360. My son sleep down stairs,I could always use more detectors,more the better.

  361. I would love to win this!!!

  362. We so need this. We are currently renting. Landlord doesn’t provide smoke detectors.

  363. just moved to a new home. this would be perfect to help us out

  364. Very sytylish! I really like the contemporary design and would tell all my friends to shop Home Depot if I won! 🙂

  365. I’m in…

  366. come on lucky number 370!

  367. what a practical safety giveaway to have!

  368. I’m wondering who will appreciate those more – my family, who recently witnessed me filling the kitchen with smoke when my cake boiled over, or my future dorm mates, who are very likely to witness me walk out the door with my empty coffee pot still on.

    ie, pick me, wooo!

  369. I’d love to win these items!!! Great contest! 🙂

  370. Pick me! Safety first. Thank you and Home Depot.

  371. u going give papa valley one fire put outer, tanks eh!!!!

  372. This is a great giveaway.

  373. Please enter me for these truly useful products.

  374. It’s time to upgrade my fire protection.

  375. Wow!! I just signed up as a volunteer for the Medical Reserve Corps. Safety First is my motto.

  376. oh, I *do* need those. we’re finishing our basement and the 2 in 1 smoke/CO detector is required.

  377. I would love to have these. Thanks for the chance.

  378. We need one! Our old fire extinguisher packed it in and we haven’t gotten a new one.

    Bad us!

    Pick me!

  379. would love to win this. Need the smoke alarm and co2 detector.

  380. I just found your site and I LOVE it. Will be back many more times.

  381. I’m in!

  382. Definately need these!

  383. I could really use these safety tools.

  384. If the fire extinguisher comes in black, it would fit right in to my kitchen… no, not because I have set it on fire too many times… 😛

  385. I DO need both of those things, as a matter of fact. This is my lucky day, I can feel it.

  386. These are great to have. Do you think a fire extinguisher that’s about 14 years old should be replaced? If so, can I please win? That way I can still get the safety discount on my homeowners’ insurance. Thanks!

  387. Trip prizes – Thousands of dollars
    Car prizes – Tens of thousands of dollars
    The gift of Family safety – Priceless.

  388. Someone saved my life tonight, sugarbear…. Thanks to a CO detector.

  389. count me in please 🙂

  390. Home Depot is a great hardware store. I would love this prize.

  391. Would love to win this!

  392. A must have for any dwelling. Great contest!

  393. Would be a wonderful addition to our future home (once the one we are in sells!!) Thanks again Mir for a great contest.

  394. My house was built in the 1950’s I really could use a fire extinguisher.

  395. Home Depot rocks!! Thanks for the opportunity H.D!

  396. This would be great to have around. Thanks for the contest.

  397. just what I need. Thanks for the chance.

  398. Can I have a new house to go with it?

  399. Considering all the cooking “experiments” I’ve been doing lately, it might be a good idea for me to have a decent fire extinguisher on hand 😀 Yay!

  400. These should be in every home. Hope to win!

  401. Definitely a must in every home! Count me in!

  402. Let’s think safety!!!!

  403. When I first glanced at this post I read “HomoHero” instead of “HomeHero” and I was stunned. Guess I should slow down, huh? Thanks for the contest!

  404. Yeah, this would be good! Totally need these! Thanks for the contest – even if I don’t win, it has reminded me to get a C02 detector …

  405. I don’t even have a fire extinguisher, I really need one

  406. I want to be a Hero! And a winner! And safe, too!

  407. I could certainly use this stuff! Wow!

  408. I don’t have a fire extinguisher…and I cook all the time so I def should have one of these Please!

  409. until I win this I will continue to rely upon the stop drop and roll method of fire prevention.

  410. we really need this! thank you!!

  411. Once again, so glad I saw the reminder. I frequently think about the fact that I desperately need to get a fire extinguisher. And it’s almost always just as I’m tucking myself into bed at night, so it’s not like I can do anything about it! If I’m lucky enough to win this one, I can put my mind at ease! Somewhat. 🙂

  412. In all of my $^ years, I’ve never had a fire extinguisher. Maybe now would be a good time.

  413. Oooo, thanks for the giveaway. This looks like something we could use here. 🙂

  414. Would love to have these. Make “Home” much safer.

  415. What a wonderful giveaway. Everyone should have a fire extinuisher.

  416. everyone needs this item.

  417. Count me in!!

  418. My daughter thinks I need a fire extinguisher, so sign me up!!

  419. What a good sensible prize! count me in.

  420. Interestingly enough we just had a discussion on this very subject and it would be great to win these products.

  421. I’m in.

  422. I’m a safety girl, count me in!

  423. Would you believe I don’t know where my fire extinguisher is right now?

  424. I have had one house burn down,I don’t want this one to.
    So please enter me You never know.Thanks for the contest

  425. My children (yes, they are more responsible than I am) have gotten on to me lately for not having a fire extinguisher in our house. It really could not be because I have a tendancy to burn things! Come on, Mir…I wanna win!

  426. need this in our home

  427. Oh this is something we don’t have in our home right now….shame on me. I’d love to win this!

  428. How awesome of you to offer this to people as part of a contest. We had a huge lightning storm today and my kids were petrified our house would get on fire. What a great thing to win to deal with fire safety.

  429. Count me in!!!!

  430. Please count us in too. I desperately need a fire extinguisher in my house. This one looks awesome.

  431. Count me in too. I desperately need one of these in my house

  432. I’m in! Would make a great housewarming gift.

  433. Sounds like a great prize!

  434. Is it midnight YET!!!?? Hope I made it in under the wire. Thanks ~ terrific prize!

  435. I might just be the last. With a house full of kiddies you can never be too careful. Thanks Home Depot. 🙂

  436. Wow, we really need this. My old fire extinguisher has expired and we don’t have any carbon monoxide detectors.

  437. After the 1994 earthquake here in Los Angeles, My family and I bought several fire extinguishers. We placed them in strategical locations through out our home and thankfully we have never had a need to use them. I didn’t know they could ever expire. So this giveaway, especially in these hard times, is a wonderful idea.
    Thank you

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