Christmas came early this year

By Mir
July 7, 2008
Category Contests

So last week, I was just puttering around, doing my thing, getting ready for the long weekend. I got an email, as I so often do, from a company who wanted to know if I maybe wanted to give away some of their stuff, and I checked it out and said sure, and then… a very large box was dropped off at my house by FedEx. And my eyes popped out of my head when I opened it.

See, the folks in question represent Gamewright Games, and what I received was a veritable cornucopia of their game offerings. I’ve got Boochie and I’ve got Slamwich and I’ve got Go Nuts! and I’ve got Tiki Topple and I’ve got Sleeping Queens and—listen, just take my word for it, I have a lot of awesome games here.

So here’s what we’re going to do. I have way too many games to have people pick, so let’s just say this: Six lucky Want Not readers will receive at least one Gamewright game each. But… you might get two. Or three! I am just not telling you which games or how many. Because this way is more fun, and also it will depend somewhat on the phase of the moon and how many items fit into each box. Sort of.

To enter for a chance to win one or more of these fabulously fun family games (ooh! alliterative!), simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, noon Pacific time on Sunday, July 13th, 2008. One comment/entry per person, valid email required. Winners will be chosen by random number generation and shipping strategy, and then next week I will announce who won what.

You may have noticed that I am running this contest for a lot longer than I usually do, and that’s partly because there are so many prizes and partly because I’m experimenting. We’ll see how it goes. Regardless, you have nearly a week to get your entry in, but why wait? Go! Now!


  1. Ooh! Another contest! Hooray!

  2. Pick me!

  3. Yay for games! Pick me, oh pretty random number generator!

  4. Would just love to try out one of the new games!!
    Thank you much!

  5. How very thrilling!! Add me to the pot!


  6. Ohh we love games!

  7. Try, try again.

  8. cool.

  9. Ooo fun! I’m trying so hard to be a “game” person…

  10. Games are great! We love fabulous family fun!! Thanks for the contest!

  11. lucky #11!

  12. Perfect for a family fun night!

  13. Me! Me! Cuz I haven’t heard one of my beloved offspring whine about the unfairness of losing a family game in at least 4 days. Mostly because I hid all of our games 4 days ago. Right after multiplication bingo got a little too wild…

  14. Wow! Thanks!

  15. Sweet! You are so pretty Mir!

  16. A contest on a Monday? You know how to get the week off to a good start. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. we LOVE to play games. that would be great. especially since i packed all of ours already…what was i thinking?

  18. Ya Hoo!!! We love family game night!

  19. Love games! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. me! pick me! please… pretty please pretty Mir.

  21. I would love some new games, but I am just to cheap to buy them!!! So…please pick me!!!

  22. Ooh, cool games just in time for someone’s birthday.
    Pick me please.

  23. Yippee! We LOVE games! I wonder how many comments you’ll get in so much time!

  24. Games! Games!

  25. Me, please!

  26. Gimme Great Games, Gorgeous Girl!

  27. cool! maybe this will be my lucky number.

  28. Yay! Count me in!

  29. Ooooo games and contests. 2 of my favorite things. (with pretty, pretty Mir as a third)

  30. i bought slamwich for my nephew. the other games should be just as fun! pick me!!

  31. Me mememememememe!

  32. Oooooooo…. we love games! Oh please oh please pick me!

  33. I love games!!

  34. Sounds like fun!

  35. ohhh pick me pick me!

  36. pick my happy family!

  37. This will give us some new games to try! Hope I get picked this time around!!

  38. Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

  39. We love games over here. Pick me, RNG!

  40. Games are always winners at my house!

  41. Oh how fun! I want!

  42. I’m a big fan of Gamewright games! I hope I win but, ungrateful as it sounds, we already have Slamwich so maybe if the stars align another game will wing its way to us…

  43. Pick me, Pick me!!(waves hand excitedly)My 5 boys are driving me crazy at home for the summer!(only 6 more weekends before school starts!Wahoo!)

  44. I hope I win!

  45. ME! ME! ME!

  46. Hooray for games! Thanks!

  47. I want one!

  48. You look very pretty today. I hope I win something. πŸ™‚

  49. How fun! I love giveaways. Haven’t won anything yet, but there’s always a first time!

  50. Super duper! We love games at our house.

  51. Come on, lucky 49!

  52. New games are always fun!

  53. Oh, fun!

  54. My 5 1/2 year old son would love some new games to play with us!

  55. pick me! pick me!!!

  56. Awesome! Thanks, Mir.

  57. oh I can’t wait to see how many comments this gets!

  58. Awesome games! Pick me!

  59. Wow! Fun!

  60. Fun! Hope my number gets picked!

  61. Yeah! I love free stuff!

  62. Ooh ooh, my kids are driving me crazy already with the “we’re bored” and entertain me summer whinings. I NEEDS some new diversions….

  63. Big bucks, no whammies!

  64. We love some games around this place. πŸ™‚

  65. Come on random number generator!!!

  66. Were crossing our fingers…LOL

  67. I love games!

  68. woohoo! my husband and i love to play games after Peanut’s in bed…

  69. Feeling lucky…and praying for a win because my cherubs are driving me batsnot crazy this summer. πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

  70. Mir, I love your contests. Maybe someday I’ll win one!

  71. Pick Me! (please.)

  72. Yes, please! Games! Yay!

  73. Pick me…I have weeks of a long hot summer to go and a gangling of kids to keep busy.

  74. We love games!

  75. fun and games, fun and games, awesome!!!

  76. I love games.

  77. Games “r” us!!

  78. We love games round these parts!

  79. All those games look great!!

  80. Oh my goodness. How cool is that! I would love to get any of them!

  81. Please…let it be me.

  82. Me want GAMES (in a cookie monster type voice).


  83. New games are always great! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  84. Games come in handy around here – if I can actually get my teenage daughters to stay home. They hate home.

  85. fun!

  86. Pick me! My birthday is this Friday!

  87. I hope I win!!

  88. count me in – we’d love to add to our family game night stash

  89. Let the games begin!

  90. Pretty Mir! Thanks for the opportunity, Lexi

  91. We love games and I’m getting sick of being beaten at Checkers so new games would be great!

  92. We love games!

  93. we love games at my house!

  94. Count us in please!

  95. #97 is lucky, right?

  96. I would like to win. Something! Anything!

  97. Ooh! In my family, there’s nothing we love more than games!!!

  98. Oooo! Ooooo! Please pick me!

  99. oooh, sounds exciting. sign me up!

  100. Another contest? I don’t know where you get the enegy. Feel free to pick me! πŸ™‚

  101. Sweet!

  102. Awesome! I love contests!

  103. woo hoo!!!
    We are a gaming family and would love some new ones

    I am going to go check out their site right now..

  104. Yay games!

  105. Sweet!

  106. Count me in – thanks!

  107. yay! games!

  108. We love games!!! thanks!

  109. Sweet. I’d love to take one (or more!) of these off your hands…

  110. Hey – I’m not even procrastinating until Sunday!

  111. I’d like to enter, please!

  112. This would spice up family game night!

  113. Yay ! I’m excited to take part in another contest

    Thanks very much !

  114. Merry Christmas!!

  115. thanks again!

  116. Oooh, board games! I’ve never heard of any of those, having had a woefully decrepit childhood, but they definitely sound fun.

  117. Those sound like a lot of fun!

  118. We love games!!!!!

  119. Glad we don’t have to pick — this would be hard!

  120. My grandgirls love games! We love playing games with them! Hooray for giveaways!

  121. sounds like fun….

  122. I can haz?

  123. hi! i love games…. πŸ™‚

  124. I hope I win. I love when Christmas comes early.


  125. Oooo, I love the surprise element! What will the prize be? How many prizes will each winner get? How exciting!

  126. I want! I want! Pretty please?

  127. Oooo, Pick me. I’d love a new game to keep the girls going and loose the boredom of summer.

  128. Crossing fingers and toes…

  129. Ooo, thanks!

  130. Would love a new game … or two or three. πŸ™‚

  131. Oooh, those are some awesome prizes! Maybe I’ll be lucky this time….

  132. Mir, this whole “Mir gets to pick what/how many games” really helps with my paranoid suspicion that I keep getting picked, only someone else already picked the games that I want. πŸ˜‰

  133. Oh Oh Pick Me Pick Me!

  134. My two favorite things — Christmas & board games!

  135. Thanks for the chance!
    Yay Gamewright!

  136. Come on, 138!

  137. I have three kids who would LOVE some new fun board games!

  138. We love to have friends over for game night!

  139. Wheee! What fun!

  140. Yay Games! My 4 boys would love some games, as would I! Thanks for the contest and opportunity! =)

  141. We love us some board games here!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance!!

  142. Well, lets see if you can get 27,000 comments by July 13th. And pick me, it’s my b-day this week πŸ™‚

  143. Games are great, especially when it’s too hot to go outside!

  144. I can only imagine being able to bring something new to family game night!

  145. Pick me please! πŸ™‚

  146. Rock and roll Boochie Coo. Pick me.

  147. Yay!

  148. games, games, and more games!!

  149. I have six kids in the house right now that could use a new game!!! (Not all mine- cousins visiting for Summer break)

  150. Yay for contests! And games!!

  151. Ooh, I wanna win this one! Pick me….

  152. Oooo! Part-ay!

  153. We heart games!

  154. Count me in!

  155. Sounds fun!

  156. Yippee!

  157. I’m in!

  158. Fingers crossed…

  159. ~~~~pick my number, random number generator!!! ~~~~~


  160. I am going to try and win something again!

  161. Ooh, meeee! I am stocking up for Christmas!

  162. pretty mir! πŸ™‚

  163. Game night anyone?

  164. Me! Me! Me!

  165. me please!

  166. fingers crossed!

  167. Awesome contest!

  168. cool! pick me!

  169. Me like games!!

  170. Pick me, woo-hoo!

  171. Oh please, pretty Mir, pick me!

  172. Great contest!

  173. Oh we love games around here! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  174. I love Gamewright!

  175. Cool! New games for family game nights!

  176. Sounds great!

  177. I’m in — I want nifty game(s)

  178. I sure do hope it’s my turn! I loooove games!

  179. Whoo Hoo! Games!

  180. Loads of fun for me and the boys! Hope we win!

  181. We love playing games on camping trips. I’d love to have some new ones!

  182. Awesome contest! THANKS!!

  183. Yay! Thanks, Mir!

  184. Yay! I love games! Oh, and if it helps, YOU’RE PRETTY! πŸ™‚

  185. Some new games would be a nice change. Thanks!

  186. I wanna play!

  187. Ooh Ooh Ooh, I wanna win! πŸ™‚ We love games. I am terribly impatient though….a week????? πŸ™‚

  188. Oh pick me please – I love games…pretty please!!!

  189. Yes, please!

  190. We’re always looking for cool new family games!

  191. Yay games!

  192. We’d love to have some new games over here!

  193. i must say they have some great games! my kids have been addicted to sleeping queens since my son got it for his bday!
    sounds like some great giveaways!!!!

  194. Woot!

  195. pick me we love games!

  196. Sounds like some wonderful games, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  197. You’re right: no sense shilly-shallying around. Entering!

  198. Fun,fun, fun! Thank you!

  199. Those sound like fun! I’d love to win one of those games. Thanks for hosting the contest!

  200. We love games! I hope you pick us!

  201. Thanks, Mir!

  202. Me! Me! Me! (Or, rather, Us! Us! Us! Because I THINK I would share with my family.)

  203. Pretty, pretty Mir. Please pick me!!!

  204. This is my lucky number.

  205. This sounds great!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  206. My household loves games, so this would be perfect (no matter the games). Thanks, wonderful Mir!


  207. I’ve got the family, now I need some games to go with them. πŸ™‚

  208. I love a contest where I don’t have to do much more than write my name. Thanks!

  209. One of these days my number will come up πŸ™‚

  210. Thanks Mir! My family would go frantic over these fabulously fun family games!

  211. I like games!!

  212. Me, me, me, me, me! They sound great.

  213. I’d love to win a few new games.

  214. This is so awesome. Thanks for the contest!

  215. Sadly, I’ve already been thinking about Christmas: sigh. Thanks for making it a good thing. πŸ™‚

  216. It must be MY turn to win!

  217. My fingers are crossed!

  218. Yes please! I would LOVE to win some games. Thanks, Mir.

  219. Lovely Mir, I would love some games!

  220. pick me pick me

  221. games for people to play, and more than one! neat-o!!!!!

  222. Let 226 be the lucky number this time around….

  223. We love games! Please add us to the contest!!!!!!!! :)))))))))

  224. I’d love to win this! Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  225. Just found this cool new blog, and I get a chance to win a game?! How cool is that?!! Thanks! πŸ™‚ Laurie

  226. Games!!!! We love games!

  227. The 13th is my birthday – new game(s) would be awesome!

  228. Games = good!

  229. I am ready to win one of these contests!

  230. I’m hoping your shipping strategy packs the jackpot to my house! THANKS!

  231. We love games. Thanks!

  232. Pick me! Yay!

  233. Yeah!!!! Games!!!!

  234. I hope I finally win this time!

  235. My family loves games. Please pick me.

  236. ME! ME! ME! My 3 boys are driving me crazy this summer!!

  237. I’m having a lucky week! Count me in!

  238. woohoo!!! i love games!

  239. I like games!

  240. Believe it or not, my daughter and her college room-mates love to play games. Go figure. Also great for her to take when she babysits when she is home for summer.

  241. pick me πŸ™‚

  242. Hooray for games!!!!!!!!

  243. We LOVE games in our house. Pick Me PLEASE!

  244. Free games to entertain 2 busy boys? Sign me up! Thanks Mir!!

  245. These sound like fun — maybe I’ll have the lucky number this time! πŸ™‚

  246. i hear game night calling….

  247. we don’t need anymore games! i don’t want to win! don’t pick me!
    i’m trying a different strategy, too…reverse psycho…oh, nevermind….

  248. Yeah! New games for the kids & us. I am so over “Don’t wake up Daddy”. Thanks, Mir!

  249. Please pick me random number generator, you are so very pretty.

  250. Pick me!! :-D:-)

  251. Whoo hoo! Thanks1 Jessica

  252. Well, hey, who can resist being a fabulously fun family? Thanks, Mir, for your continued generosity. Even if it IS with someone else’s stuff. : )

  253. We always love games around here…and FREE…even better.

  254. Another great contest! Thanks!

  255. Shall I win this time around? Doubtful, but worth a try. ^.^ *crosses fingers*

  256. I hope your pretty, pretty random number generator generates my number!

  257. Pick Me! Pick Me!

  258. Family Fun night may just become a little funner if you pick us Mir!

    Thanks : )

  259. I love a contest where there is more than 1 winner. Thanks!

  260. I love games, pick me…:-)

  261. Pick me!

  262. I love games!!!!

  263. Games – yes!

  264. Oh- what a fun contest!

  265. We LOVE games here!!!!

  266. pick me! pick me!

  267. I’d love some new games – count me in!

  268. Thanks, Mir, surprises are fun!

  269. Yea, games!

  270. What a fun giveaway!! We love game nights!

  271. I LOVE to play around….pick me,random number thingy, I’ll be your best friend…

  272. Oh, goody, goody!!!
    I’ve got almost 2 more L-O-N-G months of summer to survive–c’mon, random number generator, send a game to your old pal, Angie….

    Thanks, pretty Mir!

  273. Crossing my fingers… you have so many readers that I’m losing hope that I’ll win one of these things, but what the hey… ya never know.

  274. We love games at our house! Thanks for another awesome contest, pretty, pretty Mir!

  275. ohhh–we LOVE Slamwich in our house!!

  276. Games, we love games!

  277. Sounds like loads of fun!

  278. Hooray for games!

  279. Thanks!

  280. We are a board game lovin’ household!! Count me in.

  281. Sure you don’t want to end the contest early? Now would be good. πŸ˜‰

  282. Yay, games!

  283. I am taking a chance and hope the moon is in the right quarter for me to win a game.

  284. I’m Game!

  285. Ooh, how cool! Christmas came early indeed!

    Here’s hoping my number comes up! πŸ˜€

  286. I’m in!

  287. I’ve never heard of these games or this company. But a contest is a contest, and I do like games, and one of these days I hope to win something so I can stop feeling like such a loser.


    It’d just be fun to win something. πŸ™‚

  288. Take pity on me. I have some very bored children here. Thanks!

  289. I love games!!! Can’t wait to play!

  290. I have had a day of three strikes (fender bender, stuck in car during tornado warning, daughter takes spill down the stairs)- my luck has to turn, maybe this is it…
    Thanks for the contest Mir.

  291. My daughter loves Sleeping Queens, and I’d like to check out more of their games. :o)

  292. Why wait a week to enter!?!? Pick me, please!

  293. Games, games, games! Who doesn’t love games? Thanks for the giveaway!

  294. My favorite tennis player won yesterday… I’m hoping it’s just the start of my lucky streak πŸ™‚

  295. Maybe its my time for the generator! xo Carrie

  296. Love your giveaways!

  297. Yay! Count me in!

  298. Yeah, I am in too!

  299. Hey! I need fun family fist fights! No, wait. That’s not it…A game! Yes, a gloriously good game!

  300. My 3 boys would love some new board games!!

    Count us in!!:)

  301. yes…….GAMES!

  302. We always need more games!

  303. I am always up for a new game to play!

  304. Can’t get enough games! Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  305. Yahoo, hope it’s us!

  306. hook us up santa!

  307. Who-hoo! We are a game family! So I’d love a “Ticket” in the drawing.

  308. me! me! please!

  309. Hope I’m lucky!

  310. enter me!

  311. I’d love to be entered! Thanks!!

  312. wow…over three hundred entries on the first day!! I hope we’re a lucky winner πŸ™‚

  313. Hooray for giveaways!

  314. Mir, you totally ROCK!
    Have you lost weight?
    I love what you’ve done with your hair!
    And such fantastic taste you have in clothes!
    Oh, and those shoes are to die for!

    I mean, I would sincerely appreciate being entered in this week’s drawing! ^_^

  315. Yeah free games. Thanks Mir.

  316. Oooh! What a lovely contest. Please count me in. Thanks Mir!

  317. We really need new games.

  318. Number 323 already? Wow! I hope it’s the lucky number.

  319. Oh, I do love contests. Need I mention just how funny you are? You crack me up! (Now I really should win)!

  320. I love me some board games.

  321. I’m game for some games (or even one game).

    Come on, lucky number generator.

  322. I’m in!

  323. Pick me, please! Thanks for the offer.

  324. I’ll throw my hat in the ring!

  325. We are huge gamers at our house!! Hope we win at least one, go #330!!

  326. I’ll play!

  327. I’m game! Pick me!!

  328. I think 333 is a VERY lucky number.

  329. count me in:)

  330. How fun. πŸ™‚

  331. Thanks for another chance!

  332. OOO! YAY! I love your contests!

  333. Yay for another games contest!

  334. That sounds like fun! I can’t wait to hear!

  335. I’d love to win one or more of these games!!!

  336. me!

  337. We have Slamwich, but the others sound great. Pleeeeeeeeease can we win something???

  338. pick me, pick me!!! Pleaseeee!

  339. Ooooh! Me, me!

  340. I love trying new games! What a fun contest.

  341. I’m in! We’re a little bored of Scrabble anyway…

  342. pick me, i’d love to try

  343. Pretty, pretty Mir
    We know she is the best:
    Summertime is here
    And she’s giving us a contest.

  344. Yay for games! Please count me in!

  345. Can I play?

  346. Thanks! Have I told you that you are pretty lately?

  347. oh so very pretty. πŸ™‚

  348. Sounds like fun & you are the Greatest!

  349. Family time is quality time. My fingers are crossed!

  350. yeah a contest!

  351. Games rule!

  352. Hope I get lucky this time!

  353. Thanks for sharing. You rock!!

  354. Please pick me. This would be about the thirteenth contest I’ve entered. That’s a lucky number right?

  355. Games, games, games….I hope my number comes up:)

  356. Wow. I’d love to win! Thanks.

  357. Consider me entered. Woo hoo!

  358. Would love to win a game or games.

  359. Enter me, please.

  360. yay games!

  361. My son just played Guess Who and Hi Ho Cherry-o yesterday and I was thinking how boring they must be to him now. Thanks.

  362. I always need new games for my classroom, so count me in, please! Thanks Mir!

  363. They make the best games…

  364. This sounds great…….count me in!

  365. Pick me….please random number generator!!!

  366. My game closet needs updating. (And you are looking particularly pretty today!)

  367. what a great prize, thanks

  368. Love a great game! Pick Me!

  369. May I have one — pretty please? πŸ™‚

  370. Hoping random generator stops on my number! πŸ™‚

  371. Already have slamwich and would love others

  372. You’re so generous Mir!
    Pick me!

  373. Hi, Mir!

  374. Would love a new game!!

  375. We always love new games – especially if we get to try them for free πŸ™‚

  376. Yeah! Thanks Mir!

  377. yay games!

  378. Pick me! Pick me!

  379. Hooray! Another game contest! We’re the board game family and we’re in VA! Practically next…door. Yeah, that’s it. Next door.

  380. Gotta love games! I’ll enter πŸ™‚

  381. New games! Great fun!

  382. pick me, pick me! We love games.

  383. Some say the glass is half full, some say the glass is half empty. I say Ò€œAre you gonna drink that?Ò€


  384. Pick me! Pick me!

  385. oohh! great contest! pick me!

  386. I’m in! Thanks!

  387. We love playing games!

  388. I run a homeschool games day once a month, and we’d love some new games!!! Pick me, pick me!

    And, Mir, you look so pretty today!

  389. You are going to have the highest comment count ever. Ever. In the history of the internets, maybe.

  390. I would love free games!

  391. How fun! We’d love a game or two, please…and thank you!

  392. I’m not sure we HAVE any family games, so any would be cool!

  393. OK, there are already an insane amount of comments…but I won’t let that scare me off. We like games. Free games? Even better!

  394. Count me in too!

  395. Ok random number generator, listen up. Sunday, the 13th is my birthday! πŸ™‚ Just sayin’

  396. wow, now there are over 400 comments. But maybe I will be one of the lucky ones! Cant win if you dont play!

  397. I’m not scare3d of all these comments, I know that the number generator loves me πŸ™‚

  398. This one sounds like fun! Me please?

  399. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  400. We love games! We love WantNot!

  401. No Whammy. No Whammy. No Whammy. STOP!

  402. We love games!!! But the Random Number Generator hates me!

  403. Count me in! Thanks!

  404. Pick me, pick me!

  405. Thank you!

  406. Pick me!!! Please

  407. well, a little late to the party, but maybe the random number generator likes that.

  408. Count me in!

  409. Hoping you’ll pick me.

  410. I love games!

  411. My fingers are crossed! Thanks for running this great contest.

  412. Hi Mir – count me in for this one. Thanks so much.

  413. We love games at our house, plus I need in with 5 boys. I’d love a chance to win. Thanks.

  414. Count me in–we love games, too.

  415. Ooooh what a cool contest! My husband & I are getting bored with card games. When family game night starts up, we can be stocked! Thanks Mir!

  416. Yes please.

  417. We have game nights with friends all the time… Pick me!

  418. *crossing fingers and quietly chanting ‘me, me, pick me, me, please…’ over and over*

  419. I feel oddly lucky this time…

  420. I love games and would love to win!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  421. We have officially hit that part of summer when camps are done, outside is too hot and buggy, workbooks are boring, and all the toys are played out. Please, please, please…we need a new diversion!

  422. Holy moly this is a lot of replies already!!

  423. Games are just great!! Pick me! Pretty please?

  424. Pick me!

  425. Yay!

  426. I love games!

  427. How fun we love games in our house!!!

  428. I love games! I love to play them, to give them to have them available. I would love to win! Thanks

  429. Ooohh! We love games!!!

  430. i love games. πŸ™‚

  431. Me too, me too!

  432. We love games! My husband and I used to play many nights, BC (before Children) and now we’re playing with the kids. Do appreciate the chance to win one or more – Thanx!

  433. Count me in – I love Gamewright games.

  434. games! Oohhhhh

  435. I’m in!

  436. Oh, yay! I could use any of those for my classroom.


  437. yeah!

  438. Games! I love games. =)

  439. Yay! More games!

  440. Oooo, just in time to combat the mid-summer plague of “I’m Bored!!” Thanks for looking out for us, Mir!!

  441. Oh moon goddess, enlighten Mir that it is me who needs these games. lol

  442. Pick me!

  443. If at first you don’t succeed…..

  444. I want one. Or more.

  445. it’s about time we started a family game night… πŸ™‚

  446. I’m in. Thanks for hosting such fun giveaways!

  447. Thanks for yet another cool giveaway!

  448. Sounds like fun! Count me in!

  449. Thanks for a chance!

  450. Cool DealiO. I stumbled on your blog for the 1st time today. Very cool! Think I will link your contest – everyone loves a good blog contest! Wish me luck my fam of 5 loves game night!

  451. Hand to GOD, my husband always calls butts, “boochies” even after I pointed out that the guy who coined the word was really, really gay and probably was shortening butt-coochie.

    Oh golly, that was probably TMI. Am I disqualified?

  452. me too.

  453. This sounds like a great prize package. Please enter me to win!

  454. Its my turn!

  455. please enter me! thanks

  456. Hooray for games! We could use some kiddie ones around here.

  457. Pick me!

  458. Ooooohh, contest!

  459. I Like free Games

  460. I could surprise the kids with something they were TOTALLY not expecting!

  461. I just know that 467 is my new lucky number! Thanks!

  462. Please pick me! Thanks, pretty Mir!

  463. too uncaffeinated to think up anything clever, sry. YAY GAMES?

    *comment comment comment*

  464. I’d love to win a game! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  465. I’m in! Thanks, what fun!

  466. Hook me up – Mama needs a new box of games – HAH!

  467. Wow, that is awesome. Count me in please.

  468. Oh my gosh, you have a ton of readers on here who want your games! None more than me though…faithful reader and purchaser. πŸ˜‰

  469. I would LOVE some games! I use lots of games with my own kids and my students!

  470. Oh please please please, pick me?

  471. We’re (finally) getting to the game playing age ’round these parts. I’d love (LOVE!) to win a game! Please pick me!!

  472. Yay! Another contest!

  473. um… hi random number generator. My name is Aisha, and I start college in EXACTLY two months (please excuse me while I go rock in a corner and mutter about how the dining hall food will not match up to my mother’s and how a wok makes a much more FUN self-protection item than a container of mace. It’s happening on a regular basis now – do not be concerned).

    Anyway… I will need something to do with my new best friends (as my brochures assure me my dorm mates will be for the rest of my life) when we’re all avoiding our homework. So… Pick me, pick me!!!

  474. thank you! i like games!

  475. Yea! I love games.

  476. I like to play.

  477. I love surprises.

  478. This is my comment: yey!

  479. We love Gamewright games! Would love to have more.

  480. Thanks for the entry! We love games.

  481. Yeah for Mir and contests! πŸ™‚

  482. we LOVE LOVE gamewright games…just played Cuckoo Zoo with our gang yesterday (ages 3-13, plus me & my honey)…
    so fun!

  483. how much fun… a contest!!! ADDAmy sent me here. can’t wait to see if you pick me:)

  484. We love games at our house! Please pick me!

  485. I love games!! thanks Mir

  486. We love games!!!

  487. We love games!

  488. Game on, Mir! Thanks for being our web goddess πŸ™‚

  489. We are all about the games at my house! Thanks,pretty Mir.

  490. Mir you are so pretty!

  491. yes please!!

  492. Ooh, I love games!!!

  493. Pick me, I love free games!

  494. Thanks, pretty one, for another fabulous giveaway. Look at all the entries!

  495. My Family is a TOTAL gamer family…they would get a ton of use!!! Thanks

  496. Woo hoo! Fight summer boredom with games!

  497. I’m all for free stuff!

  498. We love games here!

  499. Holy cow! I can’t believe how many entries there are. But pick me anyway! πŸ™‚

  500. Yes please!

  501. great! I love games!

  502. We’d love a fabulous family game at our house!!

  503. Who doesn’t love a new game?! Thanks!

  504. OMG. I’m the 510th commenter? Wow! You go, Mir! We love you!!

  505. love!!!! free games.

  506. Pick me! Pick me!

  507. I love games! Great giveaway!

  508. Wow, # 514. Impressive!

  509. Love it! Sign us up.

  510. Commenting..
    Let’s see, I love your website and it is one of the first I check every morning. Thanks for all you do πŸ™‚

  511. I’d love to win – as we are sriously burnt out on the games we do have. I happen also to be one mean mom that does not let my kids have the Wii – etc…

    Thanks for the chance!

  512. Yea! I want in! We have “family fun night” once a week and we LOVE games! Pick me! Geeze I wish I had found you sooner! πŸ™‚

  513. I’m Game!

  514. I WANNA WIN!!! =)

    The “Cent”sible Sawyer

  515. We love games!

  516. sign me up!

  517. We are a game playing family!!! Count us in!!!!!

  518. pick me! pick me!

  519. How cool…pick me too!

  520. I love games! I also love winning things! This is perfect for me. πŸ™‚

  521. Hey there,

    It’s my turn!!


  522. Wow – that’s a lot of good family times! Thanks!

  523. We love games, here!

  524. yay games!

  525. Sounds like fun! We love games at our house!

  526. Pick me!! We love to play games on Family Night!!

  527. we would love some fun family games for our homeschooling family πŸ™‚

  528. Oh, I want to give my granddaughters Sleeping Queens!!! Or anything else you want to pass my way πŸ™‚


  529. Wow what a great contest! I’m in. πŸ™‚

  530. Love you Mir!

  531. great giveaway we love games

  532. Pick me…

  533. *fingers crossed*

    pick me ^_^

  534. Christmas in July? Count me in! Thanks!

  535. I have 8 grandkids of varying ages….and they all love games! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  536. Thanx

  537. Wow!! I don’t think I’ve ever been in the 500’s before. Maybe this time I’ll win.

  538. Love, love, LOVE these games!! Pick me oh pretty random number generator!!

  539. Love, love, LOVE these games!! Pick me oh pretty random number generator!!

  540. We just found out about our 2 kiddos we are adopting from Ethiopia and would love to share some fun games with them! Thanks!!


  541. wow,this would be nice to have any of these,I keep foster kids an we could use extra for birthdays an Christmas that the state doesnt pay for,so please add me too,thanks

  542. I would love some more games to play with the kiddo!

  543. I love games!

  544. Sounds cool!

  545. Yea games! πŸ™‚

  546. OOO!!!! I’m loving me some games!!

  547. I love it when the Fed-ex man drops things at my door. the UPS guy isn’t too bad, either!

  548. My family and I love games!! Not to mention I take them to school for my students to play too!!

  549. Oh, this sounds like fun. Hope I win!! πŸ™‚

  550. And I was just upstairs packing games to take with us on vacation! Two weeks camping…with kids! Ack! πŸ™‚

  551. wow, what a great contest…Hopefully the random number generator will love me this time around πŸ™‚

  552. Go Nuts sounds like such fun! Sorta describes my family too!

  553. Wow, lots of people are in on this one. Hope I get picked!

  554. Thanks for entering me in the contest! πŸ™‚

  555. My preteen would think I was a cool parent for about 18 seconds if I could win a game for us to play! Thanks for the extra time to enter.

  556. Our family loves to play games and we would love to try one of these! Thanks for the opportunity!

  557. What fun! Boochie sounds like a blast!

  558. La la la! I like games.

  559. I’m a game fanatic. Love the games!

  560. Cool! My family loves to play games!

  561. I’d really like to win.

  562. Thanks!

  563. I’m in for a game!!!

  564. Woohoo for family games! Count me in, please! Thanks!

  565. We love family games! Sounds good!

  566. What fun! A chance to win a new game!

  567. Always looking for a chance to win something……Thanks, Mir

  568. The kids would be thrilled with new games. And I’d be thrilled to get a break from some of the old ones!

  569. Sweetness! I’m game!

  570. sounds great! pick me!

  571. Fun contest, thank you!

  572. ummm ok! we LOVE games here!!!!!!!!

  573. Count me in!


  574. Please enter me! These games sound fantastic.

  575. Pick me please!

  576. What family doesn’t need more cool stuff to do together?

  577. Oh please let us win this…we need some different family games to play. YEAH for family games! lol

  578. Oh I would love to have these for my kids! Thanks for the chance.

  579. As usual, I am in, don’t win but always trying, figure the prize goddess will have me win when its the right prize for me, Let’s see what she says this time.

  580. Wow you have a ton of entries! Here’s hoping 586 is my lucky number. πŸ™‚

  581. OOOHH ME ME pretty please…..

  582. OMG! Seriously, almost 600 hundred contestants?!?!
    You are big time Pretty Mir! I hope you come across my little ‘ol name in the stack to win a great BIG prize!

  583. Throwing my number into the ring! Thanks!

  584. Who are all these people?? I’d love some games anyhoo!

  585. would love to win! πŸ™‚

  586. Awesome giveaway. Pretty Mir, you’re so great.

  587. I’m going to throw my hat in the ring because I love games so much!

  588. Yay!!! Games are awesome!

  589. Yay, I’m game! (OK, bad pun…)

  590. Wish me luck!!

  591. Yay – games! Yay for anything that will keep the offspring occupied at this point!

  592. Ooooh, pick me! Thanks!

  593. Oooooh. Me-me-me! Thanks, Mir!

  594. I wanna play too! It sure would be even more fun if sweet number generator would pick me!!!

  595. My kids would love some new games!

  596. Sounds like fun! I am up to fun! Fun is my middle name!! It’s about time in my middlin age to win something fun!

  597. I would love to win one–or more–of these games!

  598. Did someone say “games?” Count me in!

  599. I’d love to win some! Lots of kiddo birthdays coming up.

  600. We LOVE Gamewright!! Thanks, hope you’re having a wonderful trip.

  601. WOW!! I looked at just some of the games on Gamewright Games and I kinda got excited. My 5 grandkiddos love games. I like to play with them. I loved the slamwich (but immediatley went to the fridge to eat!!) PDQ, Toss the cookies and for my two tot grand kids, I thought the Feed the kitty was good. Different games– I liked them. thanks JG

  602. I have 14 nieces and nephews – one of these games would be great for us to play together (not all at once though, of course)!

  603. I would love to win one of these games! Thanks for having the contest!

  604. Pick me, pick me!!

  605. We LOVE games. πŸ™‚

  606. Yea a contest. I just love contests and who does not like to play games.

  607. great for a summer getaway!

  608. I love playing games with my daughter. We’d love a new one. Or two, or three!

  609. Yay! Yay! Pick me!

  610. oooh games…

  611. OOOOH! GAMES! I’m such a game freak! πŸ™‚

  612. Ooooh! Games! I’d love one!

  613. i’m in, please!!

  614. Please choose me!

  615. OOOHHHH PICK ME!! Can we same “Family Game Night”???

  616. We love games…Pick me!!!

  617. I NEED to win! Such a bad week. Games make it better.

  618. Oh what fun! My family loves games of any kind.

  619. LOVE games. Can’t wait to play

  620. Hi there!

  621. I’m in for an entry!

  622. Games are one thing I’d like to teach our kids to love! Thanks!

  623. Thanks for the chance to win!

  624. i would love this

  625. These games are great, and sound fantasticaly fun! What a great family option from the normal family board game!

  626. Hooray for games. My two girls love me to play games and it would be nice to get some variety in the mix.

  627. My favorite thing to do with my daughter is to play games so we would love to try something new.

  628. Great contest. My family loves games.

  629. We would love a new game!! Thanks!

  630. Can never have to many games for family game night. count me in please

  631. I love new games… Yes, please!!

  632. This is a comment on this post. πŸ™‚

  633. we would love any of them! thanks!

  634. our family game night is in dire need for some help! please pick us!

  635. I am actually a huge fan of Gamewright games, above and beyond my being a fan of winning things. So if I were to win a game it would count as TWO kinds of good luck for me. (Three if I win a game I don’t already own.)

  636. My kids are soooo bored! Lol, maybe some new games would entertain them! Great giveaway!

  637. love the fun quick card games to take anywhere even a long long day at Grandmas.

  638. Gaaaaames. /zombie

  639. We love games!!!

  640. Games are always fun and we have game night every week so this is perfect.

  641. Our family loves games too and these sound like some fun ones. Thanks.

  642. I really really really think the number generation strategy is pointing straight to my family!

  643. Games? Yes please. I like Shannon Allen’s voodoo. I usually do it myself with raffle tickets, so I’ll have to try it here.

  644. me and my lucky rabbit’s foot would both like to be included.

  645. I am always in for game nite, count us in , you supply the games and I’ll bring the popcorn!!

  646. Christmas in July
    please let me be one of the winners.

  647. We have to make 2 trips due to daughters wedding August 23, and birth of grandson sept 7th. Each trip is over 2500 miles round trip. We just made the trip for son in laws surgery.
    Since we now have our 2 children and our 2 grandchildren taking the trip this next time it will be a long trip so we sure could use some games that can be played in the car to help stop the boredom as they get tired of playing video games and watching movies. We could even use games for the home as they need to stay entertained while visiting family.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  648. Games make great gifts!

  649. I mean WE’D BE SO HAPPY TO WIN!
    James is 27 Tomorrow too
    Would also be Awsome any time
    Christmas today Christmas tomorrow
    Christmas now and then
    We’ve missed so many christmas
    We want you to pick me

  650. We have 6 kids all love games well they are pretty grown too
    Think you have enough to go around?
    Our family like if one gets the other knows it lol
    We all love gamewright games and christmas any time
    With this bunch it doesn’t matter
    How much as long as it’s game wright

  651. We are a gaming family, card games, board games, you name it. I would love to win even one game. Aunt Millie’s Millionslooks fun but any game is worth a try.

  652. Ooh, games! We love us some games!

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