In case you’re stocking up for school

By Mir
July 22, 2008

Oh, I know most of you don’t start school again for a solid month (or longer), but I’m in full back-to-school mode, over here. We only have two weeks left.

Last night I stocked up on underwear, socks, and undershirts—all of which were already on sale—at Kohls. (For the kids, silly. Mine don’t seem to wear out quite so fast!) Now at least when my kid gets a wedgie, the underwear hanging out of his pants will be clean and new. Ahem.

Today’s the last day Kohls cardholders can use coupon code JULYSAVE15 to take 15% off your total order, plus use coupon code MVC3267 for free shipping. Not a cardholder? Well, today’s the last day you can at least get free shipping with your $75+ order, plus use code NEW1082 for 10% off.

There’s plenty of stuff in the clearance section, too. But it seems like every year I hit Target before school starts only to find they’ve sold out of half the sizes; this was a great way to get that particular chore out of the way without even leaving my desk.


  1. Thanks to your coupon codes, my son (age 6) will now be gifted a package of Speed Racer undies. Life is good. Sadly, they do not come in Housewife Size or I would SOOOO be getting me some.


  2. Pretty Mir,

    Thanks a lot. I just ordered a few dresses for my niece and shipped directly to her too 🙂

  3. Thanks just stocked up on undershirts, boxers and sox for dh and two sons.

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