Lands’ End built a better backpack

By Mir
August 4, 2008
Category Contests

With all this talk of back-to-school, I know that all of you pretty people already have a handle on the backpack situation, right? You invested in a sturdy pack with a great warranty and your kid is ready to go? You… didn’t? Or that old backpack has finally given up the ghost? Well, fear not!

Enter the Lands’ End back-to-school experts. They’ve got it all—pack, clothes, uniforms, shoes—and they’re always coming up with new stuff, too. Why, just take a look at this MultiTask Backpack that I love so much I sort of want to marry it. It’s got a separate compartment for shoes! A “stash panel” for a jacket! A million little features that make life more wonderful, and at the heart of it all, it’s still a Lands’ End product with the assurance that it is “Guaranteed. Period.”

You could buy this pack—currently on special for $34.50—or you could try your luck at winning one from me and the pretty, pretty folks at Lands’ End. One lucky Want Not reader is going to receive the MultiTask Backpack absolutely free, and you get to pick the color, too. (I’m partial to berry. Too bad I’m not eligible to win.) Want it? Simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008. One comment per person, valid email address required, sob stories about the sad state of your current, inferior backpacks are optional. Winner to be determined by random number generation and maximum load.

(Psssst! Want to do a little shopping while you wait? During this contest you can use code BACKTOSCHOOL with PIN 2382 to ship your Lands’ End order for free!)

Ready? Go!


  1. Pretty Mir – I think I’m in love as well. But will it work for a 49 year old woman taking a French class in the spring?

  2. My daughter would love one of these!

  3. Oh so pretty, and Berry is a wonderful name for a color!

  4. Wow!
    pick me, random generator!

  5. My daughter starts kindergarten in September and needs one of these!

  6. Oohhh, pick me please 🙂

  7. Wednesday is my Birthday, if that counts for anything…

  8. Oh, please, pick me. I’ve got to buy six new backpacks this year. A free one would help SO much.

    And Wednesday is my daughter’s birthday, if that helps at all!

  9. I love Land’s End! Great stuff!

  10. Me, me! I want one!

  11. Oooh, I homeschool, but that would be awesome for trips out!!

  12. I have twin daughters …so please please pick me. would love to get a free one

  13. OH, Mr Handsom Random Number Generator…. please pick me!!!!!
    Frugal Carol

  14. Backpack! I’ll take one!

  15. This is my lucky number.

  16. Oh please Mir!
    I desperately need this back pack!!! Do you REALLY want to hear sob stories??? REALLY?!??!

  17. Hey, this is awesome!

  18. It would be much appreciated!

  19. Definitely need a backpack!

  20. My daughter would love one as well!!! Thanks Mir.

  21. Ah, what a great backpack! I don’t need one myself, but would be more than happy to win and donate!!

  22. Ooooh, so many pretty colors…I can only hope I have to make a tough decision!

  23. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  24. Mmm…how nice. This would be great for our little one.

  25. OH would love one of those for my DD.

  26. This would be great for my son! I need a bit of luck lately…

  27. This would be great!

  28. My daughter would love this – but if its too great I may use it myself (college!) and just buy her one of her own!

  29. I like the berry too!

  30. I would really enjoy!

  31. Sounds good!

  32. My daughter would love to go back to school with this.

  33. OMG. I really really need a new geocaching backpack!

    You are so pretty, beautiful and wonderful!

    Oh, so are you random number picker thingie!

  34. The olive one is pretty, too!

  35. Pick me!!!

  36. Pick me!

  37. Gosh, I think I love just about anything from Lands End!

  38. Looks like a great deal!

  39. Oh….awesome!!!

  40. If I don’t win one, I’ll be forced to BUY one.

  41. we Lands End backpacks!!

  42. Cool!

  43. This would be perfect for my son!!!

  44. are you sure you don’t have two to give away? My girls would claw each others’ eyes out for SHINY! NEW! BACKPACKS!

  45. I still have my ancient blue Lands End backpack I got for second grade – and I’m almost 30. It is, however, held together with duct tape in a few places, so a new one would be awesome!

  46. I like the cobalt blue. looks like a great bag.

  47. ooh pick me pick me!

  48. Shut! Up! I was dazzled by the wonders of such a backpack and then – we could win one?!!! I NEEEEEEEEED one! My kids can get their own bags! They don’t need to carry around extra shoes! In fact, they give whatever they ARE carrying to me to carry FOR them, so obviously, this bag is rightfully mine. 🙂

    (Glad you’re back, Mir.)

  49. [To the Dora tune]: Backpack, Backpack! Backpack, Backpack!

  50. Ohhhhh. I SO want that backpack for myself, er, for my daughter. Yes. My daughter.

  51. Ooohh!! Pick me!!!! Do you think this backpack could carry me around in it?

  52. Love the Lands’ End quality! Great giveaway, Mir, thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  53. Hope I win! 🙂

  54. We can never have too many backpacks at our house. We could use it to carry my daughter’s pink tiger-striped (SERIOUSLY) karate sparring gear!

  55. Pick Me! Please!

  56. My daughters back pack is in the saddest shape. I think we lost a million pencils from the holes…..We have not found one that the 2 of us can agree on so we have not bought one…but what better than a free one without Bratz or My Little Pony on it! I am not a big fan of character things:)

  57. We love lands end

  58. Wow, we could really use one of those!

  59. Sign me up.

  60. Oooo, sounds great!

  61. Thanks for the chance!

  62. With three boys, we could use a good sturdy backpack!

  63. Me too!

  64. yay! we all loves backpacks!

  65. I would love to surprise my neice with this backpack. Thanks for the giveaway.

  66. Wow, you sure can’t go wrong with Land’s End unless it is Land’s End FOR FREE! Those people really know how to put together a bag. Sign me up!

  67. Oh, pretty, pretty Mir! Oh, pretty, pretty backpack! Oh, pretty, pretty random number generator! I love you all!

  68. My kids have Land’s End backpacks from last year – they are holding up great. But my cheapie old backpack is literally falling apart. So, pick me and I promise to give it a good workout!

  69. Oh please! My son needs a nice sturdy backpack!

  70. When it comes to maximum load, I can take a lot. But only if it isn’t actual weight.

  71. Pretty please pick me!

  72. Oh please oh please. My son NEEDS this backpack. I hope I win…oh, great and wonderful random number generator.

  73. Count me in! Last year’s Land’s End backpack is still going strong, but a new one to stock up for next year would be great. That’ll be about the time elder child’s backpack will be passed on to younger child.

  74. pick me! pick me!

  75. With everything she has to lug back and forth – my daughter could SO use this backpack. Please pick me.

  76. Oooooh!

    Gosh I love lands end. I want the backpack.

    But can you use your pull with LE to decry the loss of the Do It All Diaper Bag? That thing is the best bag ever if you have two kids in diapers or use cloth and need extra space. And while I know mine will never die, I wish I could recommend it to other people still. *cries, shakes fist at heavens*

  77. I am in! Thanks!

  78. enter me! My daughter starts school this year…sob!

  79. pick me!!!!!

  80. I’m too cheap to buy one right now- free fits my budget perfectly!

  81. They look very well made and stylish – that’s a nice combo in a backpack!

  82. So I am finally not one of the last ones to enter a contest.

  83. Hey Mir, you’re already married. Please give one of us a change 🙂

  84. Oooh, the cranberry is definitely the way to go. Thanks for the tip.

  85. I would like a backpack please! Thanks!

  86. I’ve always picked Jansport packs for my kids–they seem to last indefinitely! However, my 12 year-old “lost” his six year-old backpack at camp this summer, so we’re in the market.

  87. Me, pick me!!! My niece will LOVE this backpack:)

  88. nice backpack!

  89. I could use a replacement pack!

  90. Ooooh, please please pick me! If their backpacks are anything like their clothes, this will last forever. Pretty please with bacon on top? Mmmm – bacon…

  91. another lands end backpack for second born (bc big brother’s will last forever and therefore, won’t be handed down) would be awesome!

  92. I need to get a backpack for my stepson. This would be perfect!!

  93. yes please, count me in. I would love to move up from my 3 year old’s former diaper bag!!

  94. That would be lovely. Thanks!

  95. I’d love a new backpack!

  96. Your contests are so nice!

  97. would love to have this. tried to order one from Land’s End earlier and it was back ordered.

  98. Definitely something we need! Thx!

  99. My last one gave up the ghost after the cat peed on it and I tried to clean it. Yeah, they have a good warranty and all, but I felt a little guilty asking them to compensate for my annoying little pet. I’d love to have a new one, even though I’m not in school. They have the perfect compartments for overnights at grandpa’s too.

  100. Big boy is starting Kindergarten…gotta have one!

  101. Ohh, pretty pretty blue backpack.

  102. My kids have great backpacks. I want this pretty pretty one for MYSELF.

    (No sob story, just personal greed here.)

  103. Ooooooo-this is an awesome pack! I’m partial to the Garnet.

  104. I have got to have this. Pretty please!

  105. Please enter me.

  106. Great timing on this contest! I really like the cobalt color. Matches our school colors!

  107. 6 kids…always need backpacks!

  108. I’ll let you borrow it to carry your shoes around in for a day if you pick me. 🙂

  109. Oh please pick me! I have three hooligans to get ready for school including a kindergarten-bound 5 year old and a middle schooler that needs uniforms 🙁 BOOH! Save me some cash and let me win a black one!

  110. pick me!!!!

  111. I’ve got a 2nd grader who needs a backpack!

  112. I’ll throw my name in for a cool back pack!

  113. I would love to have this for my daughter!

  114. ooohhh!!! i would love this for my son!

  115. I’ll give the random number generator another try…

  116. I don’t have a child whose heading back to school, but I need a new backpack for myself…
    Pick me please!!!

  117. My Granddaughter would think you are as wonderful as I do, oh Pretty & Wonderful Mir. Pick Us!

  118. I’ve been waiting for a free shipping code from LL Bean to buy my little one her first big-school backpack, but I’ll be glad to have a free Lands’ End one instead!

  119. great for my daughter!

  120. Wonderful! Please enter me. 🙂

  121. This would be great to haul all of my geek tools with me when I volunteer. The backpack I’m currently using is 15 years old and literally falling to pieces. I think I can see it cringing when I reach for it every Monday night… And I may just need to order one anyway because if I can get a bicycle helmet in that stash panel, this bag will be perfect for running errands!

    Thanks Mir!

  122. Awesome! We definitely could use this.

  123. oooh, pick me, pick me!

  124. Backpack, backpack! (just a little Dora lingo)

  125. that would be one less to buy… pick me please!!

  126. What an awesome backpack! Those Lands’ End folks are clever.

  127. Pretty Mir, pretty backpack……pretty cool giveaway!

  128. No sob stories… just really want that backpack. :-D:-)

  129. woo hooo!

  130. This contest is one of the best so far.

  131. I’ve been hearing a lot about these backpacks lately, thanks for the chance to win one.
    Check out my back to school and $50 Amazon GC giveaways if you get a chance.

  132. Add me to this evergrowing list!! Way cool contest as always…

  133. Backpack! Backpack!

  134. What a cool backpack!!

  135. I love backpacks. They make me happy.

  136. I really need to learn how to sweet talk the random number generator. “Oh, my, what large numerals you have…”

  137. awesomeness!

  138. Wow! Sweet!

  139. We dont NEED backpacks….just want this one.

  140. Starting Law School this fall, always need new bags!

  141. Hoping the Random Number Generator gives me some love this time!

  142. I heart backpacks!

  143. My daughter would be so happy if I won. She is tired of using the same old backpack.

  144. My oldest is starting kindergarten and I’ve been putting off getting a backpack because that would mean he was really old enough to go to school.

  145. My, random number generator, you are looking mighty pretty today! Please pick me!

  146. me, please! love ya, mir…

  147. Pretty Mir, Let it be me. I’m all about the concord purple.

  148. Why is olive “vintage”, I wonder? I mean, if they really want a vintage color, wouldn’t it be mustard yellow? or even black and white?

  149. My daughter starts 1st grade and could use a “big kid” back pack. How exciting this would be….

  150. ooh, pick me please

  151. *bats eyes at random number generator*

  152. We definitely need a backpack. Thanks for the giveaway.

  153. I’m feeling lucky, random number generator!

  154. Would love this one. Went through 2 (!) inferior ones last year!

  155. I want vintage olive. My son’s backpack finally bit the dust last year…third grade is tough on backpacks.

  156. Enter me!You can never have too many backpacks!

  157. I don’t think there is a backpack that is NOT inferior to Lands’ End…

  158. Goodness, I’d love this one!

  159. My Eastpack is 10 years old, and finally died on our last trip to Disney. I’d love this!

  160. ohhhhh, loving this backpack! I, um, my kid needs one and would love this!!

  161. I love Lands End, too!

  162. Love these book bags. they are really sturdy and can outlast even my kids, who are well known for not taking care of things like they should. you didn’t hear that from me, however.

  163. maybe this is my chance!! Pick ME!!

  164. I would love one of these, for my son OR me!!

  165. Me, me, pick me!

  166. I’d love it if you picked me, oh pretty Mir/random number generator …

  167. I would love to with this for my daughter…. or ME! 🙂

  168. Wow. This is a popular one. Count me in!!!

  169. markie needs a new backpack! Fingers crossed…!

  170. my daughter would love a berry backpack!!!!
    thank you!!

  171. I sure hope my number is picked. Although I doubt it….but at least, I still have two days to dream it will be picked.

  172. I would love to win this for my daughter, whose backpack is a terrible mess. 12-year-old girls are harder than boys are on backpacks! 🙂 Thanks for hosting this contest.

  173. Awesome! Thanks

  174. Ooh! One of my three kids would love this!

  175. Awesome, I swear my daughter needs a backpack every 3 months – she’s so rough on them!!

  176. I love backpacks. Always useful!

  177. cool! ty!

  178. Pick me, pick me, pretty please! 🙂

  179. I’d love to get one of these for my second grader, but they are too expensive for the budget this year. Please pick me!

  180. ohhhh, I would love this for one of my kids!!

  181. Oooo, I’d love a blue one!! It’s awful pretty! Doesn’t compare to you, Mir, but still awful pretty!

  182. We collect backpacks (ok and purses) at our house. Thanks!

  183. No sob story. Would love the backpack though. *grin*

  184. Love Land’s End backpacks! Pick me!

  185. Ooh, what a fabulous backpack! Would be PERFECT for my soon-to-be Fourth Grader!

  186. Oooh, I love free!

  187. Ohh please pick me lovely beautiful random number generator…

  188. Me me me! Pick me!

  189. Three boys, need I say more.

  190. Backpacks come with a warranty? That’d be great!

  191. Backpack! Backpack! Hey, it works on TV . . .

  192. These are so cool!

  193. Oooh! ME! Pick me!

  194. Dear Random Number Generator,

    Once you helped me win my (former) office’s football pool three times in one season. Please help me again.

    Thank you.

  195. Well, our sons backpack was totally dropping all of its contents by the end of last year….poor zipper didn’t stand a chance against his kindergarten ways! We’d obviously love a backpack for him! Thanks

  196. Okay I homeschool, so don’t need the backpack for my kids. However, I need one! Everytime I go to the gym, I use my library book tote. It’s too small and won’t hold a change of clothes AND a towel. Please? *g*

  197. Oh please, please, please!!!

    Thank You!

  198. That would be fantastic!

  199. ooh! I’d love a backpack for back-to-school!

  200. That backpack is awesome.

  201. Awesome. I am tempted to stuff my kids in it when I go grocery shopping so they don’t smash my bread and white peaches.

  202. Wow! The kids have been begging me for a new backpack, but I keep trying to recycle their old ones. I’m the meanest mom on the planet, but this!! This could save me. Here’s hoping!

  203. WIth 4 kids headed back to school this would be a huge help! Thanks

  204. Tis the season to get a new backpack…that will last all year!

  205. sounds great!

  206. My son starts school this year and this would make a great first backpack.

  207. no whammy no whammy….


  208. My sister would love this! We just had a conversation at Target the other day about backpacks. I, of course, like a good little Want-Not reader, directed her to your site and Lands End deals, etc. (Doesn’t that mean I win automatically?)

  209. I want it!

  210. Go backpacks!

  211. We have yet to find the perfect first backpack for me daughter. Hope to win this to find out if it is!!

  212. I love back to school stuff. Thanks!

  213. Oooh… new backpack? I’m in! 🙂

  214. me me me!

  215. Love a backback. Love, I tell you.

  216. Ooh, Lands End!! They really do stand behind their stuff, that’s for sure. My daughter who’s starting Kindergarten is strangely attached to her hideous preschool backpack, but I would loooove to make it disappear and replace it with one from LE. 😉

  217. me. please?

  218. I ordered two backpacks from Lands End an hour before this post and banged my head against my desk about the squandered free shipping. If only my younger son had deliberated until after lunch about which color to choose!

    But then I asked myself, what would Mir do, and went back to the Lands End website with my order number handy, used the live chat feature, and asked if I could use the coupon code anyway. They said yes! Perhaps you and your pretty readers already know that his could be done but in any event thanks for the code and for the “it can’t hurt to ask” philosophy.

  219. I’m entering!

  220. We would love a new backpack!

  221. I hope this is my lucky entry!

  222. Pick me, Randomness, pick me, please!

  223. I’ve been using the same beat up pink backpack since 10th grade. I am starting my masters program next month after a 2 year break, and it’s about time I got a new one… now wouldn’t it be nice if I were able to say, pretty pretty Mir gave me this pretty backpack so I don’t show up with my faded pink, smurf patch adorned sharpee markered, blown up purple pen stained trusty lovely pink backpack.

  224. Me! Me! Me! Me!

  225. Wow – I looked everywhere for a free ship code saturday night. Couldn’t find one. Placed my order anyway (tons of new stuff was on clearance). I just did the live chat and they applied the free shipping!


  226. Sweet, count me in!

  227. ooooh, oooh, pick me!!!

  228. My daughter starts preschool on August 25: This would help me ease into being a mama to a preschooler (instead of a baby). Please pick me!

  229. ok, I’m in!!!!

  230. What’s not to like about a backpack from Land’s End?!

  231. I LOVE Lands’ End backpacks! Thanks, Pretty Mir!

  232. A big kid backpack for my big kid! thanks!

  233. Please!! Sounds so useful.

  234. Love you long time MIR!

  235. Oh, good. I think I will opt out of telling you how I’m the meanest mommy in the world because I don’t buy a new backpack for my children every year. But if I win, that title will remain since only 1 of 4 kids will revoke it. Oh well, I’ve been called worse.

  236. Yes, please! Have I told you lately how pretty you are, Mir?

  237. my oldest child starts kindergarten in a few short weeks. It would be awesome if Colin could start the year with this super backpack!

  238. Perfectly timed contest! 😉 Thanks! And you’re very pretty!

  239. I could use a backpack!!!!

  240. Backpack, Backpack… ohhh toooo much Dora the explorer.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  241. oh the joy of a fun and exciting contest!

  242. umm, I have a brand new kindergartner…

  243. Oh, please pick me!

  244. Backpacks = good. Pick me!

  245. I need 2 – but one will help! 😉

  246. Pick me!!! 🙂

  247. I have four kids that need backpacks, so one will help a lot! And then I can use your fantastic codes for the other three!!

  248. Is this my lucky number?

  249. WOW, my daughter (8) was just saying how much she wants a different backpack b/c hers is (gasp!) ORANGE (the horror) and is Different from everyone else’s, of course she would love to BLEND (sigh) and dude, this backpack is AWESOME! We love the chance to win one, thank you!!

  250. Cobalt blue would be great for my little guy … he would love it!! So would his mom!

  251. Entering to win one shiny new backpack

  252. Sounds like a cool backpack. Love blue!

  253. We would love a chance at one!! Great Give-a-way!!

  254. Wow, I love land’s end and this looks like a great backpack! I hope we’re winners 🙂

  255. Ooooo, super exciting giveaway! Thanks pretty one for running the contest in the midst of trying times.

  256. I’m loyal to Jansport, but a free backpack would definitely be an incentive to try out the competition.

  257. Poor second child is tired of his big sister’s hand-me-downs. He’d love a NEW backpack.

  258. me please


  259. I have no sad sob story, other than that it’s been a crazy summer (make that year) and I still need to get my 1st grader a backpack. Yes, school starts on Monday. 😉

  260. Land’s End makes quality stuff.

  261. Free land’s end backpack….sounds good to me 🙂

  262. My daughter would so love this. She is starting Jr. High this year…. more and more books for her to carry….

  263. Knick Knack Back Pack throw this doggie a bone?

  264. Is there a Spaghetti Marinara color?

  265. Man, my kids are so rough on their backpacks, but my hubby is too stubborn to buy them ones that will last…. I hope the random number generator picks me!

  266. I love the Concord Purple…So cute! 🙂

  267. I LOVE the idea of the jacket stash!!

  268. Wonderful for travel and so needed – as that baggage limit really has us pinching our packing!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  269. My daughter starts middle school this year, and this backpack would put her right in style…

  270. Wheee! We’re going on a train trip soon and pinching our packing too (like eko, above). This would be wonderful for travel, then to use when my girl is old enough for grade school.

  271. Oh,we need one of these!

  272. Would love this! Thanks!

  273. Love Lands’ End, Love their backpacks!!!

  274. A shoe compartment AND a jacket stash panel? AWESOME. Thanks for the contest!

  275. Yippee I want a back
    pack please!

  276. This would be perfect for my little guy!

  277. This would be so great!

  278. Pretty Please!!!??

  279. We love Lands End!

  280. That would be so useful, thank you!

  281. I will try because I really need a new backpack.

  282. Oh, child #8 who starts school this year would dearly love one of these!

  283. Landsend is the best!!

  284. Pick me!

  285. I think I should be in a backpack 12-step program …but sign me up!

  286. Fingers crossed! Oh, how we could *really* use this right now.

  287. Oooh – pick me!

  288. My now 13 year old would love this to replace his beat up old backpack that has – gasp -cartoon characters on it! The horror!

  289. I love Land’s End! Please pick me pretty Mir!

  290. Lands End ROCKS!

  291. Pick me please! We dig Lands’ End.

  292. Would love one! Thank you!

  293. This looks great!

  294. Our family could use this backpack so that the next time Dad has to go to camp with middle child, he doesn’t have to take the daughter’s cast off PINK backpack as his own. Good thing he’s colorblind. The rest of the world isn’t, however, and we could use a nice blue or green or red backpack. Thanks, Mir!

  295. Thank you for the chance!

  296. I’m in!

  297. mir rocks! 🙂

  298. Pretty Mir, pretty backpacks!

  299. Kids can always use a new backpack. Even if they are guaranteed forever, my kids usually want a new one each year.

  300. Love the backpacks there!

  301. My granddaughter is going ti Kindergarten. Of course she needs a backpack.

  302. I’m going back to school, thanks!!

  303. Wow! What a cool backpack!!!

  304. Backpack! Backpack! Backpack!

  305. The Prince needs a new backpack…he drug last year’s backpack on the ground and wore holes in it. Silly royal offspring!

  306. #306 pretty please! It will give me a good reason to take back the ugly backpack my daughter insisted upon! Or maybe keep for myself! 🙂 Option #2 seems a little better than option #1, don’t you think? Who needs back to school, when there is so much more need to get back to the gym! With this backpack, I could…well, the possibilities are endless! Thanks!

  307. Pick me this time!

  308. This backpack looks great! Pick me, please!

  309. I’ve got 3 kids starting school in 3 weeks, and could use one great backpack!

  310. I’m just here for the prizes.

  311. Picketh me. Love Lands End.

  312. Oh we NEED this! Please choose me so I don’t have to spend more money on back to school!

  313. After being totally wiped out buying school supplies for 3 kids,I would love to win a backpack!!

  314. pick me

  315. me me me me ….

  316. Hooray for backpacks! Hooray for Mir!

  317. I want it! I want it!

  318. Ok, it’d almost be worth going back to school is you had this backpack…

  319. Oooh! Me! I need one please!

  320. Oooooh, we need this one, with three students in the house, including me, now.

  321. My little guy starts kindergarten in a couple weeks. Guess I should start thinking about this.

  322. Yoo Hoo! Random Number Generator! Oveeerrrr Heeerrreee! Please pick me!!

  323. Hey, I’ve got a kid, or two, that could use one of these. Let’s hope my number comes up!

  324. Middle Child, aka MacGyver, would love all of the stashing spots on this. Count me in!!

  325. Your people love some Lands End!
    I know I do!
    And your random generator. I totally love it too.

  326. What a great bag! Perfect for back to school!

  327. Oooh, that looks spiffy! I do believe my stepson would think the same.

  328. Is there any more beautiful word than “free”?

    Thanks, Mir!

  329. Vintage olive is the best! I just licked some chip crumbs off my shirt. Thanks, Mir!

  330. Count me in!! I like the dark cobalt blue.

  331. Sounds good!

  332. Oh goody! I love Land’s End backpacks!

  333. Pick me!

  334. Me!!

  335. awesome!

  336. I’m in for a backpack!

  337. Please pick me. I’ve a 9 year old that is death to backpacks. He killed his LL Bean after one year (Hooray LL bean, sent it back and gave it to his little brother- it was too small for him this year).

  338. Me me me me please….

  339. Ahhh! The smell of Back-to-School!! Makes me all giddy inside! And a little backpack therapy couldn’t hurt! We love Lands’ End!

    Nice giveaway. Thanks, Mir!

  340. My daughter would love it! Thanks! Jessica

  341. My step-daughter would love to have the blue one!

  342. Oh wise Mir and wonderful random number generator…345…oooh…I like that number!

  343. One less thing to buy for back-to-school! I am stoked. The boy will be excited about the new pack, which will hopefully offset the fact that we will be in a new city, new school, new everything.

    Thanks, Mir.

  344. Perfect! Thanks!

  345. I think I want to marry it too!

  346. We love LE backpacks! Their lunch box held up really well last year, too. Thanks, Mir!

  347. I would really love a new backpack for my daughter.

  348. Oh, Mir! Pretty, pretty Mir. Pretty, pretty, PLEASE!! 🙂

  349. Land’s End is the best! My daughter would love to start school with a brand new backpack…we will keep our fingers crossed 🙂

  350. I’ve been looking at these…

  351. Oh! Pretty, pretty Mir (not to mention you, Mr. Random-Number-Generator, you handsome thing!) Please pick me!

  352. Love Lands End!!!

  353. I love you, random generator, but not more than lovely Mir, of course.

  354. I’m in! This would be great!

  355. I love Lands end! Their backpacks are the best.

  356. Oh!Me! Please!
    Lands End Rocks!

  357. LOVE Lands End…In the market for a backpack for my son. And their backpacks last FOREVER

  358. Count me in! Thanks.

  359. Thanks for the reminder. I forgot about this but could definitely use it if my number gets chosen!

  360. thank you!!!

  361. We’ll give it a go…my preschooler needs one, wonder how many grades that would last?

  362. Me please!

  363. Is it my turn to win yet??

  364. Oh! Me! Pretty please!!

  365. I

  366. Can I win it?

  367. Time’s not up yet, is it?

  368. 🙂

  369. i was almost gonna order one, then remembered about this contest….for the teenager who goes through 3 a year!! thanks!

  370. I love land’s end backpacks!

  371. Can’t believe I almost missed this one!!

  372. We’d love this backpack!

  373. C’mon, Contest Gods!!!

  374. Oh how we’d love this backpack!

  375. Ooooooh! Aaaaaa! What a nice backpack!

  376. My son eats backpacks….what else would explain the sorry condition within two weeks of use?

  377. Throwing my name in…

  378. me me me me me me!

  379. Oh, me likey!!!

  380. Not even gonna give it to one of my kids if I win…it’s all mine!

  381. I LOVE all of the compartments!! Vintage Olive is our fave! Thanks for the chance!

  382. Oh, pick me!

  383. How did I miss this before?

  384. I am so glad you posted a reminder, because I somehow missed this before!

  385. Hope I am not to late to enter! I get so confused about time zones.. 🙂

  386. Please enter me, if it’s not too late! Thanks!

  387. Making it in just under the wire!

  388. Squeak… am I under the wire?

  389. Never mind the kids – I need one for school myself! (And I must throw in that I’m graduating this December – woohoo!)

  390. I think I just made it! I hope so!!

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