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By Mir
August 25, 2008
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Hello, my pretties! We’re going to do something a little bit different for this week’s contest.

First, I’d like you to go take a look at the most gorgeous coffee-table book I’ve ever seen—it’s called America at Home and it’s a monster of a tome. This was a collaborative project put together by photographer Rick Smolan (a renowned photographer), and the end result is a stunning collection of day-in-the-life photos from all around the country. It was created during a seven day-period last September by not only 100 professional photographers but by tens of thousands of amateurs as well.

The book itself is beautiful and impressive, but they’re doing something really cool in addition to just producing the book. They’re also selling them with custom covers, which means that you can go online and upload your favorite photo to turn it into the book jacket! Personally, I think this is all kinds of brilliant.

This book sells for $39.95 + shipping and handling, but three lucky Want Not readers are going to win copies of “America at Home” and get to make their own custom covers to go with ’em.

Here’s what’s different: This contest will not be determined by random drawing. I will be hand-selecting three winners based on your cover photos. Here’s what you do:

1) Go use their custom cover creator to make yourself a cover, featuring your favorite photo.
2) When you get to the final (billing) step, instead of purchasing, click on the “Email my cover to a friend” button and send it to yourself. You will get an email with a link to your cover.
3) Come back to this post and leave the link to your cover in the comments. That constitutes your contest entry.

(Here’s an example of a cover I made and mailed to myself just to give you an idea.)

One entry per person, valid email address required. I will take entries until 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) on Sunday, August 31st, 2008. (That’s a whole week, so plenty of time.) Winners to be determined based on the ones that tickle my fancy. So, um, get to ticklin’.


  1. Mir, not entering this one myself, but just had to comment and say, good luck choosing. There are some awesome entries here.

  2. I thought about this for a while. I definitely would want a photo of my kids and, of course, something that they often did together at home. I have great memories from when they were younger. My son, 5 years older than his sister, loved to teach his sister and she, in turn, totally adored him (ok, they still do but they’re 10 and 5 now so it doesn’t happen to such a big degree anymore 🙂 The photo I chose is one in which my son (then 7) taught his sister (2) to catch the frogs that tried to swim in our pool (thus saving the frogs and making our swims more enjoyable!). He was a great teacher and she loved doing it.

    Here’s my cover:

  3. And may I just add good luck with this, all the covers are amazing.

  4. Ok, here’s my entry. I’m assuming should I win, I’d be able to use a photo without my son’s face blurred, but I’m weird about photos of my son.

    I went with the idea of “America At Home” After all, this is pretty much the view of my home:
    (Face it you wish you had so much fun)

  5. How fun!!

  6. Anyone know why the links aren’t working?

  7. This is a picture of our dog “Nick” sitting on “his” deck overlooking the protected greenspace behind our townhome. He thinks it is his big backyard. He keeps intruders(and sometimes even the birds)away! We love living here, it always feels like we are on vacation in our very own tree house.

  8. http://www.myamericaathome.net/customcover/email?em=394

    Yessss! I hope I win….I had to do this at least eight different times and finally had to email it to my Mom and she had to forward it to me to get the link….I was having alot of trouble getting the site to send me the link! But I did it, finally! Yeah!

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