Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Girls’ Night

By Mir
September 22, 2008
Category Contests

Hey, I’m not going to get all political on you, here, but there are a few inalienable rights in which I believe. And without getting into each and every one of them, I’m just going to say that as a woman, as much as I do love the menfolk (and I do, truly!), sometimes, you just need a bonding night with the girls. Am I right? (Of course I am. Don’t even try disagreeing.)

While an outing to the movie theater can be a good way to spend Girls’ Night, I actually prefer a night at someone’s house, preferably playing games and drinking wine. Maybe not even in that order. So you can, perhaps, imagine my excitement when I discovered What’s a Dame to do?, the hilarious party game where you try to guess the other players’ reactions to difficult situations. Can’t you see how an evening with your best gal pals and this game could be just what you need? Of course you can.

What’s a Dame to do? Retails for $34 plus shipping, but three lucky Want Not readers are going to win themselves this game just because they’re pretty. And if the random number generator picks them. Want to win it? Simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) on Wednesday, September 24th, 2008. One comment per person, valid email address required, offers to buy me a nice wine will not increase your chances of winning but since when is flattery and sucking up a bad thing? Ahem. Winners to be determined by random number generation and grace under pressure.



  1. Sweet! You’re purty. And so is the Random Number Generator.

  2. I’m not sure I fit the “grace under pressure” descriptor, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

  3. I definitely need a night out.

  4. I love Girls’Nights!

  5. Yay!

  6. I’m so in need of a ladies night!

  7. Sounds so fun! Thanks.

  8. My girls’ game group meets once a month, and we really, really need a new fun game! Pick me pretty Mir! Pick US!

  9. Does Three Buck Chuck qualify as a nice wine? 😀

  10. I love games!

  11. Girls’ nights and Game nights are two of my favorite things!… how much fun will it be to combine them?!!

  12. I love wine and girls’ nights…. And I think wine would make the game even that much more fun. Pick me random generator.

  13. My turn!

  14. That would be fabulous!

  15. That looks like so much fun. What a great excuse to schedule a girl’s night in.

  16. I sooooo need a girls’ night out!!!!!!

  17. I’m so in need of a girls night!

  18. Oooh, all of our husbands are deployed right now, so my friends and I have been having girls’ nights left and right!! This would make for the perfect evening in! Fingers crossed 🙂

  19. Wow I can’t wait to have a girls night when my husband comes back! This would be great!

  20. Our girls night usually involve margaritas at a restaurant but heck, I have a blender!

  21. Gotta love the randomness. Story of my life.

  22. Girls’ nights can be a lifesaver – for the men in our lives, at least…

  23. I am sure this would also work with ladies and gay men night out.

  24. What a great idea! I just posted on my blog the other day about needing to spend more time with my girl friends. Fingers crossed!

  25. I need a girls night out desperately.

  26. Sounds fun!

  27. Excellent giveaway Your Prettiness!

  28. As always, you’re looking lovely Mir. Pick me, random number generator!

  29. Sounds like a fun thing to do on Girls’ night!

  30. I’ll try anything…sounds like fun!

  31. Girls night? whats that?! I think my hubby may think thats when he goes out and I am home with our dear daughters! Ha! I love how you have resorted to the number generator, as I am not one of your wittiest followers!

  32. This sounds AWESOME! I would love to be the one to share this with my gal pals!

  33. TIA pretty pretty Mir.

  34. Girl’s Nights are DEFINITELY a necessity.

  35. I could definitely use a girl’s night out!

  36. Thanks Mir – and random number generator, pick me!

  37. I’d love to win this!

  38. Please enter me!

  39. ooo! I’ll invite you over to play and supply the wine. (fine print, airfar not included) 🙂

  40. Oh, this is so much up my alley!

  41. Pick me, pick me! My girlfriends and I love a good game!

  42. This would make a good Xmas gift for my DIL.

  43. Pick me! Pick me! Random number generator, you’re looking very pretty today, and your, um, shoes are nice.

  44. Love games! This sounds fun.

  45. I could definitely use a girls’ night!

  46. This sounds like the perfect game for a girl’s night out! 🙂

  47. ooh me!

  48. Sounds like lots of fun. Count me in! Be kind Random Number Generator!!!

  49. I’m in!

  50. I so need a girls night out right now! Pick me, Pick me oh random generator!!

  51. Sounds like a blast! Thanks for another great contest!

  52. I think this would be hysterical game for my neighborhood ladies!

  53. This sounds so awesome! You’re the best, Mir!

  54. Woohooo sound slike fun…a bunch of us wives with deployed husbands would love that game…and some wine LOL

  55. I’m in….

    Oh and since I live in WINE country — what do you like? (I’m not above a bribe.)

  56. Soo in need of a girl’s night… thanks for the giveaway!

  57. It sounds like fun!

  58. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I hope I win!

  59. Oh, I so need a girls night!

  60. Looks like fun!!

  61. This is exactly what my wife needs (and by way of reduced stress I do too!). As a great mom and terrific spouse, she deserves it. Fingers crossed.

  62. Sounds good to me!

  63. I love girls’ night!

  64. OH we have a monthly girl’s night! Sometime’s we do crafts, sometimes not – but drinks, snacks, & gossip always occurs!!

  65. This sounds like so much fun! Thanks!

  66. I would love a fun game for girls’ night! Thanks Mir.

  67. I’d love to have an excuse to throw a party!

  68. I’d love to win 🙂 me me me me meeeeeeeeeeeeee. . .

  69. Who doesn’t love board games, but board games and wine, for sure.

  70. Love Girls Night!!! We are having one this weekend! Thanks Mir.

  71. What a way to spend an evening!
    PICK ME !!

  72. pick me.

  73. This would be the best gift for a game-night-loving friend!

  74. sign me up — sounds like a blast!

  75. There is motivation to meet people in this new town and force myself to invite them over. That works.

  76. Living in a house full of boys, where our conversations routinely revolve around all the different noises our bodies can possibly make, I feel I’d definitely benefit from a girls’ night out! Wonder what that’s like…

  77. This would give me an excuse to have the girls over for a night of fun while my hubby is in Baghdad! I am SO going to need the company and the distraction!

  78. I love board games!

  79. I can’t even remember my last girls night out.

  80. Sounds fun…. I sooo need a girls night!

  81. Could use an excuse for a girls night!

  82. ladies’ nights are what keep me going some weeks!! count me in

  83. Please!!!!

  84. Sounds great to me!

  85. I still need games!

  86. sounds GREAT! Sign me up!

  87. Looks like fun!

  88. I’m in need of a girls night … sounds like fun. Thanks

  89. I’m in!

  90. How fun, we love games at our house!!

  91. Sounds like a great addition to our girl’s night out…

  92. Me, me, me!!!! [please.]

  93. This would be perfect for our monthly MNO(Mom’s Night Out)party!

  94. Oh, I hope I win this one! I’m planning a ‘hen party’ for my mom’s b’day next month; this would be a blast to play with all the ladies who’ll be there.

  95. Love girls’ nights!


  96. You KNOW you want me to win!!!!

  97. Games, girls night out, and wine = heaven!

  98. That’s a lot of comments, but I’ll throw my name in the hat, uh, random number generator. Bottle of wine on it’s way, maybe.

  99. Guess I would need to find some friends – just the initiative I need – thanks Mir!

  100. Oh, I totally want this game! I got the group of girls just waiting!

  101. This looks awesome!

  102. I hope the random number generator gods smile on me!

  103. Girl’s night (and wine) always makes me feel extra pretty! 🙂

  104. Oh with baby #2 on the way I can use all the good girls night out fun I can get.

  105. what a great prize.

  106. This would be PERFECT for the next Girls’ Night!

  107. I’m the prettiest of them all! Pick me! Pick me!

    /end delusion

  108. Count me in!

  109. Pick me please!

  110. This sounds like a fun game!

  111. me please

  112. I haven’t gotten together with my girlfriends in quite a while… Pick me please! 🙂

  113. Me me me me me!!!! My girlfriends and I would love this!

  114. I’m greedy for games. Count me in.

  115. That looks like tons of fun! Pick me! 🙂

  116. this would be SO MUCH FUN! And I would tell my friends that I won it from the prettiest blogger out there!

  117. Hi! Pick me, please.

  118. Mir, although it would require you to fly across the country, you are hereby cordially invited to the next Ladies’ Night at chez Binky.

  119. Girls just wanna have fun!

  120. We’re having a girls’ night tomorrow 🙁 wish I already had it!!!

  121. That sounds awesome! Here’s to wishing I had it for Thursday night.

  122. I love games, and this one sounds like a lot of fun!!!

  123. Mir – I would totally bring the wine for you!

  124. love girls nights and fun games. I hope the randonm generator will be good to me. QT

  125. We have a girls night out planned for Friday night!

  126. Sounds fun, I am in!

  127. This sounds like a lot of fun!!! 😀

  128. myself some girls nights!

  129. I need this game since I am usually the host for the girls night out.

  130. I have a girls night coming up, I would love this!

  131. I love games and I love girls’ nights

  132. Legally, I don’t know if I can ship wine to you, but you are – oh! – so pretty.

  133. That sounds like a fun game!

  134. Would love this game!

  135. I SOO need a girls’ night out!

  136. I’m in!

  137. wow! lots of responses already. count me in. that sounds like a lot of fun!

  138. You are beautiful and I am sure our group would love to try this game!

  139. We would love a new game here! Thanks

  140. I have my invitation list, coffee and chocolate ready.

  141. Perfect!

  142. OH, pretty please!?!? Finally, Mr Random Number Generator? I do love me some GNO.

  143. Count me in!

  144. Hey Random Number Generator,pick me! i would sooo love to get my hands on this one!

  145. I’d be happy to take that off you hands.

  146. Sounds like fun!

  147. I’ve no grace of any kind, but I bet the girls would like to come over and play this…

  148. this is just what I need to host a girls night out!

  149. I love to play games and get out with the girls.

  150. me, me, me! I would love this and I definetely need a girls night out!

  151. Sounds like a blast!!

  152. Count me in! 🙂

  153. I really could use a game like this. I need a laugh 🙂

  154. Random generator, please pick me! This game sounds like a blast, especially after a glass of wine, or two… 😉

  155. woo-wee! Pick ME!

  156. What fun! I just moved to PA, so this should give me the incentive to go out and meet new people!

  157. We love games! Thanks!

  158. I’ve got just the right group of ladies to play this. Games are an awesome giveaway!

  159. Who doesn’t like game night – and this one sounds so fun!

  160. This would be so much fun at our monthly Mom’s Nights. Pick Me Me Me, Please!

  161. OOH! This sounds like it could be a lot of fun 🙂

  162. I’ll buy you an entire box of wine, even! Cause I’m a connoisseur of fine wine. And I am super classy, too.

  163. Pick me!!!

  164. Ohh…ME!

  165. I love Girl’s night out. We play BUNCO around here (for those that don’t know it, it is a mindless, no skills required game that leaves you time to eat, drink and talk). But this will be interesting!!

  166. Please

  167. Me me me…I really need this…and so do my pretty girlfriends.

  168. Just in time for my girl’s weekend at the coast!

  169. Good alternative to Bunco, it sounds like. Hope I win! Thanks, Mir!

  170. That is just what my gal pals need when we get together. We just replace wine with ice cream. That’s fun too!

  171. No grace here, what with being 5 months pg and all, but I DO have pressure out the wazoo! 🙂

  172. I neeeed a Girls Night in the worst way!

  173. Oooo…I could use a good game to give me a reason to hang with my gal pals. 🙂

  174. I could definitely use a girls night, sounds like fun.

  175. This could replace Apples to Apples as the party game of the masses!

  176. I need some girls as much as I need some games!! Being a mom seriously depleted my circle of firnds – maybe if I had a cool new game to attract them with, I’d get out more!

  177. I so need some fun with the gals.

  178. We have girls’ night in my neck of the woods and we need some new ideas!! This sounds perfect.

  179. Pick me!! I could use a girl’s night.

  180. Sounds neat!

  181. pick me please!

  182. woohoo I love girls night in!

  183. I want a new game!

  184. Please pick me, please pick me, please pick me (fingers crossed)

  185. This working, schooling, crazed mama could use a night of fun. Pick me, lucky number generator!

  186. my next day off is october 4! i would love to drink wine and hang out with my friends that i never get to see anymore because i am always working!

  187. Here we go, trying to win a fab prize once again.

  188. Pick Me

  189. Does it come with a babysitter?

    No? Well, I want it anyway!

  190. Girls night out… long overdue! Enter me!! :o)

  191. I love girls night out. We’ve taken to calling it GNO in our neck of the woods. We’d love to get our paws on this game! 🙂

  192. Love games!

  193. This would be great, seeing as I’m the new MNO planner in our group.

  194. I have girls! I need a game! 🙂

  195. We just had a girls’ night last week, but we never need much of an excuse for another one!

  196. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  197. This game sounds so fun,I really want to win this. If I were a kid, I would whine and whine and beg to win, but I am not a kid… so PLEASE LET ME WIN. . . I said PLEASE!

  198. This would be great for my girls’ weekend in Vegas coming up!

  199. I love games and girls’ nights!


  201. Oh I so need this one more than the toothbrush!!

  202. oh this would be a nice pick me up!!

  203. I can always use an excuse to party.

  204. This looks so fun! I need a girls’ night.

  205. Mir, you always give away the coolest stuff!
    RNG, please pick me!!

  206. I have some new friends that I would love to invite over for such a silly game. And serious wine.

  207. Awesome! We have girls’ night every Wednesday. Would love to have a new game to play!

  208. Please pick me! That sounds like fun.

  209. Wahoo-sounds great for monthly Mom’s Night Out!

  210. I don’t know about grace under pressure, but I’ll take a game!

  211. I’d bet I could get some ladies from my mom’s group who would love to play this game. Thanks for the chance to win!

  212. Woot!

  213. Oh my gosh, I’d love to win this one and bequeath it to my MOMS Club group. We’re always looking for fun (and inexpensive) things to do on moms’ nights out.

  214. Sounds like fun while the men watch the little ones! Pick me!

  215. Thanks

  216. A girl’s night in is always fun!

  217. OMG!!! My friends and I would LOOOOOVE this game. Typically we’re Bunco girls, but we’ve been branching out lately to things like Taboo and Catch Phrase. Yeah, we’re that wild and crazy. We could definitely use this game to spice up our girls’ night! Oh pick me random generator, and Mir, send good vibes to my number…cause you’re SOOOO pretty!

  218. It sounds great!

  219. I definitely need a girls night out!

  220. I love games, pick me!

  221. What’s a dame to do if I don’t win this game? Seriously.

  222. it sounds so fun and i’m hosting a girls’ night
    next month and we don’t have anything fun planned yet!

  223. Pretty Mir–pick me!

  224. ME Please

  225. I totally need a girls night “in”!

  226. sounds awesome and a good excuse to get together with good friends

  227. Sounds fun!!!

  228. Thanks Mir!

  229. I can’t remember the last girl’s night out I had…this is the excuse I need…..did I mention how pretty you are?

  230. I could use a girl’s night! thanks!

  231. My gal pals and I love playing games at girls night out!

  232. Must have. Please, 232! Random generator, go for the symmetry!

  233. It has to be my lucky day! It would make me feel at least 10 years younger to play this game. (20 years younger is just wishing.)

  234. Please please!

  235. Pick me! Pretty please?

  236. Gotta love girls night. Yeah!

  237. Sounds fun!

  238. Sounds like fun!

  239. Girls nights are the best!

  240. We were just saying we were getting a little tired of B!tch B!ngo!

  241. Pick me, Pick me!! Our girls group needs somthing fun to do, we have been stressing lately!

  242. Sounds like a fun game!!

  243. That sounds like a lot of fun.

  244. Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  245. Too much fun!

  246. I need a girls night…really bad!

  247. Pretty please , pick me Pretty Mir !

  248. Yes please!

  249. I love games! WOO!

  250. What IS a dame to do? I must know.

  251. You’re so pretty, oh random-number-generator. (oh, and Mir, you’re prettier!!)

  252. Oooooh, I’m having a girls night when my sister comes over from England next month to visit me – this would be perfect!! What a fantastic game idea.

  253. Not only will I buy pretty, pretty Mir a nice bottle case of wine, I will offer her a standing invitation to come to our girls’ nights, if she is in Wisconsin when she is on the tour for the magnificent book she is going to write!

    (OK – did I go too far with the flattery?)

  254. Another good contest!

  255. Who doesn’t love a great board game? Pick me, please!

  256. Totally cool!

  257. What fun! Thanks for the pretty contest, oh pretty one.

  258. Pick me! Pick me! :0)

  259. Boy could i use a girls night!

  260. Sounds like fun! Thanks – Jessica

  261. I’m the President of an organization called the University Dames, and we do a monthly Moms’ Night Out. This would be PERFECT!!

  262. Oh how fun! Pick me 🙂

  263. It’s been too long since I had a girls night!! This sounds like so much fun!

  264. I’m always up for a new game! And a new excuse for Girls Night In 🙂

  265. because we all need girl time!!! kelly

  266. This sounds like fun, O pretty one!

  267. I am in dire need of a girl’s night, thanks for the chance

  268. I would love to win this game:)

  269. Oooh, this would be the perfect game for a girl’s night! Love it! Pick me, please!

  270. Sounds fun!

  271. Games are great! Count me in!!!

  272. Did someone say wine 🙂

  273. Sounds like fun!

  274. Add me to the list!!

  275. Oooh, pick me, pick me!!

  276. Who wouldn’t love to win this game?!

  277. I am so in need of a Girls’ Night. Don’t ask why. Just trust me on this one. Also? You’re the best! 🙂 (A little flattery always helps, yes?)

  278. I could REALLY use this!! So pick me please!!

  279. I thought it was Grace under Fire, but I guess this is a different grace. 😉

  280. My girls in GNO would love this…pick me!

  281. Girls just wanna have fun!!

  282. Girls night! Girls night!

  283. sounds like a fun thing for the next girls’ night!

  284. Bless your heart!

  285. Sounds fun!

  286. I’ll take it!! Sure..

  287. Looks like FUN! 🙂

  288. Just what I need, with a 21 day old baby at home. Pick me!!

  289. Me, please! Sounds fun!

  290. I can always use a party, not to mention a game!!! 🙂

  291. I have the girlfriends lines up and ready to play. (Well, not literally lined up. They have THINGS to do with their lives, you know. But as soon as that number generator picks me…)

  292. WOW, I would like wine and cheese and the game. Pick me random number generator!!!

  293. I hope I win!!!

  294. I would like a girls night please!! With a glass of wine! Or a bottle… whatever.

  295. I’d love to win! Sounds like lots of fun!

  296. Sounds fun!

  297. This sounds like so much fun!

  298. Well, she’s supposed to enter this here contest, and then WIN it! So then this Dame can play this fun game with her girlfriends.

  299. Sounds like fun!

  300. maybe someday I’ll win….this sounds like fun!

  301. This would be too fun. *crossing fingers*

  302. I need a girls night out in the worst way, please help me get an excuse to plan one!!

  303. last one!

  304. I love girls night’s out!!

  305. I’m in on this one!!!

  306. Count me in. We’re getting ready for GNO soon!

  307. Am I late? It’s 12:50 here. Extra credit for listing my favorite GNO wine? Yellowtail Shiraz…. the BIG bottle.

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