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By Mir
November 3, 2008
Category Contests

Today’s contest is going to be so much fun, because today I’m lucky enough to have two hot toys for this holiday season. And I do love playing Santa.

First up, we have the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio, which includes a web cam and a touchpad console. Take a picture of yourself, then makeover, accessorize, or just plain have fun. Mail your completed works to friends, or print ’em out. Fabulous fun for girls ages 8+.

Second, we have the U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift. This is one of those games where plugging in and using the various figures allows you to access games online, and I’m told the Daydream and Nightmare zones are wicked cool. (Take that opinion for all it’s worth—it came from a 9-year-old.) More U.B. Funkeys figures can be added later to gain access to other areas, but this is everything you need to get started. Fun for boys or girls ages 8+.

Two lucky Want Not readers are going to be chosen at random to win these toys! Want a shot at it? To be entered, simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern time (noon Pacific) on Wednesday, November 5th, 2008, telling me which one you’d like to win. Entries must be made with a valid email address; one entry per person; failure to select one of the two choices will disqualify your entry. Winners to be determined by random number generation and ability to work the phrase “U.B. Funkey!” into everyday speech. (Not sure how I’m going to monitor that. Maybe I’ll just rely on the random number thing….)

Ready? Go!


  1. Great Contest!

  2. Funkeys please!

  3. I would love to win either. Hope I am the lucky number selected….By the way, I love this website…

  4. U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift. would be great for the grandson!!

  5. My stylin nieces would love the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio!

  6. Girl stuff please. keep the deals coming!

  7. OMG!! Whoo hoo!

  8. I have a niece that would love the Stylin’ Studio. Since her parents are on a limited budget, this would be perfect for her for Christmas

  9. Sounds great!!! My girls would love it!

  10. Pick me, yay!

  11. The Girl Tech Stylin Studio sounds fun – I don’t know if I could give it up if I won!

  12. Girl Tech Stylin Studio sounds fun!

  13. The GIRL Tech Stylin Studio if for me and my gal!

  14. Oh Please pick me..

  15. My daughter would LOVE that girl tech stylin studio! Come on random number thingy, pick me for once!

  16. We would love the Girl Tech stylin studio!

  17. funkeys sounds good…good contest!


  18. DUDE – u b funkey? I wanna b funkey! My stepson would probably poop out kittens he would be so excited if I won this!

  19. Sign me up for “U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift”, please!

    Thanks, Mir.

  20. I heard you on the FISH this morning. What did you say that you should at least search before you purchase anything on line? Amazon something or other. What was that?
    Oh and if I can be in the contest the girl tech stylin studio sounds great.

  21. Hey Pretty Mir! Girl Tech Stylin Studio please! I think I’ll have just as much fun with that as my daughter. 🙂

  22. Thank you! My nephew would like the U.B. Funkeys.

  23. I’m a funkey, Mir’s a funkey, we’re all funkeys, shouldn’t UB a FUNKEY too???

    My son (7) says UB Funkeys ROCK!

    Thanks Mir! How did I ever shop for Christmas without you?

  24. Girl Tech Stylin Studio for my stylin’ girl, please. Thanks,Mir. You’re pretty.

  25. Well if I don’t win this contest, at least I’m still a winner with ideas this Christmas!! Eeny meany miny moe, I pick…
    the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio! (whoa, I have been on this site too long, I just made a somewhat rhyme, with no attempt to do so!)

  26. I’d love to give my girlie that Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio.

  27. Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio would be a huge hit with my 8 year old! Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. If I win I would like the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio please!

  29. I would like either one but if I have to make a choice, I’ll choose the Funkeys since either one of my grandchildren could play with it.
    Pick me! Thanks!

  30. Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio would make a great Christmas present for my 9 yr old.

  31. Girls Tech Stylin’ Studio please!

  32. I would love the stylin studio, but either would be great!

  33. UB, Me B, let’s all be Funky!!!

  34. I would love the UB Funkeys kit!

  35. Stylin’ studio. For me, not my daughters, though.

  36. UB Funkeys would be great for my 3 monkeys!

  37. I’d love the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio for my daughter 🙂

  38. UB Funkeys

  39. UB Funkey if you pick me !

  40. First time but definately NOT the last time on here — I know a little boy that would love the Funkeys !!!

  41. U.B. Pretty! Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit Thanks

  42. Woohoo!! Over here!

  43. UB Funkeys!!

  44. I’m going for the Funkeys!

  45. what is that smell??? ick it’s your shoes! UB Funkey!
    Six boys at our house & it’s truly funkey!

  46. Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio!! For my nieces!

  47. pick me! pick me!

  48. Cooool!

  49. My niece would love the Girl Tech Stylin Studio. Crossing my fingers.

  50. I would have to pick the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio as I’m sure my girl has never heard of the other. Or maybe she has it’s me that’s out of the loop!

  51. I pick the stylin’ studio…What a GREAT contest!!! 🙂

  52. Gir Tech Stylin Studio please!

  53. can u b funkey and pick me? lol

    ub funkey for me please.

  54. The Stylin’ Studio would be a big hit with the three girls in this house.

  55. I’m sure my little girls would LOVE the Stulin’ Studio. I hope they let me play, too!

  56. Stylin’ Studio for my girl please!

  57. My daughter would love the stylin studio!

  58. The both look great but I think my daughter would prefer the Stylin Studio. Come on random number gererator!

  59. U.B. Funkeys Please…my little girl isn’t girlie enough to want to do makeovers!

  60. Girl Tech Stylin Studio for my girl, pretty please!

  61. Mir, U.B. Funkey…really, UB! I.B. Funkey too.

  62. the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio would be a GREAT gift for my daughter!

  63. Stylin’ Studio would be great!

  64. My daughter would love Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio. 🙂

  65. Oh, what to pick….the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio for my stylin 9 year old! Sounds like it’s got it all…..will it clean her room too? How about just organize a sock drawer?

  66. My Annaleah would love the Girl Tech Stylin Studio! Thanks for the chance!

  67. The Stylin’ Studio would be a great gift for my niece! thanks!

  68. UB Funkeys would make my 9 year old quite happy Christmas morning!

  69. Sign me up for some Girl Tech Stylin’…. my daughter would be over the moon!

  70. Would love the Girl Tech Stylin Studio! Thanks!!

  71. The Stylin Studio, please!

  72. Funkey Dream kit pls. you and the random generator are so very pretty! 🙂

  73. Girl tech!!

  74. Okay, I have a son who has a birthday two days after Christmas. He’ll be 10. The U.B. Funkeys would sure help ease the pain on my wallet during Christmas / Birthday season!

  75. A Girl Stylin’ Studio would make a GREAT Christmas gift to one of the 18,000 nieces!

  76. Either one of these would make my kiddo smile on Christmas morning!

  77. Wow would my girls flip for the stylin studio !!!!!

  78. I would love to win the Girl Stylin studio I think I could have fun with that too :-).

  79. i’m sure my child would drive me bonkers with that u.b. funkeys thing. But count me in anyway!!!

  80. Hi….Im visiting your site for the first time…thanks to Channel 11? OMG…I think it was Atlanta’s 11. I watched it this morning before work! I WANT this freebie for my granddaughter! woooo hoooo! 🙂

  81. My niece would love the Girl Stylin Studio.

  82. My girls would love the Stylin’ Studio.

    P.S. This is their lucky number.

  83. My kids might love me forever if I won this!

  84. The girls sylin’ studio.

  85. Stylin Studio it is!!!!

  86. Sounds like fun. 🙂

  87. Stylin Studio please for my niece.

  88. Pick me Pick me!! Please

  89. Stylin Studio for my funky chic girl please!

  90. I would like to get Funkey with you, Mir!

  91. My girls would love the Style Studio! Me…not so much…but they will dig it!

  92. ooh, the UB Funkey looks like something BugMan would love. Plus it is fun to say. 🙂

  93. My daughter would love the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio!

  94. I’m in for U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift. Coolyo dude!!!

  95. My granddaughter would absolutely love the girl tech style studio – and so would grandma seeing how if she won it she wouldn’t have to pay the 60 some dollars for it!!!! 🙂

  96. Girl Tech Stylin’ for me!!

  97. girl tech stylin studio please!

  98. My niece “the princess” would flip over the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio. 🙂

  99. Oh, the Girl Tech Stylin Studio would just be too Funkey. Thanks!

  100. My son would love the U B Funkey!

  101. Girl tech Stylin for my grand daughter, PLEEEEEEEASE!

  102. Okay, I have two sons so this will sound strange… Girl Tech please. (For cousins, I swear!)

  103. Funkeys please!

  104. We have a bunch of girly girls around here!! Girl Tech would be a hit for sure!

  105. UB Funkeys for us, how fun!!!!!!1

  106. Girl Tech…I know a little girl who this would be perfect for.

  107. Funkey giveaway! yes, pleeeeaseee!!

  108. U.B. Funkey My sons are totally funkey and you would save me from purchasing this for Christmas! Love you!

  109. I would like the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio. Thanks!

  110. Enter me for the U.B. Funkey, please.

  111. The UB Funkeys sounds like fun for both my kids. Thanks!

  112. cool, I am in!

  113. Funkey, funkey, funkey! Thanks, Mir!

  114. Oooooo… I love toys!

  115. My boys would also think the Funkeys are wicked cool!

  116. The Stylin’ Studio sounds so – stylin’. Please to enter me for one!

  117. The Stylin’ Studio would be PERFECT for my nieces! Pick Me!

  118. U.B. Funkeys Dream State with Bones and Drift does sound wicked cool but alas, please enter us for the Stylin’ Studio!


  119. I would have to go with the Funkeys Dream State!

  120. UB a funky monkey!

  121. Funkeys for me, please! Okay, not really for me. But I am sure someone around here could find a use for it…

  122. I think my 8 year old would love the Stylin’ Studio.

  123. Awesome freebie! Pick me please.

  124. We’ll give Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio a whirl. That is if your magical lucky number generator finds us worthy. 🙂 Thanks!

  125. My sisters would love the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio!

  126. UB Funkeys, please!

  127. My girls would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to not have to buy it for Christmas! Thank you for a chance Mir!

  128. I B Funkey! I wish!

  129. I’ll toss my comment in the hat for the Tech Stylin’ Studio.

  130. girl tech for my girls!

  131. The Girl Tech one!

  132. UB Funkey for sure!!!

  133. My daughter’s would really like the girl tech.

  134. Girl tech stylin’ studio

  135. Could always use somthing for the grandkids. I’m thinkin’ Funkey. Thanks! You are the best!

  136. My son has his Christmas list on the fridge and Funkey’s are all over it. We would love it here. Thanks

  137. The girl tech studio looks fun. Although my girls don’t deserve any presents right now, so I can’t really plead for them that much. They are fighting too much. Is there a product out there that prevents fighting?

  138. I am sure my neice would love the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio. SOunds right up her alley!!

    Thanks for the chance!!

  139. Girl Tech for my twin girls please!

  140. girl tech studio, please!

  141. I’d like the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio for my daughter’s birthday which happens to be next week. 🙂

  142. Girl tech, please. 🙂

  143. Would love the either – both are on my kiddos’ lists!

  144. Put me in for the U. B. Funkeys. I Be Funky!

  145. U.B. Funkey please, pretty please 🙂

  146. I would love to win the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio for my niece for a Christmas gift! I am not lucky enough to have daughters to buy for, but I do have a 9 yr. old niece that would love this, not to mention helping me out with my Christmas budget! Thanks for the chance to win!

  147. Oh, Bee-U-T-ful Mir…..Purde-est lady on the web…..I’d love some of the action on the Girl Tch Stylin’ Studio….Pick me, Pick me O’ random winner picker thingy.

  148. U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift sounds cool to me. Anything that I can have santa bring and save me money -since we’re real smart and decided to move around the holidays. LOL

  149. Sounds like the girl tech studio was made for my daughter! She would love it.

  150. I would LOVE to win the stylin girl tech studio for my little girly girl. Ever since she was a baby she would point her little finger at, no not candy or toys, accessories!!
    She is all about the hair pretties, jewlery, shoes etc… so you see this prize could potentially save me millions. Or at least I could go and get a real haircut and buy myself something pretty!

  151. Pick me! Pick me! My darling son NEEDS those Funkeys things. I have no idea what they are, but he says he NEEDS them. LOL

  152. Mir, UB the most funkeiest! You are the best!

  153. Girl Stylin please! Thank you please!

  154. My little sister would flip over the Stylin’ Studio – she’s all about being “fashionable!”

  155. So you’re saying that if I were to win the Stylin’ Studio, I should share with my daughter? What an awesome prize!

  156. What perfect gifts either would be for my grandkids.

  157. UB Funkeys please!

  158. I asked my kids about Bones and Drift. Their reply was “U.B. Funkey” Mommy!!! We’d love the Funkey toys Please 🙂

  159. Funkey Monkey! Thanks – Jessica

  160. The Stylin’ Studio, please! I may share with my daughter.

  161. U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift

    This would be a nice donation to our area Toys For Tots!!!!


  162. Stylin’ Studio please! I’ve got 4 teen/preteen nieces!

  163. The girly studio would be perfect for my niece! Thanks, Mir.

  164. My nephew would say, Aunt Danielle, U. B. Funkey!” If I won this.
    Please sign me up for the U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift.

  165. I love your contests Mir!! You always have the most WICKED COOL stuff!!!:)

  166. I would luuurrrvvee to win the stylin studio for my daughter. She would totally dig it!

  167. Girls studio please!!

  168. UB Funkey, me be funky, we all be funky for cool prizes!

    My 9 year old would love the styling’ studio. So she can be funky, too.

  169. Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio. I want it for myself, actually…but I’ll give it to my niece. (Once I’ve “tested it out’.. 🙂

  170. Either would be great! I guess I’ll go for UB Funkey.

  171. U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift please!

  172. Ooh, the girl tech stylin’ studio (which, of course, I will have to test on myself before letting my girlie ever have it).

  173. U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit for meeeeeee! (Well, really for my Funkeys-obsessed son… he is sure that Santa MUST bring him one this year!)

  174. Girl tech stylin’studio! My niece would be in heaven!

  175. I would love the Funkeys Please!!!!

  176. I want to win the U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift 🙂

  177. would be great to win this for my niece!

  178. I would love the Girl Tech Styling Studio

  179. I am all about the GirlTech Stylin’ – I would probably use it myself!!

  180. Oooohh, my girl would love the Girl Tech studio. (Okay, so would mom! LOL!)

  181. Ooohh…U.B. Funkey, Mir!
    Thanks for the chance!

  182. My daughter would love the stylin studio!

  183. I want the girl tech stylin studio! Pick me!

  184. My boys have asked for u b funkeys for a year . . . so this would be great

  185. So hard to choose. My kids would love both! I will go with the UB Funkeys since my son has actually asked for those! You rock!!

  186. girl tech please!!!!

  187. Oooh, sign me up for UB Funkeys for me. I have two boys that would love that.

  188. U.B. Funkeys would be awesome!

  189. me want!

  190. We’re a house full o’ girls – Girl Tech, please!

  191. UB Funkeys for my monkeys please

  192. Oh Girl tech stylin’ studio how my 8 year old would love thee. Let me count the ways. . .
    1.) OMG MAKEOVER!!
    2.) Hairstyles, Hairstyles, Hairstyles
    3.) Awesomely, awesome virtual makeup
    4.) you get the idea. . . .

    We’d love one!! Thanks Mir!!

  193. The Girl Tech Stylin Thingie, please! Do you know how hard it is to dress myself? No girlie genes here, sadly.

  194. I have a girl who would love Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio!

  195. I’d love to give the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio to my sweet niece. Thanks for a fun contest!

  196. I have a 10 year old cousin who would just love the Girl Tech Stylin Studio!

  197. Oooh ooh ooh!! What a great contest! My 10 yr. old daughter already considers herself an accomplished fashionista and would love the Stylin Studio.

    I use U.B. Funkey several times a time, usually when talking to customer service support people. Trust me, they love it.

  198. Girl’s Stylin’ please for my little girl!

  199. Girl’s Stylin’ studio for my two girls!! Thanks for all the contests.

  200. U.B. Funkey for the boys.

  201. U.B. Funkeys, please!

  202. U.B. Funkeys sound sweet!
    Please, please…pick me?!

  203. I’ve got girls… Stylin studio please.

  204. Stylin’ Studio!

  205. The Girl Tech Stylin Studio sounds fun

  206. I would love to win the Stylin studio for my granddaughter. By the way, I heard you for the first time on 104.7 the Fish. I love this site! I’ll be back!

  207. girl Tech for us

  208. My daughter would be thrilled to have the the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio! I think her mom would like it too 😉

  209. My 8-year-old would love the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio!!!

  210. Me please!

  211. U B Funky if you pick me for the Girl Tech Stylin Studio! 😉

  212. U.B. Funky, please!

  213. funkeys please!

  214. Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio for this house, please! Woohoo!

  215. Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio for us…if we win!

  216. Funkeys please!

  217. I’ve got the girliest girl in town… Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio would please her greatly! Thanks a bazillion for yet another contest!

  218. UB Funkeys!

  219. Girl Tech Stylin Studio pretty please!!! 🙂

  220. Daughter would *LOVE* this!
    pick me
    pick me!!

  221. My girly girls would LOVE that Girl Tech Stylin Studio!

  222. Both look very cool but since I have a 9 year old boy I’ll believe your 9 year old and go with the U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift. Thanks!

  223. play that funkey program, white girl! 🙂 thanks!

  224. i would love to win this!!

  225. My daughter would LOVE the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio. Thanks, Mir!

  226. My 8-year old would LOVE that stylin’ studio!


  227. I bet my daughter would go to town on the Funkey game. Funkey Town.

  228. The Stylin’ Studio would be a lifesaver this year! Consider me entered.

  229. Girl Tech for my tech girl!

  230. I’ve got a boy and a girl so you pick one for me.

  231. Girl Tech Please

  232. My son (9 1/2) would love the Funkeys one. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  233. Sounds like fun… either toy would be cool.

  234. I’m in for UB Funkeys!

  235. Am I too late? I want in for the UB Funkeys! That would be a perfect gift.

  236. I’d love the Styling studio… Cheese 🙂

  237. my little girl wud love Tech Stylin Studio ..thank you !!!

  238. Ooh! My daughter would love the Stylin’ Studio. But then again, my son would love the U.B. Funkeys Dream State thingamajig… So if you pick me, I’d be thrilled with either. Yay for contests!

  239. Stylin Studio please! Thanks!

  240. We would love to have either one. Just happy to have a chance to win. Thank you!

  241. We would lovee the U.B. Funkeys Dream State Starter Kit with Bones and Drift.


  242. I’ll go for Funkeys – thanks!

  243. Funkeys for my boy 🙂

  244. The girly one for us!

  245. Yippee! U.B. Funkey and me too.

  246. Great contest!

  247. UB Funkey? Serious, how could I not want that?

  248. I can think of a few girls who would love the makeover one 😉

  249. My daughter would love the Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio – hope I’m not too late.

  250. My son has been asking for UBFunkeys for the past few months. It would make a great Christmas present!

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