Teach ’em graffiti while they’re young

By Mir
November 13, 2008

I don’t really understand the kiddie fascination with Doodle Bears, but I guess there’s something really alluring about being allowed—nay, encouraged—to draw on your toys.

The price of those things has always kept me far, far away… and now my kids are too old for them. But check it out: Right now at eToys, they have four different Doodle Bearsicon available for just $4.99 each! The “airbrush” models have free shipping, too.

This is a great gift closet toy, and an even better donation toy. And five bucks is pretty hard to beat. Especially when you’re buying it for someone else’s house and don’t have to worry about those markers being used on your walls….


  1. I just got the airbrush bear for the gift closet! No way am I letting Grasshopper anywhere near it, but it’ll be a great gift/ donation to have on hand.

    Thanks Mir!

  2. Perfect! My daughter has to bring in a $5 Christmas exchange gift to her preschool class for another girl.

  3. LOVE deals like this…..keep ’em coming! Thanks

  4. Um? I wanted one of those in high school. Beats having your friends write on your jeans, right?

  5. Nice! These things are chock-a-block at resale if your kid wants one, but of course I can’t give resale for gifts so this is great.

  6. Woohoo! Thank you Mir, 2 presents accounted for, for under $10 total! I puffy heart you

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