Happy holidays from Lands’ End

By Mir
November 15, 2008
Category Contests

Hey, Lands’ End knows that holiday shopping can be stressful. So they’ve decided to offer a little getting-ready-for-the-holidays gift to one lucky Want Not reader, because they’re swell that way.

Here are the three options they’ve come up with: For her, women’s terry travel slippers with bag; for the kids, adorable fleece slippers; and for the menfolk, a lighthouse wheeled duffel bag. Whoever wins will get to select one of these items to receive—and I’m not trying to sway you, or anything, but… ummm… that duffel bag costs about $150. And that’s a lot of slippers. Just sayin’.

Anyway! To enter the contest, simply leave a comment on this entry by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, November 16th, 2008. One comment per person, valid email address required, professing your love of all things Lands’ End (or me) is optional. Winner to be determined by random number generation and general good looks.

[My son is sitting here with me, right now, and he’s really digging those dog slippers. I’m trying to explain that I could probably put him and the slippers inside the duffel bag. He’s not swayed. Sigh.]

Ready? Go!


  1. Ohhh, I love that duffel bag. Pick me!

  2. I’m game, add me in!

  3. I love Lands End and my hubby loves to collect anything luggage related! Thanks for another great contest!

  4. Count me in. I just got my new winter (and dressy) coat from Lands’ End and I LOVE it. I wouldn’t mind having that duffel.

    And I have to say, about the travel slippers, people up here always keep slippers in their cars. I’d never heard of it until I moved up here, but since it’s winter about 11/12 of the year, people always take their shoes off when they come inside…and automatically put on the slippers they brought with them. It was (to me) an odd tradition that I still haven’t taken to yet. (I always take of my shoes, but there is still something weird about bringing my slippers with me when I go out.)


  5. i would feel soooo posh having slippers AND a travel bag to match. ahhhhhh. . .

  6. such choices!!! i hope i win

  7. I like Mir, slippers, AND duffel bags. Wheee!

  8. I would love to win this one!

  9. I wish they made the penguin slippers in adult sizes. Adorable!

  10. That duffle bag looks awesome.

  11. Pick me!

  12. To have to make choices would be a burden I would happily take on.

  13. I need new slippers!!

  14. pick me 🙂

  15. We would love to win!!!!!!

  16. Pick me please!

  17. oh yes please! we need a new duffle really! perfect.

  18. I love Lands End. Count me in!

  19. oooh mama needs a new duffel bag!!! Gotta visit the in-laws for Thanksgiving down in Atlanta…

  20. I love the duffle bag. I love Lands End. They actually make jeans that fit me.

  21. Oh we love Lands End around here. Pick me, pick me! And thanks Mir, you are the best!

  22. Hmmm….all the other postings are talking about using the bad to go see their families for the Holidays….I’ll be honest, if I win it, I’m packing it full of Oreos and running away from mine!!!! (kidding)(ish)

  23. Pick me, pick me! I love Land’s End products.

  24. Love the Lands End snow flurry boots for my kids. I get them every year. (Not that that is one of the offerings, I am just professing my love for lands end by singing the praises of one of their products). Yeah Lands End!

  25. Love land’s end—all of these would be great gifts. Thanks!

  26. My feet are cold….

  27. Lovin’ the duffel bag! 🙂

  28. We’d love that duffel bag–you should see the state of our bags!

  29. Thanks Mir, count me in.

  30. I could sure use some new slippers!

  31. Seeing as we never travel, I’d probably go for the slippers, but heck, I’d be happy to win anything!

  32. ooooooo…. a present for me….

  33. Ah, the loves of my (shopping) life: Mir and Lands End. And a prize!

  34. We all have chilly feet around here . . .

  35. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  36. I would be thrilled with any one of the 3 prizes!

  37. fun! I’d love the duffel.

  38. Love, love, love that Lands End!

  39. Yup. I grew up in Lands End land (WI) and have never outgrown my love for them.

  40. I love Lands End almost as much as your contests!

  41. I love Lands End! My mother and I both adore the knit pants!! That duffel looks amazing, I’d love it!

  42. That duffel bag is exactly what I need for travel! And with the holidays coming up, it would be perfect.

  43. Love Land’s End! Duffel for me, please…

  44. I do love ______ (fill in the blank: lands end or Mir you pick.)

  45. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  46. I love Lands End! Count me in… Thanks Mir!

  47. I love cheesecake, but there is still room in my heart for you, Mir. : )

  48. I would love the duffel! As a military family, we use those suckers all the time.

  49. I pink puffy heart Lands End!

  50. i say yes, please! 🙂

  51. I would love any of those items! Thanks for always having great give-a-ways (even if I don’t ever win)!!!

  52. What a great giveaway, I have been using your tips for awhile now – thanks for saving me money!!

  53. Love Land’s End…maybe you could convince them to give away a boy’s robe size 12? 🙂

  54. We could use a duffel

  55. Great site, great loot!

  56. I need that duffel so I can send my husband packin’.

  57. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. Oooo duffel bag for me please! You’re so pretty!

  59. 🙂 🙂

  60. I love that duffel!

  61. Sway that kid! I love the word sway.

  62. Pick me! Pick me!

  63. I could really use that duffel bag!! Thanks!

  64. Awesome Giveaway!

  65. Me me me!

  66. As much as I like the bag, I’m looking for slippers for my daughter’s Christmas gift! sacrifices we make and they never know!

  67. You’re the best, Mir!

  68. Gosh I love Lands End.

  69. wow, what a great giveaway! I had been travelling a lot, and a wheeled duffle is great. Try going across town on the Boston subways without wheeled luggage. bleh.

    Lands End rocks, they make swimsuits I could had down from girl to girl, great dresses & tights, and the best boots ever. 🙂

    Mir, you are so pretty! 🙂

  70. I want to win!

  71. cool!


  73. Duffle. Definitely. My son’s backpacks keep bursting at the zippers because his Braille books are just so big and heavy. He’s using a carryon size suitcase for school right now!

  74. I want to win anything!!

  75. Who wouldn’t be able to use that duffle bag? Definitely count me in! I’d love to have it!

  76. I could definitely use some new slippers!! Mine have a hole on the bottom!

  77. Thanksgiving trip coming up…could really use that gorgeous duffle!

  78. That duffel would be great for our upcoming trip. Thanks for the chance to win, Mir. You’re looking quite pretty today.

  79. This would be amazing…Lands End stuff is great! I’ve bought my last two winter coats from them, and have not been disappointed.

  80. lovin’ you and Lands End…

  81. The slippers look mighty cozy, but I think the duffle would be perfect for my son to take with him to college. {sob}

    P.S. Love Lands End and Mir is soooo pretty!

  82. Like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, “Mine. Mine . ” Land’s End is class on the hoof.

  83. any of those would be awesome.

  84. I see a duffel bag in my future.

  85. The duffel bag is sweet! Please, Great Mir…pick me!

  86. Ever since we moved to Germany I have been looking for a good pair of slippers for myself and my kids!

  87. I love the snowflake slippers – but those are for kids, I guess…

  88. I love Lands End. And Mir 🙂

  89. Pick me, please!

  90. Count me in…LOVE Land’s End!

  91. Awesome bag! I’d love it!

  92. That wheeled duffle is pretty cool!

  93. Very nice, MIR. Thanks once again for bringing us this great contest.

  94. That’s a great bag!

  95. the duffle as a gift for my son please!

  96. already bought the moose slippers for my son, so it would be the duffle.
    by the way number generator, it is my turn.

  97. I recently came across this blog and I LOVE it! Pick me!

  98. I love Land’s End and you!

  99. Please please!

  100. We love the Lands End around our house, couldn’t live without it! Great giveaway; thanks for the chance to win.

  101. enter me!

  102. What a tough decision that would be. I love Lands End!

  103. i’m in baby

  104. Oooh, duffle bag for hubby. Thank you for the chance!

  105. I love Lands end. I hope you had a lands end backpack since I heard your kids broke!!!

  106. Do I have to pretend to be a man to get the duffel bag? Cuz I will. 😉

  107. I adore Lands End! (And you Mir! *G*) Half my pants come from Lands End and I’m eyeing that duffel bag for my hubs, pretty please? *G*

  108. I love Lands End. I love luggage with wheels. I love free.

    How much would I love a free Lands End wheeled duffle??

    Almost as much as I love pretty Mir and all her fabulous deals. ;D

  109. Pick me please!

  110. I love Lands End – I buy from them frequently. I would always love free things from them. Please random number generator, pick me!

  111. I feel as though LE owes me for all the $ I have spent on their awesome stuff over the years- ha ha

  112. I like Land’s End and luggage that fits a small child!

  113. Me!!!

  114. Land’s End rocks!

  115. I’m in, thank you!

  116. Would love to win something!!

  117. Boy, that duffel bag surely would be a great!

  118. Thank you!

  119. The duffle bags are awesome. Had mine for 12 years finally broke.

  120. Would love to have the duffel bag!

  121. Mir – you are looking SO fabulous today!!

  122. Count me in – the duffle bag looks fabulous!

  123. Count me in too!

  124. Can’t win if you don’t play.

  125. This is my lucky number.

  126. Wow! What great prizes.

  127. Ok. I’ll have a wheeled duffle.

  128. Please, please! I’ll BUY two pairs of slippers if I can just win the duffel…

  129. Come on number picker…..pick me

  130. Yay for Saturday contests!

  131. I would love to win. Thanks Mir!!!

  132. Love lands’ end. Hope I win!

  133. Yay lands’ end!

  134. Even backwoods folks need to pack up and get movin’ from time to time, I’ll be waiting here with my fingers crossed!.

  135. I heart lands end!!!!

  136. My luggage is in awful shape — and Lands End makes really good quality stuff. Sign me up!

  137. Ooo, I love Mir!!!! and duffel bags!

  138. Oooh…pretty please!! That wheeled bag is awesome. So are you, Mir. And Land’s End too. 🙂

  139. Land’s End ROCKS!

  140. Duffel baby duffel!

  141. Please? C’mon, I’ll be your best friend…

  142. A wheeled duffel could lug both my kids through the airport! Now, wouldn’t that be a great idea?

  143. Thank you Land’s End! You and Mir are so very pretty and wonderful!!

  144. Kids slippers for me please!

  145. Optional love displayed.

  146. Wonderful. I’m in!

  147. Pick me!!! Pick me!!

  148. Duffel for me! Love it….and you Mir! 🙂

  149. Land’s End is one of my favorites!!!

  150. I really hope this is my day to win something!

  151. Mir is soooo pretty!!!

  152. I have a Land’s End duffel bag that’s probably 15 years old and still going strong. But I could use another one!

  153. Pick me Please! Lands End stuff is the best! I buy all my boy’s clothes there and they last and last!

  154. needing new luggage – pick me!

  155. Definitely the duffel!

  156. I would love me some Land’s End. Esp. that duffle bag. The pink coral color is the bomb but would be tickled pink to have a chance at any color. Thanks!

  157. I’m here crossing my fingers!

  158. I am in!!! And you are very pretty, Mir;)

  159. I am so in need of that bag! Also, Mir is pretty! 🙂

  160. Ooooooh! I so need some slippers for myself!!!

  161. Are we supposed to specify which slippers for the kiddos? My daughter would likely implode if she were to receive the pink ice-skating slippers in size 12… that would be my pick 🙂

  162. Pretty Mir, pretty Lands End! Love the duffel!

  163. We love Land’s End here and slippers always seem to get worn out so fast.

  164. Yes, please!

  165. Mir, I love your contests! Just wish I could win one!

  166. I love Land’s End! While my kids would probably love the slippers, I think I’d choose the wheeled tote. Besides they have slippers that fit.

  167. what a great giveaway – just in time for holiday travels and chilly toes. Thanks!

  168. Wow – the duffel looks fabulous! I think 168 is my lucky number. 🙂

  169. Lands End is fabulous, and I’d certainly love that duffel bag!

  170. Thanks for letting me play. 🙂

  171. My husband can use a new travel bag. I’d love to get one for free!

  172. Love those slippers!!!

  173. I say pick me!!!!

  174. Pick me.

  175. I love the Wheeled Duffel Bag! Awesome!

  176. Oh pretty one! I’m in!

  177. I think Land’s End is pretty, but not as pretty as you Mir.

  178. Thanks Mir and Land’s End!

  179. I’d love that duffle!

  180. Did you say duffle bag? Who couldn’t use another bag!?!

  181. That duffel is awesome!

  182. Pick me, pretty random number generator!

  183. general good lucks? well! *fluffs hair* i’m in! ;D

  184. Let the season begin!

  185. Shesh its a busy time of year on your blog!

    But those kids slippers are so cute!!!

    Penguins?! OMG I might have to buy those.

  186. LOVE Land’s End. Great quality stuff. You ain’t so bad yourself!

  187. C’mon, duffel bag! And my general looks aren’t too bad, if that helps!

  188. I love Lands’ End! Their stuff wears so well, and the few times I have had some issues (missing belt on bathrobe, etc.) they have been great about fixing their mistakes.

    And of course I love this website — it’s my daily must-read now that Xmas shopping has begun.

  189. Ohh, this is an interesting contest. I am always packing for 3 for weekends and vacations. I have to use 3 backpacks! One rolling duffel would be great.

  190. Awesome contest! I love the duffel bag and the penguin’s kids slippers!

  191. me me me. So, if you choose the duffel and then return it for some reason will you get that much credit you can then spend on slippers?

  192. love their stuff, what a great contest!

  193. I hope I win this time *wink* my random number picker.

  194. That is so cool. I love those duffle bags. Whoever wins should definately pick the duffle!

  195. Oh, LOVE Land’s End here. Love you too. Can always use another duffel. Pick me!

  196. My sister and her family just move to Colorado and I bought all of their Christmas presents from the Land’s End catalog and had them shipped. BTW, I did not buy myself anything, so I would really like the duffel bag, sort of as a reward for starting my Christmas shopping early, for me.

  197. You’re so pretty Mir, and Lands End is my favorite!

  198. Lands’ End is very pretty, aren’t they? fingers crossed.

  199. mmm…some nice travel slippers for after running on those awful treadmills that business hotels have.

  200. Lands End and Want Not is the perfect pair. Thanks!

  201. Please enter me for the duffel bag.

  202. Pick me!!!!

  203. please cont me in:)

  204. Give me a “D”. Give me a “U”. Give me an “F”. Give me another
    “F”. Give me an “E”. Give me an “L”. What does it spell….
    ..DUFFEL…..Yay DUFFEL!!!!!

  205. Lands end. Cool

  206. Ooh we LOVE Lands End! The even honor their free shipping to Hawaii (great while we were stationed there)!! They have made me a fan for life!

  207. Wow those are awesome. You are the reason I’ve started shopping more from lands end. You constantly rave about them!

  208. I need luggage – the duffel would be great!

  209. Well, my first choice would be that very nice duffle bag, described in such an eloquent way by a woman who is both beautiful AND intelligent.

    I would, however, gladly accept the ladies’ travel slippers or even the cute kids’ slippers, should I be chosen in second place. (If there is a second place, of course).


  210. I love Mir, i love Mir….

    I love land’s end, i love land’s end…

    Would love to win 🙂

  211. Yay! I love your blog. AND I love Land’s End! It helps with my whole MILF look (or I hope it does).

  212. Ahhhh, I am in love with Land’s End. I want one of everything in their catalog…almost.

  213. Thanks a million!

  214. We LOVE Land’s End here!

  215. Count me in!

  216. Throwing my name in. 🙂

  217. Yeah! Awesome giveaway! I could use a new bag – see, I’m swayed. Maybe it would stop everyone from calling me Mary Poppins with my old travel bag!

  218. Land’s End ROCKS & so do you!
    I would love to win the duffel bag.

    good luck to all……..

  219. thanks!

  220. Just bought three swimsuits for $12 each there. Post car-crash, that is the only exercise that doesn’t make me hurt all over. There were some for $10, but I’m not an a-cup!

  221. Sounds great!

  222. I love Lands End!!

  223. I love you and I love Lands End. Woo!

  224. pick me pick me!

  225. I love winning!;-)

  226. I never win these things, but, hey, if’n you don’t enter, you can’t win, so here I am givin’ it the good ole college try ’cause I really do love stuff from Lands End.

  227. I hope I win. I never win anything but as they say — you have to be in it to win it!!!

  228. I’ll take a shot.

  229. fun

  230. Nice duffle bag. If it is a donation it is very generous.

  231. Pick me I love the duffel bag

  232. Love Lands End!

  233. We love Lands End. Our son has their sneakers in blue and white in 3 different sizes! Pick us!

  234. We love Lands End. And Free Stuff you LIKE is always a great bonus!

  235. I love me some Lands End and the deals you’ve steered me to this year have been more than a small bonus. I would have to say then…pick me! And thanks for the great deals!

  236. I love Lands End! Pick me please!

  237. WOW OH WOW, What a great deal. I’d love to have the slippers or the duffel bag. COME ON RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR PICK MEEEE!

  238. Wow! Wonderful giveaway! I LOVE Lands’ End stuff – we have duffel bags that have been to you-know-where and back, and are still truckin’ right along!

  239. Wow! Lots of great stuff! I love stuff.

  240. I do love Lands’ End – we have one of their diaper backpacks and that thing is incredibly durable. I’m sure the duffel bag would be too!

  241. Land’s End rocks!

  242. Land’s End and Duffel Bags sound like a sweet combination.

  243. WHat a contest! Count me in – thanks! Jessica

  244. I love Land’s End for their excellent quality products. Would love to win! 🙂

  245. I’m wearing a comfy Land’s End sweater right now. It’s COLD here in San Antonio today…and by cold I mean that it’s in the 50s today. Of course, that’s cold enough for us…and definitely cold enough to wear a Land’s End sweater…and flip flips, because we always wear flip flops in San Antonio.

  246. I’m in! thanks!

  247. Well aren’t you looking might pretty today, with a great giveaway!

  248. Thanks for a great chance to win a choice of one of these!

  249. How did you know we needed a new duffel!

  250. While I DO need new slippers, I think I’d go for the duffel.

  251. New duffel…Hooray!

  252. This would be great for my husband, we love lands’ end.

  253. Another Lands’ End fan here. Keeping my fingers crossed that the lucky number generator will pick me!

  254. Professing my love for both Land’s End and all things Mir. 🙂 Great contest! Crossing my fingers and arms and toes and ears and eyes and legs and anything else I can.

  255. yippeee!
    love the landsend stuff!

  256. Duffel me up! 😉

  257. I love the Lands’ End overstocks section.

  258. Putting my name in on this one…LOVE Land’s End! (And you too Mir!)

  259. Thanks, Mir! (And Lands End.)

  260. Oh Mir, please pick me…pretty pretty please.

  261. I’m so glad I found this site again since my computer crashed! And, just in time for the contest – hope I get the bag!

  262. That bag is totally cool and I love Lands End expecially the winter fleece and sandals! I have my fingers crossed. 🙂

  263. I’m in!

  264. I love Lands End, been shopping with them for years. I would love to win one of these great items.

  265. Sweet deal!

  266. COOOL!!

  267. We love Lands End around these parts. Almost as much as we love Mir.

  268. I’m in!

  269. I’m up for winning…

  270. Man, those are nice! I’d love the duffle for when we travel overseas in Jan–much nicer then my backpack from college that was (a*hem) years ago.

  271. dude I’m so in

  272. Lands End has the best T-shirts in the world! Now I get the boys’ for sleeping and layering.

  273. I am in lust with that duffel bag!!!! HOOK ME UP! 🙂

  274. Ooh, awesome contest! Pick me!

  275. I love me some Land’s End! And I love me some Want Not!

  276. I am wearing Land’s End slippers right now… Love ’em

  277. I have two boys and they are so much fun, I’d certainly take Monkey along with some warm slippers!

  278. We’re military and move every 3-4 years, including this coming summer… an extra duffel bag would definitely help! And since it is on wheels, I can make my daughter pull it! She’ll think it’s great, especially if I can get it in blue! Although the rest of our luggage is red…. guess I’ll have to think about it! 😉

  279. Winning would be cool!

  280. Lovin’ Land’s End and that duffle!

  281. duffel!

  282. Oh the slippers are sweet, but who can pass up a $150 duffel!

  283. I want to be a lucky reader!

  284. yeah! pick me!

  285. i want the duffel bag!!

  286. Woo Hoo! Because I do love everything by Land’s End.

  287. Count me in!! Duffel’s are great.

  288. Land’s End is the best! Their kids clothes and outerwear last and last…sure would love to have that duffel!

  289. Duh-ful! Duh-ful! Duh-ful!

  290. Help poor me shop for Christmas!!!!

  291. I love Land’s End stuff!

  292. Love them!

  293. I would love the duffle bag as we currently have no luggage…though I’m sure my daughter would love the slippers…

  294. pick me pick me!

  295. That bag would be awesome!

  296. Wheeled duffle bags are the best luggage invention ever. Store completely flat, and can be squished to fit available space when packed. Plus, wheels!

  297. Love Land’s End, as always! And you too, Mir!

  298. Gimme.

  299. Freebies? Pick me!

  300. I’m in!

  301. Those kids slippers are so adorable, but we could totally use the duffel. Great contest.

  302. Those slippers for kids rock


  303. Oh we were just thinking we need to buy new luggage, but winning some is so much more fun.

  304. A wheeled duffle is always nice!

  305. Lands End rocks and so do you, Mir! Please enter me in the contest.

  306. I love Lands’ End.

  307. I need to win something, soon, pleassssssse!

  308. Me me me please please please!

  309. My turn?

  310. Just a quick comment…sounds great.

  311. I just got new slippers and my kid won’t wear hers, so it would HAVE to be the duffle bag!

  312. That is one cool duffle bag. Thanks!

  313. That duffle bag is AWESOME!!!!

  314. Do they make the cool doggie slippers in mom size? LOVE them!

  315. Count me in!!

  316. I second that!

  317. I could alway use help with my holiday shopping. 🙂

  318. WOW, Thanks Lands end and What Not. Pick me Pleeeeeeeeese!

  319. We had a suitcase break this year, so we definitely need new luggage! Thanks Mir!

  320. would love that duffel bag, just love anything lands end. thanks.


  321. Do you know how many slippers we go through in this house?

  322. Oh, boy! Pick me!

  323. Me!

  324. Awesome.

  325. Pick me… pretty please?

  326. It’s all about the duffel.


  327. Me Please

  328. What a great giveaway! And that duffel is so awesome 🙂

  329. Looove Lands End, pick me!

  330. Lands End = Best Quality Luggage!

  331. Me, please!

  332. i might be needing these things soon… for L&D in 9 months…

  333. I’m in!

  334. Pretty Mir, I love the duffel bag! Pick me.

  335. pretty please, pick me!

  336. Lands End is awesome! Thank you Mir!

  337. mememememememe!

  338. You are so very pretty today! You wouldn’t mind picking me would you?

  339. Pick me pick me!

  340. what a great giveaway!!!!

  341. I love your contests!

  342. I’m in for the duffel bag!

  343. Count me in!

  344. Wow…I’m WAY down on the list…this is a popular option!

  345. Sweet!

  346. You are so pretty. Please pick me!!

  347. Please pick me – I never win anything!

  348. My son saw the slippers when I was clicking through and went nuts! I might just have to buy those for him when I win so I can have that duffel! 🙂

  349. Pick me! Pick me!!!!

  350. Our wheeled duffel broke this summer, so this would be fabulous!

  351. Sweet contest! 🙂

  352. I’d LOVE that duffel!

  353. I lurrrvvve Land’s End! Pick me, O Random Number Generator!

  354. That bag IS nice!!

  355. My cold feet are craving some Land’s End lovin! Thanks, Want Not!

  356. I’m in – love the bag!

  357. I’m a duffel bag kind of girl – count me in!

  358. I am having a horrible month, and free stuff always helps 🙂

  359. Pick me, pick me! Thanks!

  360. Pick me! Pick me! My kids could use new slippers that won’t fall apart within the week! 🙂

  361. Sending all my love to Land’s End and you.

  362. pick me!

  363. We are moving to Nh so warm Lands end things will be perfect!

    tuesdayef (at) aol dot com

  364. days of the year, baby!

  365. Thanks Mir!

  366. That duffel bag is awfully fabulous, just like you, Mir!

  367. Oh my yes please!

  368. I love this contest!

  369. pleaseeeeeee?

  370. My luck is terrible but I’m going to keep trying.

  371. lighthouse wheeled duffel bag please!

  372. Our luggage is falling apart, so here’s hoping…

  373. wooohoo! please count me in!

  374. wow – those travel slippers look nice and cozy!

  375. I bet I could put that duffel bag to good use. 🙂

  376. count me in too! Thanks!

  377. Lands End would be my best friend if shipping didn’t hurt so much. They are still my favorite for all things “winter.”

  378. I’d love some slippers. Thanks for cozy tootsies!

  379. I love Lands End. All three items look great. 🙂

  380. I have a problem….I just recently ran over my best suitcase so I really need some new luggage. (I was loading up the car and somehow forgot about my suitcase and backed out over it. I was mad then but now I find it kinda funny…I mean really, who runs over their suitcase? LOL) Anyway I also have only ceramic tile in my home and toes are icy at night and in the morning so I’d love some new slippers. I’ve never had a problem with anything from Land’s End so I’m hoping today is my lucky day!

  381. oh pick me, puh-leeze!!! I love me some Lands End!

  382. Land’s End products are the best and nothing beats their lifetime guarantee!

  383. my son keeps asking me to get slippers for him and I can never fund them at Target. Maybe it’s a sign and we are going to win – ha!

  384. pick me!

  385. i love land’s end!

  386. I love both Land’s End and Mir! And Mir is very, very pretty! And that duffel bag is awesome!

  387. That duffel bag is great!

  388. We’re always traveling to see family -we could put that duffel to good use! 🙂

  389. Ooo, I won’t know which to pick!

  390. oohh- I do love Lands End, I do, I do!!

  391. Our duffel’s zipper no longer closes, so we’d definitely pick that!

  392. Great duffel! Hope I win!

  393. I would love that duffel.

  394. I love anything from Land’s End!

  395. Love the Lands’ End!

  396. Pands Friend, indeed!

  397. I’m game!

  398. Lands’ End is awesome! O LOVE their shirts and pants for men…a staple for my husband’s wardrobe and easy care for me!!! Love their new styles of jeans for women as well! 🙂

  399. Sweet! Count me in.

  400. Oooooooh Pick Me Pick Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  401. Dear pretty Mir,
    My whole family loves Lands End!!!d

  402. One of these days I’m determined to win one of these contests!

  403. I am WAY down here, but maybe the I will be seen and picked!

  404. Awesome slippers. Too bad they don’t have the penguins in adult sizes!

  405. lighthouse bag, please.

  406. I love all things Land’s end. Especially the clearance items. They really have some reasonably priced clearance things.

  407. Might I assume that winning a new wheeled duffel bag may justify a weekend getaway? I say it should. Let me try it for myself. Mmmkay, thanks!

  408. yeah lands end!

  409. I love you AND the duffel bag!

  410. Hmmm….might I win on my son’s first birthday? Maybe?

  411. I love Lands End about as much as I love pretty Mir and Want Not! 🙂

  412. Hi Mir! Pick me, pick me!!

  413. Love Lands End…and would love to win 🙂

  414. I love Lands End and you are so pretty!

  415. pick me!

  416. I love Lands End…and the kiddos could use some slippers!

  417. Me too, Me too!!! Add me!

  418. We do love those kids’ slippers at our house, though agreed, the bag seems like a slightly better deal.

  419. That duffel bag looks awesome. Wow! What a great prize. Thanks Mir and Land’s End. (Was that enough sucking up? Should I do more? Nah. Wouldn’t want to go over the top.)

  420. Lovin` Land’s End, as usual. Count me in.

  421. We love Lands End!! Pick me!!!!!!!!

  422. Sounds great! Thanks, Mir!

  423. This is a great giveaway! Thanks!

  424. Come on lucky number 426!!

  425. pick me alllllll the way down here

  426. The duffel looks awesome. Especially now that I am pregnant and can’t carry as heavy of bags as I used to. I need those wheels.

  427. I love wantnot.com, i love wantnot.com oh and Lands End Too!

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