Because Want Not is all about pretty (teeth)

By Mir
December 15, 2008
Category Contests

Few contests here are as popular as the ones for fancy toothbrushes. I am deeply impressed with your commitment to oral hygiene, people. And really, who doesn’t want a high-tech toothbrush?

You’re not going to find one much more high-tech than the Oral-B Triumph 9900 with Smart Guide. Not only is this a fancy-shmancy toothbrush that does things like warn you if you’re brushing too hard, this Smart Guide thing is stupendous—it gives you visual feedback while you brush. (You have to go look at it to see what it does. I am transfixed.)

Hey, if you want to buy one, be my guest. It’s currently about $100 at Amazon, plus you can get a $15 rebate. Or, maybe you could win one from me. Because I have one to give away! (Merry Christmas!)

Want to take a shot at winning? First go read the official Want Not contest information and rules, and then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 Pacific) on Wednesday, December 17th, 2008. And then one lucky reader will be even prettier, with some extremely clean and high-tech teeth.

Good luck!


  1. I’d love it!

  2. Hmm, I need this after buying all those gummies! 🙂

  3. Clean teeth is my passion, haha!!!!!!!!!1

  4. I love me some clean teeth…please pick me.

  5. You can’t be too rich, too thin or have teeth that are too clean. 😉

    Has the random number generator ever picked the number THREE????? 🙂

  6. Sign me up!

  7. Oooh! Cool! I do love a fancy toothbrush. Or, anyway, I think I’d love a fancy toothbrush…

  8. I love that this follows the gummy bear post. Thanks!

  9. I’ve always wanted a fancy tooth cleaning device!!

  10. Gotta love sparkly teeth!

  11. Eventually I have to win, right?

  12. Oooh! I want pretty teeth! Pick me!

  13. Ooh, I would love super-shiny clean teeth! And my dentist would… experience conflicting emotions about it. Sadness that I will not be funding his trip to Aruba, but happiness that he will have a less-cranky patient to deal with. 🙂

  14. oh, i have wanted one of these. thanks for giving one away!

  15. Who couldn’t use a better toothbrush?

  16. Pretty teeth are really wonderful. Just like you, oh Pretty Mir! Merry Christmas!!

  17. I’d love to try one of these!!!

  18. I love having pretty teeth!

  19. This would be awesome! Our dentist freebie toothbrushes wear out awfully quick ;).

  20. Count me in!

  21. Ours recently broke…so I’m definitely in!

  22. I would love to share the beauty of good & easy dental hygiene with my daughter 🙂 Thanks Mir!!

  23. This would be wonderful. Thanks.

  24. This is the toothbrush recommended by my orthodontist (yes I am an adult with braces). Sure would be great to have some super electric cleaning action to clean in and around all this wire on my teeth.

  25. My kids all have those fancy tooth brushes that play music and although this one isn’t THAT cool I’d still really like it!! Thank You!

  26. Pretty teeth for Christmas!

  27. count me in! happy holidays

  28. I would LOVE this!

  29. me please! Thank you!

  30. Pick me oh pick me! Thanks Mir

  31. I can really use this after all those holiday sweets!

  32. please!

  33. The first thing I notice on a person is their smile. You definately have to have nice teeth.

  34. Thanks for the contest Mir!

  35. This would rock my Christmas.

  36. my teeth and I would love this!

  37. Oh yes please! I need cleaner, shinier teeth. It will distract from the rest of me…

    Thanks, pretty one.

  38. Nice teeth are a must!!

  39. Merry Christmas to me?

  40. I am so wanting a new electric toothbrush. My teeth need it, see: 😀


  41. Yay clean teeth! Sign me up!

  42. So nice of you to offer… I would gladly accept! 🙂 Merry Christmas or Happy holidays, if you prefer!

  43. Ooh that would be nice, hubby has wanted one of those fancy-shmancy toothbrushes!

  44. Merry Brushmass! I would love this thing! Clean squeeky teeth on Christmas morning…..pricless.

  45. Yeah! My teeth would thank you!

  46. Clean teeth! or at least something to clean off all the sugar residue from holiday baking!

  47. Man. I’ve had a root canal/crown + another crown fall off, just in the past month. I think I need this toothbrush! Thanks! Jessica

  48. I need some whiteness in my life.

  49. Okay, I want clean teeth :)!

  50. Sweet! Like my college room mate always said – be true to your teeth or they will be false to you.

  51. Yes, I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  52. Sweet! Thanks, Mir!

  53. I’m an obsessive tooth (teeth?) brusher. . .this would be great to have.

  54. Hope this is my lucky number!!

  55. a new brush would be awesome!

  56. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these. Winning one would be even better!!

  57. My son needs one of these to clean around all those pesky braces wires.

  58. I definitely need this one, I get too many cavities.

  59. This and some veneers, and I can look like Animal. Pick me.

  60. Ooh, squeaky clean teeth – thanks!

  61. Yes! Pretty teeth are better than any makeup.

  62. Oh, you are so pretty!

  63. Please, please, please! DH wears out a toothbrush every week and doesn’t believe it is from brushing too hard. if he doesn’t believe me, he might believe a toothbrush. 🙂

  64. I would like one please.

  65. please pick me – I just came from the dentist … not good.

  66. Like your new “contest rules” entry. As always your writing makes me laugh. I in fact think I read it more for the laughs than the deals.

  67. I really did go read the rules first as instructed, so pick me!

  68. Pick me, please?

  69. I read the rules too because I’m a follower that way. Plus my husband would really like this since he broke his electric toothbrush. How do you do that anyway?

  70. I think your teeth are very pretty. So, I’m hoping you will pick me.

  71. Who doesn’t need pretty teeth?

  72. Will this mean I get to floss less often? Probably not, but I’d like the toothbrush just the same!

  73. Pick me please!!!

  74. I could really, really use this!

  75. Hey, you have official rules and everything! I could use one of these! 🙂

  76. Hey, I’d like some pretty teeth please!

  77. ooh! clean teeth!

  78. Me Please!!!

  79. I’m a little obsessed with fancy gadgety toothbrushes…this one looks amazing (drool).

  80. would be such a fun surprise for my husband!

  81. If only it would floss for me, I need an auto flosser. 🙂

  82. i would love this!

  83. I would love to win this, Mir! It’ll be a great thing to have after I eat my 5 pounds of Haribo gummi!

  84. Oooh, high tech gadgets. Love ’em!

  85. Count me in!
    thanks, Mir!

  86. I love clean teeth. And fancy-shmancy things!

  87. I’ve had my eye on this since the first time you started talking about them but I’ve never been able to make myself pay $100 for a toothbrush. 🙂

  88. Pick me, pick me! 🙂


  89. My teeth are lovely but I bet I could really use a fancier toothbrush. If not, I bet the baby would love my old one (to play with).


  90. Our toothbrush works, but is ancient. It would be great to have a shiny new tooth brusher. 🙂

  91. Would it be too weird to gift this to my MIL, who asked for one recently?

  92. Pick me, my teeth are filthy! Ok, not really, but I’d love a high tech toothbrush.

  93. Me!

  94. I would love this !!! Thanks.

  95. Oh I like like like to keep my teeth clean, uh huh…

  96. Good gift (for me)! I’d love it!

  97. WoW! I brush every day but still I’d love a new tooth brush!

  98. me me me!!!

  99. Pick me!!!!!

  100. Love these contests! Thanks!

  101. fancy and perfect to go with all those gummi bears

  102. Fancy!

  103. My dentist would be so grateful for me.

  104. Shiney teeth are just what I want. Please pick me.

  105. Winning this fancy-schmancy toothbrush will really give me a reason to smile!

  106. After all those gummi’s, you’ll need a new toothbrush!

  107. This would make brushing my teeth much more exciting.

  108. Wow, what a toothbrush!

  109. You are looking very pretty today.

  110. I’m determined!

  111. Oooohhhh…. good oral hygiene is a new year’s resolution.

  112. Dang it. I have a toothy phobia thingy (really fun being the tooth fairy under those circs) so while I don’t really quite want to read all the text in case you mention something icky if it’s a contest about a super fabulous toothbrush well then I have to enter ’cause tooth brushing is very, very important. So I hope that’s what it’s about and not that I’ve put my name in the hat for a free gum scrape and a half pound of dental floss.

  113. “mother of pearl!” thats the color i like my teeth! with this it would be super easy to get those results! i hope i win! that would make my week!

  114. Awesome toothbrush! Sign me up, please!

  115. Would love to win!

  116. Me, please!

  117. Oh me, me, me! Thanks either way, Mir!

  118. My teeth are begging you, pretty number generator. Pick me please. 🙂

  119. Pick me! Pick me!!

  120. I could use a high-tech toothbrush. I dunno if I’ll be able to work the manual one after this baby is born…I might be too sleep deprived.

  121. I’m assuming it doesn’t include dental coverage???

  122. oh please pick me, I could totally use it, I am ashamed to say I have been using one from the dollar store 🙁

  123. Oh, boy, I’d much rather win one!

  124. Oooh, me please! How have I brushed my teeth all these years without visual feedback??

  125. oh i could use this as a gift for myself! pick me pretty pls..

  126. Who doesn’t need a cool, new toothbrush?

  127. count me in!

  128. Yep! I’m a civil adult and need a great toothbrush. See I read the WHOLE rules and regs for giveaways!!

  129. Thanks for the offer. Sign me up!

  130. My dentist recommended that we get a sonic care, but we can’t afford one. This would be great!

  131. pick me
    pick me….

    I sooo need clean teeth!!


  132. Shiny teeth would be nice!

  133. this is like my dream. to win a cool spiffy new toothbrush. please mr. random number generator, pick me!!

  134. Pick me! (pretty please)

  135. Mir, I totally read the rules. And your shoes are pretty! Pick me! Pick me!

  136. Pick me please!

  137. oooh, I want prettier teeth! Please pick me!

  138. Nothing feels better than clean teeth!

  139. I like clean teeth too! (And by the way – love your blog!)

  140. I need prettier teeth! HELP!

  141. I need prettier teeth!

  142. All I want for Christmas is very pretty teeth…!

  143. Sign me up. I want some super clean teeth!

  144. Pretty please!

  145. praying pretty mir and prettier random number generator pick my number!!!

  146. I could finally make my mom the hygentist proud!!!

  147. Oh random number generator, pick me, pick me!

  148. You’re supposed to have better oral hygiene while you’re pregnant, so hook me up! : )

  149. Finally I get into one of the good contests early!! Usually I am one of the last entries. Here’s hoping the random number generator is kind!

  150. Me, Me, Me!

  151. Sign me up for a chance at prettier teeth. 🙂 Thanks!

  152. Love it! Love it! Love it!

  153. I’m smiling, I’m smiling…see, pretty teeth…but they could be prettier.

  154. Whats the first thing we notice “Pretty White Teeth”.

  155. I’m always up for technologically advanced toothbrushes. 🙂

  156. I asked for a new fancy schmancy toothbrush for Christmas, you know, because I am exciting like that. But, maybe I can win one instead.

  157. I desperately want a fancy toothbrush! Thanks!

  158. Need it! Want it! Love it!

  159. Prettier teeth for the new year. Good idea!!

  160. Count me in! I’d love one of these.

  161. I have been eyeing up these toothbrushes for months. Please let this one end the decision making!!!

  162. I’d love to win a fancy schmancy toothbrush…especially cause it looks really fun!

  163. That would be cool!

  164. There is no better feeling than clean teeth!

  165. OK, I’ll bite. GET IT? I’ll… ehhh nevermind.

  166. I’m fending off the cavities at the moment- please pick me!

  167. pick me! please!

  168. Not feeling too brilliant… this is my comment.

  169. Wow I gave up coffee (mostly) for the wedding.. No one like tan teeth.. Maybe this would let me add a few cups back in!

  170. Fancy tooth brushing is always fun!

  171. Woohoo! Pretty, pretty teeth.

  172. Me, please!

  173. Pick me, please!

  174. This is a great giveaway!

  175. Ohhhh boy!

  176. I would love this!

  177. This is exactly what my husband wants for Christmas.

  178. Rules? That have to be followed? I have to *leave a comment?*This is so hard!*

    (Gentle mocking filled with love and joy? Not so hard.)

  179. Yes, I’d like pretty teeth, please!

  180. love clean teeth so much I became a hygienist!

  181. Hope I win….I will need this after eating a bunch of christmas candy.

  182. Please!

  183. I’d love it!

  184. I can do the rules!

  185. My sister would love one of these – so I’m going to try to win one for her!!

  186. I DIG it!

  187. We could really use this!!

  188. I want pretty teeth….I do, I do, I do!!! 🙂 Pick me!!! 🙂

  189. I would love this!

  190. me, please! thanks

  191. oh! pick me! i would love to have nicer teeth.

  192. I have a dentist appointment coming up. My tori and receding gums would love this. plus a toothbrush followed by numbers is just sooo cool.

  193. This is exciting pick me! I want beautiful teeth!

  194. That would be great!

  195. This would be great, thank you Mir!

  196. Santa needs a new toothbrush!!

  197. Looks great! Visual feedback? Well… That’s just amazing…

  198. I would love to have one….

  199. Clean teeth! Woo-hoo!

  200. Gosh, it’s kinda sad that people have to be told to play nicely (which is essentially what the rules are). I totally understand. People, it’s all for fun. I enter a lot, I never win. I still love Want Not and I’ll still keep trying :-). Thanks for all your work, Mir.

  201. how cool is that!

  202. Pick me!!!

  203. Well, duh, I want to win this!!

  204. Yeah for clean teeth! 🙂

  205. I’d love one!

  206. Would love a chance. Thanks.

  207. it feels like it would help me be lazier, and cleaner all at once. . . I’m in!

  208. I did NOT read the rules, but hopefully I’m not disqualified.

  209. I’d love to win this. Thanks for the contest!

  210. This would be great. Thanks!

  211. Please enter me!

  212. I’m such a slob. Pick me!

  213. I desperately need a new toothbrush!

  214. I was just thinking this morning that my toothbrush is much older than it should be. Gross.

  215. This would go to my husband as the dentist just told him the other day that he was brushing too hard! (I didn’t know that was possible!)

  216. Say cheese and smile! Thanks for the contest!

  217. Oh me oh my. I need this but even more my hubby needs it (he’s plagued with tarter and gum problems, poor guy has to see the dentist every 2 months)!

  218. I would love to win this!

  219. Pick me, please!

  220. I’d like to win, please! It would make me even more prettier!

  221. Count me in for a pretty smile!!!!

  222. I have teeth! I could use this! Pick me pick me!

  223. That is a great prize!

  224. Thanks for all the good info you send out everyday.
    Have a blessed Christmas.

    A new toothbrush would be great too!

  225. me, me… please, please.

  226. I hope it is my turn to win! Thanks!!!

  227. Oh I want pretty teeth. Pick me!

  228. Oh my this is a popular contest! Pick me!

  229. I love this. Please count me in.

  230. You are too good to us! You know, if I don’t eventually win one of these, I’m going to have to cave and buy it:-)

  231. Sign me up please!

  232. cool!

  233. My mom wants this for christmas, you will save me big time!

  234. I am a tough love offender with my teeth. this would be great!

  235. gotta love the feeling of clean teeth!

  236. I would love this. Thanks Mir

  237. I need this for a boy who doesn’t brush as well as he should! I was a CDA years back and of course, that means my children will have horrible hygiene. HA!

  238. Feel free to pick me. I’d love a fancy new toothbrush/

  239. Oh yes, puhleez!

  240. Thanks for another great contest!

  241. Since I can’t afford braces this year, I would settle for a cool new toothbrush!

  242. I sooooo need a new toothbrush! Woohoo!

  243. This has my husband’s name written all over it!

  244. This would me a great gift!

  245. Sacrifices rubber chicken to the random number generator…

  246. number generator, hey, over here!

  247. Pretty teeth to start 2009! What a great idea!

  248. After my recent and very expensive trip to the dentist, I’m thinking that a fancy toothbrush is probably in order.

  249. I’d love this! Thanks, Mir!

  250. Thank you, pretty Mir.

  251. I wish it were possible to bribe the RNG.

  252. Who doesn’t love clean teeth?!

  253. I would love to have this!

  254. Oh please pick me, thank you Mir!

  255. Ooh, pretty white teeth!

  256. Oooh!!! I wanna win!

  257. I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday! Does that improve my chances? 🙂

  258. After all these cookies and candy I will need one!

  259. I would like shiny teeth please.

  260. Since I go to the dentist 3 times a year just to clean my teeth, this would be a winner!!!

  261. Maybe if I had this it wouldn’t be such a headache to get my daughter to go brush her teeth before bed every night. Ya think?

  262. I’d love to have one!

  263. Yeah!! Toothbrush to scrub off all the Christmas sugar!

    Thanks Mir!!

  264. I’d love to have some extra-special sparkly teeth!

  265. I wanna be pretty!

  266. Hi, it’s me again trying to win one of your pretty gifts!

  267. Oooo… I would love a new fancy toothbrush

  268. lalala

  269. I’m sure I’ll need this after I buy some Haribo goodies.

  270. Yea to clean teeth!

  271. 273…273…please pick 273…

  272. I want clean shiny teeth!

  273. toothbrush!

  274. That would be awesome!

  275. Count me in, Please!

  276. ooo…pick me pick me!

  277. Who wouldn’t want a gift to make dental visits just a little less miserable?

  278. Mee mee mee mee…Me!

  279. Oooh, I would love this! I’ve always wanted a fancy-schmancy toothbrush!

  280. Thank you thank you!

  281. This is my lucky number….:)

  282. Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher + yellow teeth = GREEN teeth. Get it? I hope I do. Thanks!

  283. Wow – the perfect way to make up for all the cookies we’re eating around here!

  284. A high tech toothbrush sounds cool.

  285. I want shiny teeth too

  286. Yea! Shiny teeth all around!

  287. This one IS going to be my time to win. 🙂

  288. i want to be gawwwwgeous!

  289. I’ve always wanted a fancy toothbrush!

  290. Oh santa pick me.

  291. Teeth here “we loves ourselves a good scrubbing”

  292. Oh!OH! Me please!

  293. bye bye fuzzy teeth.

  294. i want pretty teeth!

  295. I have to win one. Because the $100 it would take to buy one? Yeah, that’s going to the dentist for two stinkin’ fillings right after the holidays.

  296. Who doesn’t want cleaner teeth?

  297. I would really LIKE this one!

  298. pick me! pick me!

  299. We’ll take it!

  300. Pick me!! Pick Me!!!!Pick Me!!!!

  301. Clean teeth…what’s not to love?

  302. Lucky number 305!!!

  303. YES!!!!

  304. Wow. Toothbrushes are popular. Thanks Mir,

  305. Oh, this would be great!

  306. I love fancy toothbrushes!

  307. yes, please!!! :o)

  308. I’m in! Can’t wait!

  309. Mir, it slightly annoys me that all these other people find you pretty and smart and significantly lower my odds of winning. Since it’s all about me. Especially during the giving season.


  310. After the sugar to go with my toys, I’ll need this…

  311. My son would love this. He has sensory problems and something like this would be helpful. I can never tell if I am brushing his teeth too hard. Does the random number generator take bribes?? LOL.

  312. Ooh, pick me! Pick me!

  313. I would love high tech clean teeth!

  314. Yay, another dental hygiene item for my 2-year old to dunk in the toilet! Sigh. I am so tired of this phase 😉

  315. Oh that is fancy. I want sparkly teeth!

  316. That would be awesome to win!

  317. 319 is my lucky number

  318. High tech teeth? I would love to see myself with high tech teeath!!

  319. Ohhh! I’d so love this!

  320. I still haven’t won…make my Christmas merrier? ^^

  321. This would be awesome! Pick me, lucky number generator!

  322. One entry to win a superbrush. Crossing fingers. Thanks for posting the rules.

  323. This would be so cool! Thanks!

  324. Merry Christmas & thanks!

  325. My teeth would LOVE this toothbrush – I know that’s an odd thing to say, but my teeth have been really sensitive the past few months, and having something like this would be awesome/

  326. Oh my gosh, my gums would thank you if I won this! Seriously.

  327. Pick me, pick me!!

  328. This is a perfect giveaway to brush away all the sugar from the holiday goodies.

  329. I could really use this!

  330. My teeth need you Mr. Toothbrush!

  331. Clean teeth … happy heart!

    (OK, that’s about as clever as I could muster. I’m exhausted from manually brushing my teeth.)

  332. I love pretty teeth.

  333. I helped a little boy find his lost dog this weekend! Karma? Isn’t it rather gauche of me to try to conjour up Karma? The lengths I’d go to not to have to buy a fancy toothbrush.

  334. After all the sweets this holiday, I need a new toothbrush.

  335. pick me

  336. I’d love that!

  337. Pretty please??!!!

  338. I will need it after the holiday sweets!!

  339. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    This is also a chance to say “Thank You Mir” for all of your wonderful tips all year long! I hope you take a much-deserved vacation soon!

  340. my pearly whites will thank you!!!!

  341. My husband would love this but never thinks to spend money on himself.

  342. This would be great…Sign me up!

  343. Thanks for giving us this chance. 🙂

  344. This looks awesome. I want to win!

  345. Sparkly shiny teeth for the sparkly shny season! Pic me please.

  346. Sounds good to be able to get all the Christmas cookie goo off my teeth!

  347. Yee-haw, I hope I win this! I tried with a cheepie electric toothbrush that just gave me trouble and didn’t work. I would love one that actually works!

  348. Awesome

  349. Oh, wow. 🙂

  350. Great contest, but then again, you always have the best contests.

  351. That would make me soooooooo happy! Oh, random number generator, pick me!

  352. I play nicely! And I haven’t won in the last month, or the month before that, or the month before that, or the month…well, you get the picture.

  353. Pick me! Please!!=)

  354. I’ve always wanted to try one of these toothpaste so it would be fabulous if I won.

  355. Dear Santa,

    If you or the elves have any pull with Ye Olde Random Number Generator, I’d like to get this tooth toy in my stocking this year, please. Thanks much!


  356. If I have a fancy toothbrush, does that mean my kids won’t sneak into the bathroom and use it? Let’s see!

  357. I’m in.

  358. pick me 🙂

  359. This would be great! Thanks!

  360. As my daughter would say, ME ME ME…

  361. My lack of dental insurance threatens to break me.

  362. Goody!

  363. This would be great!

  364. We’re all about clean teeth

  365. I eat way too many oreos… my teeth need this!

  366. been meaning to buy one of these. keeping my fingers crossed that now i wont’ have to! 🙂

  367. Pick me!

  368. Nothing says Merry Christmas like sparkling white teeth!!

  369. Can’t believe I’m entering a contest while on vacation :), it’s because I can’t sleep at 4 in the morning and the rest of my family does not want me to wake them. HMMPH!!!

  370. I want my teeth to go *ting!* like an Orbitz commerical.

  371. This would be SO great – I’ve always wanted one but could never afford it.

  372. Yay for fancy schmancy toothbrushes! Thanks, Mir!

  373. I’d love to win please!!

  374. I would love one!

  375. Ah! You could have a part in helping save the teeth I have left! Just sayin’.

  376. I’ll be smarter with clean teeth!

  377. I need to upgrade my current Oral B toothbrush.

  378. What the heck, why not? Maybe it would get the dentist to stop muttering about my “unbelievable level of calcification” every 6 months!

  379. Count me in, please!

  380. Pick me please

  381. Why does the thought of a new toothbrush sound so exciting? Please pick me! 🙂

  382. Oh how my husband would love a new toothbrush for Christmas. Mr. Mystical Computer Random Number Generator SMILE on me please.

  383. Thanks Mir!

  384. Fresh breath is always a good thing 🙂

  385. New toothbrush for Christmas maybe?

  386. thanks for thinking of me!

  387. This would be just the ticket after all the Christmas cookies…fudge…peanut brittle…did I mention cookies? And let’s not forget my daughter’s Dec 26th birthday cake!

  388. Yes, please!

  389. Thanks, I’d love one!

  390. I would love one! 🙂 I need some prettying up!

  391. Oooh, what could be better than squeaky clean teeth?

  392. I’d love some pearly whites for Christmas!

  393. I may be too stupid for such a smart toothbrush, but here goes anyway. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  394. My teeth would thank you!

  395. Great! Would love one. Thanks.

  396. My teeth would love a new one!

  397. Thanks Mir! Merry Christmas!!

  398. I have been wanting one of these!!!! it would be just in time for Christmas!!

  399. Pretty teeth good, plaque bad.

  400. I’m in! Fabulous rules, by the way…

  401. Boy there’s alot of entries on here…got wore out just getting to the bottom of them….so pick me for all the work i did to sigh up!!!!!

  402. More than 400 entries already? I doubt I’ll win, but you never know, right? Thanks for the great contest, Mir!

  403. Would love to win this. 🙂

  404. Pick me!

  405. Hi pretty Mir,

    This is a great gift! My thirteen year old boy might actually be motivated to brush his teeth!

  406. It might encourage me to brush my teeth more than once a week…just kidding. Once a month.

  407. My dentist would hate for me to win this – so please pick me and save my bank account!

  408. Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  409. wheeee! (do read all of the billion entries every contest?)

  410. Here’s hoping!!

  411. Hi Mir!!!

    this would make a great X-mas gift for my hubby! And me, cause I am lazy and don’t want to go to the store to get him a present. But if I don’t win, I guess I will.

    Pick me, pick me!!!

  412. I read the rules! Now pick me! (please). 😉

  413. Oooooo. I need a new toothbrush soooo badly.

  414. I’m a sucker for fancy teeth cleaning things, and I could really use it since I found out I’m pregnant!!

  415. OH MY GOSH! I was JUST thinking this morning as I was brushing my teeth with my (no joke) 10 year old electric tootbrush: “I should really tell my husband to get me a new one of these for Christmas”. Winning this would be the next best thing, NO it would be THE best thing!

  416. I just found out I have gingivitis. Pick me!

  417. all I want for Christmas is some sparkling teeth…

  418. Me too!

  419. oooo….sparlking


  420. I love pretty teeth 🙂

  421. ooohhh pretty teeth

  422. I’ve got a tween who could use a little help making sure they spend enough time and effort making their teeth pretty!!

  423. Me! Me! Me!

  424. I am a dental hygienist, I recommend this toothbrush to all my patients.

  425. With graduation and (hopefully!) job interviews coming up, extra shiny white teeth would be awesome!

  426. me please! Thanks!

  427. Great prize, thanks! 🙂

  428. Sounds sweet! (sweet-no pun intended lol)

  429. I hope I win!

  430. I’d LOVE to have pretty teeth! Thankyou!

  431. Fingers crossed!

  432. This would be a great gift for my DH

  433. Please and thank you!

  434. I want pearly whites!

  435. Am still mourning the death of my sonicare!

  436. Yes please

  437. After all the sugared cranberries I’ve eaten this week, my poor teeth are begging for this!

  438. Pick me! Please!!!

  439. This would be an awesome gift. Thanks!!!

  440. clean teeth = less dentist visits.

  441. yay for clean teeth

  442. well, at least my teeth would be pretty

  443. I need to get me some cleaner teeth…Ok my teeth are clean, but just not as clean as they could be with the Oral-B Triumph.

  444. This would be a great gift for me.

  445. I’m feeling lucky!!!

  446. I’m going to need this after all those christmas cookies!

  447. I was going to wait until 2:30 to enter, just for the haha’s, but I can’t wait any more!

  448. I have really needy teeth.

  449. Mir, you’re so pretty! Now do I get the toothbrush???

  450. Cool! State of the art toothbrush!

  451. I’m a fan of clean teeth!

  452. DH gets his braces taken off in January.
    This would be an awesome gift from Mir to Joe.
    He would love it!

  453. pretty please….

  454. Brush Brush .. Brush your teeth.. round and round you gooo..Merrily merrily Merrily Merrily..your teeth are white as snow..

  455. this could be useful since all I have been eating this week is cookies and candy at school – LOL!

  456. this would come in very handy;-) thank you.

  457. I would like pretty teeth!

  458. After eating the number of sugar cookies I have, this would be a good idea.

  459. Oooh, I would love to win this. Our old one is just about to go. Thanks for having the contest! 🙂

  460. I want to win!

  461. My dentist would thank you.

  462. pick me

  463. Who doesn’t want pretty, clean teeth? Count me in! 😀

  464. This would be a great gift for dh!

  465. I NEED this.

  466. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  467. So just go ahead and have that random number generator choose my number. Thanks! 🙂

  468. the perfect gift for “certain people” with flossing cavities.


  469. So much pressure to say something witty and comical…

    I’m just going to ask that you please pick me so that my teeth don’t look like a pirate’s.


  470. Pick me!

  471. Pick me!

  472. Clean teeth!

  473. yay! i won!! maybe?

  474. My teeth would be thankful….

  475. pick me!! pick me!!

  476. I want to win!!

  477. Silly me, entered on the wrong page. Here goes my second attempt, come on random number generator, think BIG!!

  478. That reminds me… I have a dentist appointment next week.

  479. And visions of shiny clean teeth danced in my head… I would love one of these!

  480. I <3 clean teeth! Pick me pick me

  481. It’s still Wednesday, right? Time to go brush my teeth! (B/c it’s bedtime in our time zone – not b/c it’s Wednesday, but I’m sure you know what I meant.)

  482. 35 years old with braces. I would love this!

  483. It’s my birthday— give me a present please!

  484. Merry Christmas to me when I win the prize.

  485. I thought I had entered but don’t see that I have. Damn computer gremlins.

  486. My teeth would love it.

  487. Oh Ya!

  488. Hey, my house may be a wreck, but I could have shiny teeth!

  489. Clean, shiny teeth…mmmm….

  490. i like clean teeth!

  491. Sounds good to me!

  492. I’d totally love this!

  493. Commenting

  494. Getting braces on next month. I NEED this.

  495. Ooooh, I was just wishing for one of these. Maybe maybe!

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