Get dolled up, Doll

By Mir
February 2, 2009
Category Contests

Valentine’s Day is coming. And nothing says romance like jewelry. But in tight economic times, jewelry is a frivolity no one can really afford… right?

Wrong! Maybe you can’t have diamonds, but who says you can’t have fun jewelry? Lia Sophia offers fun and fresh accessory options through their Advisors—basically, it’s like Tupperware or Pampered Chef, but instead of selling kitchen stuff, women sell affordable jewelry. And I just happen to have a box of Lia Sophia goodies here from their new Spring collection, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by it. Very modern stuff, and nice quality.

So. Who wants to feel pretty? Eight lucky Want Not readers are going to win a piece of Lia Sophia jewelry, worth between $22 to $48. Most of what I have here is necklaces, but I think there’s a bracelet and a pair of earrings in the mix as well. It’ll be a surprise, if you win! All suspenseful-like!

Want to win? First, review the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009. That comment will be your entry, and eight winners will be chosen at random to receive a goodie from me and Lia Sophia. Because you always deserve to feel as pretty as you already are.

Ready? Go!


  1. Pick me!

  2. I’d like some new jewelry!

  3. New jewelry???!! Count me in!!

  4. please me

  5. Oh, me me, please me!

  6. I LOVE Lia Sophia jewelry! Much better quality and nicer styles than the “other” ones out there. Choose ME!

  7. I love Lia Sophia! Thanks, and boy aren’t you pretty!

  8. Sounds fun!

  9. I just loooooove me some pretty baubles.

  10. Oh I love Lia Sophia! Their jewelry is so pretty and such good quality!

  11. I always love new jewelry!

  12. Baubles and Beads kinda girl….would wear them with style and class 🙂

  13. Count me in. Thanks!

  14. Pick ME!!
    Love Lia Sophia !!

  15. enter me!

  16. Pretty AND shiny? Count me in please!

  17. You seriously have the best stuff to give away.

  18. that would be great!

  19. Ooh, jewelry…

  20. Great giveaway!! 🙂

  21. yes please!

  22. oh, i love jewelry!!!

  23. Ooh, they have nice stuff!

  24. Yay! Jewelry!

    Tutus for Toddlers

  25. Oooh, I need jewelry so bad! (Maybe it’s time for me to review the difference between wants and needs, but whatever.) Thanks for the chance!

  26. I can’t even think of the last time I bought myself a piece of jewelry…so fun!

  27. YAY!

  28. This would be a great suprprise

  29. There is never too much jewelry.

  30. I was invited to a Lia Sophia party last week but declined because I never buy anything at parties. But I’d gladly accept a free one!!!

  31. WOW…great giveaway!

  32. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Yay for jewelry!

  34. A pretty surprise would be great, thanks!

  35. Love their stuff – and free is even better!

  36. I totally want to win this contest! It’s my turn!

  37. ooh, me. I could use something pretty.

  38. Oooh! Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. I love their jewelry!

  40. Pick me! I can never have too much jewerly.

  41. Yes, please!! I could use something shiny . . .

  42. I adore jewelry. . . pick me, please?? MKW

  43. Jewelry? I am in.

  44. Can’t beat free jewelry 🙂

  45. Lovely!

  46. Love jewelry! Love suspense! Thanks!

  47. Help me learn to accessorize!

  48. Could use something pretty! Pretty please!

  49. I’m in. 🙂 And Mir, some chocolates were delivered over the weekend – THANKS!

  50. I love Jewelry and have a few empty spots to fill in my armoire !!!

  51. Pretty things! Woohoo!

  52. Fun! I always need some new cute jewelry.

  53. Shiny!!!

  54. I don’t need more jewelry, but I’d always like more…

  55. Yes please.

  56. Ooh! Something fun to brighten a wintry day!

  57. It’s my birthday, and I’d be stylin’ with some new bling 🙂 thanks Mir!!

  58. I just got my first Lia Sophia for Christmas and I love it!

  59. Love me some jewelry!

  60. I want to feel pretty!!!

  61. Thank you!

  62. Oh thanks! I just received an invitation to a Lia Sophia party, and my dear husband cautioned against going…just too hard to resist spending the money. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the jewelry from Lia Sophia.

  63. New jewelry would definitely be welcome!

  64. meeeee

  65. One of these days I’m gonna win!

  66. I would love to win!

  67. Some day will be my day

  68. Mee!

  69. I would love to win some new jewelry!

  70. Get me some jewelry because you know my husband won’t!!!

  71. The suspense is like killing me!

  72. Yes, please.


  73. It’d be nice to have a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to go with the construction paper and doily valentines I am expecting.

  74. Fun, Hope I win!

  75. Yeah! Nothing would chase away my winter blues like some new jewelry! Oh, please, random computer number picker, pick me! 🙂

  76. Pretty! Thanks!

  77. Oooohhh….jewelry? You speaka my language!!

  78. Okay, I am in. Jewelry is always nice to have.

  79. yes please!!!

  80. Me, me!

  81. Oh, I could use some pretty right about now.

  82. Oh I really want to feel pretty!

  83. Lia Sophia and I are great frineds! I would love something new to wear!

  84. Count me in!

  85. Oh, Lia Sophia jewelry is so nice – pretty please pick me!

  86. Count me in too !

  87. Pick me! 🙂

  88. I always love to add to my Lia Sophia collection!

  89. Love jewelry!

  90. Oooh, how fun!

  91. I LOOOOOOVE necklaces!!

  92. Ohhhh I love jewlery!

  93. Thanks!

  94. That would be nice!

  95. What a great Valentine’s Day present (for me!)

  96. PLease pick me!!

  97. I’m meditating on the random number generator.

  98. You can never have too much jewelry.

  99. heh their website is down, but yes!

  100. I love jewelry!

  101. New jewelry sounds like fun…

  102. Shiny!

  103. I haven’t heard of Lia Sophia before but I love sparkly stuff.

  104. Me please! I love pretties!

  105. Cute stuff

  106. Ooh, pick me so I can be pretty like you!

  107. Jewelry please!

  108. Wow…107 previous comments in just over an hour!

    Anyway, pretty things make me happy so feel free, random number picker thingy, pick my number!

  109. Oh, how fun! Thanks for the chance!

  110. I need another piece for my collection baby!

  111. I want some pretty jewelry, and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting any other Vakentine gifts this year, so this would brighten my day!

  112. Jewelry is always nice!

  113. A gift for me? Why thanks!

  114. I would LOVE something pretty!

  115. Me, please!!!

  116. Ooh, something sparkly! Sign me up!

  117. Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

  118. How fun! I could always use a pretty little something.

  119. Love jewelry. Count me in please.

  120. who doesn’t love a giveaway? 😉

  121. I love Lia Sophia. I’m just too cheap to buy any.

  122. I’m in!

  123. I would LOVE to win some new jewelry!! You are the best Mir!

  124. I love Shinies!

  125. Sparklies!

  126. I’d love to be distracted by something shiny!

  127. I would love some new jewelry! Thanks!

  128. Seriously, I have like 3 pieces of jewelry not including my engagement and wedding rings…I need this Mir!

  129. Fun!

  130. please pick me!

  131. I just got a new jewelry box (first one in years) and I would *love* something new to put in it.

  132. sparkly and pretty, please please please!

  133. Cool, I + jewelry = Valentine’s Day and chocolate.

    Actually…mmm…chocolate. I think maybe I + chocolate = jewelry and…

    …wait, what were we talking about again? I got all distracted. Jewelry…chocolate…

  134. WOW ! Her Jewelery looks fantastic – very sophisticated looking ! me likey ! 😉

  135. Who doesn’t love jewelry?

  136. Sounds good to me. It’s beautiful.

  137. It’s pretty! You’re pretty! 🙂

  138. I love shiny things!

  139. Pick me!

  140. That is some very pretty jewelry. Thanks!

  141. bling me up, mir!

  142. Love some jewelry!

  143. I can always use some new jewelry!!

  144. I hope your number generator can count this high. I love Lia Sophia it’s so pretty. Not as pretty as you are though Mir!

  145. Super!

  146. Wow 2 hours and 146 comments. We must all need a lift. Nothing like some jewelry to beat the mid winter blahs!

  147. My daughter’s birthday is the day after Valentine’s and she would love this! I’ll probably keep it for myself, but you know it was a good thought.

  148. I am supposed to have a LS party this week, but so far no one has RSVP’d. A freebie would sure be nice…

  149. Wow….feeling prettier for FREE! Who could ask for more? 😉

  150. I would LOVE to win some pretty jewelry! Please pick me 🙂

  151. Fun fun fun!

  152. Fantastic! I wouldn’t mind something pretty.

  153. I want to WIN!

  154. I could use some new jewelry!

  155. Fun contest, I say: “me, me!”

  156. this would make me happy

  157. I could really use this right about now.

  158. Woohoo!!

  159. New jewelry, pick me pretty random number generator!

  160. I surely won’t be getting jewelry from my husband. Maybe I’ll get it from you!

  161. pick me! pick me!

  162. I’d love this!

  163. Thanks for this opportunity. This would be the only way that I could add jewelry to my life at this time. But it sure would feel good, wouldn’t it?

  164. I was just thinking yesterday that I needed some new jewelry.

  165. Me please!

  166. Entering!

  167. Me, please!

  168. You’re pretty, too!

  169. I love my husband dearly, but his is completely clueless about jewelry. He would rather get me pliers (Christmas present) and a mini-leatherman, than jewelry. I would love something pretty. Thanks!

  170. Pick me! Just no earrings, please. I don’t have pierced ears.

  171. New for me and not the kiddies? Is that being selfish??? PIck me please!

  172. Please me! What a fun offer!

  173. me pretty pretty please

  174. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  175. Why not?

  176. I have only been to one party . . . but I thought the jewelry was beautiful. My daughter will be 13 in May and is completely in love with jewelry and shoes. We would have fun with the prize. Thanks for the opportunity.

  177. This might be the only jewelry I get in February – if you know what I mean. 🙂

  178. OOOOOh, sparklies….

  179. Me, please! 🙂

  180. Pretty new jewelry? Yes, please!

  181. Pick me! I like sparkly things!

  182. Lia Sophia has such cute things!

  183. Pretty! You’re pretty!!

  184. Hey, I have a neck, and I like to put things on it! Um, pretty things. Not a garotte or anything.

  185. Who doesn’t like jewelry? Thanks Mir!!

  186. How nice it would be to win!

  187. Yay! I feel pretty already!

  188. Ohhhh…. something for me? Pleaseeee

  189. sweet. I heart pretty jewelry. Well except for earrings because of some screwy scar tissue issue that wont allow me to wear earrings.

  190. me please 🙂

  191. Me please! Pretty, pretty please!

  192. I love lia sophia jewelry!

  193. I’d love to win a piece of jewelry, since I have very little chance of receiving anything jewelry-like from my husband this Valentine’s Day 🙂

  194. I’m signing up!

  195. I really need (your) help on anything fashion-related.

  196. Oooh, jewelry. How fun! Thanks, Doll!

  197. Ooooh, I’ve never heard of Lia Sophia, but I’m in love.

  198. I want to feel pretty, oh so pretty!!

  199. so lovely. please!

  200. I love costume jewelry!

  201. oooh. this is a fabulous contest!!! PLEASE pick me random number generator!!!! I haven’t had new jewelry in YEARS!!

  202. Pick me! Pick me!

  203. Me please! I heart jewelry.

  204. ooh! pick me!!

  205. Perfect to wear to school!

  206. Oooh, shiny!

  207. count us in 🙂

  208. I would look so pretty!

  209. i love lia sophia. good guarantee on their stuff.

  210. Something shiny, something free! Oh pick me me me please!

  211. I’m 24 weeks pregnant with twin girls and feeling HUGE…. a pretty piece of jewelry would definitely be a nice pick-me-up.

    *fingers crossed*

  212. I want to feel pretty!

  213. I love Lia Sophia! I had a party a couple of years ago (broke my no home party rule for the jewelry!) and I still wear the stuff I got!

  214. Very, very pretty!

  215. pick me!

  216. Thanks Mir!

  217. Pretty!

  218. I LOOOOVE Lia Sophia! Hope I win!

  219. Pretty stuff!

  220. What fun!

  221. My friend sells Lia and I lovelovelove it! Pick me!

  222. I (and my teenager) like pretties! *G*

  223. How cool!

  224. Winner winner chicken dinner! Pick Me!

  225. Very pretty jewelery! I hear that if you have a Lia Sophia party, you get free jewelery in return.

  226. Ohhh, something sparkly, count me in! Thanks for the chance Mir – you rock!

  227. I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  228. Count me in for this!

  229. yes, please!

  230. Lia Sophia w/out the “Advisor”, Woot!

  231. I would love to look glamorous if even for one day! Thanks

  232. Pick me! I want to feel pretty!

  233. My fingers are crossed!

  234. lia sophia
    pls pick mia!!!!

  235. I’ve been hearing a lot about this jewelry. I would be excited to win a piece!

  236. yes please

  237. Oooh! A sparkly compliment AND a chance to win something pretty? You are ALL about the giving!

    Thanks, Mir!

  238. Count me in!

  239. Fun contest! Woohoo!

  240. oh how exciting!

  241. I am not much of a jewelry wearer, but that is some cute stuff!

  242. Oh, pretty pretty please!?! 🙂

  243. Pick me!!

  244. It would be great to have some fun new jewelry!

  245. With 8 winners maybe, possibly I have a chance with your millions of fans.

  246. Oh, I hope I win. 🙂

  247. just saw their catalog today, what a coincidence!

  248. They are beautiful.

  249. Great giveway! Maybe I’ll get lucky.

  250. ooh pretty!

  251. please count me in!

  252. Thanks Mir, you’re so pretty!

  253. Oooh! How fun!

  254. I’ll throw my hat in the ring… or wait… should I throw my necklace instead?

  255. me! me!

  256. I can afford FREE!

  257. Happy Valentines Day

  258. Me love me some jewelry!

  259. Is this going to be my lucky day?

  260. Ooo, jewelry!

  261. I love Lia Sophia…they have some gorgeous stuff!

  262. pick me!!!!!!!!!!

  263. I got some L/S jewelry at Christmas. I wore it the other day – I work at a school office. A mom came in & said, “Lia Sophia!” … and me, not thinking, said, “No, my name is Conny.” LOL Well, she meant my NECKLACE!!!!! Anyhoo….I’d love to win some more!!

  264. ohhh, random number generator, please pick me!

  265. You have the best contests! Thanks, Mir.

  266. Pretty, pretty. How fun!

  267. I like shiny things!

  268. I can for sure use this-what a great idea!

  269. I LURV Lia Sophia Jewelry!

  270. Count me in please!

  271. Fun! Pretty!

  272. Me too!!

  273. So Pretty!

  274. since my husband isn’t going to get me any for v-day, i’d love to have some!

  275. Her stuff looks nice. Like, if I ever bought myself jewelry, I would check out her site kind of nice.

    *waves hand in air* pick me! pick me!

  276. jewelry makes me happy.. 🙂

  277. Wow what a great giveaway – beautiful Mir!

  278. Aw, fun giveaway! Love Lia Sophia stuff!

  279. I am a jewelry hound and would love to have something new for Valentine’s day!

  280. Oooh, pretty stuff! Hadn’t heard of Lia Sophia, but just spent far too long browsing their website!

  281. You’re never having a fat day with jewelry!

  282. I could use some pretty right about now.

  283. I would be delighted to win a piece of pretty jewlery for myself. Thanks for the chance!!

  284. Pick me please

  285. Pretty jewelry sounds great right now.

  286. Jewelry!

  287. Thanks, Mir

  288. I LOVE surprises–like winning jewelry!

  289. I LOVE Lia Sophia. I am actually going to a Lia Sophia party on Thursday too!

  290. I love jewelry!! Please pick me!!

  291. As a high school teacher, I’m sure my students would love to seem me wear something new!

  292. Suprise Me!!!

  293. Count me in!!! Thanks!

  294. I have heard great things about Lia Sophia. Yay!

  295. It would be my first piece of jewelery in years!

  296. yes, please! (and thanks)

  297. I would love to have a piece of Lia Sophia Jewelry!!

  298. Pick me!

  299. This would be great!

  300. me,me,me, me

  301. ooh pick me! pick me!

  302. I love Lia Sophia Jewelry

  303. I love jewelry!!!

  304. Pick me!

  305. Bring on the pretty!

  306. I’m feeling lucky!!!!!

  307. Woohoo for jewelry!

  308. I’d love to win.

  309. Ooo – so many entries! Count me in.

  310. Lia Sophia is great quality! I just went to a party last month!

  311. It’s my lucky number!!!

  312. Pick me! I could use some freshening up. (Jewelry-wise, I mean.)

  313. I love fancy shiny stuff, but can never bring myself to spend money on, well, me. This would be an awesome treat!

  314. Dear Random Number Generator, You are very pretty. I just wanted you to know that.

  315. Something pretty for me! That would be fabulous. Thanks, pretty one.

  316. Oooh, pretty things AND my daughter’s name, Sophia! Count me IN!!

  317. I feel pretty, Oh so Pretty!!

  318. OOH I love pretty jewelry!!! Pick me! Please!

  319. Sounds great to me!

  320. Ooh! I want to feel pretty!

  321. How fun!!

  322. pretty please?

  323. Would love some new jewelry!

  324. I am a Lia Sophia fan!!! Please pick me!!! I can’t afford what I would LIKE to buy. 🙂

  325. Very pretty! Thanks!

  326. so pretty – count me in please!

  327. I want to be pretty and shiny and sparkly ( and thin and rich…)

  328. Thank you very much for the offer which allows my dh to get me something for cheap.

  329. yes please! 😀

  330. I received a pair of Lia Sophia earrings for Christmas and I love them! I’d love to win some jewelry!

  331. Lia Sophia for me, please!

  332. aww i love lia and sophia!

  333. Oh I love Lia Sophia and I could really use a pick me up!

  334. Great giveaway! Count me in…

  335. I check this blog daily (at least!) and love a good deal. Love a giveaway, too, of course!

  336. Thank you!

  337. Hope I win!

  338. What a fun giveaway!

  339. Make me pretty, please!

  340. Who doesn’t love pretty jewelry!

  341. Please enter me!

  342. Oooo! 😀

  343. One of my “happiness project” commandments is “adorn thyself”. Makes me feel like I can take whatever they hand out if I am adorned with something pretty, pretty Mir. Pick me!

  344. Jewelry is pretty, just like you, Mir! Please enter me!

  345. I like pretty things!! Pick me!

  346. ohh that would be something!

  347. I would really love something pretty, Mir!

  348. Pretty please!

  349. I love your contests! You don’t even have to write an essay.

  350. thanks so much!!

  351. Would love some new bling!!=)

  352. I love jewelry and so does my 16 year old daughter. Thanks for the chance!

  353. Pick me, pick me!

  354. Nice jewelry! Count me in! Thanks!!

  355. Sounds good!!!

  356. Jewelry! My husband hasn’t bought me any beyond my ring (which in itself is great, but still – he used to get me earrings or bracelets as gifts when we were dating). I hope I win! 🙂

  357. Me please! Thanks!!

  358. Never was really a jewelry wearer until lately, now I love it. Count me in!

  359. Most of their stuff actually isn’t my style, but I have a couple friends’ birthdays coming up, and they luuuurve Lia!

  360. Mir, you are awesome!

  361. I need to feel pretty,,,,,,,Oh, random generator, pick me!!!

  362. Oooh, shiny – a new bauble is always a lovely thing.

  363. Oooo…I hope the random number generator picks me!

  364. I’d like to feel pretty….pick me please!!! 🙂

  365. mememememememememememememe!!!!

  366. I have a few Lia pieces…SWEET!

  367. Come on random number generator, pick me! 🙂

  368. Nothing like something sparkly to brighten February!

  369. PLEASE PRETTY random number generation please finally pick me!

  370. Free sounds like the right price for me!

  371. Surprises are always fun!

  372. I love feeling pretty!

  373. Whoa. That’s a lot of comments so far!

  374. awesome! i love jewelry!

  375. I need some new bling!

  376. pick me please

  377. I want to get all dolled up, pick me please random number generator.

  378. I want to look pretty.

  379. Add me please!

  380. yes, me, please, thanks. 🙂

  381. Would love to win a little sparkly-love this blog, I am grateful to have discovered through it, we have had some great inexpensive meals at new places, thanks!

  382. I love feeling pretty!!! 🙂

  383. Who doesn’t love jewelry.

  384. Me, oh me, lovely Mir.

  385. thank you!

  386. yes, please!!

  387. You are the best! I would love some jewelry.

  388. Me please oh random number generator!

  389. Come on, R-N-G! Pick me!

  390. do i even stand a chance?!?!

  391. Yes, please. i love jewelry

  392. Count me in, please!

  393. Would love some jewelry!!

  394. Woohoo! Count me in!

  395. I could use some happy!!

  396. I could use a new necklace right about now. Pick me please!!

  397. Thanks for another great giveaway, Mir!

  398. I’ve lost all my jewelry (thanks Airlines!) and could definitely use some more.

  399. ooooo la la!

  400. I’m in!!I love jewelry!

  401. My best friend loves their stuff. I am not a jewelry person, but if I won, I would give it to her.

  402. Wow! Is this a record # of entries? I better not tell any more friends about this site!:)I’ll never win!

  403. I am in!

  404. thank you!

  405. Thanks Mir, the jewelry is gorgeous!

  406. Oh baby! Enter me in!

  407. I will most assuredly not be getting a Valentine’s gift from M’oney, and this is along the lines of how much effort I’m willing ot put forth to rectify the situation. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  408. WOW! This would be GREAT!

  409. OOOOOOOH. Shiny!

  410. Pretty! Count me in.

  411. Hey. Surprise me.

  412. Comment! Yes, feeling lazy today…

  413. It’s worth a shot.

  414. I LOVE Lia Sophia jewelry! Pick me!

  415. I love surprises.
    I have commented because I procrastinate way too much. But my brain brought me back here…
    So pick me!

  416. Sign me up!! Thanks!!

  417. Awww, fun! Thanks for doing this!

  418. Id love new jewelry!!

  419. Can I still enter if I make jewelry?

  420. This sounds fun!

  421. It wouldn’t look so good on me but I have someone it would look really great on!

  422. Wow, that would be a great thing to win!

  423. My daughter’s name is Sophia. Does that help me win? 🙂

  424. Ooh, I want to feel pretty!

  425. please oh please pick me!!!

  426. Entry

  427. :o)

  428. I remember a day when there would only be like 80 people vying for a chance at winning one of your contests…but now here we are today, 400 people later. My odds are not so great these days.

    Nonetheless, you’re the best! Please pick me!

  429. I’m in! 🙂

  430. ooh, pretty! thanks for directing us to shiny things. I’m hoping the random number generator likes me.

  431. I’ve always wanted to get jewelry for Valentine’s day! Thanks!

  432. Sweet!!!

  433. Pick me!

  434. I wanna be pretty!

  435. Oh, I hope the random number generator picks me! Also, Mir is so pretty!

  436. Thanks, Mir.

  437. Ooooh… i can always use a new pretty! Thanks beautiful Mir!

  438. Thanks!

  439. I LOVE lia sophia jewelry! It’s so pretty! Thanks in advance for choosing me! 🙂

  440. I’m in!

  441. Oh pretty sparklies, if I win I can be pretty like Mir!

  442. It looks lovely!

  443. I love me some Lia Sophia!!

  444. I love Lia Sophia!! Pick me, pick me!

  445. Me please

  446. Pick me I want to be a jewlery winner!

  447. totally addicted to lia sophia, pick me please!!!!

  448. I would love a little bling, please. Thank you.

  449. Me please!!

  450. Woo Hoo! Love it!!!

  451. I am coming to Georgia the end of April to see my step-daughter and son-in-law! I definitely could use some new jewlery for the trip! Some bling bling for the dinner theater perhaps?

  452. whee – just in the nick of time!

  453. Me!!!

  454. Fun! And pretty! Thanks – Jessica

  455. Ohhh new jewelery! Who wouldn’t enter this contest?

  456. I love jewelry pick me please!

  457. I’m heading to one of those parties soon. Hadn’t heard of it before last week. Sounds fun. Thanks

  458. Oh, that is so up my alley! Hope I win this one! Thanks, Mir!

  459. Sweet Mir,
    OOOH Sparkles!!!

  460. Count me in!

  461. My neck is nekkid. I hope I win.

  462. I Love Jewelry,,

  463. I’m always up for jullery.

  464. Hooray for contest and posting in the correct place 🙂

  465. I’m still crossing my fingers that I win some contest, someday!

  466. I want a pretty pretty!

  467. Love Lia Sophia!

  468. Me!

  469. ooh, pretty, pretty!

  470. Pretty sparkly stuff would help lift my winter-blah mood. 🙂

  471. Me, me!

  472. Oo, pretty things are always fun!

  473. Thanks Mir!

  474. Thanks!

  475. OOOH ME! MEE!!! I need some bling!

  476. Pick me! I am seriously bling-challenged!

  477. Thanks!

  478. Who would turn away free jewelry!

  479. Thank you!

  480. My mom sold Sara Coventry (sp?) when I was a kid. Thanks for the flashback!

  481. Thank you for the chance to win!

  482. Thanks for the giveaway!

  483. hmmm…I’ve been invited to parties for this, but never made it. And since I’ve just moved, it would be nice to receive a pretty piece of jewelry in the mail at my new home….

  484. Cool! I missed my neighbor’s Lia Sophia party, now’s my chance to see what could have been!!

  485. today’s my birthday!

  486. Hoping to get picked!

  487. Count me in!

  488. I’ve looked every where for virgin goat and can’t find one!

  489. Oh! Sparkly and pretty! Pretty, pretty Mir! Pretty, pretty random number generator…

  490. Ooh, I would love to win some jewelry. Surprises are fun!

  491. Thanks Mir, you’re so pretty!!

  492. you are sooooooo pretty!

  493. Oh I love this jewelry!

  494. Oh, me, me, me.

  495. Wow, pretty Mir, nice prize!

  496. I would love a piece of jewelery!

  497. OOOH sounds like fun…sign me up!

  498. I love it!!

  499.….I NEED jewelry!


  500. OOOOH, You are Awesome MIR!

  501. I love fun contests for me! 🙂 Thanks for entering me!

  502. Great contest! I just looked at the site and I love the jewelry there, it’s gorgeous!

  503. Pick ME!! Thanks for all the chances to win!


  504. Incredible!! I can’t believe all the entries! Thanks for the opportunity~

  505. thanks for the chance!

  506. Oh! New Jewelry would be a lot of fun!

  507. jewelry is always nice

  508. Oooooh! Make me pretty!

  509. Very nice – thanks!

  510. Oh la la! I want some!

  511. oohhh…oohhh…. Pick me and I’ll sing “I feel pretty” to you!

  512. pick me!

  513. Shiny!

  514. Pretty Pretty!

  515. Awesome!

  516. hey a girl can never have to much jewelry!

  517. Wow this is great! Mommies love jewlery!

  518. Oh I could use some prettiness right about now!!

  519. Love Lia Sophia !
    I have a few pieces.

  520. I won’t say no to jewelry.

  521. Enter me in the mix please! Lia Sophia has some nice things!

  522. count me in!!!

  523. Loves me some Lia Sophia!

  524. 526 is my fav # and i think it is the # generators fav too!

  525. I would love to win this. Thanks.

  526. Thanks for doing these contests. Maybe this is my time to win!

  527. Oh, pretty random number generator, how I do love thee! Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  528. I love Lia Sophia jewelry!

  529. Yay! Shiny!

  530. Jewelry is ALWAYS a treat!

  531. Yay!

  532. Thanks for the chance to win some bling!

  533. Me, please!

  534. Nice jewelry! Thanks for the chance to win!

  535. I’ll take something pretty anyday! Thanks!

  536. Love the chance for pretty jewelry!

  537. Please pick me!

  538. I love Lia Sophia!

  539. Who doesn’t love jewelry?

  540. Pick me! Pick me!

  541. That some gorgeous stuff!

  542. I want to be pretty!

  543. Ooh I hope I win!! Nice contest 😉

  544. Wow, Mir. I wonder what your record is for commenters to a contest post? I’m #546. That’s a lot!!

  545. Oooo – so pretty!

  546. thanks!

  547. I need to feel pretty!

  548. oooooh shiny…

  549. Me please!

  550. I don’t usually wear jewelry, but I’d wear Lia Sophia! And as Katie says “ooooh shiny….” 🙂

  551. Ooohh la la! Me?

  552. I was just thinking I needed at least one more piece of Lia Sophia jewelry. Maybe I’ll be one of the lucky winners!

    Pick me, please?

  553. Pick Me! Pick Me! New jewelry would be a nice surprise!

  554. I love Lia Sophia!!

  555. Oooohhh, I could really use some new jewelery to make me feel special! 🙂

  556. Yay jewelry!

  557. I’d really /LOVE/ to have something new this spring! Please, please random number generator!!!

  558. I really could use a pretty pick me up!!

  559. Wow over 500 people?! Go Mir! And pick me, cause I think you’re the prettiest!

  560. Bejewel me for goodness sake!

  561. Woohoo contest!

  562. I’d love to win!

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