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By Mir
July 13, 2009
Category Contests

Are you liking these bundled books contests? I’m a total word-nerd, so the ideal of getting a cluster of brand-spanking-new books in the mail sounds like heaven, to me, but let me know if you’re tiring of my geekdom. Heh.

Today’s contest is a trio of books by author George Dawes Green; if you like mystery/thrillers, these books are for you. Five lucky Want Not readers will receive paperback versions of The Caveman’s Valentine and The Juror, plus a hardback of his latest novel, Ravens.

Want to win ’em? Of course you do! To enter, first go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 to be entered. Five winners will be chosen at random, or possibly at knifepoint. (Probably just at random.)

Ready? Go!


  1. I love mysteries. Keep the books coming! Thanks, Mir.

  2. me please!

  3. Pick me!

  4. I need more books!!

  5. well, maybe earlier in the posting will bring me luck….please please please, i need some new books!!!

  6. I love books, too. Thanks!

  7. Great!

  8. I need books!

  9. I’d like to try these!

  10. Another chance to win new summer reads. Thanks!

  11. Soooo not tired of your geekdom.

  12. Must…have…more…books…!

  13. You can never have too many books! Pick me please!

  14. It is my turn…to turn the pages

  15. please choose me.

    (unless you go with the whole knifepoint thing. in which case, please choose someone else.)

  16. Yay books!

  17. I love mysteries and thrillers and have not read this author. Hope I win!

  18. BOOKS! 😀

  19. I love mysteries and thriller novels and would NEVER get tired of book give aways. Promise! 🙂

  20. I love a good book!

  21. Pick me! Thanks for the great books.

  22. More books…YES!!!

  23. oohhhh!

  24. Please pick me 🙂

  25. Ooh, need more books!

  26. add my name, please

  27. Yay books. I’m going on vacation in August and I need some new books to read on the beach!

  28. I’d love to read them!

  29. Ooooo, pick me! I need some good books to read!

  30. Those books sound great – love mysteries!

  31. YAY BOOKS! Thanks Mir!

  32. Going on vacation in two weeks. These would be perfect for a cabin in CO mountains.

  33. Books are awesome.

  34. Word nerds unite! I’m in.

  35. Love a good book!

  36. I am an avid reader. Count me in please.

  37. I’m with you — someone wants to GIVE me books? Yes, please!

  38. Of course we do. Thanks!

  39. Of COURSE we love the book bundles! If we weren’t fellow word-nerds, would we all be addicted to well-written blogs? 🙂 So. Yes, please – and thanks!

  40. I love to read; great giveaway.

  41. I would love some more good books, please….!

  42. Is 41 my lucky number? I sure hope so!

  43. Oh, I love books.

  44. Oh, I LOVE mystery/thriller books! Hope I get lucky!!

  45. Books are always good.

  46. Thanks for the chance to win, Mir! Love thrillers!

  47. Yes please.

  48. ooh, me. we’ve gone through the whole summer pile already and have 9 more days of vacation to fill.

  49. One can never have too many books! Sign me up!

  50. I always need new reading material!

  51. Books are the best kind of prize!

  52. These would be great!!!

  53. I love mysteries and will always take free books.

  54. Sounds like good summer reading!

  55. Such a giving person. Bless you Mir. Now then pick me….I’m in need of reading material….

  56. Yay for books!

  57. I’m going on a trip and I love to bring non-library books with me in case I get them wet or chocolately or chip-greasy or whatever. And I love mystery-thrillers. Enter me!

  58. hey – sounds good to me! my bulging bookshelves can always make more room for newbies.

  59. Bring on the books!!!

  60. Word Nerd! I love it! That is perfect for me!!

  61. Books are good.

  62. Thank you!

  63. I love to read. When I have time…

  64. One can never have too many books!

  65. I’m always looking for new books to read!

  66. sure, more books

  67. always looking for something new to read

  68. I always need another book!

  69. Mysteries are marvelous!

  70. Summer reading is great… as are Autumn, Winter, and Spring!

  71. I liked the movie version of *The Caveman’s Valentine,* but have actually not read any of his books.

  72. Thank you!

  73. I’m a reader! Pick me, please!

  74. I can always use more books!

  75. I’d love to win – just not at knifepoint! 🙂

  76. Summertime and mysteries! A perfect match.

  77. New author introduction is always welcome!

  78. mystery/thriller… fave!!!!

  79. I need a good book..

  80. great gift for my hubby – always looking for something new to read! 😀

  81. Ohhh, I could always use more books!

  82. Sounds like perfect summer reading!

  83. I love books!

  84. I’d love some new books for summer reading.

  85. I’m going to the beach and could use some reading material, please!

  86. I love these book contests!

  87. Ohh!! I need some new books! And more things to move! I’m moving shortly. I just sold off half of my books, so I have some empty book shelves.

  88. Love books, and love book contests! Thanks

  89. Count me in!

  90. I love almost all kinds of books and especially mysteries! Sign me up! 😀

  91. ohhh I love to read.. and read and read……

  92. I was just to the library today and couldn’t find a thing I wanted to read… or haven’t already read. New reading material would be great!

  93. We love books around here! 🙂

  94. I would love some new reading!!

  95. Y’know, I really don’t NEED any more books to read. But if you picked me, I’d read them. Just to be nice.

  96. This would be great–I’ve been looking for something different to read, and I’ve never read this author!

  97. Can never have too many books!

  98. I do need something new to read!

  99. these books sound great

  100. I would love some new books to read!

  101. Mysteries are my favorite! I hope to win these.

  102. Love books!!!

  103. I need a new book. And time to read it. Can that be included?

  104. Sweeeet!

  105. Yay books!

  106. Pick me! 🙂

  107. One book, two book, red book, blue book…I love books! 🙂

  108. Yay! I book-share with my grandma, so we’re both hoping I win!

  109. Please pick me

  110. Books!

  111. Yay! We can always use more books!

  112. Books yay…

  113. Love books, love mysteries, love bargains, love WANT NOT!

  114. I need something that isn’t Harry Potter or Twilight. These would fit the bill nicely!

  115. I’ve never won anything at knife point before…

  116. You got me a contest for my birthday? You are so thoughtful! 🙂

  117. I love to read! About to be in between homes for at least a month so I’m looking for things to keep me occupied!

  118. I love mysteries. And thrillers.

  119. I too love to read, and right now the subject is mysteries. Well done!

  120. I would like to win please!

  121. I do not think I will ever tire of your geekdom or bundled book prizes. I have read pretty much everything that interests me at my local library (no, really) and they recently had their budget cut, which means no more new books other than the big blockbusters according to my favorite librarian.

  122. Yay! More summer reading!

  123. I can never read too many books. Please enter me. 🙂

  124. Free books – me please

  125. Hopefully not at knife point!

  126. i love books! especially free books!

  127. Love a good read.

  128. Can never have too many books! Thanks~

  129. Wait…you will be choosing at knifepoint (maybe), or we’ll be chosen while we are at knifepoint? This does make a difference, you know. And if you just do it at random, all the better. 😉


  130. Who doesnt love a good book?

  131. Yay new reading material!

  132. I like books 🙂 I especially like free books.

  133. Count me in!!!!!!!!!

  134. Now that I am living by the beach I need some new great reads!

  135. Would love to win!

  136. Book lover needs new books!

  137. I love mysteries! Would love to win. Thanks for posting these contests.

  138. I want to win this one!!

  139. Yeah! More books!

  140. Ooh, I would love to win these!

  141. Cool!

  142. Pick me, please!

  143. Sounds good to me!

  144. sounds fabulous!

  145. I love books!!

  146. Sounds fun!

  147. Books are great!

  148. Books, glorious books! 🙂

  149. Love books!

  150. maybe this time…

  151. I love thrillers!

  152. I am such a book worm!!! Thanks for sharing the love. Here’s hoping I win!!!!!!!

  153. I love the books, keep ’em coming.

  154. Sounds perfect!

  155. Free is the right price. 🙂

  156. Thank you!

  157. I am always looking for a good book to read!

  158. Getting books in the mail would thrill me!

  159. would love to win! Thanks!

  160. Me, please!

  161. Love to read. Pick me please!

  162. Pick this number, please!

  163. I wanna win!

  164. Pick me, I love to read!

  165. I need new reading material for the beach! pick me please

  166. yes please count me in for books!!

  167. Who doesnt want to win books?

  168. Solve the Mystery of the Missing Winner…it was lisabug, in the library, with a book!

  169. I am always up for free books!

  170. This will be perfect for my vacation 🙂

  171. Ooh, I love books. Free books are especially good!

  172. you can never read enough books

  173. I love books 🙂

  174. Good home for free books here!

  175. I like free books. 😀

  176. I’m such a book nerd. I love books. Me, please?!?!

  177. Thanks for the chance.

  178. Pick me!

  179. We love books!

  180. Me!

  181. Count me in! The more books the better! Or something like that…

  182. Pick me, please!

  183. So many books, so little time- but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more!

  184. Ooooh! Please, pick me!! I would love to get some new books. Oh, fickle random number generator, pick me. 🙂

  185. Please pick me random number generator! I just finished Janet Evanovich in 2 days and am in desparate need of a new book!

  186. I love books! Thanks – Jessica

  187. Love books and love this blog.

  188. Mystery/suspense is my second favourite genre. And this is a new author for me too. Sounds like heaven!

    Thansk, Mir.

  189. I love to read. YEah!

  190. Thanks for another great book contest!

  191. Reading is FUN (for) da mental!

  192. I could definitely use some summer reading materials. Pick me please!!!

  193. I puffy pink heart your contests!

  194. Books! Books! Books!

  195. Free books are awesome. Hope the gods of random pick me!

  196. Yay! Books!

  197. Hope the random number generator picks my number! A few new books that are not on a schedule to return would be awesome!

  198. Love books – especially love FREE books! 🙂

  199. Love books too! Thanks!

  200. sounds fun! thanks!

  201. me please

  202. Books! Books! Books! Love Books!

  203. How’d I (almost) miss this one? I *need* new books. My summer reading list is already exhausted.

  204. Perfect timing – I just finished the novel I was reading.

  205. Keeping our fingers crossed!

  206. Pick me! I need new books!

  207. Pretty and ever so nice Mir,
    I would absolutely love to win these books!

  208. I am the booky monster. B-O-O-K-S!

  209. I love books.

  210. me likey winny.

  211. I’m looking for a new author to love. Perhaps this could be the start of a beautiful friendship?

  212. Books, new authors, summer reading…I am in!

  213. Yummy yummy books! Sign me up!

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