Perfect jeans for perfect you

By Mir
August 31, 2009
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I don’t know about the rest of you, but there is nothing that can make me feel either like a million bucks or like Jabba the Hut in no time flat like a pair of jeans. When they’re perfect, nothing’s better. When you’ve tried on a dozen pairs and nothing fits right… well, that’s depressing.

I’d never gone the custom-made jeans route until I was contacted by the fine folks at Thimbler, who assured me that my perfect jeans were just a few steps away. I chose the cut, the fabric, and the finish… entered my measurements… and a few weeks later, voila! Jeans that fit me like they were made specifically for me. Because they were! I got exactly what I wanted (dark wash, boot cut, none of the distressing that the young folks seem to love but causes me to designate jeans as “pre-chewed”) in a fit custom-made to conform to my body. Thanks, Thimbler!

Now, I’d argue that paying $87 for their custom jeans is worth every penny, but why buy ’em when you can win a pair? That’s right—one lucky Want Not reader is going to win her very own pair of custom fit Thimbler jeans! And then we can be twins! (Except please don’t put my name on your tag, because that would be creepy.)

Want to win them? First go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and general awesomeness. (Because you’re totally awesome. Yes, you.)

Ready? Go!


  1. Winning this would check one item off my life list.

  2. Custom fit jeans, hmmm.

  3. Jeans for me…please?

  4. Please, please, please!

  5. Oh, jeans to fit all my shortness!

  6. Who knew such a thing existed? Cool!

  7. Me! I can never find jeans that fit!

  8. Since I’m 10 weeks preg, this would make a great gift for my sister. Or if they would let me wait a year, boy it would be great gift post baby!

  9. Oooohhh…I like this contest! Long legs + short waist + not 22 years old anymore = never a decent fitting pair of jeans in my drawers.

  10. Amazing idea!

  11. Ready for a apir of jeans that ctaully fit? Oh yes. I am Ready. Count me in, please!

  12. Pick me,please! Need a perfect jeans after 4 kids.

  13. Pick me please!

  14. Interesting idea. I am willing to give it a try if I win.

  15. Wow! How awesome!

  16. I’d love to give them a try.

  17. I would LOVE these!

  18. I have never had a pair of jeans that REALLY fit. This would be wonderful!

  19. Oh please please please! I can’t imagine what a perfect fit would be like! Help make my dream come true!

  20. I did not know such a thing even existed. Sounds lovely!

  21. I never knew that the thought of perfect fitting jeans would make me smile so big while sitting here at my desk! I need a cookie to celebrate!

  22. I really could use a new pair of jeans!

  23. May the goddess of jeans-that-fit smile on me!

  24. Oh, oh, oh! Pick me, pick me!

  25. I’m a bit of a doubting Thomas, but I’d love to give it a try.

  26. Oh, I would SO greatly appreciate skipping the annual humiliation that takes place in dressing rooms all across the metro area as I try to find *something* that will go over my hips but not gap 4″ away from my back…

  27. Wow, this seems too good to be true. Thanks for an awesome contest!

  28. What a great idea!

  29. I suffer from Kyallee’s dilemma as well. I’d LOVE some custom-fitted jeans!

  30. Oh me me me

  31. Ooh, boy this is a good one!

  32. This would be awesome! I too suffer from the large hips, small waist dilemma.

  33. jeans? that fit? yes. please.

  34. sounds awesome!

  35. oh my ga, oh my ga, oh my ga…i was just looking on this a.m.!
    you were reading my mind!!!

  36. Yes, I need these!

  37. Count me in! Thanks.

  38. Awesome stuff! Thanks! Jessica

  39. How awesome, I would LOVE to win!!! Thank you.

  40. OMG, I haven’t wanted to win anything this badly in a long time! I’m a plus sized woman (and am working on losing it, but it’s a long, rough battle!) and I’m also 5′ tall, which makes it a NIGHTMARE to find jeans that fit! And I LIVE in jeans! All of my jeans drag on the floor and get worn in the back. I so hope I win!

  41. Wow! I HATE buying jeans and this is a dream come true!

  42. Short and wide. Or I could be really nice and let my younger daughter have them.

  43. I would love to win!

  44. wow, this would be awesome!

  45. Oh wow…I can’t remember the last time I found a pair of jeans that actually fit well. It was definitely pre-baby! Any chance you’ll post a pic of yours? I bet I’m not the only one who’d like to see them! 🙂

  46. Just got back from vacation and saw the pictures. AUGH! I would love to have a pair of jeans that fit and make me feel a little better about myself!

  47. I’ll play 🙂

  48. sounds too good to be true….but I’d love to find out. thanks!Michele

  49. please, let it be me this time….it would make my year.

  50. Oh, how fab this would be! Now I could have awesome dark wash, boot cut fab jeans for my dress down Fridays!

  51. Custom fit jeans?? Oh yeah baby…

  52. Jeans-shopping tends to make me curl up whimpering in fetal position, so this sounds promising.

  53. Oh, wow! My old jeans don’t fit. Pick me please!

  54. This would be great!!!!! 🙂

  55. Jeans? Couldn’t think of a better giveaway!!

  56. Oh please please please please pick me!

  57. I’ve never owned anything custom made!

  58. How fun! Post-baby body could use these. 🙂

  59. I would love a pair of new jeans! It would be swell if I won.

  60. Boy – it’s intriguing! Please pick me.

  61. My big butt could use this for sure. I live in jeans.

  62. What a great contest! Me, please?

  63. who wouldn’t want the perfect pair of jeans?!

  64. jeans that really fit? is there such a thing?

  65. I can’t tell you how much I need this!!

  66. oh, man, these would be awesome

  67. I live in my jeans, and to have a pair that actually fits me great would be… well, GREAT!

    Fingers crossed!

  68. I can’t remember when I had a pair of jeans that really fit . .. I think I was 10. Please pick me!!

  69. Wow! This is the most fabulous giveaway ever!

  70. Sounds awesome!

  71. Wow — yes, please!

  72. Yes!
    I just had a baby and now I weigh less than my pre-pregnancy weight (I hate me too). I need to go shopping for new jeans but with a newborn I have no time.
    Pick me!

  73. Custom jeans! Sign me up please!

  74. I would love a pair of custom fit jeans!!

  75. I’d look great in a pair of custom jeans…who wouldn’t!? 😉

  76. Oh yes please! They do plus sizes which is amazing!

  77. Oh, this would be fun. Even if I don’t win, I might have to just try a pair in about 6 months…when I lose a few more pounds. :p

  78. !!!

  79. You mean they won’t be too tight in the butt and big in the waist? Perfect! Sign me up.

  80. I need new jeans too!

  81. Yesterday, my husband thanked me for some small thoughtful deed, and I said, “yes, I did it because I’m awesome.” “And so humble, too,” he snarked back. So just for that, I think my recently-insulted awesomeness deserves some new jeans… even if it won’t be cool enough to wear them until Thanksgiving.

  82. count me in, please!

  83. I would LOVE a pair of jeans that actually fit my body type.

  84. I NEED them. I have no jeans that fit correctly right now. I need need NEED them. I even had a dream about custom jeans too.

  85. After Baby #3, I HATE putting on my pre-1st pregnancy jeans! NEED CUSTOM FIT THIMBLERS NOW!!

  86. I so need a new pair of jeans. This would be great!

  87. oooh! That sounds awesome! I’d love to win but I think this may be going on my christmas list as well- yay!

  88. meeeeee

  89. Cute jeans that fit and are actually long enough? Yes, please!

  90. My favorite pair of jeans just bit the dust last month. Perfect timing!

  91. Wow. Nothing says Goddess of Everything *Ever* like handing out a pair of custom-made jeans! 🙂

    Thanks, Mir!

  92. Junk in the trunk+ smallish waist= I NEED JEANS that FIT and WON’T require constant hikeing up and/or seeing my undies. Thanks!!

  93. No more MOM JEANS great…count me in!

  94. I can’t think of anything better than custom made jeans!

  95. I’d love a pair of jeans that are long enough, but not too long. There is such a fine line there.

  96. Oh my god, jeans that actually fit? That sounds amazing. In order to get jeans to fit my hips and rear, I have to buy these barrel shaped things that literally give me an eight inch gap at the back. Ugh! I would love to have pants I don’t have to look fat in because I’m curvy.

  97. Sounds like a plan to me!

  98. wow–what a great contest! I’d love to win custom fit jeans!

  99. I’d love to have a pair!

  100. Thanks for the chance, I’d love to have some jeans that fit well!

  101. Oh, please.

  102. my postpartum butt needs some new jeans!

  103. Bet they make you very pretty, Mir! I’d like to be pretty in denim, too. Hope I win!

  104. Ooohhhhh!

  105. How cool. I would love these.

  106. I’ve recently reshaped a bit and my old jeans are pretty ragged. Would love to win a pair without feeling guilty!

  107. Very very cool!

  108. Seriously?? You can buy jeans that are made for you?!?!?! What a wonderful world we live in! Count me in!

  109. What a fabulous contest!

  110. OOOOH! Pick me!

  111. i’d love me some new jeans made just for me!

  112. custom fit jeans? sounds like a dream come true!!

  113. Jeans! Woo-hoo!

  114. Wonderful! Definitely what I need.

  115. I’d love a new pair of jeans!!

  116. Oh, this would be an awesome prize to win!

  117. Looks like there are lots of us who are still looking for the perfect fit. But if I win, will it spoil me for life? Will I ever be able to think of buying a pair at Wallie-World ever again?

  118. This sounds awesome.

  119. Pretty pretty please! I’ve got a 4 mth old and a 2 year old and everything gives me a muffin top now- not that the little buggers aren’t worth it, but still! This might be the answer!

  120. Oh my gosh yes PLEEEASE my broke, textbook-buying, college attending, working full time and SINGLE self wants this one! The perfect pair of jeans might help with the single part, ya know!

  121. There is nothing that kills my mood as much as trying on jeans.

  122. Oh, I want this SO Bad!

  123. I love your rules page. Nicely written.

    oh, and I’d love some new jeans!

  124. Love the ‘prechewed’! And would love a pair of these jeans!

  125. It’s hard to believe that I could find a pair of jeans that actually fit. After all, I’ve only tried on hundreds of pairs – and not one fit right! I’d love to give them a try.

  126. meeeee puhleeze!

  127. Mee please!! Those sounds fabulous!


  129. i LOVE jeans!!

  130. Jeans that don’t gap at the waist and that fit the junk in the trunk would be GREAT!! Pick me please!!

  131. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a pair! I have such a hard time finding jeans.

  132. Oh, me and my ittybittysquattybody would thank you!

  133. yes please!!! how awesome.

  134. My butt would thank you 😉

  135. This is a great one!

  136. me

  137. Ooooh…. I would love some awesome new jeans!

  138. I can’t tell you how much I need these, I am 32 weeks pregnant and have no idea what the heck my body is going to look like post-twins!

  139. Jeans custom made for my fat butt and short legs that don’t gape at the back waistband? PuhShaw! Prove it!

  140. Custom jeans? Wow.

  141. Oohhh so cool! Love the custom tailoring!

  142. Big butt, small(er) waist proportions are a bear to fit! Add to that my “womanly” size, and it’s almost impossible. I’m all for it!

  143. I would love these! Plus size with skinny legs and short is a hard combination to fit!

  144. I’ve said a million times I wish I could just tell a company exactly what I’m looking for and get the perfect jeans…now I can!

  145. i’d love a pair.

  146. That sounds so fun!

  147. Jeans! Thanks

  148. OOOOOOHH!!! OOOOOHHH! Please pick me!!!

  149. WOW.. GREAT contest!

  150. I’ve always wanted to try custom jeans.

  151. It would be AWESOME to have jeans that fit!!!

  152. I’ve heard about these “custom jeans” and I’ve always wanted to try them! What better way?

  153. OH MY GOODNESS. Who woulndt want to win this?


  155. Me ME MEEEEEE!

    It’s almost my birthday pretty random number generator…

  156. Ooh. My sister was just complaining yesterday about never finding jeans that fit. I hope I win b/c this would be an awesome gift (I’m preggers right now, so I can’t use it).

  157. It sure would be nice to finally have THE pair of perfect jeans!

  158. These sound amazing!!!

  159. Wow! Now this is fashion I could be passionate about.

  160. Oh I need some jeans that fit…really fit!

  161. pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!

  162. I don’t think I ever had a pair of jeans that really, truly fit me.

  163. I would love to try these—it’s always a struggle to find jeans that fit just right!

  164. oh my gosh. These sound perfect!

  165. I have been jean shopping lately with no luck– this contest sounds great!

  166. OHh, this sounds wonderful. I always have a hard timing finding anything that fits well. Thanks Mir!

  167. after all this weight i’ve lost I’m pretty sure I would LOVE a new pair of jeans that FIT!

  168. Ooh, pick me! Pick me!

  169. Wonderful! I’d finally have a pair that had the correct waist AND length – instead of just one or the other!

  170. This would make me way less sad over not having won the wisk.

  171. Please enter me! I always have a hard time finding pants that fit properly.

  172. I would like it!

  173. custom fit sounds awesome.

  174. Very cool contest! Thanks, Mir.

  175. Thanks Mir!

  176. Oh. My. Word. Please please please pick me random number generator. With cherries on top? Please?

  177. I need bigger jeans after all of my eating on vacation last week, so this would be a good prize 🙂

  178. yeah, that would turn my frown upside down, fer sure!

  179. I’ve been buying mens jeans for years. It would be awesome to have a custom pair for jeans (for Free!)

  180. Sounds perfect!!!

  181. OOHHH new jeans for the new body??? that would be so sweet !!!

    you’re pretty Mir

  182. sign me up!

  183. I wear jeans every day. This would be awesome!

  184. My perfect pair is somewhere between Mom Jeans and Low Rider Hussy jeans.

  185. Custom jeans sorta sounds like a dream come true.

  186. WOW!!!

  187. This is very, very cool.

  188. Custom fit jeans!!! Yes Please!

  189. pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

    My butt needs custom jeans.

  190. What a great contest 🙂 What woman wouldn’t want a pair of perfect jeans?!

  191. I <3 jeans!

  192. Custom jeans would rock my socks off!

  193. Oh I would love to win this!!

  194. Those sound wonderful!

  195. wow…a pair of jeans that fits just perfect! Now that’s worth celebrating!!

  196. Jeans that actually fit!!!! I’ve never heard such a thing! I hope I win!

  197. Custom fit jeans would be awesome!

  198. I once found the perfect jeans–great fit, style, comfort. Then, of course, the company stopped producing them.

  199. I found an almost perfect pair at Good Will last weekend for only $7 and it made my day. A totally perfect pair for FREE would make my YEAR!

  200. Can’t even imagine what it would be like to have custom made jeans!!! 🙂

  201. jeans jeans!!!

  202. Oh please, I so need some motivation to drop this baby weight….since the baby is walking and talking by now 🙂

  203. This would be SO perfect for me! Not only am I on the border of plus and regular sizes, meaning my size is always sold out in both, but I am also tall which makes it impossible to find jeans that fit! Random number generator, don’t fail me, I need jeans so bad, we just moved to Colorado!!

  204. Jeans that look good… What a concept. Fingers crossed!

  205. This is a great contest, and a great company! Thanks.

  206. Ooh, fancy jeans! That would be fun.

  207. I need these! I really do!

  208. Oh man. How awesome. This is one I would love. Put me in. Thanks, Mir.

  209. My my a wonderful pair of jeans. Me please!!

  210. that would be great!

  211. I could sure use those!

  212. Oooh! I’ve always wanted to try custom jeans. I have such a hard time finding any that fit.

  213. How cool is that?!

  214. Still not really believing that such a thing as “perfect jeans” exists but sure willing to be proven wrong!

  215. ooh, I bet they fit better than $20 costco jeans. 🙂

  216. I so need jeans that actually fit 🙂

  217. I need these!!!

  218. I would dig some custom jeans. TX.

  219. Awe. Some! I would love some custom jeans!!

  220. Oh, my, that does sound perfect!

  221. I only have one pair of jeans that I can wear out and those only kinda sorta fit. These sound great!

  222. Can they make a pair that would make my bum look small?!?

  223. oh, my, I could use the confidence boost from a pair of jeans that actually fit!

  224. So exciting, this would be awesome!

  225. Oh Oh I need new jeans. I wear jeans every day and I just lost some weight and the belt thing it going to get old fast. This makes me drool.

  226. Jeans that actually fit me? Sounds wonderful!

  227. I’ve lost all the pregnancy weight gained with baby #4, would love a custom pair of jeans to celebrate my success!

  228. Life changing! PLease randomly pick me!!

  229. oh, i need that!

  230. I would PUFFY HEART LOVE to try these!!!

  231. Ii would love to win this.

  232. This sounds like the perfect pick me up for me – 8 months after my daughter was born!

  233. Cool!

  234. My 1-year postpartum body says “Yes, please!”

  235. Yes, please.

  236. Thank you!

  237. Whoa. This is awesome.

  238. It would be wonderful to win a pair of jeans!

  239. I’ve been looking for some non-pre-chewed jeans!!!! yes!!!!

  240. oh me me me, yay jeans!

  241. Oh how I need a pair of jeans that fits!!!

  242. sounds pretty cool!

  243. I have so many problems finding the “perfect” pair of jeans so this might just be my answer!

  244. Custom fit? I never knew there was such a thing. I like it.

  245. Would love to try this!!

  246. Ooh – well fitting jeans are so hard to come by! I would love this.

  247. This is so cool! Thanks to the folks at Thimbler for the chance! And where’s our picture of you in the remarkable jeans?

  248. I would love to win this. Count me in!

  249. yes please

  250. I’d give it a shot, certainly for free!

  251. OK, this would be totally cool! I hope I win.

  252. i would love some!

  253. A custom pair of jeans would make “career transition” bearable?????

  254. Yes please.

  255. Custom fit, for ME!?!?!?!?

  256. Man, this sounds awesome! And I have to confess, while $87 is more than I usually pay for jeans, it is much less that I would have thought custom-made would cost. I may have to go for it even if I don’t win…

  257. wow, oh please let this be my lucky day

  258. Pick me!

  259. Please, please, please??? I would LOVE this.

  260. It’s just starting to cool off here to the point where jeans are possible again. I’d love a new (custom!) pair!

  261. Wow, this sounds so awesome.

  262. I would like nothing more than a perfect pair of jeans

  263. Delightful, I want in

  264. I would totally feel like a rock star in the dark wash flares, custom fit for me!

  265. I have general awesomeness! Now, let’s see if I win the favor of the random number generator. Probably not. *sniffs* I hardly win anything, and I’d love to try this!


  266. Count me in!

  267. Since jean shopping is on my to do list this week, I would LOVE to cross it off by willing this contest! Fun!

  268. this would be wonderful!!

  269. I would love love love some custom jeans!

  270. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find women’s jeans with a short rise and a 34″ inseam? HARD.

  271. I don’t have a bubble butt but a bubble GUT. I’d love to find something for me!

  272. Neeeeeeed these

  273. Wow. I keep trying and not winning. Here’s to another try! 😉

  274. Sounds like heaven.

  275. I so need a new pair!!!!!

  276. Wow. Best contest ever.

  277. Awesome! I would love to win this contest!

  278. C’mon, Lady Luck, Mama needs a new pair of jeans.

  279. custom jeans sound like such an extravagance, count me in!

  280. What a fantastic idea – custom jeans! i would love a pair! thanks!

  281. Woo hoo hoo! Thanks, Mir and Thimbler!

  282. Yea! Jeans! 🙂

  283. I just lost 12 pounds and would love a new pair of jeans to celebrate! Pick me please!!!

  284. Wow, what a concept!

  285. I have four jeans that i bought recently and none fit perfectly…Would love one perfect fitting jeans…pick me please !

  286. Oh my goodness, jeans that actually FIT?? Is that even possible?

  287. New jeans that FIT?? Just for me??? This would be incredible.

  288. These would be a dream for my short legs!

  289. Please pick me! I *heart* jeans!

  290. Magical fitting jeans without a trip to the store? Yes!

  291. custom jeans?? what a sheltered life I live

  292. This would be great! Please pick me 🙂

  293. Jeans that actually fit? I’m in!

  294. Ooh, sounds nice 🙂

  295. Me please

  296. So, I could have jeans that fit my sizable butt and my not as sizable waist? Honestly if I don’t win $87 is not too much to spend so I can avoid the major “plumber crack” issues I always have with jeans…even non-low-rise ones.

  297. Really – jeans that will fit my big thighs and smallish waist – really? please God – say its true and pick my number!

  298. It has been many years since I have had a pair of jeans that fit well…

  299. I’d love these!

  300. Pick me!

  301. Only thing that would be better than this would actually be *fitting* into Mir’s size 4! That’s not happening!

  302. Oh, please!

  303. Oh my goodness, I haven’t had jeans that fit since giving birth to twins! I would love to try this!

  304. OMG very cool!!

  305. Since I can’t fit into any of my jeans…this would be wonderful!!!

  306. I’m pregnant now, but in two months I could really, really use this!

  307. Sounds great!

  308. This is my dream giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  309. Cool! All my jeans are a little too big here, a little too small there, a little off on the color…you get the idea.

    Hope I win!

  310. I can never find jeans that fit. Body By Baby + being short = painful shopping. Top it off with the fact that I’m in my early 20s. This would be lovely.

  311. Maybe they can sew a size 2 tag in there while they’re at it to give me that extra confidence boost! 🙂

  312. WOW – custom fit jeans!!! color me there!

  313. This would be awesome!

  314. My 40 year old bootie could use a custom boost. Thanks for the contest!

  315. Oh just crossing my fingers silently here…

  316. I’ll take them in long legs/flat butt, please! 🙂 Thanks!

  317. That sounds so cool! Kinda like when my mom used to sew me clothes…only probably with a WAY better fit.

  318. no dressing room?…..I’m in!!

  319. Oh, jeans that fit me. What a concept!

  320. That sounds LOVELY.

  321. I can has miracle jeans?

  322. Will they make ’em in “mom-jeans” style? 🙂 just kiddin.

  323. Pick me please!

  324. Has anyone ever had a pair of jeans that fit perfectly? Not I. Thus I enter.

  325. I’m desperate for a new pair of jeans! Thanks!

  326. OMG. I would love a pair of jeans made just for me!

  327. What a neat concept! It would be awesome to win a new pair of custom jeans! Thanks!!

  328. I’ve lost 70 pounds since January 8th…Now in a size 12! Would love to celebrate with some brand-spanking new jeans that fit me to a tee. Thanks for the opportunity to win! 🙂

  329. I was just thinking about how badly I need a new pair of jeans! Thank you Mir!

  330. Wow, I can’t imagine a pair of jeans that fit perfectly! Count me in!!

  331. Was just shopping tonight for jeans and of course I couldn’t find ANY, they never fit!! I’d love to win a pair!

  332. Oh. My. Gosh. You’re a gift from God, Mir. A gift from God. *sniff*

  333. Sounds interesting. Sign me up!

  334. Any idea how hard it is to find jeans for legs attached to a 5’11” body? Especially with child-birthin’ hips and a (used to be) small waist? You know what? Lemme win these, and Murphy and his little Law will then kick into high gear and my metabolism will suddenly wake up and join 2009 and I’ll drop the weight that’s been dogging me. 😉

  335. Sounds fun!

  336. Sounds wonderful! Don’t think I’ve ever had a pair that “truly” fit perfectly!

  337. Really, really want this!!! Please?

  338. Please! Please!! Please!!!

  339. Oh, me, please!!! I can never find jeans that really fit.

  340. Okay, I need this. Can I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight first, though?

  341. Baby, due in 2 weeks. Jeans that fit my butt after baby to make me feel sexy? Please pick me!!! 🙂

  342. Custom jeans – wow! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t hiking up the back of my jeans and making sure my undies weren’t sticking out every 2 minutes. But I’d love to find out…. 🙂

  343. This would be great! Thanks Mir.

  344. please please please

  345. I would love these!!! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  346. I’d love to win!

  347. That is too cool!

  348. Cool contest, but a good price regardless!

  349. So, um, do they make custom-fit maternity jeans that change shape as you do? ‘Cause if they do, I want them! 🙂

  350. i recently found wantnot and now read it several times a day! this was the first contest i felt i had to enter … now i’m excited and hope i win!!

  351. What an awesome prize. Nothing beats a pair of jeans that fits just right!

  352. I desperately need new jeans. Crossing my fingers for a win!

  353. Coolest prize ever.

  354. This? Would be AWESOME!!

  355. I could so use these for my almost 12 year old! Flat tummy, almost no hips, but muscular gymnast thighs: pretty much nothing fits.

  356. Now that my kids are all in school I have to go back to work! It’s been 8 years and a custom pair of jeans sure would make me feel alot better! No more jammies all day! LOL

  357. ooooooooooooooooooo so fitty!

  358. GREAT! Would love these.

  359. Weight Watcher girl here, on her way to her lifetime goal, What a great reward. Pick me oh great random generator.

  360. I finally lost the weight, I need this one badly

  361. Oh wow. I would love to win these! Still trying to lose my baby weight (the babies are almost 4, and 18 months old!) but I’d love to have a pair of jeans that fit me NOW!

  362. OMG! Jeans that fit? They exist? Thanks, Mir!

  363. Every woman’s dream!

  364. very cool

  365. Oooooo, this just sounds like HEAVEN!! I’d LOVE to win! I NEED CUSTOM FITTED JEANS!!!!

  366. After two c-sections, some custom jeans would be very much appreciated!

  367. These would be great for me! Ohhh Ohhh Pick Me!

  368. Yay! Because after six kids, I’ll camo whatever I can, thankyouverymuch.

  369. I would love jeans that fit for a change.

  370. You are the best

  371. Wow! This may be the coolest freebie you’ve ever done.

  372. Please! Random Number Generator! Over here! Pick me! I am in desperate need of jeans that FIT!

  373. WOW! how cool it would be to win this one?! THANKS!

  374. Oh my god, please please please? I was going to go jeans shopping next weekend, and if I could avoid that, I’d be so grateful!

  375. Oh I really hope I get this one. The jeans look amazing, and I SO need a new pair!

  376. Jeans that really fit? I don’t believe it! I guess that I will just have to win and try them so see if it is actually true!

  377. OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh……My size 8 waist with my size 6 tush and my very long legs for my rather short stature would LURVE to try these. Pick me, pick me ( please?)

  378. 4’10 and jeans to fit…Ooooohhhhh

  379. How cool that would be to have jeans made just for me! Thanks Mir!

  380. I’m in! It’s about time realized that standard sizes cover, oh, about .0004% of the population.

  381. yes please! It’s already jeans season up here in the north…thanks!

  382. This is an awesome contest! I’d love to give these a try but I just don’t have $87 sitting around. Maybe this is my lucky day…

  383. sounds awesome!!! i’d love to win!!!

  384. Wow, I had no idea you could even do this!

  385. Always wanted to try something like that, but too cheap to try it out!

  386. I would love a pair of these.

  387. Sounds very, very cool.

  388. The thought of something made just for my bottom creeps me out a little. But jeans?! You can’t have too many of those.

  389. This is a giveaway that my behind can really get behind!! Hehehe…ok, I’m still asleep…so sorry!

  390. I like this idea! Jeans are my nemesis. If they fit my legs, they gape open at the waist.

  391. I would love, love, love to win a pair of custom fit jeans! I am short, and can hardly ever find jeans that aren’t too long!

  392. Pick me, please!

  393. Too short, too long – seems like we all need these! But especially me ;p

  394. Will I ever have to take them off??

  395. I’m totally awesome in a very oddly-shaped way! Thanks, Mir.

  396. I’ll throw my hat in the ring!

  397. Oooooo…….the perfect jeans!!

  398. I’m 6 feet tall and can’t buy jean in a store! These custom jean would be perfect. Thanks

  399. Fabulous!

  400. Custom jeans would be so cool!!

  401. What a fun contest!!

  402. I so need this. . . some of my jeans are 10 years old. Not good. . . MKW

  403. Great pick me up once I am post-partum! Please please!

  404. almost to good to be true.

  405. Boy could I use a pair of good jeans.

  406. Perfect fitting jeans would be a nice surprise right now!

  407. I’ve never heard of this brand.. it’d be right up my alley! Fingers crossed!!!


  408. I’ve never heard of this brand.. it’d be right up my alley! Fingers crossed!!!


  409. Wow, I’ve never found a perfect fitting pair of jeans!

  410. Buying jeans is so frustrating to me — I’d rather buy a new swimsuit! This might be the answer?

  411. Jeans that fit? With no gaping at the waist? Is this possible? Woah.

    Thanks, Mir.

  412. Will need this after baby arrives here very shortly!

  413. So my rear won’t be hanging out every time I have to bend over?!

  414. What a great idea – thanks Mir and Thimbler!

  415. Oh my goodness – jeans that might actually fit me! Sounds too good to be true. Thanks for the opportunity!

  416. Would love these!

  417. I’ve been dying for a new pair of jeans. Thanks.

  418. Sounds great- thanks!

  419. Ohhhhhh. I want this sooo bad. I don’t even wear jeans because I can’t find the right fit… but I sure would love to!

  420. I would love some new jeans, Mir. I am down to one pair that really fits well and am developing the dreaded inner thigh rub holes. I need new jeans. Thanks!

  421. Uh, best giveaway EVER!! Thanks!!

  422. Wait, you mean jeans that don’t gap at the waist when I get them big enough for my hips or don’t leave bruises on my thighs when I get them the right size for my waist? That’s POSSIBLE? WOW! Sign me up!

  423. This is amazing! Jeans that fit!?

  424. I’m in!!

  425. Woo Hoo!! Is # 421 Lucky????

  426. Custom jeans!! woohoo!!

  427. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE custom jeans!

  428. I need these…always wanted a pair of custom made jeans!!

  429. That would be great!

  430. Oooh! This would be fabulous!

  431. Wow! What a cool product! I would love to try these out. I have the hardest time finding a pair of jeans that fit me just right.

  432. I would love these. Pick me!

  433. So it seems some of my jeans have shrunk over the summer. Yes, that’s it–they’ve shrunk from just sitting around in the drawer. I’m sure it can’t be anything I’ve eaten–er, done.

    Please pick me!

  434. Kids, age, menopause, gravity, chocolate 🙁 Help me please!!

  435. I am deserving and worthy of custom jeans.

  436. ohhh please oh please oh pleaaaaase. none of my jeans fit anymore, for reasons that will remain unnamed….

  437. perfect fit jeans…oh my gosh, please choose me!

  438. custom jeans sound wonderful! small waist+big butt=pants issues

  439. Since my gym days have basically been a bust, none of my jeans fit right. If I could just have ONE pair that fits perfect, I swear I’d wear them every day.

  440. What would be better than getting a pair of jeans that doesn’t require trying on 20 first!!!

  441. Wow, how great would that be!

  442. PLEASE!!!!! I have that annoying body type that is tiny waist and large hips. And I HATE the trendy jeans that are made to fit too tight. And NOTHING fits my thighs without falling of my waist.

  443. sounds fab. Thanks Mir!

  444. I could definitely use a new pair of jeans! This would be awesome 🙂

  445. Pick me! Pick me! At 4’10 it’s impossible to find “grown up” jeans!

  446. Me me me me me…. puhlease…

  447. Oh, my word. It’s almost as good as if chocolate soft serve had no calories.

  448. My very mismatched butt and waist REALLY need these! Thanks.

  449. I hatehatehate buying jeans. This sounds ideal!

  450. Would love to win this!

  451. You know those signs that direct you to look for different fits of jeans based on your “problem areas”? Yeah, well, I fit into MULTIPLE categories and “Go to the muu-muu section” is generally the recommendation for my type of body. (Which, amazingly, isn’t all that large…just uncomfortably mismatched.)
    Okay, so I throw my “almost perfect” jeans into the mix.

  452. Yes please!!

  453. I’m about to give birth and I’m sure the state of my body will need some custom fit jeans!

  454. Can’t even imagine custom made jeans!! What a concept! Would LOVE to win them!

  455. Oh I need these jeans, my measurments are all over the place, pants NEVER fit.

  456. I have a dozen pair of jeans, and none of them fit! I could use a custom pair! Thanks!

  457. I would love to have these. Hemming petite jeans really is a killer on the ego!

  458. Would love a pair that fits

  459. Me me pick me!!!

  460. I would love to win this! I can never seem to find jeans that fit me right. I have a non-existent butt and everything else on me is too big. PLEASE pick me!

  461. Jeans that fit right would be awesome! I buy them big enough to fit over my hips – but then they’re too big around my waist. Aaarrrgh.

  462. I need to win these! We just made our final payment to pay off our credit cards. So, that means I haven’t bought decent clothes that fit well in… nearly 4 years now!

  463. I’ve always wanted to try something like this…

  464. Oh, I NEED some jeans!


  466. Ooh, this would be so awesome for me!! I need new jeans so badly!

  467. Oh what I wouldn’t do to have a pair of jeans that fit me right all over!!

  468. sounds so so fun!

  469. Ooooooh to have jeans that fit that don’t cost $87 to me!!! 😛

  470. something that fits? priceless!

  471. This sounds lovely, especially since I am a short, hourglass figured gal who can never find jeans that are cheap and that fit.

  472. I’m a new mama again, that needs some jeans that actually fit!

  473. I love this giveaway! It’s jeans all year round for me…

  474. This…jeans that fit?…would be awesome. Please enter me 🙂

  475. Cool giveaway. Count me in!

  476. oh please, please, please!!!!

  477. pick me for jeans!

  478. Pretty please with extra sugar and sprinkles on top!

  479. Oh goodness, I’d love a new pair of jeans that actually fit. After my c-section 6 months ago, nothing fits me right anymore. 🙁

  480. who can’t use a great pair of jeans?

  481. Holy moly, I can only home I am awesome enough to win this one!

  482. i always have a hard time finding jeans that fit me in lenght…this would be awesome.

  483. This would be a fantastic win!

  484. Eeeeeee! Custom jeans! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

  485. well now… this is totally just great!! I would like the generator to pick me… 🙂

  486. I’ve never found a pair that fits me well! Help!

  487. THEN maybe I’d be happy with postpartum jeans!

  488. I have NEVER had a pair of jeans that fits right. This would be a miracle.

    Thanks, Mir!

  489. Ooo, aaa. Sounds good to me.

  490. I’m still wondering if it could be real! Jeans that fit! Thanks.

  491. How wonderful! This would be great!

  492. Woah. These sound awesome.

  493. This is a totally new concept for me. I’d love to try it!

  494. I need these jeans!!! I just really shouldn’t buy them right now…

  495. I have NEVER found a pair of jeans that fit perfectly.

  496. Oh, please! I’ve never had a pair of jeans that actually FIT me before…

  497. Do I really have to measure myself?!
    Really, I would love to win these. Thank you!

  498. WOW! Thats the coolest thing i have heard in a long time! PLEASE, PLEASE!!

  499. I really really really need new jeans!

  500. I would love these with all 4’10” of me!

  501. This would make my year!! After having my twin girls, I can’t find a pair of jeans that fit. I would love these!

  502. My wife would love this!

  503. It would be awesome to get jeans that actually fit me after two beautiful girls!!

  504. I would LOVE these jeans !!!

  505. I rarely wear jeans because of the way they fit me. These would be great to try!

  506. I can NEVER find jeans that fit my weird body!

  507. New jeans, yay!

  508. I could really use some new jeans….

  509. I have a might need for some new jeans, and it would be awesome if they were made just for me. Thanks for the contest!

  510. Awesome sight! Even if I don’t win I think I will be looking to buy my own pair- after I save up the money- which could be 6 months or so- but I will!

  511. I hate wearing jeans. Mostly, as most of you have already mentioned, because I find it difficult to find a pair that fits. Why the models showing them off can look great in them I would have to believe is trick photography. My sister on the other hand, has more difficulty than I do. I would like to win this and give it to her. Thanks for a great contest, Mir.

  512. Oh I have the weirdest body ever, please let me win!

  513. pick me, pick me, pick me!

  514. What the heck!

  515. I’d love to see how jeans are supposed to fit my body!

  516. None of my jeans fit me right now, so I’d love a new pair…

  517. Ooh, thank you for this opportunity to get jeans that FIT me.

  518. MAN! I would love some custom-made jeans – sounds so posh!

  519. Holy cow! This would be awesome! thanks!

  520. pretty pretty please?! 🙂

  521. Ooh, pick me! Please!

  522. I would LOVE some custom jeans. Woohoo!

  523. Ooooooo cool contest and cool company! Who knew??

  524. yes please, do they really fit well? even better then the lucky jeans?

  525. My genes would be more kind to me if I was to win new jeans.

  526. the new “mommy jean”

  527. Yes, please!

  528. I could definitely use a custom pair of jeans!!!

  529. custom jeans would totally rock my world!

  530. I would LOVE a pair of custom jeans!

  531. you can’t spell AWESOME without ME!

  532. Wow, those sound great!

  533. Sounds very cool. I would love to win a pair!

  534. Custom jeans are thrilling!

  535. My tush would look great in custom jeans.

  536. I totally need help in the jeans department!

  537. I’d take that.

  538. Years ago (!) I could walk into any store and buy any pair of pants in the size I wore. Then all the clothing manufacturers started changing up the sizes. These days I wear anything from a size 2 to a size 6. I just get so discouraged when I find a pair of pants I like and it turns out they are either out of my size or they don’t stock them in the store. LOL. I want to buy them now!!!

  539. Short ones – I want a pair.

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