More chances for peaceful children

By Mir
November 2, 2009
Category Contests

Is there any greater gift to a parent than a happy, occupied child? I say no.

Yesterday’s giveaway reminded me that I have Taft Brown’s new CD, How Now Brown Cow, here to give away. But then I thought, if one CD is good, let’s go with the “more is always better” thing and dig out a few other items I have on hand. So, the winner of this contest will receive Brown’s CD in traditional packaging, as well as the following (which come in little plastic cases without any liner note type thingies, because I received them as promotional items): The series premiere of The Fresh Beat Band on DVD and their 4-song sampler CD, the Wonder Pets! prime-time special “Join the Circus!” on DVD, and the series premier of Olivia (two episodes) on DVD.

Basically, it’s a sampler of viewing and musical awesomeness for the anklebiter set. Five discs of fun.

Want to win ’em? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and ability to knick knack paddy-whack.

Ready? Go!


  1. Please pick me to receive the many hours of sick child babysitting. 🙂

  2. I so need this. My son LOVES Olivia. LOVES. LOVES. And his bday is coming up, and I am so not against free things for his bday. He will be three.

  3. We just got to go bananas! Our favorite song by the Fresh Beat Kids!

  4. Yay for anklebiter prizes!

  5. Sounds like fun! Our girls would love this prize!

  6. Always love new entertainment for the kiddos.

  7. Oh Great Random Generator:

    I am an Elementary School Music Teacher and would SO appreciate you randomly picking me!!!!

  8. Cool, thanks!

  9. My boys would love these! All shows that we love!

  10. oh you should SEE me knick knack paddy whack! this would keep the biters off my ankles for a while.

  11. My lil punkin would love this 🙂

  12. fun times for the little ones 🙂

  13. Mir knows how to make me the favorite of all my kids!

  14. What a nice giveaway!

  15. Right on.

  16. Great gifts!

  17. Ooh, I *need* this. Well, my daughter needs it! ;o)

  18. I would love to win!! thanks!

  19. Wow, great one to try and win!

  20. Christmas is just around the corner!

  21. Please me this time! This is an awesome medley.

  22. My nieces and nephews would be very happy to be gifted these!

  23. Gotta entertain the boy!

  24. Ooh, I have a pair of ankle biters. This might even tempt them to sit STILL for a minute or two. Thanks!

  25. my anklebiters would love this!

  26. Oooo! We’re hoping for a new ankle-biter before Christmas. I’d love to have this!

  27. Funfunfun! Thanks – Jessica

  28. I have 5 children and do daycare. They are always wiggling!!! This would be great!

  29. Sounds like stocking stuffers to me!

  30. As the mother of twin ankle-biters, I’m a huge fan of anything to keep them happy. Thanks! 🙂

  31. My son would love these!

  32. For the sake of my sanity, please!

  33. You had me at Olivia 🙂

  34. We love Olivia! My oldest calls my middle son his little bother too lol! This win would set us up soo well for Christmas! 🙂

  35. Looks awesome!

  36. My kids would love to win!

  37. Maybe today will be my lucky day!

  38. Please enter my two ankle-biters!

  39. we would love this!

  40. My two would love this and I would love the break it will provide!

  41. Please, please, pretty please! My two-year-old would LOVE this!

  42. Thanks Mir

  43. Stocking stuffers!

  44. Sure!!!

  45. You have the best giveaways!!

  46. Yea! Great stuff!

  47. my kids definitely don’t sit in front of the tv nearly enough…i need to win!

  48. My son would love this!

  49. my kids would love it, and so would i!!

  50. My son would love this…and I would love for him to watch anything but The Great Pumpkin movie…again.

  51. Sounds great. I have several “ankle biters” who would love this

  52. It would be put to good use here – thanks for the chance!

  53. Oooh! Me please. This would be awesome for our house.

  54. Ohhhhhh, please! 🙂

  55. We are always in need of new kiddie music!

  56. Me, me, me…

  57. My two little ones would love this!

  58. peaceful kids? i’m in.

  59. Hooray for peaceful children.

  60. This would be lots of fun, thanks.

  61. how about it, random number generator? Still sad about not winning the ham!

  62. I have an anklebiter or 3!

  63. Count me in

  64. knick knack paddy-whack

  65. Me me me! Pick me!

  66. I do heart me some sassy piglets.

  67. Ohhh can I ever paddy-whack!

  68. I’ve wanted to see that Olivia show!

  69. Oh yay! We need some new not-Elmo to listen to.

  70. I would like to win this

  71. Nice! I have 3 little ones that I’m sure would love this!

  72. Who doesn’t love the Wonder Pets!

    pretty pretty please!

  73. Oh we totally need this in our house!

  74. c’mon random number generator!

  75. Ooh! Me! Pretty please?

  76. Thanks Mir!

  77. I love contests, and my little girl would love this!

  78. yes, please! 🙂

  79. oh, this would be so perfect for my niece Olivia! Please pick me random thingy!

  80. Oooh, fun.

  81. Count me in!

  82. have 2 kids that would love this!!

  83. Oh my goodness! My daughter Maeve is four and Olivia and the Wonder Pets are among her faves on On Demand. And new music is ALWAYS welcome in our home! How cool would this be??? Fun! Thanks beautiful Mir for the opportunity …

  84. Ooohhh, ooohhh, this one has my Mya’s name written all over it! A big bundle of her faves, perfect for stuffing in her stocking.

  85. sounds like fun…

  86. have a little bit that would enjoy this

  87. These would go great in the stockings for Christmas!

  88. Thanks for another fabulous contest!

  89. Wow, what a fun mix!

  90. Come on random number picker, pick me! 🙂

  91. Need to win….

  92. ooooh! Me!!!!! I really really need ways to entertain my kids!

  93. Oh, I would be the coolest aunt EVER!!!

  94. Count me in!

  95. me please

  96. I have three little ones 5 and under who would appreciate some new entertainment! 🙂

  97. Pick me, pick me!! I’m so tired of listening to The Best of Elmo and Playhouse Disney everyday in the car. A 4-song CD sampler is probably long enough to get DS to daycare in the morning. He also loves Wonder Pets.

  98. This sounds like a great Christmas present for someone!

  99. And all the little children say “Mir is pretty”.

  100. I have three littles 4 and under who would LOVE this. 😛

  101. This would be so great! Yes, please! I’m grinning at the thought of happily occupied children.

  102. I’ve got an ankle biter in mind 🙂

  103. Me too!

  104. one ankle biter here in need of being occupied.

  105. Grandbabies and dancing music? Hooray!!!

  106. I’m feeling lucky….

  107. I need these for all those upcoming home from school sick days

  108. my twins would love this!

  109. Love it

  110. My girls’ and I would love this 🙂

  111. I’d love it! Plus it’s almost my baby’s 2nd birthday…PERFECT.

  112. I know some kids who would love this!

  113. I would love to win! Thanks!!

  114. All shows my kids looooove to watch. Yippee!

  115. sounds fun – we’d love it!

  116. Oh yay! Hope I win. Thanks, Mir!

  117. Oh yea…Mir, you rock! Pick me!
    I have a 5 and a 3 year plus I teacher PreK!! Pick me!

  118. My kids are crazy about all those things! Hope we win!

  119. Oh- great contest! My son has just started wanting his “own cds” so this is great!

  120. anklebiter entertainment…the perfect way to save one’s sanity

  121. Home with 2 toddlers who would LOOOOVE this (and therefore, so would I)!

  122. Count us in! My 4 and 2 year old would love it!

  123. Yes please!

  124. ooh, we still love the wonder pets! and there just might be an age appropriate need for them in the future too.

  125. I’d love to win!

  126. Awesome

  127. I love peaceful children! that is the prize, right??

  128. Wow- this would be awesome!

  129. Those would be great!

  130. 🙂

  131. woot!

  132. I can knickknack the paddywhack with the best of them…and some awesome DVDs and CDs would definitely help with that!

  133. The Phone. The Phone is Riinng-ing.

    There’s an Animal in Trouble.

  134. My kids would love these!

  135. Wonderful!

  136. Oooh we always need more entertainment in the winter.

  137. My Grandsons would love any of these. What a great site!

  138. Oh. Olivia! Pick me!

  139. Sage loves the Fresh Beat Band! Thanks!

  140. We’d love this! Thanks!

  141. Cute!

  142. Nana’s angels will enjoy this !

  143. we’re on our way to help the baby skunk and save the day…

  144. sounds like fun!!

  145. My kids are Krazy with a capital K for the Wonder Pets and Olivia! Thanks!

  146. Please?

  147. I never win, but what the heck, you never know…

  148. This would be a big help when we have a house full of visitors over the holidays!!

    BTW: This Old Man is used as the ending theme of children’s television show Barney & Friends, which used the slower associated tune for the song I Love You.

  149. Hey Mir, count me in!

  150. please pick me.. my daughter would love it

  151. It would sure be great to win …………Thanks

  152. The phone! The phone is RINGING!

  153. I would love to win that. Correction: my daughter would LOVE to win that!

  154. Sounds like something my daughters would really enjoy!

  155. Awesome, this would buy me a bunch of hours with no toddler clinging to my leg.

  156. My nephew would love these! Some of his favorites! Thanks!

  157. Noggin.. err nickjr. is on our TV all the time. My son would LOVE this!!

  158. peaceful children? is that even a possible reality? sign me up!

  159. Sounds awesome. Thanks

  160. I love to make my grandchildren happy!

  161. Thanks!

  162. Sounds fun!

  163. Me please!

  164. My niece and nephew would love this!

  165. Would love to win!

  166. Oh! I LOVE Olivia. And, uh. My Daughter loves her. Too. Plus it’d be a nice change to watch her in action.

  167. My little monsters LOVE the Fresh Beat band and the Wonder Pets!!!

  168. Yay!

  169. Oh wow what a great combo pack! We would love this!

  170. my son is totally starting to get into music (he’s one) and this would be a great start to his music collection! Plus the DVDs sound fantastic too! 🙂 Thanks!

  171. Oh, I’d love to win this. My kids would enjoy watching it and I might be able to get an uninterrupted shower!

  172. Does this HAVE to be for the anklebiters?

    Because every time I hear the Fresh Beat Band commercials, I start singing “Loco Legs”. On PURPOSE. (I am sick, I know.)

  173. my kids would love this!!!

  174. Going bananas over here!

  175. My son LOVES the Fresh Beats (aka the Go Gos). When the commercials come on he stops whatever he’s doing and stares at the tv. Then when it’s over, he asks for more!

  176. Wonder pets save the day!

  177. My kiddo would love this! I would keep it hidden away until we have to drive 10 hours to Ohio for Christmas!

  178. Please, please, please!!

  179. My kids would absolutely love this!

  180. sounds perfect for snowy winter days when we are stuck in the house! 🙂

  181. count me in

  182. This would be awesome!

  183. my 4 year old would love this!

  184. I can knick-knack-patty-whack! My daughter would love the set.

  185. I have a 2 year old and he would love this!

  186. Help! Save me from my ankle biters!

  187. I am a knick knack paddy-whack pro!

  188. Ooooh Ooooh Pick me!

  189. I know a rug rat or two who would enjoy this! 🙂

  190. Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets we’re on our way!
    I’d love it!

  191. Oh yeah.. You Betcha I wannan win this..:)

  192. Oh, my 2 year old daughter would love this!!! Thank you

  193. Music music we love music

  194. We would love this at our house!!

  195. Ooooh, please please please!

  196. A 2 1/2 year old says, “pleeeeeeeese”.

  197. This is so stinking cute! My son would LOOOVE this!

  198. this would be great for my boys

  199. I have two ankle biters who would love this!

  200. This would make a great Christmas present for my dd! Thanks!

  201. OOOOh fun! Thanks for these contests!

  202. Oooohhhh….I hope it’s me.

  203. I’M IN.

  204. My littlest would love these to occupy her when she is missing her sisters while they are in school.

  205. With 4 under 5 and one on the way, this might be the best thing in the world right now! 🙂

  206. We are definitely part of the “Anklebiter Set” – two girls. This prize is right up our alley! 🙂

  207. Knick Knack Patty-Wack
    Grandma’s need cool new ideas to keep the little one’s active and happy.
    Pick me! Pick me!

  208. Great, thanks! An occupied child is a wonderful thing. My 3 year old is just starting to sit and watch a show for extended periods of time… finally!

  209. i know someone who’s birthday is coming up and they would LOOOOOVE this 🙂

  210. Sounds like a ton of fun!

  211. Pick me

  212. Oh, so cute! My little one would love them!

  213. My little girl would love these!

  214. My son would love that, he loves Fresh Beat Band.

  215. We would love this! I have a 32 mo and an 18 mo that loooove music.

    Thanks Mir!

  216. I am ready to dance with my two year old!

  217. sure, why not? 🙂

  218. This is me entering the contest.

  219. I always need some more good kid entertainment. 🙂

  220. Did you say occupy my kids? Like the one who has been home from school for three days (tomorrow will be day #4) because she’s too sick to go to school but not really sick? And did I mention I haven’t been able to work ALL WEEK? Yes, we are clearly in need of some great kiddie entertainment in our neck of the woods.

  221. Anything to get out of having to listen to the Wiggles AGAIN! (And I love the Wiggles, but after the four billionth time, it gets old.) Thanks!

  222. This would make an excellent Christmas gift for my brother, the preschool teacher….

  223. My kids would go nuts for this stuff! Thanks for the chance to win!

  224. We need some new stuff to listen to! Thanks!

  225. I’ll take a shot. Thanks!

  226. I’ll give it a try!

  227. Woo, yes and yay.

  228. This would be perfect for my two daughters!

  229. We would love this in my house!

  230. Sounds like fun entertainment!

  231. Me me I need this for a very long thanksgiving road trip

  232. My daughter would love this!!

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