The best films you’ve never seen

By Mir
April 26, 2010
Category Contests

Tell me if this sounds familiar: “Three hundred channels, and there’s nothing on.” It happens here more often than I’d like to admit. so when I was approached about some collections of award-winning movies that most people haven’t seen, I thought, well, then there’d be something to watch, huh?

Introducing the Official Best Of Fest, purveyors of DVD collections featuring some of the greatest films you’ve never seen. No, really. Check out their gift sets to see the themes: Movies that inspire, movies for kids, movies for dog lovers, and more. Just pick what sounds good to you—or just go for the Sampler—and you’re on your way to entertainment.

In fact, three lucky Want Not readers are going to get to do just that, just because you’re pretty and the Best Of Fest folks are generous. Want to win a a Best Of Fest gift set? It’s easy! All you have to do is go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave me a comment telling me which gift set you’d like to receive by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 to be entered. Three winners will be selected at random to receive their selections absolutely free.

And then you should totally invite me over for movie night. I’ll bring popcorn! Oh, I kid. Really what you should do is take a look and realize that hey, Mother’s Day is coming and Mom would totally love that pack of films that will make you laugh… and then, you know, Father’s Day is coming up, too, and Dad would really dig the films about real people….

Well, it looks like you have some deciding to do. Good luck!


  1. Number one rules! Family set!

  2. This sounds awesome!

  3. I’d love the Comedies set – we’re going through a rough time right now and my husband and I could use a good laugh.

  4. Looks good!

  5. I;d like the Movies for kids set.

    Thank you

  6. OOOH, how about the sampler. Then I don’t have to decide!

  7. I’d go with the comedy set. Oh and I just got a sample of microwave cheese popcorn in the mail so we’re all set on popcorn!

  8. Mir, this is a GREAT idea, totally aside from the competition. I see a couple there that look so interesting, I might have to pick ’em up. Especially the Kids one, because I think my 6 year old would get a kick out of it.

    If by some miracle my number came up, I’d pick INSPIRE. Because I could definitely do with some inspiration. 🙂

  9. I think the family set looks fun!

  10. I’ll try the Sampler Set for my Mom. I don’t watch a whole lot of movies but she has time to!

  11. Okay, I’m going to be selfish. Chick Flicks!

  12. Ohhh I think I would have to pick Inspire – and you’re right, this would be PERFECT Mother’s Day present – but the Chick Flicks one looks amazing as well.

  13. I’d have to say chick flicks – then I could totally have a girls night filled with movies and popcorn!

  14. I would love Award Winning Films that would make me LAUGH!!!

  15. I think the romance box looks mighty entertaining. 🙂 THANKS, MIR!

  16. The romance box would be fun. I love a good cheesy romance movie.

  17. holy cow. how to decide? i’m going to go with the sampler. because i literally just typed and erased several more specific choices. thanks!

  18. Gotta laugh!! Please…

  19. I’d like the laughter one!

  20. I gotta go with the sampler. Sounds awesome!

  21. Laugh!

  22. very cool. Kids!

  23. I’d pick the chick flicks one, a totally selfish pick!

  24. The kids set would be great.

  25. To Laugh! Please!

  26. I’d love the Sampler. I couldn’t choose between a couple of the sets, but the sampler has all the movies that most caught my eye. Awesome… thanks pretty Mir!

  27. The Laugh ones!

  28. Definitely the comedy set! Thanks, Mir!

  29. Comedies are wonderful!

  30. We love family films!

  31. Love please.

  32. probably the love one…

  33. Laugh, laugh! Make us laugh! (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  34. So hard to decide… but I guess I’ll go with Family…?

  35. I would love the kids one.

  36. What a fabulous idea–sampler, please!

  37. Family. And can I just say how cool it would be to have these during our 9-day drive from right coast to left coast for our move this summer? Cuz, that would be cool to have.

  38. I’d pick the ones that inspire (The Best Inspirational Films). Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. The Kids’ set sounds interesting… I’d love to have something NEW for us to watch.

  40. Family films, please!

  41. Girls’ Night In looks great!

  42. My little girl votes for the dog-lover set!

  43. the best films for dog lovers! 🙂 thanks mir!

  44. Family Set seems good.

  45. Tough choice. The sampler fills all needs.

  46. How to choose??? I think I would have to go with Laugh.

  47. What a great idea!! I’d love to see all of them, but I’d pick the Award Winning Films that will make you Laugh.

  48. Definitely Films that will make you Laugh!

  49. Family Set looks great!

  50. Let’s get the films that make you laugh. And come on over!

  51. Oh come on and make me LAUGH!!!! thanks

  52. The Inspire set would be something my mom would love. Thanks!

  53. Definitely the kids pack!

  54. The set that will make you laugh sounds great.

  55. I’d choose the “Films that will make you Laugh” set!

  56. Hmmmm – I’m indecisive so I’d go for the sampler. Thanks!

  57. I have to go with “Films that make you Laugh!” We’re alwasy for comedy in our house. 🙂

  58. Dog Lovers set, please. 🙂

  59. I would go for the Family set. This is really an interesting idea; I’ve seen news reports about film festivals but I didn’t know there was a way to buy the films.

  60. I’d like to get a look at the Real People films.

  61. “Films that will make you laugh” looks great! Thanks Mir!

  62. The Best Films for Dog Lovers

  63. I want the Laugh one!!

  64. sampler set, pretty please pretty Mir! Thanks for all you do!

  65. I have to pick Chick Flicks (because my hubby always falls asleep no matter what we watch). OK, no comments on my marriage, please.

  66. And graduation is coming up, so the Chick Flicks might be a good gift for my daughter, age 23. It’ll keep the young men from staying too late at her apartment… oh, I can dream! Don’t disillusion me!

  67. If I win (and I hope I do!), I’d love the Chick Flicks. Thanks so much.

  68. I’d have a hard time picking between the dog lovers, chick flicks, ones to make you laugh. You can join us..but you have to bring Licorice and homegrown veggies. We’ll make the popcorn.

  69. I think I’ve gotta go with the majority on this one and pick: Award Winning Films that will make you Laugh! aka The Best Comedies.
    Did I follow the rules good? 😉
    Thanks for another great contest!

  70. After looking at them, I couldn’t decide on one, so I figured the “Sampler” pack would be the best way to go. This site has an awesome idea for these movies! Nifty!


  71. I think we’d enjoy the Kids Collection. Thanks, what a cool idea!

  72. best of laugh

  73. I could really go for “Award Winning Films That Will Make You Laugh” right about now. Thanks for all the great contests Mir!

  74. Okay. I’m in for the kids pack. Although I had a hard time and all of the sets look intriguing. It may turn out that the company offering the sets is the real winner, as if I don’t win, I just may have to go back and buy some on my own.

  75. I want to see the chick flicks set!

  76. I’d love to win Films That Inpire

  77. I could see the chick flicks making a good girls night:). You can totally come over and make popcorn, (extra butter, as along as I am being self indulgent:))

  78. The films that make you laugh…I just quit my job and could use some laughter 🙂

  79. Mmmmmm comedies!

  80. I’d like the Sampler!

  81. Films that inspire please.

  82. Real People!

  83. This was a difficult choice! I’ll pick Best of Inspirational though. All sound so good in each set. Thanks Mir.

  84. chick flicks please!!!

  85. Make me laugh! 😀

  86. Laugh please~

  87. Chick flicks. Thanks, Mir!

  88. award winners that will make me LAUGH! thank you!

  89. Love! Thanks, Mir…

  90. We would love the Family set!

  91. I’d choose the Laugh set. I always choose a movie or TV show that will make me laugh. 🙂

  92. So hard to choose. I’ll pick the kids collection, please. (See? I can read and follow directions. At least I think I did …)

  93. I would love to own the best of fest for families–because my family loves movies! Thanks!!

  94. The Inspire set looks, well, inspiring! thanks.

  95. Would like to win the Dog Lovers’ set.

  96. They all sound good, but I would choose the comedies!

  97. Family set would make my daaaaaaay!

  98. I can’t choose, so I’m going to say the sampler!

  99. Can’t decide, so I’ll choose the Sampler!

  100. They all look awesome, but I keep going back to the Romance set- all the stories look so cute!

  101. Chick flicks please! Pretty please?

  102. decisions…decisions….Laugh please!

  103. I’d love to try the Sampler set please! Did I tell you you’re pretty? 🙂

  104. I would love the Best of Fest set – a little bit of everything!

  105. I’d love the laugh set!

  106. Can’t make up my mind, so I guess I have to go with the best of fest sampler.

  107. The Sampler set looks amazing.

  108. I think the sampler set is the way to go, looks great.

  109. The laugh ones 🙂

  110. comedy set please

  111. I’m always a sucker for Chick Flicks.

  112. Love to laugh!

  113. The Kids one, please. Thanks!

  114. I’d love the Laugh one!

  115. Chick Flicks!!! 🙂

  116. I want to laugh! Pick me!

  117. Dog Lovers please!

  118. Romance would be fabulous. What a great web site. Will be checking in with them on a regular basis…

  119. Comedy yay!

  120. Inspire!

  121. How cool! I need a good LAUGH.

  122. If I don’t win, I’m going to have to try to convince my husband we need these. :o)

  123. Ooh, this is a good one. I’m a big sap, so I’ll have to throw my lot in with the movies about love.

  124. I would love the movies about real people. I love documentaries!!

  125. Awesome! Kid’s pack, please. Thanks, Mir!

  126. Chick flicks for me please. And thank you.

  127. I think I’d go for the “Laugh” one. We ALWAYS need more of those!

  128. Laugh looks good! 🙂 Thanks pretty!

  129. I went back to college late in life & it’s “Finals Week”. I really could use anything that would make me laugh. If the all-knowing random number generator picks me… I would love to have the “laugh” ones. Thanks for the chance to win, Mir!

  130. I would love to win the sampler. Thanks!

  131. i would love to win the kids – thanks

  132. I would love to get some inspiration. . .oh and win the movie set.

  133. Mom would like the Romance movie set. Thank you!

  134. Dog Lovers – although really, they all look great – what a neat concept. Thanks!

  135. The laugh one for me

  136. The chick Flicks of course!

  137. The family one would be great

  138. I think the laugh one would be good, but the inspire one looks good too.

  139. Make me laugh all day long …

  140. Laugh one, please!

  141. Oh dear, again you make me choose. I you enjoy torturing your readers! Laugh or Kids? Laugh or Kids? Gah, mother guilt kicking in again–I choose Kids! (And thanks for having another great giveaway…)

  142. It’s a tough call, but I’ll go with Romance. Thanks!

  143. The ones to “make you LAUGH”! Because they are so emphatic about it.

  144. I like the “Sampler” it seemed to have a little bit of everything. “The Best of Fest Sampler”

  145. Awesome! Kids please 🙂

  146. I would love the Fathers, Sons & Brothers set to give to my husband for Father’s Day! Maybe, just maybe, he and our 13 yo “I am now a terrible teen filled with angst and hate you all” could share a special moment or two! 🙂

  147. I would love the kids movies for my daughter! Thanks Mir

  148. The laugh set!

  149. They all look great, but I think I’d pick the Sampler set.

  150. How fun would this be??!! Thanks for the contest!

  151. Wow, this was hard! But as soon as I looked at the Real People collection, I knew that was it.

  152. WOW so hard to pick! I think the first choice would be the family set.

  153. Wow. I really have never seen any of these before. I’d pick the kids set because it includes a documentary called “Kick Like A Girl,” and my little soccer girl would looooovvvve that!

  154. laugh, definately laugh.

  155. Family friendly films are fabulous! 🙂

  156. It was hard to make a decision because they all look great, but I would like the kid’s movies. Please!

  157. I wanna laugh!

  158. These all look great. I’d like the movies to make me LAUGH. Thanks!

  159. The Best Films for Family would be the set I would like to be able to share with the grandbabys

  160. For kids. 🙂

  161. Movies for Dog Lovers, of course!

  162. Comedy, please

  163. Romance, something I’m getting only from movies these days.

  164. Inspire!!

  165. The Sampler please!!

  166. The Laughter one please – for my mother-in-law.
    Need I go into further detail?

  167. Family please 🙂

  168. I’d go with films that would make you laugh. Looks like fun and what a great idea!

  169. Ooh! I’d like the one about Real People. Because I’m all about what real folks can accomplish.

  170. What a hard decision! Sampler, Real People or Kids? hmm Guess I’ll settle on the Sampler.

  171. I would love to have the set that makes you laugh!

  172. Laughing movies 🙂

  173. comedies! Great contest!

  174. I would love to have these movies.

  175. The Sampler looks awesome!

  176. The Sampler please. Thanks.

  177. Oh wow! I’d love the “Kids” set … looks super amazing, and so non-Disney!

  178. This looks cool! pick me please.

  179. Oh, I would love the Sampler set!

  180. How awesome! I would love the Family Gift Set, if I’m lucky enough to be picked.


  182. Sampler!

  183. Yes please

  184. A tough choice, but the Kids set, I think.

  185. Just got a portable dvd player for the kids in the car, so the kids set would be wonderful!

  186. I’d love to Laugh.

  187. I’d love to win the Sampler set! Looks WONDERFUL!

  188. Oh PRETTY PLEASE could I have the Real People set? My husband is fascinated with Parkour and Father’s Day is a-comin’
    Plus we’re a whole family of PBS junkies who love to watch Real Stuff.

  189. Oh, the comedy set would be great!

  190. I was totally stoked to request the Laugh set, but then I read the Real People synopsis, and it gave me goosebumps. So I’m going to pick the Real People set. I think. No, yes. That’s my final answer.

  191. the “films that will make you laugh” set

  192. Sampler please

  193. comedy set please!

  194. Sampler for me, please.

  195. Sounds like gift closet material! Kids please!

  196. I could use some inspiration!

  197. I could use some good news! Pick me!

  198. I think they look very interesting! I think I’d be most entertained by THE SAMPLER. Thanks!

  199. What a great thing! Hope I win

  200. Films that inspire, please! Some inspiration is what I am needing.

  201. Those sets do sound interesting. Thanks for sharing this site with us.

  202. The “Sampler”, please! Thanks!

  203. The sampler!

  204. The sampler…..please!

  205. They all look great! I guess I’d have to choose the kids one. thanks! Jessica

  206. Pick ME!!!
    Gawd! How do you choose? Sampler (I guess.) Also, will be watching for coupon codes so I can purchase sets later. (Because I’m cheap, but I still WANT them; Kids, Comedy, family .)

  207. Inspire please! I could use some inspiration right about now.

  208. The KIDS one looks great!

  209. The Kid Dvd set looks great!

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