Everything’s coming up roses

By Mir
May 1, 2010
Category Contests

Mother’s Day is coming, you know. (Perhaps I’ve mentioned…?) You’ve only got a week left to find something perfect for Mom, and/or guilt your family into getting something wonderful for you. Heh.

Flowers are always a hit, though if you’re like me you’d rather have no flowers than get some sad, scraggly supermarket bouquet of dubious origin. How about some of the freshest roses in the world, direct from California Blooms, though? They’re beautiful, healthy, and even eco-friendly.

One lucky Want Not reader is going to win their choice of one dozen long-stemmed California Blooms roses—we’ll send ’em anywhere in the U.S. you’d like, so you can keep them for yourself (we won’t tell) or have them sent directly to Mom. Here, go ahead and take a look at all the color choices to see which one you like best. (I have to admit, I am dazzled by the green ones. Maybe because they’re so unusual. Though I do think the mixed bouquet is the most festive.)

Want to win? First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post telling me what color bouquet you’d like to win by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and delicate scent.

Alternatively, feel free to buy your own roses. But ’round here, we do so enjoy it when things are free, right? Right.


  1. Free eco-friendly roses for Mother’s Day? Yes, please!! I think I’d have to go with pink, my mother-in-law’s favorite color, although the lavender and green are really cool!

  2. They are all so pretty…so I would go with the Mixed Roses.

  3. I’d love to win the white rose bouquet! Thanks for another great contest oh pretty Mir!

  4. Orange, please! I love those orange roses.

  5. I’m intrigued by green (is that natural?), but my pick is the mixed bouquet.

  6. I think the pink is for me!

  7. Lovely! Mixed, please.

  8. Ooh! Mixed please 🙂

  9. mixed please (although i am attracted to the orange…)!

  10. Very pretty! I love the yellow ones.

  11. Loved the mixed bouquet. =)

  12. The mixed are my fave. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. My mom’s favorite color is green so I’d love to send her those! Thanks!

  14. Mixed would be wonderful. So pretty.

  15. I heard orange is in. I would like the orange ones, please!

  16. Love the pink roses!

  17. Mixed bouquet, please:)

  18. wonderful white, please!

  19. Love the mixed bouquet! Thanks!

  20. I like the lavender, but if I sent them to my mom, it would be the mixed.

  21. I’d love to win…. did I mention I am expecting our 4th next month??? 😀 Yellow!

  22. i’d love the white roses — i’m so impressed with how white they are! what a cool contest! 🙂

  23. Love the mixed…that way you have all the colors to enjoy!!

  24. zoooh, love the mixed bouquet!

  25. The orange are unusual and lovely. I would have them sent to ME, so that’s what I choose if I win. And Mir? You’re pretty.

  26. They’re all nice; mixed bouquet is especially beautiful.

  27. Mixed flowers, thank you.

  28. While I really want to say orange, I think my MIL would love the mixed. Why am I so unselfish here? I really should just think of myself, shouldn’t I?

  29. I think my camera would like the orange best!

  30. love the orange and the lavender, but if I were to choose some for my mom, I’d pick the mixed bouquet.

  31. I think white. I’ll send to my next door neighbor.

  32. I really like them all, the orange, pink, and purple so I guess I’d have to pick the mixed.

  33. My mother would love the Peach!

  34. the mixed bouquet, please…and uh, green roses? very strange.

  35. I’m a sucker for anything pink.

  36. I would love to give my mother the red ones. Very pretty!

  37. I totally love the green! It’s my fav color anyway.

  38. I like the mixed roses best. I know my mom would be over the moon at all the colors! 🙂

  39. I’d live the mixed roses and I’ll admit that I would just keep them for myself!

  40. I agree with you, mixed please!

  41. I would love to give my mother the mixed bunch. She had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and survived. We are very blessed.

  42. Lavender for me please! I already sent my MiL hers, and my boys always pick me flowers off my own bushes (nice thought, but just not the same when you have weeded, fed, and pruned them yourself).

  43. Purple please! They’re lovely.

  44. Love the mixed bouquet!

  45. If I won these, they would go to my mom, and since her favorite color is green, I would have to go for the green ones!

  46. Mixed, please! I actually would love these for my eco-friendly MIL. 🙂

  47. Mixed bouquet is perfect!

  48. The mixed bouquet makes me happy just looking at them! 🙂

  49. I love the mixed – so pretty!

  50. I’m a fan of the mixed ones as well. Thanks for the chance!

  51. mixed bouquet.

  52. Thanks Mir…I’ll definitely take the mixed bouquet:)

  53. Oh Lavender please!

  54. Mixed! Now to decide if it’ll be for me or my mom… Ah, well, I probably won’t win, so I won’t have to discover and seek to overcome my selfishness. : )

  55. Love the mixed bouquet!

  56. Coral! Well, they didn’t come to my computer with names, but the 2nd from the left on the top row. Seems coral to me. Quite lovely. Free is just the right range for such things, isn’t it?

  57. lavendar… can’t help it! i’ve always been a lavendar girl! thanks!

  58. My daughter has decided that her name is now Rose (one of her middle names) so this would be great to win! I think the orange ones are stunning. 🙂

  59. Mom is old and infirm. These flowers would give her a bit of pleasure in her final days.

  60. Lavender for my very dear and sweet mother-in-law. Yes, some people do love the mother-in-law!

  61. Mixed ones, please? my Mom would die 🙂

  62. They’re all so beautiful, so I would choose the mixed!

  63. They are all pretty. I would choose the mixed.

  64. very pretty, too many to choose from, so mixed!

  65. Orange. Because its MY favorite! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

  66. All so pretty, but I think the pink ones.

  67. Yes please!

  68. There’s something about the orange that warms the cockles of my heart.

  69. I’m indecisive, so the mixed color one is my choice! Those are beautiful!

  70. I’ve been in an orange mood lately….

  71. Red, definitely

  72. Mom’s choice is the mixed bunch.

  73. I love the green, but I would send my mom the purple ones.

  74. I love the lavender ones…ooh la la!

  75. mixed bouquet for my mom! 🙂

  76. I really love the mixed blossoms the best–and I think my mother would, too!

  77. The variety pack for me!

  78. For some reason, I’ve been especially partial to orange lately. I’m not sure what brought about this change in the past few years, but orange it is! (Maybe it’s just in flowers. Tiger lilies are my favorite ones…)


  79. Mixed, please. Thank you!

  80. Mixed is great, cause you get to enjoy all the colors. Thanks!

  81. I would love the mixed ones! I chose that because I just can’t choose! 🙂 lol

  82. I think the mixed are the way to go!

  83. Mixed!

  84. I think the orange would be great.

  85. My first choice is white–it was pictured but not listed. If it’s not available, I vote for pink!

  86. mixed please!

  87. Mixed would be awesome!

  88. Mixed please!!!

  89. I was very torn…each color is breathtaking and beautiful in its own right! Oh what to choose…then I had the brilliant idea to go with the Mixed Bouquet, as there is a sampling of every color included! That way no one color is insulted. Colors can be very touchy, don’t ya know…especially red and green! 🙂

  90. I like the orange!!!

  91. Pink for me please! Thank you!

  92. mixed for sure

  93. Green roses?! YES! Sign me up!

    We are hosting our first gathering in our first home for Mother’s Day. These would make a wonderful addition to the party!

  94. I liked the mixed!

  95. The mixed bouquet for sure. But shouldn’t you at least pretend to be our children (or husband) who sends them to us? Do you do reminder emails for the children (and husbands) who are likely to forget even with hints?

  96. Mixed please!

  97. I like them all but prefer mixed! 🙂

  98. The mixed for my wonderful mom.

  99. oohhhhh…thats a tough one! i love the orange, but i’d want to send the mixed to my mom.

  100. The mixed are beautiful…love the lavender too though…

  101. Lavender roses? Wow, never seen those…they would be so pretty in my mother’s bedroom.

  102. The mixed ones are gorgeous

  103. They are all so pretty but I would choose the mixed bouquet 🙂

  104. Wow that is a teeny picture. I agree – mixed.

  105. Mixed for me,please. 🙂

  106. I’d love to win the mixed bouquet for my grandma-in-law. 🙂

  107. I’d have to go for the mixed too.

  108. Can’t choose, so the mixed sounds great!

  109. The lavender ones are lovely.

  110. I like the orange ones! But the yellow ones are beautiful too….

  111. Green. Definitely green… so beautiful!

  112. Love the mixed bouquet!

  113. The mixed ones Please!!

  114. They are all so pretty! I’m torn so I think I would like the mixed bouquet!

  115. Wow, how beautiful! Mixed bouquet, please!

  116. I would love-love the mixed color bouquet! Thank you!

  117. I have to say mixed–to send to my wonderful mother who doesn’t get flowers enough!

  118. I love the lavender roses!

  119. Pretty Purple Please 🙂

  120. I love the white bouquet!!!

  121. they are all pretty but I REALLY like the lavender!

  122. Mixed is best. Thanks, Mir!

  123. MIxed bouquet for my mommy!

  124. Can’t choose a favorite so I guess mixed will satisfy all my loves!

  125. I’ll have to go with mixed also, thanks!

  126. I like the mixed ones too.

  127. Lavendar please. 🙂

  128. I love the mixed ones.

  129. they are all so pretty! but i do love orange roses.
    i hope you get some too, mir!

  130. I love the mixed ones!! So Pretty!!!!!

  131. I think my mom would love the mixed ones.

  132. This is tough… I would love the white ones.

  133. My mom loves purple and she thinks you are pretty.

  134. I like the mixed bouquet. That way you get at least one of every color. *G*

  135. mixed would make me very happy. Mir, you’re the prettiest!

  136. Lovely lavendar for me please!

  137. Oh, the mixed ones, please! 🙂

  138. Mixed if I win!

  139. I think the red are prettiest.

  140. I agree! Mixed bouquets for me! So pretty…

  141. Yellow roses = the true flower of love. Would love to give these to my wife who is an awesome stepmom.

  142. yellow is my mom’s favorite color and the song goes “the yellow rose of texas” and Texas is where she lives! So yellow please!

  143. The mixed bouquet would be awesome.

  144. The lavender ones look so pretty. Thanks for another chance to win!

  145. My mom’s favorite flower is yellow roses so that would be pretty cool to win for her.

  146. I love the lavendar!

  147. Oh, I would want the mixed! Er, I mean MY MOM would want the mixed. Ahem.

  148. love the orange. they’re so bright and spring-y

  149. The orange makes me smile!!!

  150. oh, the mixed bouquet.
    puh-lease let me win!

  151. They are all beautiful, but I keep being drawn back to the orange ones- so pretty!

  152. I want the lavender ones! I love those kind of roses.

  153. I think I will send them to my daughter who is also a super mother!

  154. Mixed please 🙂

  155. peach please! Did I mention this week is not only mother’s day for me, but my birthday AND my anniversary . . . ! one week of celebration! nice! 🙂

  156. Those green ones are so unusual and beautiful!

  157. Green or orange would be my pick but will take whatever…love love love roses!

  158. It would have to be pink for me. Unoriginal, I know, but that’s my wife’s favorite!

  159. Ohhh, mixed bouquet please!! My husband is out of town and my Mom and I are spending Mother’s Day with just my kids (my Dad passed away in 2002), so we could use a splash of color!

  160. Multi-colored flowers for ME! (wow, that looks really greedy in print)

  161. They are all beautiful but I’d pick the mixed bouquet.

  162. I’d pick the mixed bouquet

  163. Always have loved lavender roses….

  164. I say mixed because I can’t make a decision! thanks Mir!

  165. My mother would love the mixed bouquet! Happy Mother’s Day!

  166. Mixed, definitely!

  167. I think yellow would brighten my mom’s day. Thanks for the chance!

  168. The mixed are almost as pretty as you Mir.

  169. Peach, please!!

  170. The mixed bouquet is my favorite. I can never choose just one color.

  171. mixed!

  172. I love them all, but my kids would be dazzled by the mixed. Although the lavender are really pretty, too!

  173. I have so many moms, sisters, aunts, grandma’s and not to mention myself that deserve beautiful flowers on mother’s day!

  174. Thanks for doing this! I would choose the lavender! Or maybe the white…This would really make my Mamma smile!

  175. Very pretty. I like the mixed bouquet.

  176. Mixed bouquet!

  177. Beautiful! I’d love the mixed bouquet!

  178. Definitely the mixed bouquet. Gorgeous! Great contest!

  179. Peach please…

  180. Mixed bouquet please. It’s beautiful!

  181. Mixed: yum!

  182. What a hard decision! The yellow ones are quite pretty!

  183. Mixed is the brilliant choice, though I’m with you on the green ones, Mir…

  184. Yes, please.

    MY 2 FAVORITE!!!– thinking Mixed

  186. Mixed please!

  187. for my mom – mixed to celebrate her day!

  188. The mixed roses are beautiful! Last year my husband said, “But you’re not my mother.” I have no problem buying my own flowers at this stage in the game!

  189. mixed please.

  190. The mixed are very pretty…a little of everything. Winning roses is definitely the *only* way THIS mom will be getting them. LOL

  191. I love just about any type and color of flowers, but if I have to pick I’ll go with the mixed bouquet. Thanks.

  192. The mixed would be beautiful for my mom and grandmom to share!

  193. Mixed please.

  194. OHHHH – I think the mixed bouquet is beautiful. My mom would love them – definitely cheer her up!

  195. I love the mixed bouquet.

  196. My Mom would love the mixed ones!

  197. ooh, the mixed bouquet! It’s gorgeous.

  198. I like the mixed too. Thanks, Mir!

  199. LOVE the orange! That is so cool…
    Pink is my total favorite though!!!!

  200. Oh they’re beautiful! I love the mixed bunch, because there are all sorts of colors in life! okay, that was cheesy but I just got up 🙂

  201. My mom loves roses. She would enjoy the mixed bouquet.

  202. I think the lavender roses are lovely. Thanks!

  203. Green please!

  204. Sure I’ll take a shot. Lavender, please.

  205. I’d chose the mixed bouquet!

  206. Lavender!

  207. Everyone keeps saying lavender, but I think they’re mauve. And that’s my final answer. Mauve.

  208. Mixed! Rainbow is my favorite color so mixed it has to be.

    Thanks Mir!

  209. That lavender is really ymmuy!

  210. Hmmmm…tough choice. I’m going to choose the mixed bouquet. It’s very pretty. What a great giveaway, Mir!

  211. I like the mixed bouquet the best!

  212. The orange are beautiful, just like you Mir!

  213. My Mom would love the Orange!!

  214. Yellow, please.

  215. Peach, definitely peach. They’re my favorite, but I admit Mom and I might have to share them.

  216. So pretty! I’d send the multi-colored bouquet to my mom. I’ve never seen green or purple roses, how fun!

  217. Too many pretty colors…. I guess I would have to pick the mixed bouquet. My mom would be so surprised!

  218. I love the mixed ones, the orange is definitely a contender though!

  219. I would love the roses… I mean, my mom would. :o)

  220. I can’t take my eyes off the green. But would probably pick the mixed for my mom!

  221. I would like to get a mixed bunch for my Mom.

  222. Maybe I’m too traditional, but I would love me some red roses, especially since the chances of DH even remembering Mother’s Day, let alone getting me something from the kids is slim to none!

  223. I think I like the lavender. All so pretty, though! My grandma is being moved from her home of 60 years to live in Boise with us on Mother’s Day– it’s going to be hard on her but maybe I’ll win these to brighten her day!

  224. believe it or not they would go to my wonderful mother in law

  225. I would love the mixed ones!

  226. The mixed ones are so bright and cheerful!

  227. I’ll have to go with the mixed in an effort to see all the pretty colors.

  228. Mixed is the best so we can enjoy all the beautiful colors. 🙂

  229. Beautiful! Orange please. 🙂

  230. With 4 kids…I didn’t even know roses came in colors other than red. ANY color is a perfect treat for me!

  231. Pick me!!! I would love some roses!

  232. A friend of mine lost her 10 month old daughter, Rose, last year and the lavender bouquet would be such a sweet addition to her Mother’s Day.

  233. I love the mixed boquet…as would my Mother-in-Law. 😀

  234. I love the mixed bouquet — fancy! My mother would love them!

  235. Mixed please! Love me some fresh fleurs.

  236. Oh, how lovely. Mixed for me, please.

  237. Personally, I like the lavender ones, but I would love to win the yellow ones for my mom.

  238. The orange roses are gorgeous

  239. I think I would choose the mixed bouquet. Beautiful!

  240. The mixed bouquet would make my MIL’s day!

  241. I would LOVE the mixed bouquet!!

  242. Love the green, too!

  243. Mixed bouquet is GORGEOUS!!!

  244. Ooh, the peach are gorgeous. Lovely! I hope the winner enjoys these immensely. (The odds are against me, I know.)

  245. Ooooh, white roses. Evidently, I’m growing sentimental; I had white roses (along with white spray roses and white freesia) in my DIY wedding bouquet last year, and just looking at the bunch of white roses makes me a little giddy.

    Whoever wins these, for themselves or for their mother, is very lucky. Thanks, Mir!

  246. I think pink!

  247. I love orange roses! What’s the most popular choice?

  248. Love the pink ones! So pretty.

    Thanks for another great contest.

  249. RED!

  250. Oooooo…. I love the lavender ones. 🙂

  251. I’m fond of the purple/lavender ones…but they’re my favorite color….

  252. Mixed bouquets mean I don’t have to choose!

  253. May I please have the mixed arrangement.

  254. Mom says she likes the mixed colored ones the best!

  255. The Mixed Bouquet for me please!

  256. Green please!

  257. The mixed bouqet is so pretty–I would love to win!

  258. I’d take the peach

  259. beautiful – peach, please!

  260. I think the peach is lovely and so would my mom.

  261. Oh, SO gorgeous! For MYSELF, I’d pick lavender, but since I’d be getting these for my Mombo, I’d have to go with the mixed bouquet because I would not be able to choose which one is prettiest.

  262. I think Pink! (Thanks!)

  263. The mixed bouquet is the bomb! 🙂

  264. Multi-colored, mixed.

  265. The mixed bouquet is just gorgeous! Definitely something for everyone!!

  266. I’m joining the crowd and going with the mixed bouquet. Beautiful!

  267. The peach ones are perfect!

  268. The orange bouquet is just so vibrant and beautiful, how could it not perk up someone’s (my!) day?

  269. The mixed bouquet is lovely!

  270. Lavender for me please

  271. Mixed for my mom, please!

  272. Oh, the mixed please. These would go to my ex-mother in law, my children’s grandmother, they would make her so happy! Thanks.

  273. I wish I had the green ones when I got married since my colors were green and silver – those are awesome! But I am going to have to pick the yellow in memory of my mom – her favorite – and I would send to my SIL. We don’t have our mother’s anymore so I would honor her.

  274. Mixed… so pretty!

  275. PINK!

  276. Mixed!

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