Big Prize Week: Day 5 (iPod Touch, baby!)

By Mir
November 26, 2010
Category Contests

This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Eastern on November 26th, 2010. Read on to find out about today’s prize and enter to win!

Happy Black Friday! I bought you an iPod Touch to celebrate.

That’s right—today you have a shot at winning an 8GB 3rd generation iPod Touch. It is brand new, never removed from the box, but do note that it’s not the 4th generation one with the camera. I, of course, bought this one and then Apple promptly came out with a newer model. You’re welcome. Also, I may have had the back engraved with the site name because if I’m buying you an iPod, you’re going to remember who got it for you, darn it.

This contest will run for only twelve short hours to celebrate Black Friday, so make sure you don’t miss it! Simply go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 6:00 p.m. Eastern (that’s 3:00 p.m. Pacific) on Friday, November 26th, 2010 to be entered to win. Winner to be determined by random number generation, losers to be assured that they are still extraordinarily pretty.

Ready? Go!


  1. Yesssss!

  2. Piggy. Nice!

  3. What a great prize!

  4. Oh! I’ve been wanting an iPod Touch forever!

  5. I would love, love, love this!

  6. Wow!

  7. Wow! This would be a great present for me! Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. This would be perfect for my daughter…..please, please!

    THank you!

  9. My daughter informed me that she wanted one of these AFTER I was 80% done with my Christmas shopping. If I win this, you can engrave whatever you want on the back! Awesome contest!!! Thanks!

  10. Wow…. Thank you Mir….

  11. Sweet! This is on my list, 3rd gen and engraved, or not. Makes me no nevermind!

  12. Happy shopping!

  13. Yeah! Just what I need.

  14. Oh yeah!!!!!

  15. Oooo – shiny!

  16. You rock Mir! So fun!!!

  17. good morning! I would love to win this!

  18. It’s so pretty! And so are you!

  19. Oh my gosh! My son would think I was in this century.

  20. Wow! This is the #1 thing on my Christmas wishlist 🙂

  21. Am pondering if I’d tattoo somewhere on my body if . . . Happy hunting (for us) pretty Mir.

  22. This would be the perfect Christmas present… I want!! 🙂

  23. Wow!!! I would love to win this!!

  24. My 5 years wants to know why I don’t have one but can he?! This would be great!!!

  25. Wow Mir, you’ve outdone yourself!

  26. Maybe I’ll finally win one of these contests!

  27. Fabulous,

  28. Sounds good to me!

  29. Seriously?

  30. This is on Gracie’s Christmas list and this is the only chance she’s gettin’ it 🙂

  31. Pick me!!!

  32. pick me!

  33. I would be the coolest mom on the block if my kid had one. 🙂

  34. Oh, wow – awesome!

  35. Wow – this would be awesome! Pick me please and THANK you!

  36. I thought today’s prize might be a Wii, but this is even better!!!
    Oh, Mir, at 5:30 am central time, you are just the prettiest thing on the planet!

  37. I would love a new ipod!!

  38. Happy black Friday!!!

  39. Wow! What a great prize!

  40. Pretty please!! I’d love an ipod

  41. Cool!

  42. My, that is a shiny pretty new Ipod. Hope you have a good day, Mir, and don’t work too hard!

  43. Thanks for thinking of such a wonderful gift! One of my boys would love this!

  44. Whee!

  45. i would proudly show off the wantnot engraving!!

  46. Oh my, yes, that is lovely!

  47. sweet prize (and of course we all want the site engraved on it!)

  48. Now this one I will keep for myself!

  49. Yo! Yo! Yo!
    This is seriously ALL my tween son wants for Christmas, but is double our per child budget! 🙁 Winning this would be such a Huge blessing!

  50. I have wanted an ipod forever but I don’t want to spend the money or ask someone else to but winning it would be a different story!!

  51. OMG OMG OMG!!!

  52. Sign me up!! THANKS

  53. Awesome!!! 🙂

  54. Pad me pad me!!!

  55. I love Ipods!

  56. Wow! What a fabulously pretty prize! 🙂

  57. Ooooh! That would be a nice little thing to go in my husband’s stocking! And yes, we’d want to remember the Want Not name too!

  58. No WAY! I am doing my random number generator good luck dance right now!

  59. Oh! Pick me!

  60. Perfect gift!

  61. This is an awesome gift! Thanks so much for the chance!

  62. So cool! Happy Black Friday!

  63. Woo Hoo! I’d love that! 🙂 It would be Merry Christmas to me!!!

  64. Oh! Pick me. Mama could use a gift for herself this Christmas!

  65. I’ve always wanted one. Please!

  66. Wowzer!!

  67. Oh please please pleeeeeeaaaasssseeee

  68. woot!!! a wonderful prize!!!

  69. what an awesome giveaway!

  70. This is really what I’m looking for! Be of Good Cheer Everyone!

  71. My father would only, ever have a Mac.

  72. Lovely!

  73. So cool!

  74. Yes, please!

  75. Woot! Merry Christmas to us!

  76. This would be AWESOME!

  77. Oh goodness, I would be the queen in the family for this one!

  78. Awesome! I would love this!

  79. Wow, very impressive Mir! This is on my daughter’s wish list…

  80. Oh! My! I NEEEEEED this!!! Please pick me Pretty, Pretty, Mir!!

  81. Ooooh, shiny! What a great giveaway!

  82. oh, awesome! Love this.

  83. Happy Black Friday!

  84. Oh my! Pleeeeeease!

  85. Yes, please! Thanks!

  86. This would be AMAZING!!

  87. Please pick me!

  88. Would LoVe LOve this MIr!!! Thanks.


  90. Would be nice………

  91. Heck yeah! A Want Not iPod! Love it!

  92. Oh!!! pick me, pick me!!!

    Thanks for getting up so early and helping me get my shopping done!

  93. Pick me you random number picker thing you!!!! Hubby would pass out. He’s been begging! Thanks love.

  94. Wow. Now this would be nice!

  95. Oooh, yes, please!

  96. We’d love an ipod!

  97. This would be a nice gift for my BOSS! He just has a “regular” iPod and I think he would LOVE an iPod Touch. And, think of just how many BROWNIE points I would get for such a FABULOUS gift!!!!! Crossing my fingers!

  98. I would LOVE to advertise for you! 🙂

  99. Wow! Thanks, Mir! This is really generous of you!!!

  100. I don’t own anything with an “i” in front of it yet! Here’s your chance to change that sad fact!

  101. Woo hoo!

  102. Awesome!

  103. Have I told you today how pretty you are?????

  104. Would LOVE an Ipod Touch! Great prize!

  105. It on my son’s Christmas list-how perfect….

  106. Happy Black Friday1

  107. You are awesome!! Thanks for the chance, and for keeping my Google reader full of sales today!

  108. pretty please!

  109. Would love to win! Thanks!

  110. I would love this! You are so pretty today!

  111. I so need to win this one!!!! Praying to the random number generator gods!!

  112. Oh my gosh… I might actually get to use mine again!!!

  113. Pick me! My son would love this.

  114. I would love to get an iPod touch! I’d keep it for myself, because my kids already bought themselves one.

  115. Shopping online while on my MIL’s internet, is not enjoyable.
    I need this since my husband may not be getting what he wants this year. 🙂

    Thanks Mir!

  116. woot woot. hope i win!

  117. Yay, Mir! 🙂

  118. Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!

  119. Oooh, SUPER cool way to celebrate Black Friday!

  120. Mir, you are so pretty on Black Friday!

  121. Happy Black Friday.

  122. What a lovely way to start black Friday! Let the deals begin – thanks!

  123. Cool!

  124. Pick me!

  125. WHY do they call it Black Friday? I would call it glittery gold Friday if I won this…yep, have not had coffee yet. 😉

    Whee — Thanks for the chance!

  126. Holy Cow!!!!!

  127. Yes, please!

  128. OMG! Pick me, I never win ANYTHING!

  129. Sweet!

  130. ooooooh. Shiny! I want!

  131. Sweet!

  132. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  133. Count me in!

  134. My poor college student would love to have this.

  135. This is really a neat prize.

  136. Wow – that is saving the best for last!

  137. Oh, geez Mir – you KNOW I need this, with six kids – four of whom don’t have an ipod of any kind. I’d probably name my next kid Mir – If, you know, I was having one, but I’m not. It’s the thought that counts though, yes?

    Thanks for the chance!

  138. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  139. So pretty!

  140. I want this so very very badly! 🙂

  141. it’s pretty, I need one!

  142. great giveaway, thanks!!

  143. Ooooh shiny!

  144. Very cool!

  145. Love it!

  146. I’m in!

  147. OHHHH pretty MIR!!!

  148. Exactly what the hubs wants, but doesn’t fit in the budget this year. 🙁 would love to win!

  149. Would LOVE it!

  150. Love it!

  151. You are so amazingly pretty today, Mir!

  152. So pretty!! (you AND the iPod)

  153. Awesome prize! 🙂

  154. Please please please!!

  155. You are very pretty!!! Pick me please!

  156. This is the ONLY thing my oldest wants for Christmas, but I’ve said no. I nope you’ll surprise him!

  157. Pick Me!!!

  158. Love the site – thanks!

  159. My son would so love this 🙂

  160. Love to have an ipod touch of my own!

  161. Just finished shopping for everyone else, it would be nice to get a gift for myself!

  162. OMG!! This would be amazing!

  163. Woohoo! If I win I’ll show everyone where I got it. 🙂

  164. Makes me happy I didn’t win any of the other giveaways this week! Great gift. Thanks.

  165. Woohoo! This would be great!!!!!

  166. I am flying by myself with a 3 year old with a nasty cold and a 1 year old who is teething. Wish me luck.

  167. dude. yes, please!

  168. Would love to surprise hubby with this!!

  169. Wow! Your prizes are better each day! This would be amazing!

  170. One of my boys has been hounding me for one of these! I said no, but if I won one, I could say yes!

  171. personally, I am amazed how many of us ‘Wantnoters’ are already online.
    Mir, you are beautiful today.
    This is definately on the want and can not afford list! Thanks for the chance.

  172. Squee! What a great prize. Thanks, Mir!

  173. Woo Hoo!! Black Friday shopping online. No brick and mortar stores for me today! What an awesome giveaway for today. Thanks Mir.

  174. This is an awesome gift!

  175. Just found your site and loving it

  176. Oh my! Crossing fingers…

  177. oh please oh please!! great prize again~

  178. What a great gift!

  179. I would love it for my 15 year old !

  180. Thanks for the chance — I’d love to win this.

  181. Covet!
    Happy shopping, one and all.

  182. OMG Cool!

  183. Wow, I’ll try

  184. that would make my black friday amazing!

  185. Please

  186. Awesome! What a great prize!

  187. Very Cool!!!! Thank you!

  188. me! i’d LOVE it! thanks! you are SO pretty!

  189. pick me, pick me!

  190. I’d love to win one of these for my daughter for Christmas!

  191. You weren’t lying about that excting prize!!!!

  192. Thanks for an awesome prize!! You are incredible!

  193. Oh this would be great!

  194. Oh this would be a great gift!

  195. Happy Thanksgiving!

  196. Ready, go? I went!

  197. hooray! thanks mir!

  198. Want This!!!!!

  199. Um, yes please!

  200. Wow! What a great prize!

  201. I would totally love an iPod engraved with Want Not! You are totally pretty!

  202. You are oh so pretty Mir – so very very pretty! 🙂

  203. Love Love Love your tips

  204. So very pretty!

  205. Wow, this would make me a Christmas hero. I NEED this. 🙂

    Also, thanks for telling me I’m pretty, in case I don’t win. I think you’re pretty, too, even if I don’t win. 😀

  206. Yes please! My ancient ipod has finally died…and just when I am getting back into running!

  207. I don’t wanna be pretty- I want an Ipod touch!!

  208. yes, please!

  209. This would make one of the nieces/nephews so happy this year instead of the usual book or pj gift from the auntie.

  210. badoopy-doo, Santa, baby, put an Ipod Touch under the tree for me…

  211. This would make a perfect gift!

  212. You are so pretty today!

  213. why yes thankee! 🙂

  214. Hoping to win this one….

  215. This is on my son’s wish list!

  216. Fun!

  217. Awesome! Thanks for the chance.

  218. Oh, nice! Would love it.

  219. Nice!

  220. She shoots…..she SCORES????!!!!! 🙂

  221. this is what all the cool kids on the train have…

  222. That would be awesome!

  223. Hurrah! Pick me!

  224. Cool Beans!!!!!

  225. Oh, Mr. Random Number Generator, I’ve been SOOOO good this year! PLEASE pick my number so that I can have this for Christmas!

  226. Woohoo, this is just one of many reasons why you are the prettiest!

  227. Yippie! What an awesome opportunity to win this!

  228. My iPod is one I won five years ago. There’s never been one of your contests I’ve wanted to win more!

  229. Very nice!

  230. oh please oh please oh please…this is so cool!

  231. AWESOME!!!!! Really want to win this one!!!

  232. Wow! Awesome prize-age, Mir!

  233. Lucky #230 (as long as nobody else comments before me, lol)

  234. Went out this morning, I’m almost done with all my shopping this year. This iPod would be an awesome gift for someone… thanks, Mir!

  235. I would the be the best mom come Christmas if I won this!!

  236. Love love love! Thanks!

  237. Thanks for letting me know I was on the wrong post! I’m really hopeful for this one.

    P.S. Thanks for all the money saving tips. You have saved me a fortune over the last year.

  238. My DD’s ipod just broke so searching for one now. This would be great!

  239. Of COURSE I’d want to think of your prettiness every time I gazed upon my iPod! 😉

  240. Would love one of these…….thanks for having the contest!!!

  241. OH! I have never thought it was fair that my kids have iPods and I don’t. Oh, and my birthday is coming up. Maybe that will sway the random number generator my way.

  242. Cool. I am shopping the Want Not way today, in my pjs.

  243. My sister just told me how much she wanted one of these!

  244. Ooooh me likey!

  245. Ooo. Count me in!

  246. Sweet! Never owned an ipod. Would be a nice Christmas present to me!

  247. crossing fingers!

  248. I would love to have my kids get thier mits off my iphone!

  249. I am the only person who is NOT on my Christmas shopping list this year. Typical. But if I won this iPod, I would gift myself. Wonderful.

  250. A gadget for my dad!

  251. see that over there – that’s my hat. In the ring.

  252. Yippeeeee!

  253. I want that for ME!

  254. Yes, please! You’re very pretty!

  255. Pick me! Pick me! Thanks Mir!

  256. Wow! Pick me!

  257. Count me in!

  258. excellent!

  259. Oh, Random number gods, please pick me!

  260. This is the one thing I wanted to xmas, *keeps fingers crossed*

  261. Putting my name in the hat!

  262. My 72 year old mother law’s wish for Christmas is an iPod.

  263. I’d proudly display a want not ipod touch!

  264. yippie!

  265. Pick me, RNG! Pick me!

  266. Love it!

  267. Yeah! I would love one of those:)

  268. You are really the prettiest Mir.

  269. This is what I want for Chirstmas. Please, Please, Pretty Please

  270. perfect!

  271. Sweet!!!! Pick me! 🙂

  272. Oooh, pretty!

  273. This why I joined the Want Not clan!!!!!

  274. Gobble gobble!

  275. Happy Thanksgiving Mir! And, yeah, I would love to have the touch, my oldest wants one for Christmas!

  276. Thank you for this chance to get music!

  277. Woo-Hoo!

  278. Oh, I would love to win this for my daughter!

  279. Oh great number generator… please pick me!!

  280. Crossing my fingers! 😉

  281. I would love an ipod that said want not

  282. WOW!

  283. Thank you so much, Mir!

  284. This would be merry Christmas.

  285. You Rock Mir!! This is the most fun I’ve had all day! Except after I stood outside in 15 degree temps for 2 hours waiting to get in to Toys R Us last night at 10pm! I’m crazy like that and should have taken your advice and shopped at home!! Let’s Go IPOD!!

  286. This is awesome! Thanks for all your notices! I scored big at Kohls last night thanks to your post! And when Nebraska was a chilly 12 degrees, it was nice to do it from home! 🙂

  287. I’ve never gotten an ipod, but I’d be willing to get one… if I win. Great giveaway- thanks.

  288. What a wonderful prize. My husband would love this gift, if I don’t keep it for myself!

  289. would love to win this itouch!!!

  290. Awesome!

  291. would love this to match the one my husband won a year ago!

  292. It would be awesome to win! Thanks MIr!

  293. pick me! pick me!

  294. Crossing fingers!

  295. Amazing! Pick me.

  296. Would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  297. Oh Yeah! What I need!

  298. iLikey! Please choose me!

  299. No camera is fine with me! Thanks MIR

  300. This is the coolest! Thanks, Mir!

  301. Thank you oh Pretty Mir!!! What a fabulous prize! Fingers crossed!!!!

  302. sweet!

  303. Would love it!

  304. ooh ooh…me me!

  305. Please number picker.. pick me!

  306. Such a fun prize. I’ll be wishin’ and hopin’.

  307. Oh…my husband would LOVE this!!!

  308. Got my fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance!

  309. Pick me!

  310. Great prize!! Pick me, please 🙂

  311. What a great prize!

  312. Count me in!

  313. Woohoo!

  314. This would be a great gift for me…ummm…I meant my son. 🙂

  315. Would love one. My husband stole mine and never gave it back.

  316. Winning this would be AWESOME!

  317. yes please!

  318. Thanks for the chance to win this for my granddaughter.

  319. Thanks for all the deals you led us to today. I bought a lot!

  320. sweet! i’d love one!

  321. Happy Black Friday!

  322. Ooh, ooh! I’d LOVE to win! Thanks, Mir.

  323. yes! my husband would stop stealing my iphone he said i totally didn’t need.

  324. I would love to win this!

  325. Sparkly! Pretty!

  326. Oh, yes, please!

  327. I am pretty sire I would be the coolest mom like EVAH, if I gave an iPod touch to my kids. Seriously.

  328. Wow, this is on my list!

  329. Okay, I confess, I have never downloaded music from the internet. I am desperately in need of your help to bring me out of the dark ages!

  330. I would love to win this. Thank you

  331. Oh, my! What an incredible goodie! Think I’d have to keep this one for myself!!

  332. Please, please, please. Mama needs to be able to work from the McD’s playground!

  333. I’d love an iPod Touch!

  334. My daughter would LOVE this!!!! she would freak out on xmas morning

  335. Oooh, fun. I was poking around the new ones at the Apple Store this past week. Thank you!

  336. This would be fantastic!

  337. Winning an iPod is so much better than getting up early and battling those Black Friday crowds!

  338. Nice!

  339. yeah!

  340. nice!!!

  341. You rock, Mir, and you’re so very, very pretty!

  342. Yes please! Thanks Mir!

  343. I’ve been reading WantNot every day for the last couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying the info. I would love to win the iPOd!

  344. me please – pretty please – my husband would surely love it

  345. I want to win this!!

  346. yes please, hubby wants this soo badly!

  347. This would make my son’s Christmas . . . or to hear him tell it, his LIFE!!

  348. Please enter me!

  349. Want. Thank you.

  350. Thanks Mir for making shopping online so much fun.

  351. Would looooove to be able to give this to my son!

  352. Me! Me! 🙂

  353. Would love it!!

  354. This would be amazing!

  355. This is exactly what my son wants for Christmas. You would make me the best Santa ever this year!

  356. Great prize! Thanks for the chance.

  357. Ooh! Nice!

  358. Wow! That is great.

  359. Oh, my daughter wants one for Christmas! This would be perfect!

  360. what a wonderful prize ! happy black friday ! XO

  361. Want Affirmative! Me, me, me.

  362. This is number one on my Christmas list!!

  363. Fingers crossed – I could make my son’s dreams come true if I win. Thanks for the great contests this week.

  364. Oh my!

  365. Would love to win this fabulous prize.

  366. Sweet! This would be great!

  367. What a great post-Thanksgiving gift this would be!

  368. Wow! Very nice.

  369. OMG!!! pick me, please !!!

  370. Would love this! Thanks

  371. My dd wants one of these sooo bad and this is the ONLY way she would get one!

  372. Oh that would be a lovely logo!

  373. nice!

  374. Oh, please pick me!!!

  375. Wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  376. WOOT

  377. Oh, yes please!

  378. Maybe I’ll get lucky one of these days

  379. I have to enter, not so much because I need a ipod, but because your description is too funny. Also, you know how happy I’d be to show your site name everywhere, but I’d add- “the place that saved me $2.8 million!”

  380. I would love one!! 🙂

  381. want

  382. The WantNot name on it makes it way cool!

  383. Pick me! Pick me! :o) Happy shopping, everyone!

  384. ooh ooh pick me!

  385. This would be amazing! Thanks pretty Mir!

  386. Ooh Pick me please!

  387. I’ll stand in line for this!

  388. I think this might make my children love me more. Heh.

  389. An ipod touch would make my black Friday very happy!

  390. =) … would love this – happy and safe holiday season to all ~

  391. Pick Me!

  392. My hubby would LOVE this since he is always traveling for work, yet must be presented with cool technology to realize how much he LOVES it!!!

  393. Wow! Pick me! Pick me!

  394. my daughter wants one SOOO bad but my husband won’t let my buy one.

  395. I would be thrilled to win this!

  396. Yes, please! 🙂

  397. What a fantastic prize! I hope you find time to buy something pretty for yourself today Mir. Thanks for all the holiday shopping bargain tips.

  398. PICK ME!!!! PICK ME!!!

  399. yes please!

  400. Sweet!

  401. Could today be my lucky day?(pretty please?) Thanks for all the giveaways this week Mir!

  402. Toucha-Toucha-Touch me.. I wanna feel diririty!

  403. I love all things apple…

  404. What a great prize. Happy day after Thanksgiving!

  405. Awesome! 🙂 Picking me…even awesomer!

  406. LUV it!!!!!!!!!

  407. Fancy!

  408. My boys would love to win one of these,,,,they don’t have one YET!

  409. Fantastic prize…would love to win it!

  410. Its so prettttyyy! Like you!!!

  411. WOW WOW WOW!

  412. Oh my gosh, I soooooo want this!

  413. I will name him Henry and keep him in my purse

  414. My sis sent me over to see this awesome giveaway!

  415. Need vs want!!! Happy BF!

  416. Please, please, please with sugar on top?

  417. oh yeah, baby. 🙂

  418. Great prize!

  419. Wow – I would love this!

  420. Would love to have this for my daughter who ran through a water fountain with hers!

  421. Happy Black Friday!

  422. Thanks for the contest!

  423. Happy Black Friday!

  424. Yes please!

  425. I’m in! Awesome prize, Mir.

  426. My kids would FREAK OUT! (Do people still say that?)

  427. Happy Black Friday!

  428. Fantastic contest! This makes Black Friday a LOT less black. 🙂

  429. Woot!

  430. This would MAKE Black Friday this year!

  431. Pick me, pick me, please!

  432. I would so love to have this. Thanks for being so generous.

  433. oh I wanna win I wanna win! PICK ME random generator…PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeASE.

  434. Woot! I’m in!

  435. I’d love one. Thanks, pretty lady!

    kelly_rose01 at yahoo dot com

  436. Lucky #432? Purty please?

  437. this is on my short list this year. But I’m feeling a bit guilty at the thought of spending the money on myself when there are more practical things my family needs. This would be a great surprise to win!

  438. Please? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?

  439. Merry Christmas to my husband if I win! Thanks 🙂

  440. Thanks!

  441. Happy mega-shopping season, Mir. You’re my favorite. 🙂

  442. I dropped my iPod touch (second generation) and cracked the screen. Yay me.

  443. Wow!

  444. Happy black Friday! I’m sorry you didn’t like the ipod but great that you are sharing! Thanks!

  445. I totally want one of those!!

  446. Count me in please!

  447. Thank you for such a great contest!

  448. Pick me please!

  449. OOOH! Would LOVE this!

  450. Happy Black Friday!

  451. Would be awesome to win! Great site and great giveaway!

  452. Thanks for the heads up Mir!! I was wondering why there weren’t many comments on that post LOL!

  453. Wow! How great! Count me in!

  454. I could use a new iPod. But I will likely end up giving it to my husband. I’m just that kind of sucker.

  455. Wow!! Fantastic prize…..pick me pick me pick me…. =-)

  456. I so hope I win!

  457. please pick me this time!

  458. YOU are so pretty today. Thank you!

  459. Music, sweet music.

  460. That would be an awesome present. For me. 🙂 Or my sweet husband.

  461. Eeeeeeeeeee! So pretty! The iPod and you!!

  462. i could put this to good use 🙂

  463. Wow, Mir, this is amazing!

  464. Great site. Thanks for all the info! (If I win, don’t tell my 15 year old, because I’m keeping it for myself. Shhhhh…)

  465. This would be for me. Because I’m selfish that way.

  466. Christmas present for husband sound good???? Especially with website engraved – how lucky could one man be??

  467. You’re very generous. And pretty.

  468. wow, mir — what a stunning contest! thank you!!

  469. I would love to win this.

  470. Great website!

  471. Would LOVE to touch the iPod Touch!

  472. You engraved it it but its never been out of the box? Tricky girl!

  473. You, Mir, are the awesomest person on the internet! 😉 You probably already knew that, but it doesn’t hurt to remind people of the good things every once in a while, eh? (You’re still awesome if I don’t win, by the way, and extremely pretty. And your shoes! Gorgeous!)

  474. Love this!!

  475. Oh this would be a great treat! Thanks Mir!

  476. Would have trouble deciding whether to keep myself or give to my Mom, who has hinted that she wants one of these.

  477. dude. i would have engraved your site name, your name, your kids names and your dog’s name on the back if i were to be the winner!

  478. Mir thanks for a chance to win this. AWESOME!

  479. woohoooooo

  480. This would be just perfect for Christmas!

  481. I would love this!

  482. my family would love it!

  483. Wow! Great prize!!

  484. Sweet, sweet, sweet. I can think of a number of people I’d gift this to for Christmas if I won. (I have an iPhone 4, so I wouldn’t keep it for myself. Giving is better than receiving anyway!)

  485. A great start to holiday shopping — one present less to find.

  486. Want Not is where the Wild Things are! Thanks for keeping all of us going strong today, Mir! Happy Black Friday!!!

  487. Mercy! Thank you for the chance!

  488. You are SO Pretty!

  489. Yes, PLEASE!

  490. What a great prize!

  491. I want this!!

  492. That would save SANTA $$$

  493. This would make one happy kid!

  494. Can’t bring myself to facing the mobs today but still wanted to do some shopping – stumbled upon your site on a search for “online black friday.” Lucky me! Hopefully REALLY lucky me if I win this contest.

  495. Tell you what, you don’t even have to assume me I’m pretty.

  496. Thank you so much-this would be a perfect gift!

  497. Yay!

  498. I think I could take that off your hands.

  499. meeeeee!

  500. cool!

  501. Its mine people

  502. My daughter would love this!

  503. My dd would love this!!

  504. This would be a great gift!!

  505. Ooooh! Ooooh! Pick me! Pick me!

  506. Mine has been covered in slobber and sticky fingers.

  507. Who doesn’t need an iPod Touch??!!

  508. engraved. that is awesome, he! you Do rock.

  509. Ooohhh…I hope I win!!

  510. What an awesome present! The hard part will be figuring out who to give it to…

  511. I know someone who’s car just got ransacked. They would love this!

  512. I believe I would quite love to win this fabulous piece of technology!

  513. Cool!

  514. Hoo boy!

  515. cool

  516. OK. This is the right post. Thank’s for the head’s up Mir!

  517. Hope this is my lucky number!
    Great prize, Mir. Thanks!

  518. Pick me!!!!

  519. Woo!

  520. Great prize!!!!

  521. I would love one of these for my daycare, when I am cleaning, when I am walking, when I just want to tune everything out. Santa come early to my house please!!!!

  522. I would really enjoy this!

  523. Niceness! oh sweetness! please…

  524. You are so pretty & smart Mir! Oh, and the RNG is very smart too. 🙂

  525. I would flat out wet my pants if I won. But I’m willing to do that for an iPod touch.

  526. I would love one! Thanks for the chance…

  527. Wow, what a great prize.

  528. What a great website~! This is my first time here…

  529. Please, pick me random number generating machine!

  530. I really, really, really want to win this!

  531. crossing fingers and toes!!!

  532. sweet

  533. I was wondering if perhaps you’d like to buy the 2011 Cadillac Escalade? And then feel free to give it away here when say, Cadillac sends you the brochure for the 2012? You’d probably look best driving one in black!


  534. Awesome prize! I would love one!

  535. Oooh, yes please!

  536. Would so love this!

  537. Yippeee! Something for meeeee!

  538. Man, my son would be thrilled to get this!

  539. My daughter’s boyfriend (EMS/paramedic who had to work yesterday on Thanksgiving) lost his iPod during the work day. I would soooo be the coolest mom if I won this for her to give to him… 🙂

  540. What a fun giveaway! (is that one word or two?) I hope you had a great holiday.

  541. Oooo! Pick me! Pick me!

  542. That would be SOOO awesome! I would be more clever, but I know it’s usually a random pick. I’ll take my chances! (But have I told you how lovely you look today?) 🙂

  543. Thanks for the chance! Would love to have an alternative to share with the kids other than my iPhone…

  544. I would love to win this!

  545. All I have to say is Wow! (Also, please pick me.)

  546. What a great time of year for this give away! Please pick me (findgers crossed)

  547. Great contest!

  548. Win.

  549. I want one! Thanks for doing this fun contest! Also, you are pretty with great hair!

  550. Glory! Hallelujah!

  551. The engraving is the best part!

  552. lets do this funky thing

  553. SHUT UP!!! YOU are getting VERY fancy-pants, Mir!

  554. This just might make up for me not getting my Nook! My hubby is getting in on this one too. You’re pretty!

  555. Very awesome…my wife might keep me around if I win one for her!

  556. Ooh, free stuff–my favorite! Thanks, Mir!

  557. Oh wow! how pretty are you Mir? very, very pretty 🙂

  558. OH YA! Mamma needs an iPod!

  559. This may mean that when I want to find my iTouch, it will not be in someone else’s purse or backpack as mine is now. I’m all for sharing, but to each his own! Thanks for the contest Mir!

  560. Happy (day after) Thanksgiving!

  561. Just ordered the GOgroove FlexPort+ Car Mount System Hi-Fi FM Transmitter and Charger for Apple iPhone and iPod from Amazon, so OBVIOUSLY I need something to actually plug into it!

  562. Oooh! Oooh! (waves hand wildly)

  563. I never win anything, but what the heck…..I WANT ONE!!! 🙂

  564. Wow, how nice of you.

  565. Please pick me.

  566. Wow! That would be awesome!!

  567. This on my son’s wishlist!

  568. You are so pretty…

  569. Beautiful! Save me a fortune on my husband’s gift!

  570. Would love to win!

  571. Yup, I surely do want it. You are extra pretty today, Mir!

  572. This is AWESOME! I hope I win!!

  573. What a lovely gesture.

  574. Thank you, Mir (even if the random generator doesn’t pick me) for your generosity.

  575. Hello, gorgeous.

  576. Scratch that last one..stupid auto filler on the iPad !

  577. Yes, please!

  578. Shiny!

  579. Oh, Mir, you’ve outdone yourself!

  580. Please, please, please!!! This is the perfect gift for a special someone!

  581. Thanks for the giveaway!

  582. Yay, it’s officially the Christmas season! Happy holidays to everyone!

  583. Ooooh, this would be so lovely to win. I’ve been hearing so much about Angry Birds… Thanks for the giveaway.

  584. Yay pick me!

  585. I wish I lived in the States. I would even accept and pay for a COD! But since I can’t win, you should know that I LOVE your blog(s) – even without prizes.

  586. Pick me! Pick me!

  587. Wow! Would love to win this, especially if I can play Angry Birds on it. Darn angry birds!

  588. Awesome! Hope I win!

  589. What a great contest! Happy Black Friday!

  590. How awesome is that? Very, I’d say.

  591. Sweet!

  592. Totally hoping to win this for a 13 1/2 year old I know. (And you are pretty, Mir!)

  593. Excellent! You are gorgeous!

  594. How awesome, though freakishly unlikely, it would be to win this. I’ve been trying to scrape together enough to get my husband an Ipod for quite a while now. Still not there.

  595. I currently only own a second generation ipod. I would love to win something shiny and new.

  596. Oh My Goodness! I would flip if I won this! Very cool prize.

  597. What a way to get Merry!

  598. Great give away! Thanks!

  599. Yay! Happy Black Friday!

  600. You are pretty. Thanks for offering this!

  601. Count me in!

  602. I’ve been wanting one of these, yay!

  603. Please!

  604. Oh this would be good – because I could give it to my kids and they would leave MINE alone.

  605. wold love it!!!

  606. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for my 10 year old!

  607. pretty, pretty, pretty

  608. How nice of you Mir. Would love to win one of these.

  609. I like it!

  610. me!! I would love one!!!

  611. So this is where everybody is! I’ve never had an iPod anything, so this would be like welcoming me to the 21st century. Of course I’d have to ask my kids how to use it….

  612. That would be a great gift.

    Thanks, Mir!

  613. What a wonderful gift, maybe even for me.

  614. please, please, please!!

  615. My son has been begging for one of these! Winning one would be the best!

  616. This would be the BEST thing I’ve ever won. Seriously, I want so badly to get one for my daughter so she’ll leave my iphone alone thus safe guarding my favorite gift to myself.

  617. So shiny!!! Perfect gift.

  618. This would be amazing to win! My 11yo (and me!) have been wanting one!

  619. Hey, winning this would be kind of fun, I think! Thanks Mir!

  620. Yay for Black Friday Give-Aways, and for expensive Apple products!

  621. So cool! My daughter has been begging for one for Christmas!

  622. what an awesome prize!! Thanks!

  623. This is awesome!

  624. Wow, what a great prize. I hope I am the lucky winner!

  625. Why not me?!

  626. The kiddos would love this!

  627. wooo hoooo! I have a touch and I love it….this would make a great gift for my sister! 🙂

  628. Sure, why not?

  629. This is on the list of at least two of my children! Winning this would help Santa’s wallet A LOT!

  630. Thanks!

  631. I want an Ipod so bad I can’t stand it. But I am too frugal to buy myself one, seems like there is always something we need more.

  632. This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for my son. Thanks!

  633. I’d LOVE one!! Thank YOU!!!! 😀

  634. Oh do pick me! 🙂

  635. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift!

  636. My husband’s Ipod blew up and is now only good for use as a paperweight. This would make a faboo Christmas gift!

  637. That sounds awesome!

  638. Mir this is what I love about you- when you promise a BIG PRIZE it really is a BIG PRIZE! 🙂 Thanks for all the deals you have found me and also, have I told you? You are incredibly pretty!!!

  639. You would make my daughter’s Christmas if I won! 🙂

  640. Oh, if I won this, I would turn my reserved husband into the little kid in a candy store!!

  641. I would love to win!

  642. I don’t even have an ipod so this would be a real treat! Thank you!

  643. I know I’ve sung your praises before Mir, but, really, thank you for this awesome wonderful little corner of the internet. 🙂

  644. I’m getting a bit cramped with my 2GB Sansa clip… Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  645. I’m not the only one who would LOVE to win this!

  646. Me, me, me, please!

  647. This would make an awesome Christmas present..for me! Lol.

  648. I think you’ll break a record on responses on this one Mir! count me in

  649. Ohhhh Engrave whatever you want on this lovely lovely item I will be so excited if I win….be a wonderful christmas present for the hubby!!!

  650. Sweeeet!

  651. Thanks for directing me to the correct entry Mir. Now I would love this prize – I could let the tween who has “borrowed” my Ipod nano keep it for Xmas and I could have my own – specially engraved too, better one.


  652. I would proudly use it w/ your site’s name on it! 🙂

  653. That’s an amazing prize. On behalf of whoever wins, thank you!!

  654. Hello Ipod touch….you shall be mine!!! 🙂

  655. Want. Also, a shiny new toy might distract me from…. well.. sublimating the worry. 🙂

  656. You never cease to amaze me. Here’s hopin. Even if I don’t win, I’m still a massive fan of your work.

  657. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  658. pick me!

  659. Cool! This would be a very nice gift for my mom who has been a dear helping me move.

  660. I want an Ipod touch so I can play games with my hubby who is a firefighter and spends many nights away from me.

  661. This would be a great gift for my stepdaughter!

  662. Merry Merry to all!

  663. Count me in please! 🙂

  664. Woo hoo! Thanks for the BF giveaway!

  665. I would love to win this for my daughter! It would be incredibly awesome to see her open this on Christmas morning!

  666. OK!

  667. Pick me! Pick me!

  668. Oh I would be thrilled to win this for my husband!

  669. At least I’ll be pretty!

  670. Whoo, would love this! I’ve got a 1st gen Touch someone gave me after they had no more use for it and love it, but it is lagging a bit these days with all the improvements that have gone on since then. This would be awesome! 🙂

  671. I’d love to keep up with the joneses…..okay, just my kids!

  672. I would love it!

  673. This would be great!!

  674. perfect holiday present for my husband!!

  675. I love your contests!!

  676. Would LOVE to win since my Christmas money is going towards a new furnace. Boo! Thanks!!!

  677. *comment comment comment* 😉

  678. OOh, this would be fabulous! I hope I win!

  679. Would be great for a gift! : )

  680. I probably have no chance at this but it would be a great gift!!

  681. this is something all 3 of my kids want – would be awesome to get one. thanks for the opportunity. happy holidays to you!

  682. What a great prize! Please make sure the random number generator selects me. Thanks 🙂

  683. Me!!! Pick me!!! Beautiful mir, Thank you!!

  684. My niece has been wanting an iPod . . . thanks, Mir!

  685. OK. . . I never win. Maybe today the stars will align properly and the random number generator god will smile upon me. Maybe.

  686. Nice prize for the end of the week! Lucky number six hundred and eighty something!

  687. Oh, that would make a fantastic birthday present for ME!! My birthday is Sunday and it’s a big one and I am not happy about it, but this would cheer me right up….

  688. Better a late bloomer than to have missed this one !

  689. Wow! Please pick me!

  690. I would love to win this!

  691. Yes please! And I like ponies too 🙂

  692. Holt cow, count me in!

  693. Wow, what a great contest, Mir! 🙂

  694. Commented.

  695. ohh ohh. pick me. pick me!!

  696. WHA WHA WHAT?!!! TOO generous, Mir!

  697. Ooh, look, something shiny! And Mir, you’re pretty!

  698. Happy Thanksgiving.

  699. Wowza!

  700. Awesome! 🙂

  701. Ooh pick me please!

  702. Pick me pick me!!!!

  703. Holy cow that’s a lot of entries! This would make an awesome Christmas present…for me!

  704. Pick me, PLEASE!!

  705. WOW! Just made it in… under the time restraints – this would be the greatest gift for my husband! You are incredibly generous!

  706. It would be so cool for my, um, kids, if I win this, because of course, yes, I would NEVER imagine keeping this for myself. NEVER!

  707. I’m in!!!

  708. sounds awesome! thanks

  709. Ooh, shiny!

  710. Wow!!

  711. What a wonderful giveaway!!! Please pick me!!! 🙂

  712. Paint me with polka dots!

  713. Wow! Pick me!

  714. hard to believe!

  715. Yay! Thanks Mir!

  716. I can’t do with one!

  717. This time it’ll be me, I can FEEL it.

  718. i really really need to win this one

  719. yeah! awesome! thanks for the chance

  720. I am contest- and giveaway-averse, but you lured me in, you and your swanky iPod touch. 😉

  721. What a generous prize offering. I hope I win. 🙂

  722. How awesome!!!!

  723. One of my nephews would love this

  724. Very generous of you! Thanks!

  725. Of course I would LOVE this!

  726. Ooooh, would I be ever so thankful if I won!

  727. My son would love you forever if I’m the lucky winner!

  728. Mir – you are extraordinarily pretty!! Whoo IPOD!!!!

  729. You know how to rock a contest.

  730. Woo Hoo! Awesome Black Friday giveaway 🙂

  731. In just under the wire!!!

  732. Ooooo, pick me!

  733. Wow!

  734. pick me, pick me

  735. I have never had anything like this. Been unemployed for 12 months until this week now my wife is unemployed. This would make our Christmas

  736. Crossing my fingers!

  737. That would be an amazing gift for my husband for Christmas!! He’s not getting much otherwise, I’m afraid.

  738. Boy, I am slipping in right under the (i)wire here!

  739. Thanks for running the contest!

  740. This would be an amazing gift.

  741. oh man, really? I can think of someone who would be very happy to get this for christmas. And you can engrave I love Mir on it if you want. 🙂

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