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By Mir
May 23, 2011
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School’s out, here, and even though we finish our year pretty early, even those of you in the frozen north will be finishing out the school year pretty soon. And then what? Kids! Underfoot! Whining about being bored! And we can’t have that. (Pro tip: As soon as school ended I both gave the kids new chores and assigned them each a night to cook dinner. Because I’m a giver. But guess who is not complaining of boredom?)

But back to you. I have in my possession a trio of keep-’em-busy books from Downtown Bookworks, perfect for a summer of peace, harmony, and happy little kids. Sounds good, right? The winner of this week’s contest will receive Eye Q Picture Puzzler, The Do It Myself Kids’ Cookbook, and The Lonely Sock Club. All three of these books are rated for ages 4-8 and look like they’ll be a lot of fun.

So! Want to win ’em? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, May 26th, 2011 for an entry. I’ll choose the winner via random number generation, or possibly I’ll allow my pet sock puppet to select the winner.

Ready? Go!


  1. Books!

  2. OOOh, these look fun!

  3. My daughter would have love these!

  4. I’d love to win! The kids’ first week of summer break starts today. How long before I’m wishing for back-to-school??

  5. Oh yay! Three books Three Grands. Perfect.

  6. Great giveaway!

  7. Of course, we do!

  8. Oh my! Of course I want to win them! Here’s to a good start to summer.

  9. I would LOVE these!

  10. These look like fun!

  11. read!

  12. I have two kids who would be very happy to have these! Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  13. I’m sorry, but June 27th isn’t “pretty soon”. Maybe winning will make me feel less sad that everyone else starts summer so much sooner than we do.

  14. Feeling lucky!

  15. My kids would love these!

  16. My kids would love these!

  17. These look great! Please pick me!

  18. Books!

  19. I need my kid to be busy while her baby brother is sleeping!

  20. School let’s out Wednesday. This would be fab.

  21. Thank you!

  22. My poor kids don’e get out until June 22 but start their new school in Brazil on Aug. 4! But, yay for me, anyway. Need books for the plane ( I did snag a few of those woot kindles, too-thanks!)

  23. Me, please! We’ve got a long summer ahead of us, including a 40 hour (round trip, without traffic) road trip! We need all the help we can get!

  24. Thank you!

  25. I woke up in a sweat last night counting the days until school is out for us. Please! I beseech you, oh random.org, pick me!

  26. Looks like fun!

  27. My daughter is a bit young for these, but my niece and nephews would love them!

  28. Yay for summer fun!

  29. Sounds great – thanks for the chance!

  30. what a great idea!

  31. Ohhhh I NEEEEED These!

  32. Summer vacation starts this weekend, so we definitely need this! Hope I win!!

  33. Nothing like some extra summer reading!

  34. These would be perfect for my daughter, do you think six is old enough to cook supper??

  35. Looks great!!

  36. We would love these!

  37. how much fun! my daughter would love these!

  38. Ooh! Ooh! Guess who has two kids in the 4-8 year age range? >This girl!< True, I am mean and force my kids into daycare while I work full time. But still – there are those weekends that I sometimes think I might not survive.

    Thanks, Mir!

  39. Oooh, my 4 and 7-year-old granddaughters will be here for the summer! These would be great!

  40. Books 🙂

  41. My boys would love these! (And I’m already working on making a new chore chart in anticipation of school being out next week.)

  42. This would work well with my plans for my daughter to read more this summer!!

  43. Yay books!

  44. I need these for our summer vacation. Please pick me!

  45. How fast can you get them here? One week left of school and this past weekends cries of “I’ve got nothing to do!” have me worried for next week.

  46. Oooh! Books. We love books over here!

  47. Yes, please! I’d like to have happy, busy kids.

  48. This looks great!

  49. That cookbook sounds just perfect for my daughter.

  50. sounds great

  51. I don’t know who would have more fun – me or the kids! Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. 4 kids home all under 7, yep we need books like these!!!

  53. 6-yr-old is unhappy that his 10-yr-old brother is off to sleep-away camp soon. We need entertainment, stat!

  54. sock book looks cool for cub scout projects

  55. My daughter loves to cook.

  56. Yes please!!

  57. My son would love these!

  58. These would be great for summer days with the grandkids!

  59. My sock puppet would very much like to be selected by your sock puppet.

  60. Love this contest!!

  61. That would be perfect! Summer is long and hot here!

  62. Keeping them busy sound great and these books look like activities they’d enjoy! thanks for the contest.

  63. This would be rad, I have three rugrats to keep busy 🙂

  64. My soon to be 5 year old would love these!

  65. Would love to have these on hand this summer!

  66. My kids would love these books!

  67. “The Lonely Sock Club” makes me chuckle. I want to start a singles bar called “The Sock Drawer.” You know, ’cause you’re always looking for a match in the sock drawer?

  68. We have been in vacation mode for over a week already. I know my kids would love these. Thank you for the contest.

  69. Would be perfect for my nephew!!

  70. My kids will make good use of these books…. So will I! Thanks!!!

  71. Awesome idea…put me in the drawing!

  72. Perfect for a rainy day!

  73. Must keep kids buys!

  74. These books are for ages 4-8? The exact ages of my kids– hope it’s a sign that I’m going to be a “winner”!!

  75. Oh yes, I would love this one. My five year old was just last week trying to talk me into a $20 kids cookbook.

  76. Yay for books!

  77. This would be so wonderful for the summer. Thanks for the chance.

  78. I am all for not having boredom. Because after boredom comes whining. Then comes REALLY grumpy Mom.

  79. Wow! This sounds great!!!

  80. My kids would prefer the books over chores – I’m sure LOL!

  81. Oh please pick me random generator! I’ve been so faithful to you!!!!

  82. I need busy kids! 🙂

  83. Ooh, ooh!

  84. Me!!!

  85. always love books

  86. I have 2 kids in that age range that will be bored within 2 days of school ending! Hope we win!!!!

  87. We loooove books in our house!!!

  88. these look fantastic!

  89. Cute!

  90. So this will stop the fighting between my 7 year old and 3 year old? Please SAVE ME!

  91. We’d love to have these, especially the cook book. Thanks!

  92. Totally fun! Winner me! 🙂

  93. Sounds fabulous for my just turned 8 year old girl~pick me (her, us, whatevs)!

  94. yay books!

  95. pefect!!!

  96. What fun!

  97. These would be PERFECT.

  98. YAY!! You should totally pick me!

  99. Oh this would be great— 3 days into summer break and I am already searching for more things to keep them busy!!

  100. Summer? What summer? I needed a down parka at yesterday’s BBQ. Thanks!

  101. Hey, I’ve got a kid that falls within that age group! Maybe she’s feeling lucky!

  102. Yeah, keep that kid out from under my feet before I make slippers out of him!!

  103. These look like fun for my boys and me!

  104. This will occupy the kiddies!

  105. I have kids! And need to keep them busy!

  106. Heck yes! Hooray for books!

  107. Yes, yes, count me in! Summer is upon us!

  108. These look great!!!!

  109. Those do sound fun!

  110. Books! Books! Books!

  111. It’s been a week and I’ve lost my mind already!
    When does school start again?
    My 5 yr old is killing me

  112. Hooray! We’d love these!

  113. I want busy kids!

  114. Oh, please! My granddaughter would totally flip if I handed her these books.

  115. Ooh please, pick me! Thursday’s my birthday and the last day of school, at which point, my 8yo and 5yo will need distracting!

  116. 4 children under 6 – we need books! 😀

  117. please! 🙂 it would make 4 kids and 1 mommy very happy!!

  118. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  119. I am so afraid of the boredom, these sound like fun.

  120. Need. These. Books.
    Pretty Please 🙂

  121. The kiddos last day of school is Friday! I need boredom busters STAT!

  122. I have 3 kids in that age range! Yay pick me!

  123. Oh my goodness, I am desperate for anything that will keep my twins busy this summer! Please pick me, O Pretty Random Number Generator!

  124. me please 🙂

  125. Yes, please! I’m going to need something to keep them occupied this summer!

  126. Great for summer!!!! Love them!

  127. wow-great prize

  128. :pve the chores idea! thanks for the parenting tip for pretty moms!

  129. I have 2 in the 4-8 category and I am scared of the end of next week. Seriously. I NEED these!

  130. Perfect for my daughter – Thanks!

  131. These look fun! Thanks Mir!

  132. my son would enjoy these…and my husband, who is home with him all summer. Thanks for the opportunity!

  133. boo hoo. they cancelled summer school here, so we need all the help to chase away the boredom. pick me pretty please.

  134. Perfect ! One more day of school, this will be great…

  135. We never have enough books!

  136. Books would be great for my kid

  137. Oooh these look awesome!

  138. Perfect! My kids would have a blast!

  139. love! <3

  140. I want some books!!

  141. I need something to keep these kids busy this summer

  142. My brother and his three kids will be living with us this summer, so we will have 8 kids under the age of 10 in my 1600 sq ft house, plus the three adults. (Hold me.) So I could really, really use such a prize. Here’s hoping the random generator will favor me this time ’round.

  143. This would be fantastic!

  144. We are huge readers and would give these books a loving home.


  145. This looks like fun for a loooong car ride to Florida next month!

  146. My daughter loves to read! Thanks for the chance to win.

  147. Perfect for summer time!

  148. Have 3 kids who would love these!

  149. Sure!

  150. These look fun!!

  151. My 7yr old would love this

  152. These look great!

  153. I have 2 in that age group… Count me in!

  154. Want them!! My kids will for sure!

  155. All these books looked great on Amazon – the reviews were so good! I would love these for my son.

  156. My daughter (and my nerves) would love these. She is in first grade and the top reader in her class. Very excited about books in general these days. OH GREAT RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR PICK ME UMMM I Mean Morgan. LOL

  157. I have 3 kiddos that would enjoy these!


  159. Perfect for summer!

  160. These would be GREAT for summer! 🙂

  161. pick me number generator!!

  162. These look fun!

  163. Yes, Please!!

  164. kids guess what we are going to do

  165. My kids would love! Thanks – Jessica

  166. This teacher needs those books!

  167. Pick me….please.

  168. These would be fun for my soon to be 2nd grader, though we still have a month left of school…

  169. Have kids, need diversions. Thanks for the offer!

  170. The resident 6 year old of my house NEEDS these books!

  171. Fun! Thanks!

  172. School ended yesterday for us, and I’m woefully underprepared. These would be a big help!

  173. Productively busy kids are the best!

  174. yes please!

  175. Well last day of school was yesterday and I am already counting down the days until school starts again…..

  176. GREAT prize!!!

  177. Ooooooh! Please pick me! These books could save us on the epic drive we are undertaking this summer. I’m crossing my fingers…

  178. please pick me.

  179. Oh, this is a good one! Perfect for my oldest 🙂

  180. Thanks for the chance!

  181. random comment!

  182. I will always throw my hat in the ring for books! Thanks!

  183. These books sound great! Thanks Mir!

  184. I could really use these this summer. Thanks!!

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