Pegs are so last year; Meon is here

By Mir
November 15, 2011
Category Contests

Due to circumstances beyond my control (that’s polite-speak for “we had a minor family crisis”), I wasn’t able to get back here to post this week’s contest, yesterday. So please accept my apologies and I hope you still love me.

Meet Meon, the animation studio that never ends with you stepping on sharp little pegs that got lost in the carpet. Ahem. Plug in the wires, wind them around as directed by the templates, and soon you’ll have a glowing work of art. Not only that, there’s actually 10 different modes, with games to play and even a way to rig it up as a room alarm (what kid wouldn’t love that?)!

I have a Cars-themed Meon set to give away, just because you’re pretty.

Want to play? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Friday, November 18th, 2011 for an entry. Winner to be determined by random number plug-in picker thingie and also how brightly they glow in the dark. But probably just that random number thing.

Ready? Go!


  1. My son would love this!

  2. My sons would go crazy over this!

  3. Pick me, because I have a LED hula hoop so I TOTALLY glow in the dark.

  4. Of course I still love you! You’re pretty! And I might win fun toys!

  5. We love the movie Cars in our house!

  6. Pretty!!! My girls would love a chance to fight over…er, um, I mean, to win a Meon. 🙂 And not just because I like saying “Meon.”

    (Hope the crisis was dealt with and you didn’t have to bail Otto out of jail. Although I’m in if there’s a plot to bust him out…)

  7. My nephew would love this!

  8. My great-nephews would love this. And your hair is pretty. And it’s still pretty even if I don’t win.

  9. My kids would love this!

  10. That is so fun! Thanks Mir!

  11. Those pegs are a nuisance.

  12. Very neat! Looks like fun!!

  13. yes please! This would make a couple of kids so happy. Thanks

  14. Love this contest…I want it…

  15. What fun!

  16. So fun! Littlest one would love it!

  17. So cool. This would make a GREAT Christmas present.

  18. Fun! My kids would love this!

  19. Oh please pick me random number thingy! My son would love this!

  20. Great Christmas gift!

  21. My little Ry Ry would love this and so would his PaPa lol

  22. Awesome, thank you!

  23. Ooh, that looks super-cool.

  24. I just put this on my son’s Christmas list! How cool would it be to win one to donate to Toys for Tots?

  25. oh my 3 boys would LOVE this..pretty pretty pretty !!!!

  26. my nephews would love this! just have to figure out which one to give it too…..

  27. How awesome! That’s probably one of the best designed toys I’ve seen in a (long) while! My kids would go nuts over this! Thanks for the great contest Mir.

  28. See, I have this really cute nephew and I’m fighting for #1 Auntie bragging rights. This would help!!!!

  29. this would make a wonderful Christmas gift for my 4 yr old

  30. Love this contest!

  31. My son would flip over this. Pick me random number thingy!

  32. This is way cool!!!

  33. My son would LOVE this! Thanks for the fun contest Mir!

  34. Kids love Cars!! Pretty please!

  35. How cool. My son would love it if I won. 🙂 Thanks!

  36. We would love to win this.

  37. My son would LOVE this! I have never seen this before, so cool!

  38. Zowie!! That looks fun!

  39. very neat! Thanks!

  40. We’ve got a big Cars fan in our house!

  41. Oh my son would love this!

  42. I have a nephew who would just adore this… Thank you for hosting yet another most awesome giveaway!

  43. My 5-yo nephew would flip and I would be crowned the favorite Aunt of all time!!

  44. Yay for a good xmas gift!

  45. My son would love this!

  46. My son would love this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. 2 Boys and 2 Girls who love Cars in this house? Great Christmas toy? Yes, please!

  48. Oh…My…Goodnes… My son would LOVE this!!!

  49. 1 of my 3 boys would love it!

  50. My twins LOVE!!!! the Car’s movie so this would be awesome!

  51. Oh my. I have a nephew who might just die if he gets this…

  52. Fun!

  53. I have a Cars-obsessed fella that would love this. Great contest, Mir!

  54. Looks interesting. Never seen this before, but looks like something a 10 year old boy would like.

  55. ohhh – nephew would love!

  56. My boys want to be electrical engineers like dad when they grow up…they would love this!

  57. My son would be thrilled to get this!

  58. Fun Christmas gift!!!

  59. cool !!!
    sorry to hear about family challenges <<<

  60. Wow, I see cool mom written on this gift tag!

  61. Oh random generator, please pick me! My son would adore this!

  62. Cute! My art-loving boy would go crazy for this.

  63. Love the no-mess factor of this!

  64. Looks AWESOME!

  65. My grandkids would TOTALLY love this!

  66. Looks great– the best part: no tiny little bulbs to step on or lose!!!

  67. This would be awesome – keeping my fingers crossed!

  68. I have a nephew who would be over the moon for this. Or maybe I’ll be nice and give it to my 4 year old, who would also love it.

  69. My boys would love this!

  70. wow, my kid would love this!

  71. My son would LOVE this! His entire room is decorated in Cars. 😉

  72. My youngest son would go crazy over this!

  73. Looks like something my six year old would like!

  74. Modern Light Brite how cool is that!! Pick me!!!

  75. Hmmm. . . Sure! I think my littlest minion would like that.

  76. I’ve got a kiddo that would love this!

  77. My boys are obsessed with Cars right now. They would so, so love me (and YOU) if this made it under our Christmas tree!

  78. Fun! 🙂

  79. What a great christmas gift!

  80. Neat!

  81. My little boys would love this!

  82. fun fun fun

  83. How awesome!

  84. Yes please!

  85. Looks really cool, hope we get to try it out!

  86. Wow! I am so clueless of all the funky toys oot there!

  87. I feel lucky today!

  88. My son would love to get this… He is so into LIGHTNING MCQUEEN..

  89. Perfect for the Angel Tree 🙂
    Shirley Read

  90. My 4-year-old would love this.

  91. I have a wonderful special little boy who would just love to have this as a treat!!!

  92. My nephew would love this!!! He is obsessed with Cars!

  93. I have a soon to be 5 year old grandson and this would make a terrific birthday gift.

  94. This is on my son’s Christmas list!

  95. Very cool!

  96. Me like Meon… oh and my son would like it too, if I decide to share 😉

  97. Now this is a gift I can get behind. No small pointy thingies to step on! Score!

  98. My nephews would love this!

  99. OMGoodness, I have twin Cars fanatics who would totally flip their lids if they were presented with that.

    (Also, I would hear nothing but, “They fixed their neon!” for days on end. Anything that needs to be said, can be said by quoting Cars (or Cars 2) at my house.)

  100. That is so cool! And my son would love this! Thanks!

  101. Oh that is cool!!

  102. My boys would LOVE this.

  103. Oh wow! My 3-year-old daughter LOVES Cars! This would be great for her!!

  104. Wonderful give-away. I have a 3 yo that SO enjoys CARS!
    Thank you for the chance!!

  105. I love things that glow!!

  106. How wonderful would this be?? 🙂 My little guy is in LOVE with these characters!!
    Count me in please!

  107. my kids would love this. Thanks!

  108. Meon for Me

  109. My twin boys would LOVE this!!!

  110. Hmmm…is this a toy for ME or the girls…

  111. My 25 year old brother would love this! Hehe

  112. My boys would love this!

  113. We have twin 5-year-old Cars fans at our house. Just can’t have enough Cars stuff!

  114. Would make a nice gift for the nephew:)

  115. My 8 year old son would love this! Thanks for running this contest!

  116. My boys love anything cars. I can imagine they’ll do great things with this!

  117. We would love this! Hope we win!!!

  118. This would make a perfect gift for my son.

  119. This would be a terrific Christmas present for my son!!

  120. 4yo would LOVE this!

  121. My 6 y/o asked Santa for this but Santa hasn’t came through for him yet :)!

  122. My youngest boy is Cars obsessed! This would be a slick gift under the tree.

  123. I know a little boy in our community whose parents are having tough times that would love this toy!

  124. I’m sure my kids will love this…after their Mom plays with it for a while! Cool looking toy!

  125. You have the coolest give-aways. Thanks!

  126. my son would love this!!!

  127. So cool! My kiddos would LOVE this!

  128. My son loves everything Cars…

  129. Would Love one for my boys for Christmas! Oh, and You’re Pretty! 🙂

  130. my grandson would think this is the coolest thing EVER!!

  131. My son would love this for Christmas!!

  132. Whoa … what a neat idea.

  133. great Christmas gift!

  134. Cool! Josie would love this!

  135. This would be cool for my son, we love them Cars!

  136. That would make a great gift for my 4 year old!

  137. This looks like fun!!

  138. My son would go crazy over this!

  139. Never heard of this, but it sounds very cool. I have a little Cars fan that would love it!

  140. My son would love this!

  141. Grandson loves Cars, and also loves building stuff. So it would be perfect. Now if I could just figure out how to keep his dad’s hands off of it….

    Thanks, Mir!

  142. Although I have fond memories of those pegs, I would love a Meon…I mean my little guy would. 😉

  143. I would love to win this for my kgartner!

  144. Oh, man, my son would love this!

  145. My nephew probably retains enough love for Cars that he would enjoy this.

  146. It’s my daughter that’s in love with Lightning McQueen!

  147. Pretty!!!

  148. Oooh. I got a kid that’d love to have one of these! Pick me!

  149. pretty cool!

  150. My son is all about Cars these days! He’s love it!

  151. Looks fun! And would look great next to the Cars bike my parents got my son.

  152. that does look cool

  153. Me Me Me please! I have lots of munchkins that would love this for Christmas.

  154. This looks so cool!

  155. This would be a perfect present for my boys!

  156. this does look cool.

  157. My 9 yr. old would love this, such a cool toy! Thanks for yet another great contest Mir!

  158. I have 3 boys that would love to share this! You’re soooo pretty!

  159. I have never heard of this — but I’ll bet my nephew has! I think he’d love it for Christmas! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  160. Pick me!!! I have glow in the dark earrings. Does that count?

  161. Looks fun for my boys!!!

  162. I have a Cars addict in my midst! A 4 year old prodigy of all things Cars! Would love to win this for him!

  163. My son would love to play with this. Thanks!

  164. Would love to win this for my grandson! Thanks!!!

  165. Very nice! Pick ME!

  166. this seems really cool: thanks for the shot!

  167. I’d LOVE to win this!

  168. My son Logan would LOVE to get this, and it would take care of my Christmas present for him this year! Come on random number generator, show me some love!

  169. Ooooo I would LOVE this!

  170. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  171. My son would LOVE this! Thanks for the chance…

  172. That is so cool! My son would love this.

  173. What a cool gift! I know it would be a hit!

  174. Would love to win this. Know who would love it as well. LOL

  175. I’m in!

  176. Ohhh I have four boys who would love this!

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