2012 Big Prize Week Day 2: Hess Helicopter/Rescue

By Mir
November 20, 2012
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This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on November 20th, 2012. Read on to find out about today’s prize and enter to win!

Does anything say “holiday time for the kids” more than the yearly Hess Toy Truck offering? I say no. I loved then when I was small, my kids loved them when they were small, and let’s be honest—my husband still loves them. (Every year when Hess graciously donates a set for giveaway, my husband asks why he doesn’t get to keep it. Poor guy.)

The 2012 Hess Truck offering is this combination helicopter and rescue SUV. Like all Hess vehicles, these come with Energizer batteries (I think this is the only toy that comes with batteries anymore) so that the lights and sounds work straight out of the box. This helicopter has working rotors and retractable landing gear, plus a push-button cargo door release so that the SUV can roll out and spring into action. These Hess toys never fail to deliver the fun!

I have one 2012 Hess Truck set to give away to a lucky Want Not reader. (I do not have one for my husband. It’s possible my priorities are screwed up, but hey, more prizes for you.)

Want to win it? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post today (Tuesday, November 20th, 2012) by 8:00 p.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 p.m. Pacific) for a chance to win. The winner will be pulled and announced tonight, because tomorrow will be yet another chance to win something fabulous.

Ready? Go!


  1. My seven year old son would love this!

  2. My son would love this! * fingers crossed*

  3. I have a house full of boys (2 kiddos + a husband) and they would LOVE this!

  4. My grandson would love this!

  5. Here’s my comment:

    HI MIR!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I would give this to my 6 yo boy (but I would totally play with it, too!!!) Thanks!

  7. My son would love this. We were trying to get him to sell an old Hess police car at a recent yard sale…NO WAY! Might as well add to the collection.

  8. Would LOVE this! 🙂

  9. My grandsons and son-in-law would LOVE this! Thanks, MIR!

  10. My nephew would think this is the most awesome gift ever!

  11. Count me in!

  12. My kids will love this!

  13. I have a nine year old at home that would just be over the moon for this.

  14. This is an annual gift for my boys so would love to win one although I feel bad for Otto.

  15. I don’t know who would play with it more, my 4 year old son or my 44 year old husband.

  16. My sons would love this! (Hmmm…but which one would it go to….)

  17. cool, nephews would love this.

  18. My kids would love this!

  19. I hate to say this, but my 14 year-old son LOVES these Hess trucks – still!!

  20. Fun!

  21. my son gets one of these every year, he loves his hess collection

  22. This would be great for my son!!

  23. We have collected the Hess trucks for years! Winning would be great!

  24. My nephews would go crazy for this one!

  25. I used to get one every year for my husband – I stopped after a handful of years, but my kids now LOVE to play with these, it’d be awesome to add another one to our collection!

  26. Amazing toy! Even girls like to play with Hess.

  27. My three boys LOVE Hess trucks 🙂

  28. My boys will love this!!

  29. oooh I know some guys that would love this!

  30. oh, we love the Hess trucks! I need to order one. There was one terrible year my husband ended up driving halfway across the state to find one on 12/24.

  31. love this year’s set!

  32. My twins would love it

  33. My 65 year old dad would love this. Hess is my maiden name!

  34. My boys would love this!

  35. I have a very special little boy in mind who would love this! 🙂

  36. Kids? What about my husband! 🙂

  37. My boyfriend would die with happiness!

  38. I have some kids that would LOVE this!

  39. My son wants this and requests the next giveaway be Ninjago!

  40. This would be a great Christmas gift! Thank you.

  41. I have 4 nephews that would love this. And three nieces and a daughter who probably couldn’t care less about it.

  42. Fantastic – thanks, prettiest!

  43. That is super cool!

  44. Thanks, Mir! I have 3 boy that would love to fight over this.

  45. So my nephew would think i was, an amazingly awesome aunt if this came to his house for Christmas 🙂

  46. Such a wonderful gift! I’ve been looking for an amazing gift for my nephew- I know he would get countless hours of fun out of this! 🙂

  47. I buy two every year so this would be great to cut my shopping in half!

  48. Yes please

  49. Count me in the “my son would love this!” crowd….

  50. This would be a huge hit with my son…….LOVE it!

  51. That looks fun!

  52. Who needs a ninja, I’ll take a helicopter.

  53. Okay. I’m in!

  54. My son saw the pic and said he NEEDS that helicopter! He’s 2 1/2. ;o)

  55. Cool!

  56. Awesome!

  57. They do look fun, thanks!

  58. OMG! Our 2 sons (and one on the way…adopting from China) would LOVE these!

  59. Thanks for the opportunity, Mir!

  60. Two little girls would love this!

  61. Thanks for posting so much this week. I’m sure you have many other demands on your time, but you’re helping pass the week of Epic Headcold here.

  62. 3 generations of males in my family love these Hess trucks.
    (And you really should give this to Otto.)
    Happy Thanksgiving week!

  63. My son would like this.

  64. I have a 3 yo son who would love this!

  65. My boys would LOVE finding this under the tree.

  66. Oh, do I have some boys who would love this!

  67. My son would love the helicopter!!! Hope I get it.

  68. Good times… of course, no Hess in my part of the Midwest. But we make enough east coast trips so my little boy would figure out what a Hess is 🙂

  69. My kids would love this!

  70. Nephew would go ape over this…

  71. Yes please!

  72. apparently i am in the minority by saying my daughter would love this!!! 🙂

  73. I have 2 sons that would love this!

  74. that would be a huge hit with both my kids!

  75. Thanks, Mir!

  76. I NEED this!!! 😉

  77. This would be a wonderful gift for my nephew. Thanks!

  78. Pretty sure my oldest and youngest (hubby & little girl) would both love this.

  79. My son has specifically asked for this for Christmas!

  80. My boys would love this!

  81. Awesome set … Fingers crossed!

  82. Oh, please – pick me! Things are tight this year. My mother started the tradition of getting them for my son. When she died, we kept it up. Not sure about this year, so this would be huge!

  83. My littlest one LOOOOOOOVES helicopters; this would be perfect!

  84. (a sing-a-long…)

    Oh what fun it is to fly a HESS helicoptor/rescue, yee ha!

  85. Thanks Mir! It’s beautiful!

  86. My little one would lose his mind over this!

  87. Would be a great present for my aviation-obsessed sister!

  88. What a wonderful gift! My son would love it!!

  89. Oh, I have a nine year old who would LOVE this! Thanks for the giveaways!

  90. If you’re not going to give it to your husband, MY husband would totally love it! And I bet he would even share with our son!!

  91. Amazing prize. Perfect for my husband who is in the search and rescue field. We’ll let my son play with it too 🙂

  92. My boy would Looove this!

  93. Thanks Mir!!! I would love to win this for a friend’s son as money is tight for her this year.

  94. My 2 yr. old & husband would love it! And seriously, they give you batteries???

  95. Oh, my son loves these toys, and we always end up getting them each year. Would be great to win one! Thanks.

  96. This would be great for my son. Thanks for the giveaway.

  97. My son would love this!

  98. My 3 yr old nephew loves rescue vehicles – he would love this set.

  99. This would be perfect for my nephew.

  100. Wish me luck!

  101. Suhweet! We don’t have hess out here on the west coast, and I miss those hess trucks!

  102. There is a 4 year old on my list who would love this!

  103. The 4-year-old and 37-year-old in my home would vie for helicopter time.

  104. My sons would FLIP!

  105. Hi Mir! My kiddo would totally dig this!

  106. How fun! My son (and daughter) would love this!

  107. The Hess toys are quality!

  108. My husband loves to give these as gifts! Of course, that’s after he “tests” it for safety. Ahem.

  109. My boy would love this!

  110. We’d love this, thanks!

  111. This would be great for my nephew!

  112. This is a GREAT giveaway! Thanks

  113. I have been seeing the Hess commercials lately with the helicopter flying around and I really want one.

  114. Poor husband! I suppose it’d be suspicious for him to enter and win.

  115. One of my nephews would love this!

  116. Michael, my 7 year old, would love that!

  117. This would be perfect for my boys!

  118. The helicopter is so cool. Nice twist for Hess.

  119. Please, and thank you

  120. My five year old would love this! Way cool!

  121. Hess trucks are a family tradition!! LOVE THEM!!!! 🙂
    Count me in please!!!

  122. I know a little guy who would lurve this!!!

  123. I, too, have a little one who would LOVE this. Thanks for the shot!

  124. What a fun prize

  125. We’d love this too. 🙂

  126. My kids would love this!

  127. My boy would freak out with happiness 🙂

  128. These are great toys. We’ve been handed down some cool Hess trucks and they hold up great.

  129. My daughter has been asking for a helicopter for Christmas this year…

  130. Oh…this would be fabulous!!

  131. Would love this for my boys!

  132. VROOOOOOM!!!

  133. Great item!

  134. My son is crazy about vehicles and he’d love this!

  135. My boys have all of my husband’s old Hess trucks, and I have a feeling they would all love to check out this year’s model!

  136. I have two little boys in my house who would love this!

  137. My five-year-old would love this!

  138. My boys would like this.

  139. My son (and husband) would love this!

  140. I give Hess “trucks” each year to one of my nephews… One year.. (3 years ago, I think, when the truck came with a rescue helicopter), one of nephew’s uncles from the other side of the family, who was not familiar with Hess trucks, played with it so much on Christmas day that he completely killed the batteries! I’ve never seen that happen before! Energizer batteries are always stronger than any kid… but this uncle was so intrigued with the great workmanship and the lights et al, thatI now get him a Hess truck of the year as well.

    Great memories. Nephew has all his trucks around, and plays with them often. Last year, I asked if he still wanted a truck (since he is now in double digits), and the answer was a resounding YES PLEASE!

    Go Hess! All kids toys should be made this well!

  141. Our young-at-heart family would definitely appreciate this.

  142. Yay for Hess! My son would love this!!

  143. Me please. My nephew would love this too!

  144. My boys would love this!

  145. My nephew would love this….

  146. Very cool! My big boy is turning 7 in December, so we have *extra* shopping to do for him. This would be totally awesome.

  147. I know a little boy who would love this!

  148. My great nephew would love it!!

  149. My son would love these! Thanks for all your work.

  150. I’ve never heard of them but I’m guessing my kid would love it!

  151. That looks so fun!

  152. yes, please!

  153. Oh, my gosh! We used to get these every year when my oldest son was small. The ones we still have are beaten up, but work perfectly! We’d love another!

  154. That would be one person off of my list!

  155. Love it!

  156. My nephew Henry would lose. his. mind!

  157. I have twin boys that would LOVE this! Thanks

  158. Oh my! My son’s would freak out!!

  159. My son and youngest daughter would love this!

  160. That looks like a ton of fun for my 7 year old!

  161. This would be fun!

  162. I know a few people who would LOVE these.

  163. My nephew would go crazy for this!

  164. My son would love this!

  165. My kiddo would love this!

  166. This looks like a toy my kid would love!

  167. Sounds great, i’ll take it!

  168. Neat! My nephew would love this!

  169. My little guy, surrounded by a sea of girls (4 sisters), would love this. We had a fire next door this fall and he is very interested in rescue workers! Cheers!

  170. My son would LOVE this so, so much!

  171. I had never heard of Hess until I moved to Miami ten years ago. Now I’ve got the jingle memorized: For Christmas this year, the Hess Truck’s here.

    Would love to have this for my two small boys.

  172. I suspect my 44 year old son would like this!

  173. My wee brother would love that!

  174. I have a nephew who would go nuts for that!

  175. Is it weird that I wanted to win the rice cooker today and want to win this helicopter today?

  176. Hey! Girls would have hours and hours of fun, too!!!

  177. Super cute! My kids would fight over it!

  178. Cooooooooooooool!!!!!

  179. Me, please!

  180. My son would love this!

  181. My son and helicopter pilot husband would fight over this!

  182. I have a very lucky child in mind… 😉

  183. My son would absolutely flip for this!

  184. Oh my 3YO would love these!!!!

  185. My 3yo nephew would love this!

  186. I would love this for my daughter

  187. ooh…. this would help cross off an item from the shopping list. Please. And thank you!

  188. My younger two boys would adore such a cool toy!

  189. I have three little boys who’d love this!

  190. What’s not to love about a big helicopter?

  191. Impr(hess) ive! Thank you!

  192. Between my 2 boys and my husband, someone would absolutely love this!

  193. This would be great for my nephew

  194. My five year old would love this:)

  195. How cool!

  196. Looks awesome!

  197. Great gift idea for the nephew!

  198. If you don’t win check out hesstrucks.info they have these and all the older models
    *crosses fingers*

  199. I know a sweet little boy who would love that combo all to heck.

  200. great Christams day entertainment for everyone I’m sure 🙂

  201. My grandson would love this.

  202. I remember the first time my in-laws bough Hess trucks for my oldest. It’s neat to see they’re still around!

  203. My son has collected these every year. At 11, he still has it on his Christmas list.

  204. My crazy truck loving son would love this!!!

  205. I have 3 boys and helicopters are their fav gadget. They have collected many HESS trucks and the copter would be a coup!

  206. My son would love this for Christmas!

  207. This would be fun! Thanks!

  208. My son would loveto find this under the Christmas Tree! 🙂

  209. My boys would love this!

  210. My cousin would love this!

  211. I know a little guy which would love this.

  212. My little boy would love it (and so would the big boy!)

  213. We would love it at our house!

  214. My son would LOVE this!!!

  215. The look on my son’s face when he opens this would mean the world to me. God Bless you & your family Mir.

  216. oooooohs….and…ahhhhhhhhhhs!

  217. Winning = Happy Kindergartener! Thanks, Mir!

  218. My son would love this!

  219. My son would love love love this!!!!

  220. This would add to the collection of HESS trucks i have collected over the years for my son !!!

  221. am i too late. I never win but whatever. You are still so pretty.

  222. Thank you!

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