Did someone say toys?

So just in case you haven’t been able to find any toy deals lately (hahahahahaaaaaaa… I crack myself up), today’s a good day to hit up toys at Shopko—most toys are on sale, and they all ship for free.

I’m seeing lots of great stocking-stuffer type card games for everyone on your list at just $5 each. Use coupon code SAVE283 for an additional $5 off your $20+ order, too.

(Did you know there’s a Fruit Ninja card game? Is the point to wave the cards around in the air? I am baffled by app-to-physical-game adaptations, I tell you.)

[Edited to add: Shopko has LEGO Creationary for $24.99, so $20 shipped after the coupon. Amazon has Creationary for $35. Just sayin’.]

One Response to “Did someone say toys?”

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    Sara November 30, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    I just found a Monster High doll my daughter has on her Christmas list on that site for $5.99 and free shipping, so thank you! 😀