One day to smell great for less

Technically you can smell great whenever you want, I guess, but today (Thursday, March 7th) is your chance to shop at Perfumania and save 25% on almost anything when you apply coupon code MARCH25. Shipping is automatically free on your $50+ order.

This is a great deal if you’re running low on your favorite fragrance, obviously. On the other hand, I’m seeing something called “Snooki Couture” on their splash page and now I have to go weep for humanity.

One Response to “One day to smell great for less”

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    Jessica March 7, 2013 at 5:31 pm #

    That reminds me, have you checked out this Etsy seller’s perfume? She has one called Dead Writers, and I love her descriptions of them (there’s a good breakdown of how she views all of them in this post: Maybe that will make you smile for humanity instead. Some awesomely lit-geeky lady is out there making perfumes based on historical and literary figures.