A little something for everyone

I have to say, lately the Target Daily Deals have left me cold. Nothing horrible, mind you, but nothing too exciting. And then today it’s like someone realized they just haven’t quite been hitting the mark, so why not bust out an entire page of (mostly unrelated) bargains? Good idea!

There’s a “wiggle car” (we called them plasma cars, when my kids were little) for $24. (For comparison: still $42 at Amazon.)

There’s a deluxe rechargeable toothbrush with twelve bonus heads for $39. (For comparison: still $50 at Amazon.)

There’s men’s clothing and juniors’ bathing suits. There’s no rhyme or reason to today’s offerings, and I don’t care. Great deals, free shipping, and a renewed hope that the daily deals may be worth checking every day, after all.

One Response to “A little something for everyone”

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    Nancee April 30, 2013 at 11:01 am #

    Pretty Mir, Those wiggle/plasma cars are a blast. My teenagers and my husband use them in our driveway for crazy races…a modest size adult (flexible! :-0) can fit on them and manuver them. We have a blast everytime we get them out. I just ordered two more…