Cyber Monday Giveaway: Meet VERVE

By Mir
December 1, 2014
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This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Monday, December 1st, 2014. Read on to find out about today’s prize and enter to win!

cyber-monday-verveEver wondered if there was a fun, educational, entry-level programming toy out there for your kids? Once that’s simple enough to start using right away, but flexible and fun enough that you might want to use it, yourself? Wonder no more—a company called inXus Interactive did this little Kickstarter campaign for their easy-to-use tech toy, the VERVE2, and they raised about a bajillion dollars because this is just about the coolest thing ever, and now they’re in full production. I love a success story! I love it even more when they give me one to give away, because this could be the best toy I’ve ever seen. Check it out:

I have one VERVE2 Starter Kit to give away today; whether for a kid or an adult, a veteran programmer or a newbie, there are hundreds of neat things you can do with it in no time. You have no idea how disappointed my kids are that I’m giving away something “so cool.” This is the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Want to win it? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post today (Monday, December 1st, 2014) by 8:00 p.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 p.m. Pacific) for a chance to win. The number-picker-thingie will select our winner and then my kids can complain some more (but yours will be thrilled, I promise).

Ready? Go!


  1. My programmer husband and our kids would love this!

  2. Ok this thing is really cool!

  3. Super sweet !

  4. This is super cool!

  5. Super cool!

  6. Wow! That looks cool. My son & husband would love to try it out.

  7. This is awesome!

  8. Fingers crossed. My neice would love this!

  9. This looks very cool for my programming family.

  10. My kids are getting into programming (thanks to software developer husband) so this would be awesome!

  11. Cool!

  12. Sweet!

  13. Fantastic! Techie families rejoice. Thank you!

  14. So cool! Thanks!

  15. My little tech geek would love this!

  16. Love this, so glad you shared it!

  17. I’m in!

  18. This looks cool!

  19. My kids would love this!

  20. My oldest son would be thrilled with this!

  21. Best. Giveaway. Ever.

  22. Wow, hey! That looks cool!

  23. Awesome giveaway !

  24. Looks like just the thing to get my “bored by everything” child enthusiastic about learning again! How cool!!!

  25. So cool!

  26. Neat-o spandit-o!

  27. I wonder if my 7yo could figure this out. Otherwise, my library loves things like this. They are always running programs with MakeyMakey and doing learning programs with Raspberry Pie.

    Thanks Mir! You are so pretty today.

  28. so neat!

  29. Very cool giveaway! Thanks Mir!

  30. Love this, need this, want this!

  31. Thanks, Mir.

  32. my guys would love this!

  33. My son would love this!!

  34. Sweet! We’d love it! Thanks, Mir!

  35. Awesome! I want to do this! forget the kids-this is for me!!

  36. Ooooh, that looks so cool!

  37. would love this for my kids. Thanks!

  38. This is fun! My nephew would love it. Thanks Mir!

  39. Hoping I can win this for the kiddos!

  40. My daughter would lose her mind over this. Thanks for the opportunity, Mir!

  41. Thanks for offering prizes along with your deals.

  42. Too cool! Would love this for 2 techy kids.

  43. Wow! Very cool.

  44. would love this!

  45. Wow, this looks cool. May have to find one if we don’t win.

  46. This is awesome! Thanks Mir.

  47. This looks really neat.

  48. I can see my husband (computer guy) being very excited to give this to our boys. (Me, I just heard the same sound you hear in the Peanuts cartoons when the grown ups talk when I read that. 🙂 )

  49. This is so cool, my son would love it!

  50. This IS very cool! Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks.

  51. ooh, my son would love this, but you never pick me…

  52. OK – you said anybody. And there are some anybodies in my family, so I’m tossing my hat into the ring. Thanks for this opportunity! (Sorry wantnot offspring.)

  53. This looks so cool!

  54. Perfect for family projects!

  55. My kids would love this! Great contest!

  56. Interesting!!

  57. Woah, so neat! Count me in!

  58. My son would love this! Thank you for the chance.

  59. My 10 year old would love to find this under the tree.

  60. With two kids learning to code, this would be perfect in our house!

  61. pick me!

  62. Yes, please!

  63. Nifty!

  64. Thanks for another great year of deals!

  65. Neat! This would be fun to play with.

  66. my kids would love this

  67. What a great toy!

  68. that looks awesome!

  69. Fun!

  70. First time seeing this…. Too cool. Would love one of these! Thanks for the chance!

  71. This sounds really cool! My husband and probably both my kids, yes even the too cool college boy, would love this.

  72. It’s even pretty, but not as pretty as you! I’d love this for my youngest son. My computer engineer middle son would get a kick out of it, too. Thanks for the chance!

  73. This is awesome! My 16 year old would love this.

  74. You find the COOLEST gadgets ever! Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Thanks this would be awesome!

  76. This would be perfect – thanks!

  77. Cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. The nerds in my home would go crazy over this! So much fun!

  79. My geekling kids would love this!

  80. Had not heard of Verve, but it looks pretty cool.
    I know a few kids who would love to have this!

  81. My nerdlings would love this!

  82. I want this for myself!

  83. Great giveaway! My boys would love this.

  84. This might make me prettier!

  85. Those look cool!

  86. So cool!

  87. Ooo… this sounds fun!

  88. I didn’t understand a word of that, but I’m fairly certain my 10 y/o nephew would totally geek out for this!

  89. My 10yo Aspie would love this!

  90. Very cool!

  91. OMG, my 11 year old twins Allison and Bridget would die over this! They love coding and programming, things I don’t even understand. Of all the things you gave away in the last week, this is what I want to win the most.

  92. Lovely. Thanks for the opportunity!

  93. Sounds awesome for my two robotics nerds!

  94. Wow! Great giveaway!!

  95. This looks really neat!

  96. Looks amazing!!!

  97. My budding programmer would LOVE this!

  98. That looks cool!

  99. My son is wanting to learn programming this year in homeschool so this would be awesome to go along with it!

  100. Awesome–both you and the prize!!

  101. Love!

  102. This is great!

  103. Very cool:)

  104. Computer Science professor hubby would LOVE to play with this with the kids!!!!

  105. It’s like my kid’s “Makey Makey”, but much improved, she’d love it!

  106. My kids would think this is so cool!

  107. comment comment comment. 😉

  108. Excellent giveaway!

  109. Would love to win this for my son!

  110. Exciting! My son would love this!

  111. If I was able to give this to my husband for Christmas, he might think that I *get* technology! I could fool him yet!

  112. Looks so cool 🙂

  113. looks so cool!! 🙂

  114. This looks awesome!

  115. My 10 year old would LOVE this!

  116. I agree – my programmer husband would love to share this with the kids! Thanks for the chance!

  117. This would be *perfect* for my oldest!

  118. That thing looks sooooo cool, and I love the video, too.

  119. Very cool!!

  120. My husband would have so much fun teasing me about how I didn’t understand this!

  121. This is exactly what my son has been asking for! He’s been interested in getting into programming for a couple of months and honestly, it’s mind boggling to research all that is out there for him!!

  122. Awesome! Way to engage kids in the growing and awesome programming field! I should know — I am a programmer myself! 🙂

  123. Couldn’t figure out what to get my tween nephew. Hope to win this for him!

  124. my kids would love this

  125. Wow, I was looking around for something like this – so cool!

  126. clever comment!

  127. My neighbor boy would love this as a stepping stone in his quest for nerdy world domination.

  128. I would love this for so many reasons!

  129. Cool!

  130. That is so cool.

  131. My IT guy husband would love to do this with our little man!

  132. Looks very cool

  133. Love it!!

  134. Thanks. Mir!

  135. This would be a big hit with my robotics club kiddo! Thanks.

  136. my boys would love this!

  137. Would love to win this!

  138. How cool! I see why your kids were disappointed. Thanks, Mir!

  139. I would love, love , love this for my grandchildren!

  140. Very cool!

  141. My son would love this!

  142. My boys would love this!!! Thank you!!!

  143. Wow, what a great product! Thanks, Mir!

  144. Wahoo….oh great forces of the universe…pick me! Everyone loves to be a winner.

  145. This looks so awesome! And you are so pretty!!

  146. My son would LOVE this!

  147. Very cool, very forward thinking!

  148. Awesome!

  149. Awesome! Fingers crossed!

  150. Come on, random number generator!

  151. Looks fun – my kids would love this!!

  152. Looks cool! 🙂

  153. Neat-O!

  154. Count me in. My hubby would love this. Mary

  155. Christmas shopping done, but it have 3 birthdays in the next month!

  156. Pick me, pick me!

  157. My daughter would love this!

  158. Woah! So tech-y! Thanks, Mir.

  159. This would be a great present for my oldest.

  160. SO cool! Thanks!

  161. yes please.
    thank you.

  162. Looks awesome!

  163. Me too! Me too!

  164. I would love to try the VERVE!!! I have never heard of it until today but now you have my attention 🙂 With a husband and 3 kids, it will be used for sure!

  165. You’re so pretty Mir!

  166. My kids would love it, but they’ll have to get past me!

  167. I don’t program, but I have kids, so might as well get them started.

  168. Perfect gift!

  169. Really cool! I want one 🙂

  170. Looks like a really cool gift for my husband…

  171. I would be the coolest aunt in the world if I won this!

  172. Ooh I’d love this!

  173. Wow, my kids would love love love this!

  174. Wow…very cool giveaway!

  175. very cool.

  176. I have a spouse, a son, and a daughter who would love something like this!

  177. My son would totally love this! Pick me, pick me 🙂

  178. This would be a great gift for my techie hubby!

  179. Programmer, here. My son is only 1, so his big question is how it tastes. My husband and I will enjoy it for him.

  180. So cool! I’d love to win!


  181. This would so be for my brother. He’s into tech stuff (although not specifically developing), and I have NO CLUE what to buy for him. Plus in a few years, he could share it with his son!

  182. Awesome!

  183. This is amazing!

  184. Both kids would love this!

  185. Love cool educational toys!

  186. My eleven-year-old would love this.

  187. Awesome!!

  188. My ten-year old would love this! Please pick me!

  189. I think with this in the house I might be less concerned that my tech/nerdy boy will build a nuclear fusion device in the basement while we are away….lol!

  190. This is so nifty, I wish I could afford to buy it! If I were to win don’t know if I would be generous and gift it to the 16yo or my hubby, or keep precioussss for myself.

  191. This could be the thing to take me to the techie side. Thanks!

  192. My 10yr old would love this

  193. my mini engineer would love this

  194. Wow, cool! I’m in!

  195. Would be a great gift. Pick me please!

  196. My robotics club kids would love this! Thanks for your generosity!

  197. I have blessedly few needs, but this is one….

  198. Awesome!!

  199. My daughter would love this.

  200. Many children. All would love. Send now.

  201. i want

  202. What an awesome gift that would be! Thank you for sharing.

  203. Very cool!!!!!

  204. This is freaking awesome! I would love to win it.

  205. As I said on Facebook, I like the colored cords in the picture. Made me smile.

  206. My geeky brother and my geeky self will have a ton of fun with this!! Pick me!!

  207. What a neat product.

  208. Love it!!

  209. OMG!!!

  210. Go go gadget!

  211. oooh, gidgety-gadgety!

  212. Connect me with this great prize!

  213. so neat!!!

  214. wow, I’m so curious to see if my son would take to this

  215. Very cool! Thanks, yet again!

  216. Wow, this is really neat.

  217. Very nice, thanks!

  218. This sounds awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  219. Love, need, want! Thanks!

  220. My sons would love this!

  221. Thank you!

  222. Looks very cool!

  223. Looks like fun!

  224. Jumping in on this – our inventive boys would love it!

  225. I’d love this for granddaughter, let’s do something NON-princess this year!

  226. Super cool. You look lovely today, too, Mir.

  227. Thank you!

  228. sweet!

  229. I would like the Verve (for me). Please don’t tell my kid.

  230. Yes, please!!! My girl is starting to get into programming — this would be awesome! Thank you for offering such a great contest!

  231. Sweet! Thanks, pretty Mir.

  232. thank you Mir!

  233. This would be great for my husband to use with our daughter.

  234. Yes, please!

  235. That’s pretty cool!

  236. Super cool

  237. Looks very cool

  238. Forget kids, my husband would love this!

  239. Looks really cool.

  240. Love this!

  241. How cool!

  242. Our son loves all things technology. He would love this!

  243. My daughter has been learning coding and would LOVE this!

  244. Would love to have this!

  245. That is so cool! Thank you!

  246. Wow, very cool! Thank you!

  247. Wow, what a cool giveaway! I’ll keep the fingers on both hands crossed.

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.

  248. Great gift for stepson!

  249. Wow, this is neat! You could do so many things with this, and it’s a great way to teach kids the cause and effect of programming!

  250. Looks awesome! Fingers crossed!

  251. I would be the Awesomest Aunt ever if I win this for my niece! Thanks!

  252. Oh my – I have a budding engineer or two that would LOVE this. Please pick me!

    (Thanks, Mir!)

  253. My nephew would LOVE this!

  254. I may not be a child, but I do like fun toys like this one!

  255. My son would LOVE this! Thanks!

  256. Whoop, woop!

  257. I’m sure my daughter would have lots of fun with this….hey, me too!

  258. throwing my hat in the ring

  259. Looks cool!

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