Extra savings on essentials, right from your computer

Okay, you’re not thinking about back-to-school yet (heck, some of you just got out of school last week…), but if you did, you could skip the insanity in August. Or if you need to restock the cleaning closet. Or whatever; you may remember that you can shop Dollar General online, but right now you can also save 20% and get free shipping with coupon code SHIPSAVE20.

In my case, that means I can stock up on filler paper and spiral notebooks so that my kids don’t get them at the college bookstore (because they’ll pay five times as much, there), plus I can get toilet paper, Windex, a new cooler… all kinds of stuff, really, without having to fight through crowds or even put on real pants.

I fear I have said too much. Um. Focus on the savings, please.

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