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Trick or treat, give us

Sure, tonight you’ll be eating nothing but miniature candy bars, but eventually you might want a real meal, again. Today (October 31st) only, is offering 60% off their already discounted prices with coupon code TREAT. That means you can get a certificate for $25 worth of dining for just $4 out of pocket! They’re good for a year, so buy today, eat whenever.

As always, read the fine print before you buy—the rules are set by the restaurants, not, and exclusions may vary. Some of the certificates are simply $25 towards $35+, whereas others are $25 towards $50+, not valid on the weekends, cannot be used towards alcohol, must be wearing a blue shirt, and only when Mercury is in retrograde. (It’s possible I made part of that up just to keep you on your toes. Just read the fine print, okay?) If you can find a place you’d be going anyway, and the rules work for you, that’s $21 you don’t have to spend.

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90% off at, today only

Today only (that’s Thursday, September 29th, 2011, just in case all of your calendars flew the coop, or something), you can save 90% on dining certificates at with coupon code WOW. That means you’ll pay just one measly dollar for $25 worth of dining out!

What could you do with a savings of $24? Hire a babysitter. Have another glass of really good wine. Buy yourself something pretty to wear on your date. Or just tuck it back into your bank account. The possibilities are endless, but the savings are just for today.

(As always: New restaurants are added all the time, so check again if you haven’t visited in a while. Also, read the fine print before ordering—every restaurant sets their own terms for the certificates, and some have day-of-the-week or other redemption restrictions, so make sure you know what you’re getting before you buy. Even so, this is a great way to save on dining out. We use these all the time.)

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99 certificates on the wall…

Okay, well, maybe not 99. Nevertheless, it is that time again—time to take 70% off your dining certificate purchase with coupon code SAVOR.

That’ll get you $25 of fine dining for just $3 out-of-pocket, which means you have enough money left for a babysitter. Or you can tie the kids up in the basement and have wine and dessert!

What? I don’t even have a basement.

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It’s time

If you’ve been using to get great deals on dining certificates, you may have noticed that many restaurants offer only a certain number of discounts per month. By the time a great coupon code comes along, those restaurants are often sold out for the month.

Well, consider June your lucky month! Right now, you can use coupon code DAD at to take 50% off your order—netting you $25 of fine dining for a cool $5. If you’ve ever wanted to buy a certificate for a restaurant that showed as all sold out for the month, now’s your chance.

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Oh, you know they couldn’t let a pseudo-holiday go by without a coupon code, after all. So head on over to and use coupon code LUCK to take 50% off your purchase. Then go celebrate the holiday of your choosing with fine dining on the cheap—$25 certificates will cost just $5 after the code. (And that’s something to celebrate.)

Coupon is valid through March 16th, 2008. On the 17th I hear you’re supposed to drink green beer, which is something else entirely.

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Kohls is the new, you know

(I feel like I’m posting about Kohls only slightly less than I do about those restaurant certificates. Sorry. But… the deals! Won’t someone please think of the deals!)

Yeah. So. Anyway! Kohls just did another round of markdowns, and everything ships for just $.99 apiece (good when you’re buying big stuff, totally annoying if you wanted to buy socks or whatever), and everyone can use coupon code NEW7523 for an additional 10% off and Kohls cardholders can use coupon code MVCSAVE15 for an additional 15% off.

I love Kohls. I love the clothes, that is. The stores makes me break out into hives. Which is why I love ordering whatever I need in several sizes, trying it on here at home, and then returning the extras to the store. It totally eliminates the part where I have to think about why the door handle in the dressing room is sticky.

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I know that I just posted about the latest promotion over at, but it just got so much better it’s crazy.

First, you can get $25 worth of dining goodness for just $5 with the 50% off coupon code STOCKING—which you already knew.

Second, every time you do that between now and midnight on December 13th (which, sorry, I cannot tell from the email whether they mean midnight tonight or tomorrow… I’d suggest ordering sooner rather than later), you’ll also receive a $20 Dale & Thomas Popcorn certificate. All for $5 (and they take Paypal, too). Sweet!

Edited to add: The Dale & Thomas certificate will show up in your account within 24 hours (don’t fret that you’re not seeing anything about it when purchasing). At D&T, use coupon code GIFT to ship two or more items for free.

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When in doubt, I post about

(I’m not actually in doubt about anything. It’s just been a busy day.)

Why yes, it is time for another coupon. This time you can take 50% off your order through October 17th, 2007, with coupon code BOSS. This makes your $25 dining certificates just $5 and $10 certificates just $2.

And you deserve a night out on the cheap. Because I said so. You’re welcome!

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(Because it’s been, what, a week or so since the last one? Look into my eeeeeeyes… you are getting very huuuuuuungryyyyyy….)

So anyway, if you want to get yourself some cheap dining certificates over at, now through October 14th you can use coupon code PASSPORT to get 50% off your order. That means $25 certificates for just $5, and $10 certificates for $2! New restaurants are added all the time, so don’t forget to check in every now and then.

When I snap my fingers, you will awake completely refreshed, but probably in need of a snack. Sorry about that.

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More deals

Sick of them yet? Huh? Are you? Well that’s just too bad, because you never know when someone really, really wants to eat out on the cheap. And I would hate for that person to come along and not find one of the eighty billion deals.

Now through July 15th, 2007, use coupon code ALLSTAR to take 50% off your order. In addition, every order will receive a free $10 certificate… giving you $35 worth of dining certificates for a cool $5. Bon appetit!

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